Too many margaritas

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Too many margaritas
Too many margaritas

“Just for one night!!” Cried Cecilia on the phone, asking me to join her and our mutual friend Sandra to go out for a classic “girl’s night out”. I answered it was fine for me, although Victor was at home and he wanted to enjoy my ass that Tuesday night. But he is very comprehensive and accepted my date with my girlfriends.

I dressed some conservative and Victor asked me if I was going to a nun convent or something. I smiled to him, begging to wait me awake… I would show him how a good nun can behave during the night hours before dawn…

I followed Sandra to her apartment and we quickly got started getting ready for the night…which involved lots of margaritas! I normally never have too many but both Cecilia and Sandra got me giggling and having such a good time, before I knew it I was almost passing away with such a quantity of alcohol shots.

Sandra undressed me and told I should wear something more daring that night. She handed me a silk black tank top and a very short black skirt, which barely covered my ass cheeks.
I would never could agree to anything like that being sober, but I knew Victor would approve that kind of outfit; I looked into the mirror and saw a real street hooker!!.

After completing our makeup we all staggered into the club. As soon as we hit the dance floor some young guys approached to us. One of them was black, a tall handsome man, strong body and of course, well endowed for sure.

I was already a little fuzzy with too many margaritas on me, stumbling just a little in the high heels the girls had made me wear. It was dark enough and I let myself go shaking my ass up against that black guy who was now close to me. He introduced himself as Nelson, whispering in my ear and pressing his body into mine. Feeling no signs of guilt, I felt myself bending over, bouncing my ass up and down against his crotch. If I was dressed like a bitch, why not to behave like a real bitch??.

When I stood back up he was again at my ear, asking what I wanted to drink. He made his way back with my shot in record time, taking my hand and leading me away from my girlfriends without even asking. I could feel his hands all over my hips as I took the margarita. I turned around and once again pressed my ass up to him, moving it to the music.
I was starting to feel a heat wave deep inside my body. I was so fucking horny now.

Nelson was getting more and more brave, moving his hands up and down my thighs, getting closer and closer to my ass. Suddenly he asked if I wanted to leave for awhile. I hesitated but he kept assuring me that he would have me back in time to meet the girls there at the club.
I was beginning to sweat…something that I hardly ever do. My head was starting to spin so after he took my arm I just let him lead me outside.

I was grateful for the fresh air and only would nod at his conversation as he opened the door to his nice car. I must have closed my eyes because before I knew it I could feel Marty next to me, slowly licking on my neck.

We finally got to his apartment and I reluctantly followed him up. Before I knew it he had me pulled close, putting his mouth over mine. I shoved him away, feeling stupid as I saw the anger and frustration flash in his eyes. He pressed me down against the couch. I let him kiss me. He was so wild…

Before I could stop him he roughly pushed me all the way down, quickly getting on top of me and resuming his kissing. I struggled with him, doing my best to keep my skirt down as he struggled back to spread my legs and lay between them. I pushed him off enough so I could turn over, but he grabbed me and roughly shoved me face down.

His strong hand reached under my skirt and yanked my panties down. I cried out in pain as he tore at them, giving me several deep and nasty bruises as he twisted them and ripped them off me. All I could feel was shock as he shoved a finger inside my wet cunt from behind, making my eyes cry in fear and shame.

He had my skirt up completely over my ass, bunched up around my waist. He had one hand on my ass while the other was busy moving in and out of me, trying to get me wet. To my horror, this handsome black man started talking dirty, telling me how sweet my ass was and how much he wanted to butt fuck me. I was muttering “NO” to him, knowing I could not resist any longer his touch; I could feel my wet pussy was on fire now…
He did not hear my claims; he just pushed my head against the couch from behind and told me that he was going to enjoy a nice mature ass that night and it would be better for me if I enjoyed also a good fucking time with him.

Seconds later I heard him unzipping his pants and then I could feel his hard cock pressing against my bare naked ass cheeks. He reached around me and started to rub my clit, slowly pressing his rock hard cock against my tight rear rosebud. He pulled one of my legs up telling me how hot my asshole was as he pinned me awkwardly against the couch.

He had me down and slowly reached towards my mouth telling me to spit on his hand. He had to ask twice before I did it. I could only shudder in disgust as he rubbed that same spit over my tight back door entrance, using the rest to lube his dick.
I could only bury my face into the fabric of the couch as he slowly pushed himself inside my asshole. He moaned a little as he slowly inserted his cock head and after a few seconds, all the way in me, making me scream in pain and surprise. I had never seen his black cock but I could feel that it was really huge!!.
He smiled telling me I was just fine as he started to move his hips. The spit had worked enough to get his dick deep inside my anus and now I could not help my body from responding to his fucking.

I could feel myself getting wet as he started to get more and more into a steady rhythm. I felt so dirty, so fucking behaving like a whore…and yet as that huge black cock was sliding in and out of my anus; the more I could begin to feel that awful tingling between my wet pussy lips.

His body began to slap into mine, making a clapping sound as he pounded into me from behind. I could remember I was moaning out “NO” with every stroke, feeling so dirty, my pussy getting wetter and wetter every second.
Suddenly Nelson pulled out of me, making me resting on the carpet floor, on my hands and knees. He shoved himself back inside me, roughly assaulting my anus again.
“Damn bitch, you are so fucking hot!” He yelled on my ear as he redoubled his hips motion.
I could only cry out, louder than I had before as he fucked me, driving me on my knees against the carpet, which later led to the worst rug burn my knees ever saw.

My body began to shake as I had my vaginal orgasm as he fucked me in the ass. I cried out loud in pleasure, I really could not help it. Nelson began to fuck me even harder when he realized I had come.

I felt him speed up and start to tug at my hair, pulling it harder before I felt him explode, making me shiver in disgust as I could feel his burning semen flooding my anus.

I lay there with my knees burning trying to catch my breath, my asshole so sore from the hard wild fucking he had given me.

I was barely able to make it to my feet and shakily made my way to the bathroom. I caught my breath on the toilet, feeling his cum slowly leaking out of my ass and running down my legs.

When I got up the courage to go back out Nelson had gone. I went out and got a taxi to the club. The worst thing was Sandra and Cecilia had already left. I had to wait there for them during a long while. Finally they came back there; both were with flush red faces, some strange stains in their hair; both had also lost their panties and of course, they had been very well fucked.

When they dropped me at home I stumbled inside, took off my heels and stumbled my way to the bathroom, but still I felt very fuzzy to have a shower. I stripped naked from my street hooker outfit and lay down beside my loving husband, telling him I was fine and trying not to let him get too close.
I lay there facing the ceiling, feeling the burning, sticky cum of that black guy leaking out of my sore asshole.
I should change the bed sheets in the morning…

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