Young blood Runs the Hottest – Part II

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Young blood Runs the Hottest – Part II
Sandy Wants More So I Become Her Sex Teacher.

It was Friday night, around ten o clock when I had gone to the fire pit
in the back yard. With the unseasonably warm night, and the heat from
the fire, I was soon stripped and relaxing with a few cold beers. A
while later I heard something nearby and discovered it was Sandy, the
early twenties daughter from next door.

Our causal conversation quickly turned sexual and before long she was
stripped and I was treated to giving her several orgasms by various
methods, after which she had given me the opportunity of a lifetime by
asking me how I wanted to get off. She told me I could do anything I
wanted, emphasizing the anything . She also said that it included anal
if I wanted. Apparently I took too long to decide and she had worked me
into a massive orgasm with one of the best blowjobs I ever had received.

Why didn t you fuck my ass? she later asked.

We can save that for next time, was all I could say.

The next time arrived shortly thereafter. She had managed to get me hard
again, then got onto her knees and elbows. I quickly positioned myself
behind her. The firm cheeks of her ass were soon hugging my hardness as
I accepted what she offered to me. So tight. So smooth. So warm. I
pressed into her a bit harder and gasped involuntarily from the pleasure
I felt as the flange of my cock infiltrate past the rim of her anus.

She let out a long moan and I felt her ass muscles clench tight around
my circumference as I made my initial full penetration. It felt as if I
was going to cum if I moved even the smallest amount, so remaining
motionless with the tip of my cock just barely within her, I felt her
body adjusting to this new situation. Her anal muscles continually
flexed and squeezed me. It was becoming more of a challenge to maintain
my control than I thought I could conquer.

Having been holding onto her hips, I leaned over her a bit and slid my
hand around her, not stopping until my fingers were stroking over her
hard little clit. Feeling my cock slide a bit deeper inside her ass, my
head was pounding so strongly from the sexual excitement I was
experiencing that I didn t notice she had started rocking back and
forth. Just enough to keep coaxing my shaft further and further into her
tunnel. Slowly, steadily, I felt myself nudging inside this treat she
had given to me.

My fingers were getting coated with the release of her own pleasures as
my trek into her virgin tightness went on. It was obvious she was
nearing orgasm so I increased the tempo of my fingers teasing her clit
as my strokes back and forth in her ass continued. Her body was tensing,
firming it even more than it was naturally. Back and forth. Back and
forth. My cock was easily sliding back and forth inside the smooth
tightness of her ass. Slowly and rhythmically my flesh caressed her
lining as my fingers worked on her now harder than ever clit.

Raising her torso up she thrust her hips back against exactly when I
pushed forward. I was instantly all the way inside her and my balls were
slapping the back of her upper thighs as the tempo of our dance
increased. As I was pumping faster and faster in her ass it made me have
to remove my fingers from her pussy and hold her by the hips. Her hand
quickly dived in to replace mine.

My cock was now staying buried within her, pulsated wildly as I neared
my climax. Sandy was trembling and shaking as she coaxed herself to
orgasm as my final sprint began. Pounding her ass mercilessly as her
fingers tugged, stroked, and taunted her pussy into ecstasy, our voices
drifted through the night air, carrying the unmistakable sound of human
sexual satisfaction as we both hit our limit of resistance.

Our moans, screams, groans and grunts filled the darkness in the
neighborhood as my syrup quickly filled her ass. Her initiation into the
world of anal sex was complete. As she slumped onto her belly, exhausted
and weak from her releases, you can bet I made certain my cock stayed
inside her hospitable body.

You okay? I asked.

Hmmmmm, was her only reply for a few moments. My God that was
incredible! she finally said as I continued enjoying having my
softening erection being fondled by her inner muscles and the soft flesh
of her ass cheeks. My God! she said again. I ve never cum like that!

Some of us older guys can give you a lot more than you ever expected,
I replied.

Reluctantly, Sandy soon told me that she had to get dressed. Moments
later as she turned to leave, she stopped and just looked at me,
seemingly with a sadness in her eyes. I ve gotta get home before my Dad
wakes up.

Brushing her hair back with my hand, I nodded my head. I know, I
whispered. Me standing there naked in front of her didn t seem to bother
her. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it because I saw her scanning me up
and down as I watched the final flickers of flame from the fire pit
reflect in her eyes.

As she turned to go she reached out and fondled my exhausted cock and
drained balls. When can I come back? she asked while the soft skin of
her hand rubbed lightly over my genitals, producing a wish within me
that I could get instantly hard for her.

Anytime you want, Sandy, was my predictable answer. She winked and
turned around to begin walking to her house. Watching her walk away in
the dim moonlight, those long, smooth, perfectly tapered legs that
formed one of the most incredible asses I ve ever enjoyed, made me wish
the night was just beginning.

After enjoying one of the most unique and enjoyable Friday nights I had
experienced for quite a while, I went in the house, showered, and slept
for a few hours. Getting out of bed around eight or so, I was soon
outside cleaning things up in the yard so I could mow the grass after
doing some weed trimming.

Early in the afternoon after I had finished my lunch, I was sitting on
the picnic table, not wearing anything except sweatpants and shoes. I
had just lit a cigarette when I saw Sandy outside saying farewells to
her family. As soon as they had driven out of sight, she ran down to
where I was sitting. Her long hair flowed behind her as her firm body
seemed to glide through the air toward me.

My God! You mean I actually fucked her last night?? was the thought
that continuously raced through my mind as my face was painted with an
ear to ear grin. Almost instantly she was kneeling between my knees and
resting her arms on my legs. Her smile was almost as big as the bulge in
my sweatpants.

All I could do since last night was think of having sex with you again!
It s like my blood s boiling, wanting you inside of me again! she
exclaimed as her arms went around my neck pulling my face to hers. She
planted a very seductive kiss on me and our tongues were soon dancing a
tango together as her firm breasts pressed tightly against me. She
continued kissing me as her hands slid down my bare chest and easily
discovered what my pants were covering.

Not here, I managed to say, trying to stop her from pulling the
waistband of my sweats down to give her access to her desires. We
better go out back, I told her as I forced myself to keep some form of
logical thought process going. Our other neighbors were all quite a
distance away but they d be able to see us from their houses because of
where we were.

Quickly walking to the seclusion of my back yard we were once again at
the blanket she had forgotten to take back with her last night. Spying
my clothes still laying there, she grinned.

Looks like you enjoyed yourself last night, she chuckled, pointing to

Watching her as she smoothed out the blanket, I answered. Yes, I had a
magnificent time,

She sat down on the blanket and looked up at me. Her sexy, devilish eyes
seemed to call me to her. I never had anal sex before last night. Never
had sex outside either, she was saying as I sat down facing her. And,
I hope you don t take offense to this, I never had sex with a man as old
as you before last night.

Her faced flashed red and she looked down. Sandy, I m not offended. I
know I m over twice your age, I consoled her with as I put my finger
under her chin and lifted her head. It was like a dream come true for
me, having sex with a hot young lady like you!

But all I can do is think of you fucking me again! My pussy hasn t been
dry since! she confessed while her hand began to once again massage the
huge throbbing mass in my pants. Now I know what they mean when they
say about your blood running hot. It feels like I m on fire and I can t
stop thinking of . . .

I stopped her with a kiss. It s okay. Seriously. I never thought a
young lady like you would even look at me sexually, and to have had the
honor of being the one who first did your ass blows my mind.

My words must have been what she wanted to hear because her hand slipped
into my pants and was again treating me to the softness of her skin as
she stroked and massaged my stiffness. I had no hesitation lifting my
hips off the blanket so she could, if she really wanted to, pull my
pants down. Well, I had hardly lifted my ass off the blanket when she
had pulled my sweats down and was trying to get me out of them, which
she did with the help I readily gave.

Now I confess, I m not much of a boob boy; always been an ass and leg
fanatic, but I quickly lifted her halter over her head and began
enjoying the robust fullness of her breasts. Sucking on her nipples,
running my hands over the firm mounds in front of me and stroking my
hands over her naked torso made me hornier than I had been for years. My
cock was rock hard and pulsating uncontrollably while she continued
playing with it.

Take off your shorts, I strongly requested, grasping them at the
waistband and gently tugging on them.

Without any indecisiveness Sandy stood up and dropped them. As she
stepped out of them I laid down on my back. Come here, I instructed
her, reaching up and lightly grasping her ankle to pull her toward me.

A few seconds later, by following my instructions, she had one foot on
either side of my head and I was watching with extreme anticipation and
new found lust as her pussy inched closer and closer to my yearning
mouth. As she slowly squatted down I ran my hands up the inside of her
thighs, noticing that her legs were smoother than silk and perfectly
shaped. She had her back toward my feet and I placed one of my hands
under each of her cheeks as her body descended those last few inches.
With her lightly resting her ass on my upturned palms, her pussy was
within easy reach of my mouth.

How s this going to be as good as the other way? she asked, seeming
oblivious to what I had in store for her.

The best answer I could give her was a quick lick of my tongue over her
slightly parted pussy. As my tongue ran over her protruding clit, she
screamed and lifted her ass upward a few inches. Holy fuck! she moaned
with a gasp. I lifted my head slightly and gave her wet pussy another
few licks.

OHHHH FUUUCCK! she moaned each time the wet coarseness of my tongue
slid from her hole to her clit. Several times in rapid succession I
licked at the increasing puffiness above me. Pausing only long enough to
tell her to get on her knees, I soon had my face pressing hard against
the back of her thighs as my lips and tongue exploded with the fury of a
wild a****l attacking her young pussy.

It was all I could do to hold onto her as her body thrashed violently
from the attack of my mouth. She was quickly drenching my face with cum
as she had what seemed to me to be one long, continuous, and undeniably
intense orgasm. I had to position my hands under her ass once again as
her body was getting physically drained of strength from the intensity
of this new experience she was having. She unexpectedly rolled off my
face and onto the blanket.

Sweet Jesus! I can t take it any more! she said as she struggled to
get her breathing back to normal. What the hell did you do??? I ve
never cum so much or so hard!!

Grinning, I said nothing as I again began to enjoy exploring the
contours of her body as I knelt beside her. She reached down and thanked
me silently by beginning to give me another miraculous hand job, using
the plentiful secretions my hardness had produced from the intense
arousal I had just had.

Sandy? I began. You mean nobody ever did that to you before?

That cute blush appeared on her face again. No, my boyfriend only wants
to do it the old fashioned way and he always gets off way before I do,
she shyly confessed while still giving me pleasure with her hand.

That s typical of young guys, I said, smiling down at her as she lay
there naked and still trembling a bit. Then, seeing the golden
opportunity I had, I made her an offer that I hoped she wouldn t refuse.
Maybe I should become your tutor, or your guide to the world of
mutually fulfilling sex, I offered. The smile that came across her face
was not from her thinking I was joking.

That d be fine with me! she said as she got up, pushing me onto my
back. Pointing to the towering shaft of hard flesh protruding skyward
from my crotch, she asked, So, Teach, what should I do now?

Why don t you show me what you think would be best, I said as I closed
my eyes and folded my arms behind my head.

Talk about a win – win situation!! I thought to myself as I patiently
waited for her response to begin. I only had to wait a few seconds
before she began to give me her answer.

Teaching really is a hard profession, I said to myself as I lay there
and enjoyed the answer she was giving me.

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