Unwillingly Seduced, Part Two

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Unwillingly Seduced, Part Two
Against my better judgment, there I was at Slainte.

I dressed in a nice, dark blue skirt, white blouse, no sleeves. I even did my hair and makeup.

I walked in out of the sunlight, somewhat blinded n the darkness of the bar. I stood for a moment waiting for my eyes to adjust. Of course, there he was at the bar, giving me a small wave and a smile.

I really wanted to slap him. Hard.

I sat down next to him, actually there was a stool between us. He patted the empty stool, almost like an order. I smiled, shook my head no and gave him the finger. He shrugged and sipped at his beer.

Yet again, he was looking good. The casual look again; jeans, another white, untucked shirt…and boots. Brown leather boots that looked like he had them for awhile. Heels worn a little, square toed, the leather taken care of and on the ankles, straps coming to dull brass rings. For one, insane moment, I thought, I d like to lick the rings.

I blinked, set my purse on the bar and got a glass of water from the bartender and ignored the douche bag next to me. But really, I was really trying not to look at his boots.

“I see you like my boots.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Would you like to kiss the toes of my boots?”

I glared at him and hissed, “Shut up!”

He just shrugged and then snapped his fingers, “I almost forgot: I have to apologize!”

I muttered, “Sounds like it ll be real sincere, too.”


I waved my hand, “Nothing. Don t bother with the apology. Just tell me what you wanted to make me feel like shit that night. And then I m gone.”

“Let me buy you a drink.”

“No. Get on with it.”

He sighed, “I ve been to your restaurant before and saw you through the doors a couple of times. I thought you might look good all bound and gag-”

Another acid glare, “Stop it! I don t want to hear about being your fantasy victim!”

He held up hands, “Fine, fine. I was intrigued by you. The last time I came in, I really was drunk. And I got a little carried away with my thoughts.”

“So part of your little fantasy was to actually demean me!?!?”


I got up quickly. In the movies I would throw the water in his face. In reality I wanted to beat him bloody with the glass as well. My mouth opened and closed. I had no real idea what to say. I just stood there, him waiting patiently while I was unable to decide if I should leave, yell at him or commit an act a v******e. Or a combination thereof.

His blue eyes bored into mine. He set his hand on the stool next to him, “Sit down.”

I stood there, confused.

Tapping a finger on the stool, “Now.”

I sat back down next to him. I felt the order. It was automatic. It was the simplest thing to do in my confusion. My face flushed. I looked down at the hands in my lap.

He leaned into me, “Good girl.”

I snarled back, finding myself, “You don t get to call me that.”

He took a deep breath, “Ok, I was drunk, believing that you wanted it. In my mind, at that time, I thought I knew that you were submissive. I m good at picking up things like that. I was wrong. Or at least I was wrong about what you wanted as a submissive. When you left the table, I saw the look on your face. And I knew I was wrong. And I felt like a shithole. Please believe me.”

I looked away.

“I truly am sorry. I was hoping to…nevermind. Just know that I am truly sorry for taking advantage of the situation without even….trying to…”

“Understand me? Know me?”

He nodded, “Yes, that s it.”

I stood up, “Now you never will.”

I walked out slowly. I wanted him to watch me. It was petty, but I wanted to think that he would regret his lost chance. I walked out, not feeling triumphant, but sad. I got him to notice me, but now I wouldn t get more looks from him. A lot of what if s went through my mind; a relationship, bondage, letting myself be me, to spend nights in someone else s bondage, not my own.

I was confusing myself. Angry with him, wanting him to fuck off. Enjoying the voice of command. Hating his assumptions of me and what I want. The boots, his boots. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction. Wanting to be noticed by him. Wanting him to leave me alone. Desiring his full attention to me. I was numb with confusion.

I walked out into the sunlight, turned right. I walked towards the center of Fell s Point. I crossed Broadway, into the public square, past the lemonade stand. I stopped and looked at the harbor. I crossed the cobblestone street and walked towards the pier, I stopped to look at the old Homicide building. I felt my phone buzz.

“Don t hang up, please.”

I closed my eyes.

“Just tell me. Was I right? Are you submissive? A bottom?”


“Suzy? Please say something.”

I squeezed my eyes shut. Stop it, just…stop.

“Are you?”

Of course I am…you know it already.

“Suzy, I can see you outside from the pub. I won t come to you. I won t stalk you. If you want me to go away, I will.”

I opened my eyes and turned to look at him. Why won t I hang up?

Because I want his attention.

Feeling scared and confused. Angry.

His voice again, “Just tell me if you are and then I will go away.”

I just stood there.

“It s ok. Just tell me. Please.”

I whispered into the phone, “Yes.”

I could see him staring, his voice again, “Yes…what?”

Make me say it.

“Say it Suzy…please say and then I ll go away.”

Don t beg me, order me.

“Tell me. I want to know. Now, Suzy.”

I felt the order again in his voice, the simplicity of just obeying.

I felt the wind from the harbor, “Y-yes…”

I felt a release, “Yes, I am a submissive…a bottom.”

“Thank you. I won t bother you anymore.”

“Don t-”

“Don t what, Suzy?”

Don t go. I want more attention.

“Are you ok?”


I talked low into my cell, “I m confused. You re making it hard.”

“I m sorry.”

Soft sigh, “No, you aren t.”

A soft and seductive chuckle, “Not really, no.”

“I want to hang up.”

Serious, “You can hang up Suzy, I will understand.”

“I don t want to hang up.”

A softness in his voice, “Tell me what to do Suzy.”

I shook my head, “No.”

“Then tell me what you want.”

The world. No responsibilities. Everything. Ropes. Comfort. Gags. Silence and peace.

“What I want?”

Softly, “Whatever you want, Suzy.”

“You can t.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded and looked around quickly before whispering into my cell, “I want to be bound. Gagged. No more confusion. Just…tell me what to do. But it s impossible.”

Tell me. Order me.

“I thought you hated me.”

I hate you. I truly do. Order me.

So softly, “I do hate you.”

“That s ok, Suzy.”

I closed my eyes, this has to end, “I m hanging up now.”

A deliciously, snarl, “No. No, not yet Suzy. I m going to give you what you want. Here. Now. Then we go our separate ways. So don t. Hang. Up.”

My voice sounded so small, “Asshole…ok…yes….”

I hate you so fucking much. Please order me. Give me what I want. Make me do it.

(End Part Two)

Slainte (in case you missed it last time) [http://slaintepub.com/ ]

Lemonade Stand [http://www.flickr.com/photos/63014123@N02/739064440… ]

Building where Homicide was filmed [https://www.google.com/search?q=homicide+life+on+th… ]

Pier at Fell s Point (one where this story takes place) [http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://z.about.… ]

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