75 Avril`s cuck.

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75 Avril`s cuck.
75 Avril`s cuck.

Every once in a while Joe lets me live out a fantasy and agrees to do whatever I want in it. So, I decided one day to have fun with him and make him a very special cuckold.
I had been seeing Gary for a while now and had sucked and fucked him with Jon s permission when he wasn t around. One afternoon I arrived at Gary s place and let him hold me and kiss me just after I entered his home. Oh baby I said, You fucking horny? Gary didn t miss a beat, I m horny for you slut he replied.
Oooh, you do know how to sweet talk a girl I answered back. Off went our clothes, down on my knees I went and into my hungry mouth went his already hard cock. Suck me whore Gary said as he placed his hands on my head and began fucking my mouth. You fucking whore he went on. You like that cock? he added. I stopped for a second, Oh yes baby I started, I love your hard cock . Back into my mouth went his cock and for the next few minutes he kept pumping my mouth with his hard cock, once in a while slapping the side of my face.
He asked his now familiar question, Your husband like you sucking another cock? I again stopped, looked up at him, My husband loves it when I m a whore for cock was my usual reply. Gary and I both laughed and I finished off sucking his cock until he exploded in my mouth. Licking his cock clean, I got up and we moved over to his sofa. Would Jon do anything you asked of him? Gary asked. I thought for a second, Yeah I said.
Why? Gary looked at me, Would he be a cuckold for you? . This took me back a bit as I imagined Jon being an obedient cuckold for me then said I bet he would if I demanded it .
Want to do it? Gary asked. The thought just kept racing through my mind and I pictured Jon there watching me with Gary and doing as I ordered. OH yeah I finally answered. The date was set and the plan made.
I told Jon I wanted something different one day and asked if he would do as I demanded. He thought about it for a few seconds, looked at me and If it would please you he said, Then yes . I then told him Gary was coming by soon and I wanted to treat him to something special.
Jon looked puzzled, but he had committed and there was no turning back. I led him into our bedroom and opening a dresser drawer, I took out some lace lingerie and turning to Jon, Strip I ordered. Jon stood there for a second or two, looking at the pile of lingerie, then took off all his clothes. Put these on whore I demanded and handed them to him. I watched in sheer delight as Jon slipped on the black satin bustier, black garter belt and hooked a pair of sheer black hose to the straps before finishing with a sheer black bikini panty.
I moved over to the closet and reached in, took out a pair of 6 black, ankle strap, open toed stilettos and ordered Jon to put them on. My planning had paid off, everything fit him quite well as I looked him over. One last piece of article came from my drawer, a black dog collar connected to a light chain. This I placed around Jon s neck. Stepping back to admire my handiwork, You look so fucking hot you whore I told him as I reached over slapped his face. You like your new outfit whore? I asked. Yes mistress Jon answered. Good I replied, knowing in my mind what Gary was going to think of my whore.
It wasn t long before the doorbell rang and I let Gary into our home. I placed my arms around him and kissed him deeply and passionately, knowing Jon was watching from the corner. OH baby I went on Am I going to suck and fuck you hard I said loudly, then glanced over towards Jon. He stood there, watching as I held and kissed Gary some more, playing his part as I had ordered.
I led Gary into the room and pointed over to Jon, You like my new whore? I asked. Gary now saw Jon and with a slight laugh, He looks fucking great he said. It wasn t long before Gary started kissing me again and then fondling my tits. Moving his hand down to my pussy and rubbing it as I moved my hand down to his bulge.
Gary now ripped open my blouse, grabbed my tits and began squeezing them hard, sending delightful pain coursing through my body. He pulled up my bra and bending down, started sucking on my tits, biting my nipples hard as I cried out in pain, his fingers now reaching under my skirt and finding I had no panties on, inserted his fingers deep into my already wet cunt. A few minutes of this and I was seeing stars as the pleasure ran through my entire body. Give me your cock I cried out and without missing a beat, Gary took off his clothes as I did mine and down I went on my knees, grabbing a hold of his swollen cock and into my mouth I put it. Suck me you fucking whore Gary ordered as I moved my mouth up and down his hard cock faster, reaching up and taking his soft balls in my hand and kneading them as I sucked his cock deeper in my mouth.
It was now time for Jon to join the fun.
I stopped sucking Gary`s cock, looked over at Jon, Come here whore I ordered and watched as Jon moved over to us. I rose to my feet, told Gary to sit on the couch and taking hold of the chain on Jon s collar, pulled him over to the sofa. On your knees whore I said as I slapped Jon s face and down he went. I sat down next to Gary, took hold of his cock and leaned over and began sucking his cock again. I stopped for a second, Move closer whore I told Jon and watched as he moved next to the edge of the sofa and in between Gary s legs. You like watching me suck his cock whore? I asked Jon.
Meekly he answered, Yes mistress I like watching you suck his cock I reached over, grabbed Jon by the hair, Suck his cock whore I ordered and pulled his head into Gary. There was my whore, sucking on Gary s cock and with me still holding his hair, I started pumping his head harder onto Gary s cock, watching as he took his cock ever deeper into his mouth. I let go of Jon, moved up to Gary and started kissing him, caressing his face and letting him caress and squeeze my tits. I moved down a bit and began licking his nipples for a few minutes before I moved back up, arched my back a little, Suck my tits I told Gary and down went his head, taking hold of my tits, he now sucked them hard, biting my nipples and sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I looked down once in a while and saw that Jon had been watching Gary suck my tits as he continued to suck Gary s cock.
It was time for the final act. I reached down, grabbed Jon s hair again, Stop sucking whore I ordered as I pulled him away from Gary. I want to fuck you I told Gary loudly and moving without waiting for him to reply, I straddled his legs, took hold of his cock between mine and in one easy motion, slowly sat on his hard cock, now wet with Jon s saliva. Up and down Gary s cock I slid, feeling his hardness penetrate deep inside my aching cunt. A few minutes of this and I looked over my shoulder and saw that Jon was staring at Gary s cock fucking my cunt. I was able to grab his hair again and ordered him, Lick his cock whore and pulled him back into our bodies. Jon obeyed and as Gary fucked my cunt, Jon licked his cock as best he could. Suck my tits I told Gary and once again he filled me with a sensational pleasure as he sucked my tits. I m coming Gary cried out and without missing a beat, shot a full load of hot, sticky cum deep into my cunt as I let out my own cry AAAHH and sent a wave of cunt juice out at Jon s face.
To come together was more than I had ever expected and I was well beyond heaven and earth with delight. I took a minute or so to come down to earth, looked back at Jon and saw him wiping his face off with his hand. I knew we had really gone well beyond what we had originally talked about, but I didn t care. I had fulfilled my fantasy and that was all that mattered. I moved off Gary and looking at Jon, Did you enjoy that? I asked. Jon could only smile before finally answering, Yes dear . The day ended too quickly, but the memory lives on and on.
I hope this was able to please you as well.
Take care,

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