Young Cute and shameless

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Young Cute and shameless
Following is a True story…names have been changed…mostly due to me not remembering them…lol.

In order to help you understand this story. Let me start off with the following.

I m a Hispanic from southern California…story takes place when I was twenty something. I was renting a 3 bedroom house under my name and had 2 roommates to help pay the rent. Since it s under my name, I had the master bedroom with my own bathroom. Involved in this story are a few females.

Female from SM (Santa Maria, CA) – Thick mexican hoe with a big ass booty and tits.
Female from SC (Santa Clarita) – A mix girl white/italian w/a cute face… girl friend material.
The 3rd female is main female in this story. I don t even remember her name, but I ll just call her little girl. I m pretty sure she s in her teens (fourt**n or so), but I could be wrong. Maybe she s 18…i just never asked. This lil chick is cute for being a youngster. She s not them youngsters that seem older, she actually looked her age (I think). I would say 5ft, 90 lbs to 100 lbs w/a nice tan.

One of my roommates was dealing (let s call it shit) out of our house. So we would have all types of peeps coming through. From 40 yr old men/women to some young peeps. From some model material white girls to your everyday tweakers. Sometimes we would have some girls stay for a few days…I don t know why…I didn t ask. I wasn t really into that scene. So for the most part I would just handle my business, go to work and mind my own. One weekend I had some thick big booty girl from Santa Maria came down for the weekend (story about her later). At that time we had some young girl staying in the house for a minute. Like I said, I just minded my own business. So since she s been there I ve yet to say a word to her. So Sunday the girl from SM is leaving to go home. I walk her out to say my goodbye and while this happens. Out comes the little girl and tells me I m leaving right now but I ll be back later . Never talking to her in my life…not knowing her name…I just replied umm ok . In my head I m thinking wtf…lol. So the little girl leaves and the girl from SM tells me she wants you . Remember at this point I don t know the little girl…haven t had a conversation with her or nothing. No words were ever spoken to each other, besides those from just a few moments ago. I m assuming the girl from SM is being jealous or just tripping. I of course told her no way . And we left it like that. I didn t think twice about it.

I don t remember how many days it s been since the Sunday, but less than a week. One evening I was in my room on the phone with some other female from Santa Clarita (which i actually did like) when in comes the little girl. I m confused at first, especially when I see her lock the door and lay on my bed. You could imagine what I was thinking, the little girl didn t even say a word to me. I pointed at the phone and I guess she took the quiet. So there I am laying on my bed talking to the female from SC. All while this young girl is laying next to me. I take a peek at her and it seems she s fallen asleep. I m thinking she s tired and the other peeps in the house are making to much noise or whatever. I just keep on talking to the girl from SC. After a few minutes, the little girl starts what sounded like moaning . The type of moaning that you make when your being woken up…yet it had a hint of sexuality in it. The girl on the phone says What was that? . I replied with what noise? . I m trying to play dumb, unfortunately the little girl does it again. So I just tell the girl from SC that it s the tv. Give her the I m tired excuse and hang up as soon as possible in order not to get all caught up.

It s getting late and the next morning my ex is dropping off my son. So I need to call it a night. The little girl is still there, fully dressed (besides her shoes), so I m like fuck it. I cover her up and turn off the light.

It s early in the morning (around 4 am) and I wake up. I turn over and there on her back is the little girl still asleep. I m not sure why, but at that moment I started to remember what the girl from SM told me. Plus with her locking the door and the moaning…I m like Damm, that hoe from SM was right . I lean over and tell the girl, Do you want to get more comfortable? . She doesn t reply…so I make my move. I unzip her belt, followed by her pants and remove them. I m not sure if she s awake or not, but I think she was awake…just playing the part of being asleep. Anyways the little girl is laying on my bed wearing a tank top and some booty shorts . I cover us both and lay next to her. At this point I m kinda turned on…it really doesn t have anything to do with her age. It s more about the situation and how unexpectedly everything has developed. Either way…my dick is at full throttle and for relief I decide to stroke myself using my left hand. When my free right hand…I slowly glide it towards this little girl. At touch her bare stomach…such a soft delicate tummy. She doesn t stir, but once again a moan comes out from her. I saw that as a ok, keep going . My fingers then trickle down to her below her belly button. Next comes the upper portion of her panties. I m there breathing somewhat hard, just out of pure excitement. My hand goes underneath her panties and I first feel her very soft pubic hair. I doubt she s ever had to trim it, since it just feels so smooth. As I m about to reach her young pot of honey…I get a phone call…FML. it s my ex and she s outside with my son. I tell her to stay in the car and I ll come out to get him. I ve blown my opportunity…oh well. At the very least I found a sitter. You see I had to go to work that morning at 6 am. So I woke the young girl up and asked her if she could watch my son (who was probably 2-3 yrs old) while I m at work (probably not my best decision, but anyways). Of course she said Yes….and let me just say this isn t my final opportunity with her. I ll leave that story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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