You re My Straight Roommate – and I m Al

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You re My Straight Roommate – and I m Al
We’ve been roommates forever. You’ve seen my ass in tight pants and even my panties. You’ve had thoughts. It’s been a while since you’ve been with a girl. You start to wonder how I feel. That warm little ass. You’ve watched it wiggle when I fell asleep on the couch. You tried not to stare. Like a gentleman. Perhaps that makes me a lady after all.
We’re laughing and out of our minds from our usual goofing around. A steamy sex scene is on the TV. Neither of us knew it was coming. There’s a moment as you let me out of a headlock when your hand cups my mouth. I lick it. Could just be my weird playful nature. You’re unsure, but you pull me into you and tickle my ribs. I’m so tiny compared to you. Those hands are bear paws. I’m just a nervous little bunny in comparison. I think you like that. I know I do. Your fingertips push into me roughly. I’m giggling and tears are in my eyes. You stop and wipe them away for me. Things get quiet.
“I really want to fuck your throat right now.” Your mouth explains before your brain gives it the green light. You feel the shock of saying it to me. Then my mouth opens wide and you see how wet you just made it. I’m touching you through your shorts. Gently. Barely brushing my knuckles against it. You stick your fingers in my mouth and finger my face. You like it. You stick three in and test my endurance. I suck vigorously on your thick, speedy fingers, and moan. You shove me down to my knees and push my head down hard into your crotch.
“Smell it.”
I snort like crazy, shaking my head all around in desperation for your odors. That giant dick I’ve seen before, but only in bulges, is finally close to being inside of me. You listened to me one night. I was so loud. I don’t know why I let myself go that way. Like a siren. Calling to you. Knowing that I was alone, you probably imagined me watching porn (since you know me well). But I’m imagining you. On top of me. Pinning me down suddenly as we watch movies or game together. Both free to mingle. It’s painful to feel things so vibrantly for you, yet feel you’re off limits. I had to let it out. Now you’re about to unleash me. All of that build up and thirst.
“Please use my throat, sir.” I beg and pant. You push your shorts down. I’m in awe as I see the base and your balls first. So juicy. Then you slip the shorts off and it flops out. So much precum drooling out of the tip already. I let out some ravenous noises and dive down onto it. You grab my head and neck with your meaty palms and fingers. Take control. You pull out all the way and lunge deep. I’m already a mess as my lips squirt from your cock using them. They tighten around it. You pump. Stay in my throat. My thighs twitch and my knees magnetize. I’m your property now.
“You like me using you like this. Don’t you?”
I do my best to agree as I’m gargling my own juices that surround your thick shaft, stretching my throat like I knew you would. My eyes tell you I’m off in outer space, riding on the best wave of pleasure yet in my life. You pull out and push your dick all over my face. You poke it into my ears. Everything it touches gets soaked. I look like I just got gangbanged. You’re pushing the tip into my nostrils. I snort our passion punch and look up at you with pleading eyes. Begging you not to stop. You let saliva slowly drip out of your mouth. Lots of it. I smile wide and stick my tongue out. You spit hard. It hits my waiting mouth and I swallow it. Lick my lips.
“I’ve been wanting you so bad lately.” You tell me.
“I’ve been craving you since we met.” I slurp your mushroom head and start showing you how talented my tongue is. You relax and sit on the couch. I climb up you and silently ask if you want my ass. You tear my clothes off and push me down onto your erection. My tiny ass spreads open and I bite my lip. It pops into me. The head is inside. The rest is a smooth ride. I go for it. You hold me down and I ride you hard. I’m spraying you with little spurts from the front. You really start to feel this. You’re milking me and my eyes are rolling back into my head as I grunt and howl. You grab my ass. Squeeze it hard. Yank roughly on it, and spank it. You pull me off of you and throw me down on the couch. You pull me up to the edge by my throat and I’m staring at the ceiling.
You start fucking my mouth. Not going deep. You work your dick around inside of it. It’s flooding. I’m leaking so hard. All over my chin and neck, chest. My face is a puddle. You thrust. Down my throat. You see my clitty twitch and a spurt comes out of me. You’re hitting it perfect. You hook your fingers into my mouth and pry it wide open. You thrust in and out of my throat hard. You’re getting soaked all around your thighs and legs, groin and stomach. It feels so good. I’m slurping and gasping, worshipping you. You dip the balls in. I suck them. Your asshole is hovering. I stare into it. It moves to my mouth.
You moan as I lick you. All over. Cheeks and hole, all around it. I stick the tip of my tongue inside of you. You grab my head and push my face deep between your cheeks. I suck on you down there. Lick you. Moan. My soaked face feels so good as you wipe yourself with my lips and nose, forehead. Back to the balls now. Then deep into my throat.
You flip me over and pull my hips back. I flop over the couch. My ass is in the air. You start fucking me. Pulling out and stepping back. You rush a few steps and slam it back inside of me. You fall onto me and start thrusting. I’m cumming and you can feel it squirting on you, my clitty tucked back to aim at you as I scream. You start to fuck me like a vibrator and erupt. Throbbing deep in me as you squirt. It floods around your dick and leaks out of my smooth ass.
“Get a cup.” I say. Exhausted.
You bring me one. I push your creamy cum out of me. It almost fills the cup. I wipe my filthy face off and drop that in as well. You grab my face and the cup. You pinch the corners of my mouth and very slowly feed me the cocktail we created together. You’re inside of me. In my veins. You know now that this can happen whenever you want.
I look at you differently after that night. Like you’re shiny and I’m a total bubblehead who is distracted from all other things by you. You unzip in the kitchen and start fingering me out of the blue one night. Push into me with your huge dick. Dry. You sneak into my room and snuggle with me. Grind on my warm little ass through my panties. Soak me. I roll around in it. Push it into me through my panties. Suck my fingers to taste you. You try slapping me. The smile I give you is the widest yet. You choke me a little and degrade me. Call me terrible things. My eyes are so bright. I’m so happy.
I’m all yours. To be used. And still pay my half of the rent and do dishes and clean. Good little wifey. I hope I make you happy, sir.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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