wife on show

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wife on show

I could tell he was watching her from over the fence. I was standing in our guest bedroom with the door closed and the light turned off. From the window I could see him looking over his side of the fence right into my master bedroom. He was watching my wife Wendy and she was completely unaware he was there.

We had just moved back to the States from Honduras into our new house only three days earlier. The window blinds we purchased with the house were on backorder for another two weeks. Wendy is somewhat naive in that she would never think that a neighbor would actually be out there spying on her.

This is the first night I ve noticed him, and it was completely by accident. I was placing a moving box on the floor in the guest room as the door closed behind me. When I stood up I noticed outside a bright flash, it was my neighbor lighting his cigarette.

He was standing at the end of the fence looking back towards my master bedroom window located at the rear corner of the house. I was watching him out a window on the side of my house and with the lights turned off he could not see me at all.

I could make out his silhouette each time he took a drag off his cigarette. I wondered how long he had been watching her tonight. He seemed a dedicated voyeur even though I knew she was fully dressed as she unpacked the moving boxes.

Then I thought, what if he was watching us the last two nights as well, he may have seen much more of her. I was trying to think if we turned off the lights before undressing, I couldn t remember.

It was compelling watching him spying on her. I probably should have been pissed off but instead I couldn t stop thinking about the past two nights and the real possibility that he has already seen her naked and tonight he was back to see more.

I certainly can understand his obsession she is truly a beautiful woman. Wendy has long straight black hair down to her luscious tight ass, dark brown eyes and a small mouth with full lips, a brilliant smile and smooth light brown skin. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 32A bust with golden brown nipples. She is a petit Central American beauty who I fell in love with at first sight. We met while I was working in Honduras under contract as an electrical engineer. I am 33 years old and she is 10 years younger at 23 and we ve been married just one year.

I returned to our bedroom and she asked, Where were you? Just looking around I replied as I sat down on the corner of the bed. Knowing that my neighbor is watching her every move, I found myself seeing her through his eyes as she moved around the room. Even fully dressed she looked hot in her white shorts and tight fitting red tank top.

I began looking at our bedroom from the perspective of our voyeurs point of view. Basically, if he stands at the end of the fence, which is where he was a moment ago, his view is about half the bedroom from the middle of the bed down to the footboard and over to the door.

If he moves up the fence towards our house he would no longer see the bed and instead would have a complete view inside the bathroom, the sink, toilet and shower, as long as the door is open.

As I sat on the corner of the bed I looked up to the mirror we hung on the wall earlier today. It took me a moment before I realized that not only could he see into the bathroom, he now also had a view of this mirror which provided him a refection of the bed from the center up to the headboard.

Both of us sleep naked so I imagine that he may have seen her for a moment or two between opening the bathroom door and turning off the light, I was so tired last night I think I fell asleep before she came to bed so I really didn t know for sure.

Tonight I m awake in anticipation of seeing her new nightly routine. At 11:00pm she went into the bathroom and closed the door leaving both the bedroom light and television on. I went back into the guest room, with the light off and the door closed, I looked out the window to see if our neighbor stayed up for the show.

Sure enough there he was peeping over the fence towards the bathroom door. I knew he would have a clear view of her when she opened the door. I returned to our bedroom and took off my clothes and got into bed and waited to see how this would play out.

I was feeling a little guilty setting my wife up like this but then the bathroom door opened and it was to late to stop, Wendy took a couple of steps from the bathroom doorway out into the bedroom and stood directly in front of the window. She was completely naked.

She stood there, brushing her long hair, asking me if there was anything good on TV? I could not answer. All I could do was think about his view of her standing there and that he could clearly see every inch of her body.

Why are you looking at me that way? she said, I replied, Your beautiful, that s why! as my heart skipped a few beats. She turned and walked back into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. He had a perfect side view of her from head to toe. She brushed her teeth and turned off the bathroom light and walked back out.

She smiled as she ran towards the bed and leaped into the air bouncing down almost right on top of me. We started to kiss, her tongue fill my mouth as she moved on top of me. I gazed up to the mirror and became even more aroused seeing his view of her lying naked on our bed as she began kissing my neck.

Was I really going to let him watch her make love to me? She pulled back the covers exposing my naked body. She straddled my body on her hands and knees as she licked my chest with her tongue. Her head moved down my stomach toward my cock and then I felt her licking my balls.

I knew he had a great view of her ass and most likely a great view of her pussy lips as she bent over to take my cock into her mouth. My secrete exhibition of my wife had a profound effect on me as I grew rock hard inside her month.

Her naked body on display for him was incredibly erotic and her unknowing submission was effecting me in ways I never could have imagined. She continued sucking my cock as I stretched out over the center of the bed. This would provide him with a view of her working her mouth up and down my shaft as well as a great view of her face and tits.

As she sat up and guided herself down onto my cock I felt myself enter her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she moved up and down my shaft. Her beautiful long hair touched my chest as she arched forward pressing my cock deeper inside her, she was riding me harder and faster than ever.

I looked to my left to see his view in the mirror and watched as she pounded her ass down on me. Her firm tits glistening from the heat of passion as we both were physically pushing and grinding each other with great force.

She sat up and placed her arms back onto my legs, I watched her now face the window straight on. She looked towards the window and watched her own reflection in the glass with no concern for what may be outside. She then caught her reflection in the mirror and gazed up at her body in motion. He must have thought she was looking right at him.

I felt the surge of energy as she cried out, I m coming! She fell down onto my chest and I quickly moved from underneath her and pulled her back onto her knees from behind.

I position the head of my cock at her pussy and shoved it deep inside her again as she screamed out, Oh god, yes! I fucked her as hard as I could, knowing I wanted to cum all over her. The more I tried to cum the longer I lasted! It was like an X-rated movie, I was fucking her so hard knowing he was watching us but I couldn t shoot my load.

Finally I felt myself tense up as I pulled out and covered her ass with my cum. Wendy fell to the bed exhausted, moaning from her orgasm. I was thrilled by how exciting our sex was tonight and felt certain it was because he was out there watching.

We both got up and showered in the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. While Wendy was still showering I made a quick dash to the guest room to check on our voyeur. It was too dark outside and I wasn t sure if he was still there. I didn t understand why I secretly let another man watch while I fucked my young wife, but what I did know is that the next time I would know for certain if we were being watched.

As an electrical engineer I specialized in surveillance equipment. The next morning I made a quick trip to Radio Shack and was back home with our new security system. Wendy was suspicious asking me, Why do we need so much security, is this not a good neighborhood? I replied, Yes dear, but I want to make sure you feel safe when I have to travel on business. That seemed to work and she left me alone to install our new system.

Outside I installed a camera facing the fence at the corner of the roof. The camera is hidden inside a spotlight, which also has infer-red technology to see in complete darkness. I then set up a camera in our bedroom disguised as a motion detector.

At 9:00pm I was in my office in front of my computer with the cameras open on a split screen running both cameras simultaneously. The light in our bedroom turned on and Wendy came into view as she started sorting through some laundry on the bed.

A few minutes later I watched my neighbor come out his back door and walk over to the fence and peep into our bedroom. He appeared to be talking on a cordless or cell phone. I wondered if he was telling someone what he witnessed last night.

It was funny to watch him deliberately stand over by his fence to watch Wendy, his intentions were so clear, he was spying on her. Of course, he had no idea he was now being watched as well.

Over an hour went by with nothing really happening, he waited patiently by the fence for what I m sure he hoped was another grand performance. I have to give him credit for his unwavering commitment to voyeurism.

He was back on the phone as he kept walking up and down the length of the fence to get a look at her. Each time she would walk into the bathroom he ran up to the house to get a look. When she walked to the other side of the bedroom to hang clothes in the closet he would move back down the fence to see her.

Wendy had no clue of her devoted voyeur. She went back and forth in and out of our bedroom for the next hour. It was just after 10:00pm when I noticed my neighbor had turned around and it looked like he was talking to someone.

I couldn t believe it! There were now two more guys standing with him. He must have invited his friends over to spy on Wendy. I switch to infer-red and sure enough there were now three guys all standing over the fence smoking cigarettes and taking turns looking to see if Wendy had started her nightly routine. I know I should have been outranged but instead I found it even more exciting then last night knowing that even more guys were outside watching her.

Then I got the idea to capture the moment on film. I quickly set up my VCR to receive the video input from both cameras on a split screen view. When I played it back I would see both our bedroom and the men watching from over the fence, this way I could record what was happening and view it later.

I started recording just as Wendy came into the room and stripped down to her panties and bra. She was standing right in front of the window and I saw the three men rush over to see her. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I could hear the shower start and realized they were missing the show with the door closed.

I got up and walked into our bedroom, I stood in front of the window and looked out. I wondered if they all hid but I could not tell because it was too dark for me to see them. I then opened the bathroom door and asked, Do you want to watch some TV before we go to bed? She yelled back over the sound of the shower, Yes, for a little while. I walked away leaving the bathroom door wide open.

The guys outside now had a direct view of my wife inside the glass shower. I turned on our TV, which sat on a dresser in front of the bed and turned off the bedroom light. I returned to my office and on my computer I could see Wendy showering and the group of men outside watching her. As evil as this was, I could not believe how good if felt.

She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, her long black hair was dripping wet as she started to towel dry her body. She placed one leg up on the toilet to dry her leg, providing them a direct view of her pussy. I quickly move the camera view back over to our bed and returned to our bedroom and got in bed.

Wendy met me in bed and again we made passionate love for what seemed like an hour. She was bend over at the foot of the bed with her left knee resting up on the bed, standing on her right foot as she held on to the footboard post facing the window. I was standing behind her at a perfect height to deeply and completely fill her pussy with my engorged cock. The television that was sitting on the dresser directly behind us that provided a brilliant light show.

The next morning I rushed into my office to view the tape.

I watched as their heads pop up over the fence when she came out of the shower. Being able to see them, as well as, see their view of her was thrilling. Within a few minutes I watched on film as they reacted to what they were seeing through our window as Wendy moved into the sixty-nine position and we started giving each other oral sex.

Our bedroom was darker than the night before without the bedroom light on which made it more difficult to see us both on the bed. The television screen flashed dark then bright lights on us, which had the affect of a strobe light, giving our voyeur s a better view of us only a few seconds at a time. I watched in amazement as one of the guys actually jumped over the fence and was watching us from just outside our bedroom window.

Wendy and I lived in that house for the next three years. Over the years I taped my neighbor and several of his friends watching my wife from over the fence.

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