Why Slips and How I came to Love them

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Why Slips and How I came to Love them
While Panties and Stockings seem to do it for most, You may say I m a little different with this Love for Slips. Nothing against the other goodies and they are certainly sexy, but the way a silky , lacy slip flows over a woman s body, no matter what she is doing at the time is a sight to see.

I ll rarely wear one myself at the request of who I am with, but will use a slip as a sextoy in a heartbeat. I try to get each Lady I am with to wear a slip, either hers if she has any or mine when we make love. I don t remove them and encourage her to keep that slip on even during intercourse. Other times, my cock may have it s way with a silky full or half slip wrapped around it, the more lace the better.

But why slips ? When I was coming up in the late 60 s/early 70 s, My parents were best friends with a couple who lived out in the country basically at a crossroads with a few houses, a store and a gas station.
My brother was older than I and hung out with Tommy. This left Belinda for me. Little did I know I was getting the best of the deal. As little brothers do I would run after them, but they never wanted me to go with them on the adventures.

So back in Belinda s room, we listened to records and talked and I was completely bored. Belinda was a bookworm and would try to tell me of what she was reading as I fidgeted around uninterested. This was the way it was for as long as I could remember as we had been friends for what seemed forever.

Back in 71 , It was a good summer but school was coming up soon. We didn t speak much in school as around that time everybody was forming the different cliques and we were just not in the same one. Belinda easily fit in with the intellectuals, while I hung out with the gearheads.

My parents had to go out of town for a week just after school started. My older brother and Tommy basically took over the house and the first thing to do was get rid of me, so they gave me a ride to the crossroads and I was to stay in Tommy s room for the week.

I was sitting on the porch when the bus rumbled to a stop and there was Belinda. She walked up the drive wearing a pink dress I saw her in school earlier that day, but with the sun behind her, the outlines of her curves and a very lacy slip showed through. She was in no hurry until she looked up to see me standing on the porch, running to me she tossed her books on a chair and jumped into my arms as she always did.

After the sight of her walking up the drive though she felt different. We played a bit of doctor or You show me yours, I show You mine a few times before but again now things were different.

We went inside, got a couple of cokes from the fridge and then to her room. She put on some music and this time I was more interested as she told me of her day. Then without a second thought, Belinda stood up and asked me to unzip her, which I gladly did and she took her dress off over her head to reveal a very lacy peach color half slip and matching brassiere.

Putting another record on the turntable, she said, There is a new dance I want to show You, and started dancing , her arms over her head, swinging her hips and that slip while rotating. That did it, My guy was standing at attention. Belinda was telling me to come stand beside her, so she could show the dance, and there was no embarrassment with her, so I adjusted myself and did as she asked. Belinda started doing the bump (yea, it was new back then). LoL she had to tell me to move or do something, because I was mesmerized by her dance in the gorgeous slip and brassiere. She danced around bumping her hip to mine, then she noticed him. Putting one around my waist and her hand on my jeans she said oh my and danced back around, bumping her backside and that slip into him while giggling.

The song ended, she landed in my arms and we kissed. It was not our first, but it was the first like this. Her arms around my neck, My hands went directly to the slip covering her backside and she lifted a leg and wrapped it around me, slightly pumping her hips into me. She backed away and I guess we were both dumbfounded for a minute as we just stood looking at each other. She put on a record and jumped on her bed chattering about a novel she was reading, as I took a seat on her dresser. Then she stopped about the book, and said I guess we are growing up all I could say is yep as my eyes danced across my friend who was quickly blossoming into a extremely beautiful woman.

As she walked to me Belinda then said I hope this doesn t change things with us , I don t want to lose my Davy . Nah, I said You will always be my Poca, and put my fingers up behind her head like Indian feathers as I kissed her cheek. We were referring to our style of Cowboys & Indians we used to play. Good Good. She said.
You like my new clothes ? Belinda said, Yes very much, but this is quite a change, You used to look more like a boy than a girl, said I. She continued, That was from hanging around with You. but mom told me that since I am becoming a woman it is time to start dressing like one as she picked up the lace of her slip and examined it. You like this slip ? I said , I like You in that slip.

She smiled and danced across the room saying, see what else I have and opened her closet. She showed a dozen or so dresses bought for school saying, I needed to get used to it, because she would be in a dress each day. Then pushing me off the dresser I sat on the bed as she opened her lingerie drawer, showing off a dozen or so gorgeous half and full slips of various lengths, mini to a formal half slip, very colorful, all with very lavish lace, some still with store tags by holding them up to her body and inviting me to touch them before tossing each on the bed along with silky soft and lacy panties, brassieres and camisoles.

You like my new wardrobe ? she asked as she pushed me back on the bed. I smiled and nodded yes. she said, It is time for Your exam, mister, as she unsnapped my western shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. my guy stood straight up as she pulled him from the jockeys and she said oh my as her hands did a through examination.
Her alarm clock went off just about giving both of us heart attacks, and without thinking she slid over me to turn it off dragging her gorgeous slip over my cock. It felt so cool and soft as she did, he started throbbing and I thought I was going to then and there on her slip. She fumbled with the clock and I lay there in new-found heaven, her slip having it s way with my cock. At that moment is when I fell in Love with Slips. She got it turned off and slid back unwrapping her slip from me then stroked him as she said There is only one way to take care of this, giving a hand job.

Again, there is no embarrassment with her so I found a very lacy Warner s full slip she tossed on the bed, store tags still on and handed it to her. She did not hesitate giving that beautiful slip to my cock removing the store tags as she stroked my now rock hard cock with her silky body and fondled my balls with that gorgeous lace until I released into a tissue. I had never cum so hard before as it soaked the tissue, made me dizzy and her say WOW ! She used more tissues, giggling and went to the restroom.

Returning she stepped into her dress and said, I ve never seen so much, You must really like my new wardrobe as I zipped her. I re-adjusted myself and outside we went. Walking down the road a bit we came to our tree where I pushed her in the swing, catching glimpses of her gorgeous slip until the sun went down. The next day, she wore the full slip under a denim skirt and shirt.

This was the first of some interesting but all good experiences with Belinda. We went our ways socially with our groups but she was always my Poca. She did as she said and always wore dresses to school with her stunning slips under them. We sat together at lunch from time to time and she would tease with them and sometimes I had opportunity to touch.

After I got my license and first car, a late 60 s Chevy Blazer, a lot of times Belinda and I found ourselves together by the end of the evening, with me riding her out to the crossroads. Belinda turned into a Very Fine Lady over the years, a real hottie, but we never clicked as true lovers. I heard around town that she was one of the hardest chicks to be with, but she gave herself freely to me. We experimented with each other, a lot on those rides. As time went by she moved away even more from pants to dresses in her wardrobe choices at all times, and with the dress, there was always a really gorgeous slip. She said this was from her mother, who I called mom also. One day she called me into the master bedroom and said look it fits, as she stood in one of her mother s slips. She then showed me at least two dozen of them trying them on, some fit some didn t but it was quite a show.

But the best was the evenings on those rides in the blazer. When we were in the blazer Belinda and her slip were all mine and on display. Our experimentation, ramped up to the point that we were together quite often, trying out new and different things or positions. At my request Belinda always had one of her beautiful slips on as we screwed each other silly. We really tried out some different things, what some would even call acrobatics or just shake their head and say , How d you two do that ? My cock and hands were all over whatever pretty slip she had on as we did our stunt screwing . We started with tissues but after a while she just let her slip take the load of cum even jacking me off with the slip she was wearing until I soaked it. Like good scouts though we were prepared as there was always a couple of slips and panties stashed in the center console of the blazer and I had a few of her silky delights at my house as spares for her or for my pleasure.

This continued until Belinda left for college. The last summer together was certainly one to remember. I have kept a number of her slips over the years including the peachy Vanity Fair half slip, the gorgeous Warner s full slip and her very lacy Greenco-Maid formal half slip. Check out the gallery of her slips, but they are not for sale or trade. She knows I have them, what I may do with them, and we talk on the phone from time to time about old days, good times

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