Work mates husband

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Work mates husband
A couple of weeks back me and a few of my colleagues from work decided to go out on a girls night out .so everybody got dressed up and met up at one of the local pubs .
As the night went on we all got very drunk and had a good laugh toghether when it got to about 1 oclock most of the girls had started to go home so susan one of the older ladies that was there suggested goin back to her house for a couple of glasses of wine .
Susan must be in her fifties but still looks good for her age alot of the guys in the office always call her a milf lol .
Anyway when we got back to her place she seemed to be a little more drunk than before think it was the fresh air. So she let us into the house we walked into the livingroom and her husband paul was sitting there having a few glasses of wine himself .
Straight away i took a shine to him he eas a good looking man must have been about 50 with combed grey hair but looked as if he still looked after himself . So we sat for about an hour talking and drinking a few more classes of wine after her fisrt glass i think susan had fallen asleep on the couch so i took this opportunity to just flirt a little with paul and to my surprise he wasnt scared to give it back . At one point i must have been getting a little excited because i could feel my nipples getting hard and i kept catching him staring at my tits . To behonest most guys were that night because of the little blue dress i had on .
I had just finished my last glass of wine when he asked me if i would like another for the road .
When he walked onto the kitchen i decided to follow him in because susan was lying on the couch snoring and making some noise . Just as i was walking by i gave his bum a little squeeze he seèmed a little surprised but just grabbed me and the two of us started kissing after a while i could feel his hands starting to find there way up my dress . Squeezing my arse untill he found his way into my knickers .
He was quick to find my clit and made my pussy start to drip with my own juices . The hole time i could feel his cock bursting out of his trousers and it felt pretty impressive not wanting to mess about to long incase susan woke up i put my had down to find his zip already down so i found my way into his cock pulled it out and started to wank him off and i wss very impressed at how big his cock was it must have been about 8 inches and very thick with a big shiney head . I didnt fuck about after pulling his foreskin back a few times i just got on my knees and started to suck his cock .
I thick he must have had a wank before we apeared because i could still tasted the cum on his helmet. As i started sucking harded and faster
I could feel his big balls starting to tighen up as if he was about to cum so i pulled hid foreskin back and stsred to swirl my tounge pver his helmet then that was him he stared to cum everywhere i tried to get as much in my mouth as possible but it was already down the front of my dress.
I think a nearly made a puddle on the kitchen floor with my wet pussy watching him cum my knickers were soaking wet .
He apologised for cumming so quickly tell in me that he had not had a blowjob for years because susan didnt like it .
So there i wss standing in her kitchen with her husbands cum all over the front of my dress . I asked him if he wanted to cum back to mine so i could feel that big cock in my pussy but he said i would look to sus if susan woke up and he wasnt there . So we exchanged numbers and i quickly left .
When i jumped in the taxi i could still taste pauls spunk in my mouth and i was shaking becauce i was dying to play with my pussy and make myself cum . I kept seeing that taxi driver looking at me though his mirror and i woundered if he could see the cum all down my dress so i gave him a couple of flashes of my wet knickers just to keep him amused . By this point my knickers were soaking wet so just before i got out the taxi i put my hand up my dress and pulled my knickers off and left them in the back of his taxi hoping he would find them .
As i jumped out the taxi i could feel the wind blowing right up my dress making my pussy tingle . I quickly made my way into my house ran into the bedroom grabbed my vibrator pulled my dress over my head and just lay on the bed spread my legs and started working my clit with my vibrator it wasnt long before i was moaning with pleasure thinking of pauls big cock filling me up i was sò horny when i came that i made a mess of the bed but it was well worth it . I just lay there with my legs wide open and pussy juice flowing out of me .
Over the next few days me and paul were sending each othef a lot of pics we met up a few times in his car and i have sucked his cock and had quickies in the back of his car . Today i have takèn a holiday so he can cum over while susan is at work . Iam goin to bounce on that big cock the hole day

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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