What a family to Live in #2

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What a family to Live in #2
What a family to Live in #2

Sandy and I had got up from having a great round of sex with each other, but instead of watching any television, we got something to drink, then sat on the couch making out for a little bit, then ended up in my bed for around of some sex, and then went to sleep, to wake up the next morning with a wet spot in the bed, and the two of us in each other’s arms.

When I opened my eyes and saw Sandy looking at me, she smiled, “How is my new handsome boyfriend this morning?”

“Needing a kiss, from my new sexy girlfriend.”

Sandy then leaned over me as I pulled her closer to me, then we French kissed each other for a little bit, while we ran our hands all over the nude body of the other, then when we broke the kissing off, “Now, how is my new sexy girlfriend?”

“I’m doing good now, that I ve got my morning kiss, from my new handsome boyfriend.”

“I need to go take a piss, or I’m going to flood the two of us out of this wet bed.”

“I think I better do the same thing too. Come on, let’s go and pee together.”

“Only if you know how, we can pee at the same time.” as Sandy was rolling over to get up out of bed, with me following her.

“We’ll figure that out when we get there, I think.”

“I sure hope so, because I ve got to go pretty bad.”

“Is that why you are so big and hard right now?”

“That is part of it. The other part is because of you sexy.”

Stepping into the bathroom, Sandy stood up over the toilet facing me, “Now John, you sit down first, then I will sit down with my legs on top of your legs.”

“Okay.” as I then sat down on the toilet ring seat backwards, putting my legs between the toilet and Sandy’s legs.

Sandy sat down then with her thighs on top of my thighs, and then she went to peeing with her pee hitting the head of my hard dick, which then made me start peeing, like I had to hold it since yesterday morning, or the morning before.

“With you peeing with your dick against my clit like that, is making my pussy even wetter than it was to begin with, and it feel so damn good, and if you keep peeing like that, I will have an orgasm sitting right here, like this.”

Then I was about done peeing, Sandy reached down with her hand and held my cock against her clit, as I finished peeing, then she started rubbing and using my dick to slap her clit, and then just rub it back and forth sideways on her clit, “Oh fuck, that feels so freaking good.”

“Why don’t you lift up a little bit and sit down on it then, that way it may not be sticking up so much, while we eat some breakfast this morning.”

“Maybe I want it to stick up and be proud of what he has had twice now.”

“Either way he will be proud of that.”

“Have you ever named, this big guy yet?” in a little girl’s voice.

“No I have not.” I answered with a chuckle.

“I’m going to name him Rod, then when I tell mom and dad that I’m going to go and meet Rod, and hang out with him, then, they won’t know that I’m talking about meeting you some place, so that we can have our love session.”

“Then how do I say I’m going to go meet up with you, without them knowing that it is you, that I’m going to meet up with?”

“Let me think about that one, and if you think of a name, let me know.”


“I think I want to go eat now, then we will take care of Rod here, before you go out and mow the yard.”

Sandy then stood up, so that I could stand up as she got some paper to wipe herself with, and after I was standing up, she wiped herself as I watched her, then she took some more paper and wiped off my dick, and after she flushed the toilet, we headed off for the kitchen.

I made a pot of coffee while Sandy started cooking our breakfast, after she put on her apron that is like the apron mom usually uses, when she cooks a meal for the family to eat, and the apron looked as good on Sandy as mom’s apron looks on her, which kept my hard dick hard the whole time I helped Sandy, with whatever she wanted or needed help with, to get our breakfast fixed.

As we worked at getting our breakfast fixed, Sandy would rub my hard dick with either her butt or her hand every little bit, and I would rub her tits and nipples, or her butt, every little bit as well.

With breakfast finished and put on the table, “Go ahead and sit down handsome.” as Sandy stood beside me.

When I got sat down in my chair, Sandy then sat down on my lap with my dick stuck up in her pussy, “Oh, now, we can eat.”

“I might be able to eat better if we turned sideways to the table sexy. With you sitting in front of me like this, it is a bit hard for me to eat.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I should have told you to turn your chair sideways first.”

“How about you just lift up a little bit, for me to turn the chair and myself sideways, then you can sit back down on me.”

“Okay.” Sandy then lifted up a bit, till she had just the head of my dick in her pussy, then I got myself and the chair turned, then Sandy sat back down, “Now, how is that handsome?”

“I believe it work better than the other way for sure.” as I reached over and got a bite of the food on my fork, and then sat back straight in the chair.

“Oh yes baby, that does feel pretty good, I mean, works out pretty good.”

“How about, both, sexy?”

“Mm, yes, both do feel good for sure.”

Every time I reached across to get a bite of the food on my plate, I rocked my hip and butt cheek up off the chair on one side, which caused my dick to slide outward, and when I sat back straight, it would push my dick back into Sandy’s pussy, which felt good to both of us, but it did make it hard for me not to just start fucking her fast, and make the food last and get cold, till I shot my cum up into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, it feels good to have your cock going in and out of my pussy while we eat, which means I will have my dessert when we are done, I hope.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I may need to fuck you a bit faster and harder, for your dessert to be ready by then.”

“Let me finish eating first, then you can fuck me faster and harder, for my desert to be ready for me to eat.”

Sandy and I kept eating, and I kept rocking back and forth with every fork full of food that I reached for, which kept my cock going in and out of her pussy.

As we finished eating, I noticed that Sandy still had a slice of toast left on her plate, “Are you going to eat your toast sexy?”

“As soon as you finish cumming in my pussy, so that I can have our cum with it.” as she started lifting and sitting down on my cock faster, than I was rocking while we were eating.

I reached down and got one of my hands under her butt, and started lifting and lowering Sandy for a few times, to help her put some more speed into our fucking, and my other hand I put on her tits, and I squeezed one then the other, as well as I lightly pinched her nipples, then a few strokes later, “Oh, fuck me, John, I’m cumming.”

Sandy sat down on my lap with my dick still in her pussy and leaned in toward me, while her pussy kept squeezing my cock and relaxing the squeeze it had on my dick, like it was still trying to milk it, and when she finally calmed down some, I got her to stand up and turn around to face me, and as she sat back down, she lined my cock up with her pussy, then she sat on down on my dick.

After Sandy got sat back down on my cock, with it stuck up in her pussy, I then took my hands and put them on her tits and played with them while I sucked on one nipple then the other, and then I Started lifting and dropping her up and down on my cock with my hands under her thighs, while sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

Sandy had her arms and hands around my neck and shoulders, and sitting up enough for me to reach her tits with my mouth, and using her legs to help lift and lower herself, up and down on my dick.

I even flexed my hips to help drive my cock in deeper into Sandy’s pussy with each downward motion, “Oh yes baby, fuck my wet fucking pussy. My pussy needs your fucking cock, your cock feels so damn good, in my pussy. Please do not stop fucking me baby.”

Just a few strokes later, “OH DAMN BABY, I’M CUMMING AGAIN.”

“I’m about to cum too sexy.”


Sandy was yelling out so loud, that I just knew she woke up the whole neighborhood.

With just a few strokes I was cumming into Sandy’s pussy again for the third time since mom and dad left yesterday evening, “I’m cumming sexy, in to your fucking pussy.”


Sandy’s pussy muscles kept pulsating around my cock, trying to milk out every drop of cum I have in my balls, as her cum flowed out from around my dick again, for the second time while we finished eating breakfast, leaving me soaked from the waist down or dick down, at this time I’m not real sure where the wetness started and stopped at.

When the two of us quit cumming and then we finally got calmed down some, Sandy picked up her toast, then stood up and held it down between her legs and let our cum drip from her pussy onto the toast, and even sc****d some of our cum off from the inside of her thighs, and when she had the cum on her toast, she sat back down facing me, with my cock between us, then she started eating her toast with our mixed cum on it.

After swallowing, the bite of her toast, “Mm, thank you baby, for my dessert. It tastes so darn good, I’ll want more of this, when we can.”

“I wish we could do this every morning myself.”

After swallowing again, “I wish we could too. This does really, taste good to me.” then taking another bite of her toast.

When Sandy finished eating her toast, we got up and cleaned up the kitchen and got things put away, then I put on my shoes and a pair of my old work jeans, and then went out and mowed the yard getting the front yard done first, then started mowing the back yard.

I usually all ways mowed the front yard first, and after I made a couple of rounds in the back yard, either mom or Sandy, would bring me out something cold to drink, like ice tea or ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade to drink, and when I finished drinking which ever one brought out to me, I would then finish mowing, and then have another cold drink before doing whatever else I had to do or wanted to do.

I made my two rounds in the back yard, then here come Sandy, in her birthday suit with a glass of ice tea in her hand.

I shut the lawn mower off, then met her at the table on the back patio, which we both sat down next to each other, “I’m glad we have a fenced in back yard, so I didn t have to put anything on to come out here, with your ice tea.”

“I’m glad too because, you are a good site for sore eyes, for sure.”

“So you like me coming out and meeting you dressed like this?”

“Oh yea, you are the best thing around her to look at for sure.”

“Or would you rather that mom serve you dressed like this?”

“She has a few times, but then she would turn and go back into the house, which I guess is a good thing, because I would start to get a hard on just seeing her outside in the nude, with me dressed like I am now.”

“Do you have a hard on now with me dressed like this?”

“Find out for yourself sexy.”

Sandy then reached down and put her hand on my hard dick, “Wow! You are hard handsome.”

“You are so damn sexy, I cannot help it but, to get a hard on.”

“I’ll have to remember that, each time you mow then.”

“Are you going to get in the shower with me and wash my back for me, when I get done mowing back here?”

“I would love to handsome.”

Sandy and I made small talk while I drank the ice tea she brought out to me, and when I finished drinking the tea, we kissed, then I went back to mowing, and when I finished mowing, here she come again in her birthday suit with another glass of ice tea, but she had two glass’s this time when she came out.

When I got the lawn mower put away, I went to the patio and then I took off my shoes and socks and blue jeans and put them in one of the chairs, then sat down next to Sandy and took the glass of ice tea from her that she held out to me, and then I took a drink of the tea.

“Oh, that hits the spot sexy.”

“Good. You looked like you were needing it. I can bring out the makings for sandwiches if, you are ready for something to eat now.”

“As soon as I get my hands washed, I can help you get everything out. I am hungry for sure, now that you brought it up.”

“I’ll get everything for us, so you just worry about getting your hands washed, then just come back out and we can eat together here, like we’re having a picnic out here.”

“Okay, you got a deal then.” as I stood up to go in and wash up some.

By the time I finished washing up some, Sandy had everything out on the patio table waiting for me to return, “I went ahead and made your sandwich for you handsome. I do hope you do not mind, and that I made it right for you.”

“You all ways make my sandwiches right sexy. Any time you do make them for me. I do thank you too, for making it, even thou you didn t have to.”

“You are welcome, and I do know that I didn t have to make it for you but, I wanted to. Good that I can make them right for you any time that I do make them for you, and I do want to all ways please you if I can.”

“I all ways want to please you too if I can, and will do my best to please you any time.”

“You do please me more than I have for you, and I love you because you are all ways pleasing me.”

“I please you because I love you too sexy.” then I took a bite of my sandwich.

Sandy and I ate our dinner while making small talk and enjoying the afternoon in spite of the heat, even thou we are in the shade.

After eating dinner, Sandy and I put everything up and cleaned up after ourselves, then I went up and started the shower water, and as I stepped into the shower stall, Sandy joined me, and washed me off to get all the dirt and grass off of me, front and back, spending more time on my butt and dick, than she really needed to, then after helping me rinse off the soap, she kneeled down and started giving me a blow job, like I’ve never had an ex-girlfriend give me before.

Sandy licked from my balls all the way up to the head of my dick on the bottom side, then did it again on one side, then again on the other side, then she flicked her tongue all around and over the head of my cock, then sucked my dick, taking the head down her throat, then she licked my balls with her tongue, which all most sent me over the edge, “Damn sexy, how in the world did you learn to do that, fuck that feels so damn good sexy.”

Pulling my dick out of her mouth with a popping sound, “You liked that did you?” then she sucked my cock back down her throat again.

Then she went to bobbing her head up and down on my dick, then took the head down her throat again and again she licked my balls, “Damn sexy, you do that very many times, I will unload right into your throat, it feels so fucking good.”

Again she pulled my dick out of her mouth with the popping sound, Looked up at me, “Good, I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste your cum, without my cum, being mixed with yours for a change.”

Sandy then sucked my dick back into her mouth and kept bobbing her head up and down on it a few times, sucking on my cock the whole time, then she did a repeat of sucking my cock down her throat, then she backed off till just the head was in her mouth, looked up at me as she bobbed her head up and down a few times, then she sucked my dick down her throat again, and then licked my balls with her tongue again, which is all it took then, for me to let go of the load that was in my balls, “I’m cumming sexy.”

The first shot of cum that shot out of my cock, went right to her stomach, just as I said ‘I’ it hit me that quick.

Sandy got backed off of my dick just in the nick of time for my second shot of cum to hit the back of her throat, making her cough just a little bit, then she held the cum in her mouth, and some of it started leaking out at the corners of her mouth some by the time my cumming had slowed down, then she swallowed what was in her mouth, then she sucked any remaining cum out of my dick, before she pulled my cock out of her mouth with another popping sound, then she swallowed whatever amount of cum she had in her mouth, and wiped the corners of her mouth with a finger, and then sucked her fingers clean, while looking up at me.

I pulled Sandy up onto her feet, “How did you like that blow job handsome?”

“Oh god sexy, I loved that blow job. It was the best blow job I have ever got in my life sexy. Fuck, that was out of this world sexy.”

“Good, I’m glad that you loved it. Your cum taste great too. Now we both know what the others cum taste like, without being mixed together.”

“I think I need to take you in either the bedroom or the living room, and have my dessert now that you got your dessert.”

“You don’t want to get your dessert out on the patio?”

“The way you scream out when you cum. The neighbors will be calling the cops out on us, thinking someone is being ****d or killed over here.”

“Then maybe you will need to put this big ass beautiful cock into my mouth, so that I can’t scream then.”

“I just hope my cock is big enough to keep you from screaming out that loud then.”

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