Zoe – Part Three

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Zoe – Part Three
Part Three

Zoe lay back exhausted as all the men slowly left the room. Her head was buzzing and her body was still occasionally vibrating in her post orgasmic state. She wasn’t quite sure how long she remained there, legs spread wide, spunk slowly dribbling out of her sore pussy, but suddenly she heard Stacey’s husky voice.
“Come on now, let’s get you cleaned up.” She took Zoe’s hand and helped her back to the changing rooms. She led her through a connecting door into a private shower room where all her clothes were hanging up. There was a hospital trolley against one wall, two chairs, a basin and a power shower. Stacey smiled at her and turned on the shower. “I bet you need a good long to wash all that dried spunk off you.” Zoe gratefully stepped beneath the welcoming warm spray of water as Stacey left the room.
Did she really just do all that? Did four men just fuck her senseless and fill her pussy with jizz? She closed her eyes and let the water cascade over her face, washing away all traces of those cocks. Suddenly she heard the door close and there was Stacey again. “I thought you might like someone to help you Zoe.” Stacey quickly began to take her dress off: she flicked her shoes off, pulled down her stockings and removed her bra then stepped out of her panties. Zoe didn’t know what to say: she had never really been with a woman before, and here was someone who had one thing on her mind. Stacey stepped under the spray of water and placed a hand on Zoe’s shoulder. With her other hand she took some soap and began to massage it into Zoe’s shoulders. She moved lower and rubbed her tits, gently massaging the nipples which began to stiffen again. Stacey lowered her head and took each nipple into her mouth, one at a time, back and forth. She then took the shower head down off its hook and cleaned all the soap suds off her. “Turn around Zoe and let’s see what those brutes have done to you.” Stacey arranged Zoe so she was spread-eagled against the tiled wall, as if she was being frisked by a policeman. “Now let’s look at that poor little bum hole of yours. ”She could feel Stacey hold her arse cheeks apart revealing her anus. “Oh would you look at that. It is gaping open still, Zoe. I wish you could see it. Mind you, it was fucked real good wasn’t it? Wait until you see the pictures of your first DP. It looked so delicious the way those two cocks stretched you right open. I just wanted to get in there and taste you.” Stacey pulled her arse cheeks further apart and buried her tongue as far up Zoe’s bum as she could get it. Zoe writhed against the wall, moaning as Stacey tongue fucked her and the water splashed around their feet. The rhythm was infectious and before long Zoe was humping herself back against Stacey’s skilful tongue.
Suddenly the door opened again and Zoe turned her face around to see the Professor busily undressing next to the trolley.
“Come on you two, let’s have you over here. I know this nurse needs a serious seeing to, don’t you?”
Stacey laughed, stood up and led Zoe over to where the Professor was waiting. “Up you jump Zoe, you are now going to get some front row seats for some anal action.” For a second she was concerned as she was pretty sure another cock in her arsehole right now would be seriously painful, but she quickly realised the Professor was going to fuck Stacey’s bum, not her own.
Zoe allowed them to place her flat on her back on the trolley. Stacey then climbed up and rested her cunt just above Zoe’s mouth. Although she had never been this close to another woman’s vagina before she was desperate to know what it tasted like. Needing no encouragement she gripped Stacey’s arse cheeks and pulled her down so that she could let her tongue play over the hairless cunt dripping water just above her lips.
God, she tasted good. She could feel the smooth fleshy lips of the hot cunt beneath her tongue sliding around. She pushed her tongue into the willing fuck hole, then sucked on Stacey’s clit making the nurse squirm.
“Good girl, Zoe. Now just hold on a minute and watch this.” She could see two hairy thighs either side of her head as the professor knelt between Stacey’s legs and guided his hard cock into the nurse’s waiting slit. Zoe watched closely as the livid purple head of his cock hovering inches above her mouth pushed forwards parting the nurse’s cunt lips and slid deep into the hot hole. The nurse grunted as the Professor began to slide in and out of her pussy. Zoe watched the stretched pussy lips pull in and out as the cock fucked back and forth. She stretched up and ran her tongue over the protruding clit being forced out by the rocking motion of the pair.
“Now once we’ve got my cock nice and hard and juicy I’m going to bury it right up the nurse’s anal passage. Would you like to see that Zoe?”
Zoe rested back. “The slut deserves a good hard anal fuck I think. I want to see you balls deep up her bum hole.”
Suddenly the cock pulled right out of the nurse’s twat and the Professor pushed it down towards Zoe’s mouth. “Suck on it a while whilst I lubricate her back passage.” Zoe willingly opened her greedy mouth and let the Professor fuck her throat. He pulled out again then slammed it back into Stacey’s cunt making the girl moan. Once again he pulled it out and fed it back into Zoe’s mouth. Now she could not only taste the Professor’s cock but also the nurse’s cunt juices smeared all over it. He repeated this action several times before instructing Zoe to hold the nurse’s bum cheeks as wide apart as she possibly could.
“Now let’s fuck this tight little bum hole.”
She could feel the nurse squirm and hear her moan as the Professor forced his cock into the tight sphincter. This was a lot rougher than she had experienced earlier on; the professor was not holding anything back and was forcing his hard erection into the girl’s rectum without pausing. He leaned all his weight right into her and the nurse’s cunt pushed onto Zoe’s mouth. “Oh fuck my ass, you bastard!” “My God Nurse Stacey, your bum is tighter than ever, I’m having serious trouble here.” He leaned in even further driving his cock deeper and deeper. Every tremble that wracked her body, every extra bit of pressure his cock exerted Zoe felt through her mouth and tongue.
Suddenly the cunt above her was lifted from her lips and she could see that indeed the Professor was now buried balls deep into the nurse’s anal passage. He pulled her back onto his cock forcing himself as deep as he could go.
Right now Zoe wished she had a cock and could fuck the nurse as well. Fuck her in all her holes, fuck her until she was stretched wide, force her imaginary cock into her slutty mouth and make her gag. All she could hear was the nurse moaning as the Professor rammed his penis in and out of her bum. She watched as the balls above her seemed to clench. “Open your mouth wide Zoe. I’m going to ejaculate. Her asshole is far too tight for me to hold on.” She needed no further encouragement as she was dying to taste his spunk. The ball sack clenched again and the fucking momentarily ceased, then he pulled out his slick red cock and a jet of semen shot straight to the back of her throat. It surprised her for some reason: the saltiness, the heat… then jet after jet began to shoot from the end of the knob, filling her mouth, soaking the hairless cunt above her nose. The professor forced his cock down and into her mouth. She could taste the secretions from the nurse’s bum hole, her cunt, his penis and the overpowering smell of salty semen filled her nose. Zoe began to come. She came like she had never done before.

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