5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 1)

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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 1)
This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner help them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading…

Chapter One

It was a crappy night out, raining, cold, all and all miserable. The funny thing is, I wasn t even supposed to be at the shop. It s my garage, but I have a guy that runs the place for me, and I usually sit at home managing from a far. It s a good life, I can t complain.

I was sitting at the counter watching some of the Monday night football game. I was in the shop trying to get a bunch of paper work done, and I ended up staying late. Everybody else was gone and wouldn t be back in till morning, and the game had already started, so I figured I d stick around till half time, and then head home after that.

I was pretty pissed when I heard the knock on the window, I figured it was some idiot thinking I d turn on the pumps so they could get some gas. I never would have answered the door but I knew they could see me behind the counter, since I d forgot to drop the blind on the window like I should have.

When I got to the door I saw these two cute girls, all decked out in their high school cheerleading outfits, wearing those little white shoes, and the short skirts. The two must have been cold, they barely had anything on in the way of clothes, and the way it was raining, they looked like drowned rats, but cute little drowned rats.

I could feel the aching in my loins immediately as I opened the front door, hell, I thought I might get a blow job out of it at least.

Thanks Mister, our car broke down and our cells don t work out here. I led the pair into the shop, making sure to close the blind so nobody else could see inside now.

Do you think we could use your phone?

Well, what s wrong with your car, want me to tow it in and see if I can do anything with it? The two girls looked at each other, they were so cute, and the way the rain trickled down their foreheads, I could almost imagine their matted hair having been caused by a long fucking session, at least I wished it had.

Even under the little vest of their uniforms I could see they both had great bodies, young, lithe bodies. They both looked to be about 17 or 18.

What are you doing out tonight, its horrible weather. I had to make sure nobody knew where they were, or that they had called anybody yet about the car, my mind was already concocting plans.

We had a football game in Ada, we drove instead of riding on the bus, and then on the way home, we must have turned down the wrong road, and, well we re lost. The girl was obviously a little scared. It only made my balls ache even more.

What s wrong with the car?

I don t know, we were driving along, and then hit this big puddle, and it kind of died.

Hum. Where s it at?

Well, it s down this road, she pointed to the west, and then there is this sign with a big windmill on it, and we re down the road there.

How the hell did you get on that road? It s a dead end that leads to nowhere. I had to do everything to cover up my smile, I knew exactly where they were talking about, and there wasn t anything up the road, nobody would have driven past them and seen them there.

I don t know, we turned down there thinking it was the way to the highway, then we d got to the dead end, we were coming back and hit this huge pothole puddle thing, and then the car kind of died. I could see the girl shivering as she recounted the story for me.

Please mister, could you give us a tow and see if you could get it started. She pulled out her wallet and flashed a couple credit cards.

So nobody knows you re out this way, and you said your phone doesn t work? It was probably a little bit risky to ask so explicitly, but I had to know, and my mind was racing with plans. Like I said, I ve got a pretty good life, I ve got the only shop for a 20 mile radius, I do lots of work on tractors and farm equipment, I ve got other people to do the work, so I have a lot of free time. I ve had the place for 15 years, inherited it from my dad when he passed, and now I ve expanded it to a huge business, junk yard, little bit of a dealership, you know, man of all trades and hard work equals success kind of thing.

No mister, we got lost. We were following the team bus, but in the rain and everything, we kind of lost them. Our phones don t work out here. I knew there wasn t a cell phone tower for 50 miles, not many of the farmers had use for them so they were never built, to my great joy.

We walked all the way here and didn t see a soul. Mister, we ve got 3 friends still sitting in the car, it s cold out, could you please go pick them up? Please? Though she was young, the girl obviously was well practiced in using the pouting look to get men to do things for her.

My name is Pat. I extended my hand.

I m Tara, and this is my friend Lisa. Tara was probably 5 8 , she had long straight blonde hair, at least it would be straight again when it dried. The way she did all the talking, I kind of figured she was the captain of the squad, probably the most popular girl in school, and girl most jacked off to girl in classmate fantasies.

Lisa, the other girl, she wasn t quite as tall, maybe 5 6 , her breasts seemed to be larger, the curve of her outfit at least gave that indication. Lisa s hair was blonde too, but it looked to be via the hairdresser, and not natural.

Hi, Tara, Lisa, I guess it s your lucky night. I should have been out of here a couple hours ago, but I stayed late to do some paperwork, and boom, you come along. Let s see what I can do for you. I had them in my grasp, I could see the relief in their eyes, they actually thought they had been incredibly lucky, in a few hours, they d know the truth, that I was the lucky one that night.

You said you ve got three friends in the car still?

Yeah. It s cold out their.

Well, I can t fit you all in the truck when I pick up the car, so do you mind staying here? Then I ll bring them back and see what I can do about your vehicle?

Oh that would be great mister.

Here, why don t you set all your bags behind the counter here and I ll take you down into the lounge and you can warm up and relax. You can call your parents from there if you want. I handed each of the girls a towel from the shelf. I made sure that they left all their stuff behind the desk, even though I knew their phones wouldn t work here I didn t want to take chances.

Just follow me. I led the girls through one of the employee only doors, then down into the pit, though they didn t know it was the pit, at least not yet.

Sorry about the dirt and grime, this is a working garage and the lounge is kind of hidden away. I turned on as few lights as possible so they wouldn t get too nervous. When I got them to the pit door, I knew I was set. Just head into the lounge and I should be back in a few minutes with your friends. I didn t turn the lights on till they were well inside and I d slammed the door shut. I could hear them screaming instantly when they saw their surroundings, I loved it. I knew they were seeing the inside of the oil pit, the car parked over head, and I knew they had to know what was happening now.

I rushed upstairs into the garage. The girls voices were shrill, and I could hear the fear clearly in their screams. I peered under the car, I could just barely see the two there. There was no way they could get out, the pit was a good 7 deep, and there was a car parked over top, so as young and flexible as they might be, they weren t getting out of there.

Girl s I tried to address them, but they were screaming loud and couldn t hear me. I let them wail for a few minutes more.

Please mister, please, please, let us go, please… I didn t bother to respond to their pleas, I just waited for them to go quiet. They continued to sob as I started speaking.

Don t worry girls, I ll be back soon enough with your friends. I apologize that it s kind of dirty down there, but let me take care of your car, get your friends in line, and then I ll take you to a nice warm place, be patient. We ll have a good time after that.

Pleaaaaasssseeee! I could hear them crying out to me as I hopped in the rig and started off to pick up their friends. I guess it was a little cruel, but I turned off all the lights in the garage, only the florescent glow of the sign gave off any light at all. I can just imagine them huddling together. Hell, in a week or so, if everything goes right, I think I ll have those to do more than just huddle together.

I couldn t help but rub my dick as I drove to the spot where Tara said they broke down. Believe me, I ve never done anything like this before. Oh, sure, I ve got a blowjob or two from a grateful girl with a broken down car, hell, I fucked a couple, but I ve never thought of doing anything like this. But the opportunity is just too damn good. I mean, five girls, five teenage cheerleaders at that, hell, how lucky can you get?

The car was right where I thought it would be. I didn t bother to turn on the flashers, and I cut the headlights as quick as I could, no use drawing any attention to myself, even though I know nobody would see me. The road connected to one of Old man Patterson s back fields, and there isn t a house for a mile around, the girls had done a good job getting off the main road for me.

I had to knock on the window, the girls in the car were too afraid to get out on their own.

Hi there, my name is Pat, Tara and Lisa sent me to pick you up and see if I could get your car running back at the shop. I saw the ease flash over their eyes when I told them Tara and Lisa had sent me.

Why don t you three go hop in the truck, the heat is on, it s probably a little more comfortable than the car. Just leave your bags in here though, there isn t a lot of room in the cab, we ll get to the station and straighten everything out there. I love trusting k**s. I was even more pleased that my three newest captives were equally as beautiful as the first two. I didn t get names, but there was another blonde, one of those tall thin girls, probably 5 8 , and she was absolutely stunning, and seeing her, it was pretty damn hard covering up my erection. A whole world of ideas flashed through my mind when I watched her climb out of the car.

There was also a brunette. She was probably only about 5 2 , maybe 5 3 , though, when I get her into some high heels, she ll definitely look pretty hot. I couldn t tell for sure in the dark and the uniform, but she looked like she had big tits.

The third girl was a redhead, not fiery red hair mind you, it was more soft, almost a strawberry blonde, just the way I like them. She looked to be about 5 6 , and her body looked incredible, thin, decent breasts, long legs. I d sure got lucky, whatever school they were from produced some hot cheerleaders.

I walked the girls up to the cab and helped them up. I don t think they even minded that I touched their asses as I got them in.

You can see if you can get something on the radio, you might be able to get a station, the two-way is down though. It was only down because I d disabled it, I didn t want to give them any ideas at all to try and call for help.

It s amazing how fast you can get something done when you re dick is demanding you get the girls home. I got their car up on the flatbed in record time. I brought along a cover just in case. I knew I would dump the car in the junkyard tonight, then crush it tomorrow or the next day. I was already thinking about getting Jim—my manger—out to the house to help with the girls, hell, I might even offer him one of the girls for his own.

I hopped back into the cab, I didn t even care if they saw the bulge in my pants at that point, though I don t think they did.

Hey girls, I think we re all set. I think I can get your car fixed tonight and then get you on our way. I popped the truck into gear and started off for the shop. I couldn t wait to get back.

So we weren t properly introduced. Again, my name is Pat. The brunette was pressed so close against me I could feel the heat of her body. I accidentally grazed her thigh as I got the big truck up to speed on the highway. The blonde spoke first.

My name is Monique.

I m Emily. I liked the strawberry blonde already, and I loved the name.

I m Jayme. Taking a look now the brunette definitely had big knockers. It was hard to keep my mind on the road when I started thinking about what I could do to those tits.

We should be back at the shop in a couple minutes. I d already decided I d take the truck and their car into the back garage, we used it for storage mostly, but it would be the best place to unload. Once I closed the door there wouldn t be anyplace for the girls to run, which was perfect.

I pulled the rig into the garage without incident. I d decided I d get them out of the truck and walk them over to the tool cage, it would be a good place to hold them till I got their car dumped in the junk yard.

Girl s, I m going to drop you off here for the moment, see that cage over against the wall? There is a door inside that leads to a nice lounge, that s where Tara and Lisa are. Then I ll get your car up on the hoist and see what s wrong with it. Okay?

Sure, that sounds good. Do you think we could call our parents to tell them what s up?

Yeah, that s not a problem, though I think Tara and Lisa said they were going to tell everybody where you were when they called home. There is a phone in the lounge, so you can call if you want anyway. I helped the girls out of the cab, copping a feel just for the hell of it, though soon enough, I knew I d be able to do whatever I want with them.

I led the girls over to the cage, I had to undo the padlock for them, I don t think they suspected anything at all. I was such a gentlemen, letting them all go first, I don t think they had a clue what was up till I slammed the door shut and put the padlock back on.

Whaaa… Monique couldn t even finish her cry, it was classic. I think for the first time they realized that the cage was just that, 4 walls, and a fenced in ceiling, there was no door to a lounge anywhere.

What are you doing, let us go. Where are Tara and Lisa??? The three girls were so cute in their little cheerleading outfits, I almost just wanted to stare at them for awhile, but already I was getting sick of their screaming. Jayme had hold of the fence and was trying to rip through it, but I knew she wasn t going to get anyplace.

Let me take care of your car, then a little later we ll head off to my house for a good time. I knew it would make them scream more, but it was kind of fun. I liked making them even more scared, and I still had a lot to take care of before I could get them home for the real events I planned.

I hopped in the cab and started backing the rig out of the garage. My mind was racing. I already knew where I d keep the girls till I got things really fixed up. I d bought my house a number of years ago, the place was huge, and in the basement the previous owners had run a dog breeding business. There were still like 10 kennels down there, and a bunch of dog cages used for transport. I m so glad now I d procrastinated on getting rid of the crap. I d been meaning to do it for years, but now, it turned out to be the perfect spot to keep them until I got the basement finished up just like I dreamed of. I think there are even some dog whips and leashes down there. I ll probably have to do some shopping on the net for all the other toys I d love to use on the girls, but I think I ll have enough to keep them occupied for awhile.

I took their car out to the back part of the junkyard, really it s not even the junkyard, it s this fenced in area out by the trees. Nobody ever goes out there, and with the cover on, I should have a couple days easy to crush the thing.

After I dumped the car off and locked the fence up again, I drove back into the front garage and parked. I d pulled all the girls crap out of their car already, I knew I d probably have to have a good old bonfire one of these nights.

I heard Tara and Lisa screaming in the pit as I moved their stuff from under the counter.

I ll be right with you girls. I picked up your friends. They re doing fine, they re out in a cage on the back lot.

I walked into the office and got a huge duffle bag, I dumped all the girls stuff in and then put it in my truck. It was going to be a tight fit in the cab, even though I had a quad cab. Hell, then I realized I might as well put the girls in the bed, I ve got a cover, maybe the cold would get them a little more in the mood to behave when I get them home?

I went into the shop and grabbed a handful of nylon ties, they d be good to bind the girls wrists with.

Hey Tara, Lisa, it s almost time to take you to my place. I could hear them blubbering in the pit. It was kind of fun to make them scared. I almost couldn t believe I was doing this, it s not like I d planned it or anything, but when 5 beautiful teenage cheerleaders fall into your lap so perfectly, what else can you do? Serendipity, you ve got to love it.

I went out to my truck and laid an old sleeping bag in the bed. I had the nylon ties and I grabbed some duct tape to gag the girls mouths with. I d already got all their possessions in the truck and hidden their car, I didn t have to worry about security tapes or anything like that. There are some nice things about living in a small town, crime isn t really a problem so we d never bothered to invest in cameras, or anything like that at the shop. Well, crime was low, with the exception of me and 5 k**napped girls now.

I put my head under the car that covered the pit. I could hear Tara and Lisa balling, they tried to beg me to let them go, but I had no desire to listen.

Girl s, it s time to head home. We re just going to have a little fun, and then everything will be all right. I lied, but it doesn t really matter. I m going to open the door to the pit, I want you, Tara, to come out first. Don t think about doing anything stupid, just behave and everything will be all right. I want you to walk to me, I m going to put a nylon strap around your wrists and then gag you with a bit of tape. After that, when I call for you, Lisa, I want you to come out and I ll bind you too. I listened to them sob, it was joy to my ears.

Have you girls ever heard of a tazer? I paused, letting them think about what I said.

One of the farmers left one here at the shop a time ago, it s for use on cattle. If you get any ideas, well, I ll have to use it on you, and I don t think either of you would like that. I held the cattle prod over the pit and pushed the rubber button, a glorious blue arc of electricity shot from the points of the prod. I don t know if I d really have the heart to use it on one of the girls, but I think the threat was all they needed.

I went down to the pit and opened the door slowly.

Tara, I want you to come through the door, walk towards my voice, keep your hands up behind your neck. Understand? I could hear her sniffle out a response. I saw her shadowy figure move down the narrow hall from the pit. When she reached the stairwell I had her get to her knees. I was a little disappointed she didn t fight more as I pulled her hands into the small of her back and zipped off one of the nylon ties, I pulled it tight, I m sure it hurt, but I didn t want her going anyplace. She tried to beg me to let her go before I put the tape over her mouth, but I really didn t feel like listening. With my hand up under her elbow I moved her up the stairway and left her at the top of the steps.

Lisa, it s your turn. Be a good girl like Tara and everything will be all right. I saw Lisa emerge from the pit door. My dick was aching. I thought I might cream my shorts, but I managed to get Lisa bound and gagged without making a real mess.

Once I had the two at the top of the steps it was easy. I had the truck parked just out the back door where there were no lights. I picked up each girl and tossed her onto the rolled out sleeping bag. Before closing the lid on the bed I decided to put a nylon tie around each of the girl s ankles.

I could barely see them in the dark, but I loved the gentle, desperate mewing I heard. I shut the cover on the bed and drove into the back garage, ready to pick up my three passengers from the cage.

I was damn near ready to blow with anticipation by the time I got to the back garage. I couldn t stop thinking about the two girls lying in the back of my truck. God they looked so cute in their little cheerleading outfits. I was having a hard time deciding which girl I was going to take first. I planned to take all of them in turn, and I hoped at least a couple were virgins still, but who knows anymore? If nothing else I m sure none of them had been taken anally yet, and I can just imagine how tight their asses are. Oh I can t wait to hear them scream as I force my prick up their cute little butts.

The three girls in the cage were yelling when I pulled the truck in. I didn t even try to cover up my erection when I started toward them.

What are you doing? What are you doing? Let us go, please! Jayme s scream echoed through the large back garage. I couldn t wipe the smile off my face as I moved towards them.

Girls, girls, I know you can t wait, but it s only going to be a few minutes more. I held the cattle prod up for all of them to see.

Do you know what a cattle prod is? I pushed the button and the spark arced from the two points.

I want you all to get on your knees and put your hands up behind your head. I m going to come in there and put a nylon strap around your wrists. Don t think about doing anything heroic, otherwise you ll get to feel this prod, and from what I ve heard, it s not too pleasant an experience. I stood outside the cage waiting for the girls to put their hands up behind their heads. They were all sobbing, I loved the way their bodies shuddered. Monique was the first to obey, she hesitantly put her hands up behind her head, her gaze was locked on me the whole time. I knew then, looking into those big hazel eyes, she was going to share my bed tonight.

Come on girls, be good like Monique and put your hands behind your head. When I pushed the button on the prod again, the other two girls moved their hands up behind their necks.

Good girls. Now sit still and we ll get you home. I failed to mention it was my home, though I think they were getting the idea now.

They were all sobbing hysterically as I unlocked the door to the cage and walked in. Even if they fought, I knew I could overpower them. I m not the smallest guy in the world. Yeah, I m a little out of shape, but not too bad. I m 6 1 and 250, I know what you re thinking, 250, that s more than a little out of shape? Well, put it this way, I used to be big into weightlifting, and I still put up my fair share, so it s not like its all fat, and I know I could take all three girls if I needed to, but I didn t think it would come to that. Not the way their bodies trembled, and not based on the volume of their cries, they sounded too desperate to put up that much of a fight.

I grabbed for Jayme s wrists and pulled them into the small of her back, the nylon band went easily around her tiny wrists and I cinched the plastic tight.

Pleeeaaaasseee. She could barely stutter out the words. I tore off a piece of duct tape and sealed it over her mouth, I enjoyed the break from her cries. I rubbed her long hair and bent down to whisper in her ear.

We re going to have a lot of fun princess, just relax.

I had hold of Emily s wrists, I put the nylon band on, pulling it tight so there was no way she could get out. Her lips were trembling, and the tears streaked down her cheeks as I put the tape over her mouth.

Monique s whole body shook as I put the plastic around her wrists. I reached around her and cupped her breasts through the cheerleading outfit, they weren t huge, but even through the fabric I could tell they were perfectly formed, and so young and taut. I pressed my hips into her back. I could hear her whimper louder as my hard cock touched her body. I cut another piece of tape and pressed it tight over her mouth.

It s time for you to meet up with Tara and Lisa again, they re in the back of the truck. I helped Monique from her knees and started leading her out of the cage toward my truck. I let the tailgate down, then lifted up the cover on the bed. After the initial period of squinting against the lights, I loved the look of shock on Tara and Lisa s face as they saw Monique there, the tape over her mouth and her hands bound behind her back.

I told you I d go pick up your friends, I ll get Jayme and Emily in a second. I put my hand up between Monique s legs, I could feel the gentle bulge of her sex as I lifted her up into the bed. I helped her into position next to Lisa.

Stepping back, I loved the way the three looked laid out in the back of the truck. I wrapped a tie around Monique s ankles so she couldn t hope of getting away. I loved the way their bodies twitched uncontrollably in fear.

Let me go get your friends and we ll get out of here. I hopped off the tailgate and went to get Jayme and Emily. They were still on their knees, their big eyes followed my every move. I helped them up and held their elbows tight, I pushed them towards the truck, my dick was about to explode. I was tempted as hell to just take one of them there, to drop those cute little panties and ram home, but even though I knew nobody would come in, I thought it wiser to get them to my house, then I could have all my fun in the privacy of my own place.

It was kind of a tight fit to get all 5 girls into the back of the bed. I d debated whether I should put a blanket over them or let them feel the chill of the night air, in the end I decided to keep them a little warm, I tossed an old blanket over top of the three writhing girls.

I stood there looking down on them.

Don t worry girls, we should be home in about 10 minutes. Believe me, I can t wait. I couldn t stop smiling. My brain was racing, all the things I d ever fantasized about, now I was going to make it happen. I d experimented a little with BDSM, I had a few girlfriends over the years that liked to be tied up, but it was all a game, they didn t really get into it the way I d wanted too, that was all going to change now. I had five slaves to do with as I pleased.

I shut the lid on the bed of the truck and slammed the tailgate shut. I couldn t wait to get home.

I went through the shop one more time. I made sure that there were no sign that would make the girls presence known. I took a look at the pit to make sure there was nothing on the floor, or that they wrote notes on the walls. It took awhile, I thought my dick was going to explode, but I just wanted to make sure. When I finally climbed up in the cab I was dying. I couldn t even stroke myself through my pants, I knew if I did I d cream my shorts, and I wanted to save all my cum for my new prizes.

The ride home was terrible. I wished the miles would melt away, it felt like I was high, there was so much excitement and adrenaline running through my body I almost felt sick. When I finally pulled my truck into the garage I had to just sit there for a second, I couldn t believe what I d done, I d k**napped 5 girls, and soon, I was going to **** them all and keep them as my slaves. I should have felt guilty, but you know, I didn t.

When I got out of the truck I thought about getting the girls right then, but instead I went into the house. My two dogs were on me the moment I got through the door. I suppose they were a little anxious, I was a couple hours late feeding them. They were good boys, two big black labs. I d got them both as puppies, and now, at 2 and a half they each weighed over 110lbs. Spike was the alpha dog between the two, and Shadow followed along obediently wherever he went.

I didn t bother trying to make anything up for them. I d grilled up a couple steaks the night before for myself, I figured what the hell, I d treat the boys to that, and then I could get my dick in Monique a lot sooner, since I d decided on her. There was just something about her, the way she moved. There was an endearing nervousness that turned me on, I can t explain it.

After I d dealt with the dogs it was off to my new prizes. I loved the way the five pairs of eyes followed my every move. With their hands and legs bound I had to slide the girls out one by one from the truck. First I put Tara over my shoulder and carried her down into the basement. I could hear her trying to beg, but the tape did an effective job of muffling anything she tried to say.

I carried Tara down the stairs, and then took her off into the unfinished side of the basement. I had a good 1500 sq ft of space, I d debated for years what to do with it, but now it was perfect, I knew I was going to build my own dungeon to keep my pets.

I set Tara down on the floor. At first I was going to put her in one of the cages, but then I decided that the girls probably needed to use the bathroom.

Now Tara, don t think about doing anything stupid, if you girls behave, you ll be all right. Do you understand? The terrified girl nodded her head.

I m going to put you in the bathroom and then get your friends. I m going to untie you, be smart, don t do anything stupid. I cut the nylon bands on her wrists and ankles. There was a bathroom on the unfinished side of the basement, obviously the previous owners had planned to finish off the apace, but never got around to it, just like me.

I shut the door and left Tara inside. I was able to make sure she couldn t get out by wedging the door shut. Only three more to go…

I was pretty damn tired by the time I got Jayme, Lisa and Emily into the basement. I left them all locked in the bathroom when I went to get Monique. I m sure the later arriving girls might have liked some privacy when they used the toilet, but I wanted to get them all used to having no more rights but what I gave them.

Unlike the other girls I got Monique out of the truck and carried her into my bedroom. The dogs were barking and yelping at her as I carried her into my room, but they meant no harm. I laid Monique down on the bed and then got the dogs out. Seeing her there, bound as she was, I desperately wanted to fuck her, but I had to take care of the other girls first.

I grabbed the sleeping bag and blanket from the truck and carried it down into the basement. I was pleased to see that none of the girls had taken the tape from their mouths when I left them alone in the bathroom.

Did you all take care of your business? I could see the tears streaming down their cheeks.

Come on. I stood back and pointed the girls toward one of the kennels, they were for pretty big dogs, so they were about 6 tall, maybe 6-7 deep, and about 5 wide. I knew the chain link was connected well, it could handle 150lb danes beating against it, and I knew it could handle my new pets too.

I tossed the blanket and sleeping bag into the cage in preparation for the girls.

Go on, get in there. I could hear them sobbing louder as they got in the cage.

I ll bring you down some water and something to eat in a few. You can take off the tape, though I don t want to hear any of your bitching. There was a part of me, something deep down that made me feel bad about taking the girls, but with the aching in my balls, I knew my guilty conscience wasn t going to win out.

I filled a couple gallon jugs full of water, then grabbed a bunch of granola bars and some apples for the girls. I knew they d be fine until morning. The sleeping bag and blanket were big, I knew they d have to huddle together, but that kind of turned me on anyway.

Tara started to say something when I dropped off the food and water, but I only had to put my finger to my lip and she shut up.

Have a good night sleep girls. I ll check on you in the morning, then we can get to know each other a lot better. I left one of the lights on across the way, I thought it would be a little too cruel to leave them completely in the dark.

I made up a little dinner for myself and Monique. Nothing flashy, just some chicken and a salad, though I am a pretty damn good cook this was something just to tide us over.

Monique started whimpering when I walked in the door. I set the tray of food next to her on the bed, but I wasn t going to release her hands just yet. I lay next to her, I got close, I could feel her try to wiggle away, but there wasn t much she could do.

So, are you hungry? I could see her nod ever so slightly, her eyes were wide and locked on me. I ripped the tape from her mouth, she wailed out when I did, twisting her head side to side from the pain. She started to say something, but I silenced her immediately.

You will do as I say, without hesitation. You won t speak unless I tell you to, and you won t do anything unless I tell you to. If you behave, I ll treat you well. She started to cry as I grabbed her breast, I softly massaged her mound through the fabric.

Do you want something to eat? She nodded. I grabbed a couple pillows and propped her up. I took a forkful of salad and brought it to her lips, I gave her a bite, then one to myself.

When I have you trained, you ll feed me. I gave her a shot of juice, she drank it down greedily.

I enjoyed having control over her, even if it was just feeding her. I slid my hand up under her short skirt and ran my fingers over the bulge of her pussy. I didn t slide my hand inside her clothes, not yet at least. I knew that after I fed her I wanted to make her strip for me. I d already formulated at least some of my plan. I loved the way I could feel her muscles tense as I moved my hand over her skin.

When we d finished the salad, I rolled Monique over onto her belly. I cut the straps from her wrists and ankles, though she didn t try to even move when she was free.

Get up, go use the bathroom, you ve got 20 minutes. Don t think about doing anything stupid, got it? I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and lifted her head up so she was looking me in the eyes.
Understand? Terrified she nodded.

Good, get into the bathroom, make yourself look good. It didn t matter, she was naturally beautiful, and the fear, that was what had me so horny I couldn t even stand it.

The time seemed to pass so slow, I stared at the clock for about five minutes, but it felt like time was moving backwards. Finally I started cleaning up the place, I locked the phone in the end table, and hid away anything that my new pet could use to escape. I still had a lot of work before I could do the things I wanted to with my slaves in the house, but I d have fun tonight, that s for sure.

I could hear her crying when I knocked at the bathroom door.

Time to earn your keep baby. It was a little crude to say, but I was desperate, I couldn t wait anymore. I opened the door, Monique was cowering in the corner of the bathroom.

I d already taken the liberty of stripping, and I loved the way her eyes focused on my prominent erection.

Get out here slut. I motioned her toward me with my finger. The girl s whole body shuddered as she got to her feet. I thought she d collapse to the ground the way her knees buckled.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took in the glorious sight of my new pet. I pointed to the floor in front of me.

Strip for me cunt. Monique s hands shook so bad I didn t know if she d be able to manage the act of stripping, but I was going to eat up her struggles.

Pllleeeeasssse Mister. I think she was surprised how fast I moved, I was up and slapped her hard across the face before she even knew what happened. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and arched her head back so I loomed over her.

I said strip for me slut. Don t ever talk back to me. If you don t strip, I ll do it for you, and I ll tell you this, you ll wish you d obeyed me. I let go of her hair and sat back on the edge of the bed. My heart was beating so fast, the adrenaline was flooding through my bloodstream. I can t explain the feeling, but I loved it. My prick throbbed in pure excitement.

Monique was crying as she started pulling down the zipper on her little cheerleading vest. What makeup she had left streaked down her cheeks. Part of me wished I had a camera set up, but the truth is I don t think I d ever forget the image of her there.

Monique twisted her body out of the little vest. She pulled her skin tight shirt out of the band of her waist. I could tell she had nice breasts, nothing huge, but definitely nice, and firm.

Her stomach rippled in convulsions as she lifted the shirt up over her head. She tried to cross her arms over her sports bra, but I could already tell by what I saw, that I was going to have a great time with this girl.

I needed only to point at her little skirt to get her moving again after she d hesitated, she undid the clasp and let the fabric fall around her ankles, leaving her standing there in her little blue outer panties.

Come on, get it off! Monique tried to delay all she could, but even she knew it was inevitable. She slid the outer panties over her hips till she was standing there in only her bra, and her cute sport panties.

I shifted my body as if I was going to stand, Monique yelped and jumped back a few inches. Before I had to say anything, she started lifting her bra over her head. She tried to hold it over her chest for an instant, but then thought better of it and let it fall to the floor.

I couldn t help but smile, I m sure it made her all the more nervous, but I didn t care, I just knew I needed my cock in her mouth before I shot my load on the floor.

Monique s hands trembled so bad I didn t think she d be able to get her panties to the floor, but she inched it down her thighs. When I saw her smooth, shaved mound I was in heaven. She jerked away as I got to my feet and moved toward her.

On your knees! I grabbed her by the neck and forced her to the floor. Suck my dick slut! I forced the head of my cock to her lips. I grabbed a clump of her hair in my hands and twisted till she screamed. I said suck my cock cunt!

I almost blew as I forced my prick in between her tight moist lips. I heard her gag as I forced all 8 of my dick down her throat. I felt her tongue moving over the bottom of my shaft involuntarily as she struggled for breath. I clamped my hands on the back of her head and held her on me till I thought she was going to pass out.

I only pulled out for an instant, long enough for her to gasp for breath before I slammed my hips forward and made her swallow me again. I knew I wasn t going to last long, but I wanted to get a couple good thrusts in before I blew in her mouth. I felt her hands at my hips trying to push me away, but with the urgency I felt to cum, nothing was going to keep me from having my prick deep in her sweet little mouth.

I felt it deep in my loins. I ve never felt my balls contract like that. I felt the cum shoot from my dick, and it kept coming, my balls pulsed and shot a huge load deep in Monique s throat. I could hear her gagging as I held the back of her head tight, forcing her to take my whole length in her mouth. I didn t think it would ever stop, my balls jerked and squeezed more cum out, I bellowed out in a primal roar. I kept cumming so much it hurt.

After what seemed like an eternity I knew I d spent my load. I looked down at my new prize as I eased my rampant cock from her mouth. I could see the cum seeping around her lips, and she started to cough up my seed.

Swallow it slut, swallow it! I arched her head back as she gasped for breath. Swallow it down cunt! I saw her big hazel eyes looking up at me, pleading, begging me to stop, but there was something a****l in my need to see her drink all my sperm down.

I let go of Monique s hair and let her collapse to the floor after she d desperately swallowed all my cum. She lay in a heap sobbing as I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. My balls still tingled.

Monique was still lying on the floor, in the midst of her cute little outfit, when I came back into the bedroom. I had to lift her off the ground and onto the bed.

Get on your knees! Monique pushed her ass into the air and got to her knees. I grabbed for her wrists and pulled them back to her ankles, spreading her legs wider I duct taped her wrists to her ankles, her face was forced down into the mattress. I pulled off her shoes and socks and left her like that. I loved the way her hair cascaded over her head and spread out on the bed.

I laid down on the bed next to Monique s head, she turned to face me, I could see the tears streaming down her cheeks. I pushed the hair out of her face.

How d you like that slut? Have you ever given a blow job before? I saw her nod in abject humiliation. Tell me, do you like the taste of cum? I watched her close her eyes and stutter out the word no.

Well, you d better get used to it. I reached up under her body and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

Have you ever had vaginal sex Monique? When I heard her sobbing I knew the answer was no, and she knew I was going to pop her cherry soon.

How about masturbation? I didn t hear her response, but I didn t much care.

Well, I m going to make you cum Monique, you ve been a good girl. I got up from the bed and walked to my dresser. I ve always loved seeing women orgasm, so one of the toys I d picked up over the years was a Magic Wand vibrator.

Monique did what she could to watch me after I plugged in the vibrator. I had the G-Spot attachment too, but I didn t think I d need it, not tonight at least.

I heard her whimpering when I flipped the switch and the vibrator started going. I heard her squeak as I pressed the head of the vibrator into the folds of her sex.

How do you like that? I saw Monique s legs start to shudder as I moved the head of the vibrator up and down over her sex, her whole body convulsed when I touched the vibrator to her clit.

Please…stop…please… I didn t listen to her words, I pressed the head against her clit and gently spread her labia with my fingers. I moved my fingers over her sensitive flesh, I could already feel the moisture spreading from her pussy.

I flipped the switch on the vibrator to high and pushed it harder against Monique s clit, I could hear her cries growing louder.

That s it slut. I got between her legs and let my tongue dart into her sex. I licked her, spreading her young flesh wide, tasting the pink as I held the vibrator to her clit.

Monique s legs started to shake, I could see her tits jiggling. I loved the mixture of want, and disgust in her movements. I could see her hips gyrating, pushing back onto my tongue, rubbing against the vibrator s head as she cried out, begging me to stop.

I forced a finger into her pussy, not deep, just enough to tease her body.

That s it cunt, fuck me, fuck my finger. I could hear her start to pant, her nipples were hard and I pushed the head of the vibrator against her breast, she involuntarily groaned.

I slid my finger from Monique s snatch, it was wet with her juices. I forced my mouth over her pussy and started delving my tongue into her body and over her clit.

I could hear her moaning louder. With my hands free I reached up under her body and grasped her breasts, I twisted and molded her flesh in my hands, driving her on.

That s it slut, cum for me! I sucked on her clit, nibbling on the hard little bud with my teeth. I could feel her hips moving, I knew she was about to cum. I swabbed my tongue over her labia, pushing her to the edge, I wanted to hear her scream out.

STOP, STOP, Please, stop!!! I could hear the desperation in her voice, but that only drove me on further. I could hear her panting, her cries were like the screech of an a****l, the muscles of her thighs convulsed as she arched her head up and screamed.

I bit down on her clit, not hard enough to do damage, but enough so she could feel it.

Cum for me slut, cum for me! Monique wailed, her whole body trembled, I could see her leg muscles spasming…

I didn t even wait for her body to stop reacting. I pushed the vibrator against her clit again.

God no, please, please, stop, please!!! I know her pleas were sincere, but I wanted to make her cum again.

Come on slut, I m going to make you cum again. I milked Monique s breast, squeezing it like an udder as I moved the vibrator up and down over her labia. Her nipples were hard, and I loved the way they felt as I pinched them, making her scream in pain.

Cum for me cunt. I let go of her tit and forced my finger into her pussy, not deep, but enough to make her moan. Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration, it was gorgeous. I loved the way her tight little pussy throbbed under my touch, contracting, squeezing me. The vibrator buzzed against her clit and I knew she was about to cum again.

With my finger in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit I moved my tongue over her engorged labia. She tried to jerk away but there was nothing she could do. I could hear her panting, gasping for breath as she was about to orgasm again.

Please, please, please… I drove my tongue between her labia while I pinched her clit hard. I still had the vibrator forced against her body.

I ve never seen a girl s body react like hers did to an orgasm, Monique screamed as her legs bucked, I thought she d fall off the bed the way they contracted so hard. I could hear the duct tape making little cracking sounds as every muscle in her body convulsed.

That s it slut, cum for me, cum for me! I ran the vibrator up and down over the length of her sex, with particular attention to her clit. She screamed like mad, I could tell there was a part, deep down, that liked it.

Monique was still moaning when I got off the bed, I hurried to the closet and pulled out a leather belt. It was an old and well worn belt, but I knew it would do the job. It was a good inch and a half wide and I doubled it over so I d have better control.

I don t even know if Monique saw me approaching, her body was writhing, I could see her forcing her chest down, rubbing her nipples against the bed spread. I don t know if she even heard the swish through the air, but I know she felt it when the leather struck her engorged labia. I would have loved to see her eyes go wide when she felt the bite of the belt, but I was too busy bringing it down again, almost in the exact spot as before. I heard her high pitched scream echo through the room as I kept bringing the belt down on her body, I didn t want to whip her too much, I just wanted Monique to feel the bite of the leather on her hypersensitive flesh. The sound of the belt on her skin was pushing me over the edge, I wanted to beat her more with the belt, but I couldn t hold out much longer.

I rolled Monique over onto her back. The way her wrists were taped to her ankles it spread her legs nicely. I brought the belt down on her tits a few times, I caught her hard little clit dead on with the belt, raising desperate screams.

I tossed the belt aside and climbed on Monique s body, my dick was hard and I was ready to blow again. She was still wailing in pain from the belt when I slammed my prick into her virgin cunt. I could feel her stomach muscles contract under mine. I drove my dick all the way inside her, till I felt my balls slap against her ass. I loved the way I could feel her thighs against my hips. I grabbed for her hair and clamped my mouth down on hers. There was nothing she could do, I slammed into her again and again, I couldn t help it, I wanted to hurt her as I fucked her. I knew she d remember her first time forever.

I knew I was about to cum so I buried my prick full in her pussy. I felt the sperm flood her, my balls contracted, it was almost painful as I pumped her full of my cum, though I can t tell you how good it felt. I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest, I could feel her body shudder as she sobbed.

I don t know how long I laid there on top of her, my dick still hard and buried in the soft warmth of her pussy. I whispered into her ear.

God you ve got some kind of tight pussy. We re going to have a good time. I rolled off Monique. I ran my hand over her belly, and over her pussy, my semen dribbled out of her little cunt. Her hair was disheveled, her body was covered in sweat, makeup was streaked over her face, and I could still see her little pussy throbbing and twitching. The red marks where I d laid the belt down on her tits were still visible.

With a knife and cut Monique s wrists and ankles free. Her legs flopped down on the bed, splayed wide.

I ran my fingers over her swollen sex, I could hear her moan as I slid my finger into her pussy.

We re going to have a lot of fun babe. I m going to fuck that pussy of yours everyday, and I m going to make you masturbate for me, I love seeing you cum. I couldn t wait to get on the net and drop a couple thousand dollars on sex toys and bondage gear, but I d wait till the next day for that.

Get up, go into the bathroom, clean up, take a shower if you want, then we ll go to bed. I ran my hand over the inside of her thighs. Do you want anything more to eat, or drink? She seemed to disenheartened to react much, but I saw her nod softly no.

Go, get in the bathroom! I loved the way she moved. Even with the pain and humiliation she felt, she had a certain grace in her movements. She had the most beautiful legs, long, thin, gorgeous!

I went down and got a glass of water and some snacks, I needed to take care of my girl. When I got back up into my room, I could hear the shower running, I was pretty sure I could hear her crying.

I felt a little tingle in my balls when thought about the girls down in the basement. I wondered if any of them had got to sleep yet? Really, it didn t matter, the longer they stayed up, the more ready they were going to be when I started in on them. I still couldn t believe it was all happening. When I woke up this morning, I never would have thought, hell, dreamed, that these 5 gorgeous teens would enter my life.

I heard the shower stop running, I couldn t wait for my girl to get out of the bathroom. I didn t have any more plans for her tonight, just to get some sleep, but I couldn t wait to get her in the bed next to me.

After about 5 minutes I started to get impatient.

Hey slut, hurry up, get your ass out here! I heard her sob just a little louder, then I heard the door open. I was already on the bed, I had the sheets pulled back waiting for her.

God you re a beautiful little whore. Monique had her hands crossed over her chest, and the palm of her hand trying to cover up her sex.

No slut, arms at your side, never try to cover yourself from me, do you understand? She nodded, a resigned, hopeless nod. Her hair was still wet from the shower, her nipples were hard and her breasts were absolutely gorgeous.

Come here, get in bed. I motioned her over to me.

Please… I put my finger to my lip and she went silent. Instinctively she tried to cover herself again, but then I could tell she remembered and dropped her hands to her sides.

Good girl. She sat on the edge of the bed. I grabbed for her elbow and pulled her onto the bed. She yelped as I twisted her arm, but I got her on her back.

Give me your wrists! She looked up to me with her wide hazel eyes.

Relax I just need to tie your wrists and ankles, then we can go to bed. I took her wrists in my hand, I could easily hold them in one palm, I looped rope around one wrist, then pulled it around her other wrist, snugging them together so she couldn t get away. I didn t pull it too tight, just enough so it wouldn t come lose.

Pick up your legs… I could have crawled to the foot of the bed, but I wanted to see how flexible she was. Monique kicked up her legs until they were perpendicular to her body, I grabbed the back of her thighs and forced her legs down till her knees touched her breasts.

Hold your legs like that. I looped more rope around her ankles till I knew she wouldn t be able to work it free.

You can put them down. I lay down next to her, I could feel Monique try to move away.

Don t move away from me, ever, I own you now. Let s get some sleep. I pulled the covers up over top of us. I could feel her body shaking as I put my arm over top of her breasts. I whispered in her ear.

We re going to have a lot of fun together Monique, just behave, and I ll treat you right. I flipped the lights off and closed my eyes resting my head on her shoulder. I could feel her heart beating, I knew she was uncomfortable with me holding her, but I didn t care. My mind was filled with all the things I needed to do. I needed to get the house in order and ready for my new cadre of slaves. I couldn t wait to get online and buy all the toys I was going to need. I could feel my dick getting hard and bulging against Monique s thigh as I faded off to sleep easily.

To be continued…

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