A Match Maid In Heaven

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A Match Maid In Heaven
A special thank you to Literotica author grgy56. His two part story My (Im)perfect Mate (2013) kept drumming up different storylines and scenarios in my head over the last four or five years. After talking with him, he allowed me permission to build on and modify his original story. I ve changed some of the circumstances and resolutions to the story, as well as modifying the characters within the story. Thank you again grgy56 for your inspiration! I hope I ve done it justice.
I hope you enjoy the story… A MATCH MAID IN HEAVEN


Thomas Hale closed the door of his new 2038 LeXXXus Dominator. He adjusted his tie and looked around at his new surroundings. After graduating at the top of his class from Mary Gavin University in Kansas City, he was brought on to head up the accounting division of H.S. Enterprises. At age twenty-five, and armed with a Masters degree in accounting, he impressed owner Helga Sven enough that he was moved to the company headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Given a hefty raise in salary over his last job, Thomas was happy to move to the Pacific Northwest and start his life fresh. He made a down payment on a house in the country, purchased a new car and was now looking into an android servant to take care of his household. This is his story…


A Match Maid in Heaven

((Non-Human, FemDom, Android, GILF, Forced to Cum, BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Non-Consensual, Domination))

Welcome to Maid Perfect, where we can create your perfect household staff. I was greeted by a curvy, fairly large breasted blonde saleswoman in a nice, plain blue dress and a pair of blue flats on her feet. At 5 10 , she was more than two inches taller than me. She extended her hand and introduced herself, Hello, I m Kimberly.
I shook Kimberly s hand. Her grip was firm, but gentle and warm to the touch. The handshake lingered long enough to make a connection but short enough not to be too uncomfortable.
Kimberly s blue eyes never broke contact with mine. Her generously painted red lips curled up into a welcoming smile.
Hello Kimberly. I m Thomas. I introduced myself. Thomas Hale.
How can I help you today, Mr. Hale? Kimberly asked.
Please, just call me Thomas.
How may I help you, Thomas? Kimberly smiled.
Well, I m looking for help around the house. I moved here a few months ago for a company promotion and bought a house outside of town. Kind of a twenty-fifth birthday present if you will. But, I m finding it difficult doing the household chores, I told her. What with work and all the moving, it s becoming a little bit of a mess.
Congratulations on your move and your promotion… and happy birthday! Her smile widened. Let me introduce you to Marlette Jones. She is the Mistress of this store and she ll be more than happy to assist you further.
I didn t even see her appear as I was so enraptured by Kimberly. I turned to look at Marlette. She was a much older woman, in her mid- to late 60 s, and she had a very ripe body. For a split second I was very disappointed that Kimberly wouldn t be helping me anymore, until I looked closer at the statuesque Marlette. This woman stood about 6 2 in her heels. She easily towered far over my 5 8 height. Her bleached white hair was pulled back into an immaculate bun. She was wearing a very smart looking outfit that hugged her figure well. A starched, white blouse that was having a hard time holding in her plentiful breasts, a dark crimson red thigh length leather skirt, black thigh high nylons were covering her long legs, and black opened toed high heel stilettos with a thin red strip on the sides. Being a foot guy, I couldn t help but stare at the five inch fuck-me-pumps and her curvaceous legs. It was then I decided then that maybe working with Marlette wouldn t be so bad after all, even though she was a good forty years my senior.
Mistress Marlette, this is Thomas Hale, Kimberly introduced us. He prefers to be called Thomas.
Hello, Thomas. Pleased to meet you. I m Marlette Jones, the owner of Maid Perfect. Marlette shook my hand then turned to the saleswoman Kimberly and said, Thank you Kimberly. You may return to your station now. Marlette s voice was deep and huskily feminine.
Yes Mistress, Kimberly said and wandered off a few feet away then stopped.
Kimberly is one of our most popular models. Marlette informed me.
I can see why, I said. Wait! You mean to tell me that she s a robot!
Yes and no. Kimberly is actually an android. A robot is not nearly as sophisticated, nor as advanced. The AI, the artificial intelligence module, has allowed her to learn how to greet customers, what to say and how to act. All of our models have the capacity to learn and grow. Marlette beamed like a proud mother. It s why we re the best in the business.
Amazing. I couldn t even tell she wasn t real. I stood there agape.
Kimberly is very amazing, Marlette beamed.
She called you the Mistress of the Store? I inquired.
Mistress… Owner… Same thing really, Marlette chuckled with an evil gleam in her eye, her deep voice was sultry and hypnotic. It all depends on where you are at in the food chain when you address me.
Excuse me? I was confused for a moment.
So, you re looking for help cooking, cleaning and such, right? Marlette questioned. Anything else?
Huh? What do you mean? I questioned her question.
We have more advanced models that can provide, how shall I put it… additional services. She winked as her deep voice was screaming sex . A full service kind of thing, if you get my drift.
You mean…. My eyes popped open with the realization of where she was leading.
Yes. We have models built anatomically correct and fully functional. These models are fully programmed to satisfy a variety of different tastes, fetishes and life styles. Marlette knew she had me hooked. Now she just needed to reel me in. Let me show you. Kimberly, come here!
Obediently, Kimberly walked to us and waited for her next instruction.
Kimberly, open you blouse and show us your tits. Marlette said as a matter of fact. They all are also programmed to understand a variety of languages and slang. Nothing offends them… I hope.
Without blinking an eye, Kimberly unbuttoned her white blouse and popped the front clasp of her bra. Her tits were a perfect size D with cranberry nipples. Not as large as the double D s that Marlette was sporting.
Go ahead, touch them. Marlette urged.
I looked at Marlette hesitantly. She nodded her head and grabbed Kimberly s breast.
Oh, go on silly boy, feel them. They re just like real breasts. Warm to the touch. Firm enough not to sag. Soft enough to be real.
I carefully held one like I was holding a baby chick. Kimberly stood there as if this were totally normal.
It was truly amazing how real Kimberly s breasts felt. I turned to Marlette. She smiled down at me. Marlette s presence was not only intoxicating, but rather intimidating as well.
Kimberly, pull up your skirt and pull down your panties so we can look at your cunt. Marlette told her. And then to me. You can be as nice, or as crass as you like. She will understand and obey. If you do say something she doesn t understand, she will ask for an explanation and her AI will allow her to remember and store the information for next time.
Meanwhile, Kimberly was standing there, skirt around her waist; panties pulled down to her thighs and legs spread.
We ve designed her to look and feel exactly like the real thing. Marlette patted Kimberly s opening. She parted Kimberly s lips and showed me her clit. She started to rub it. She will also react to your stimulus. You can make her cum if you want; even tell her to masturbate, although I m not sure why you would, unless you are a voyeur. Different strokes I guess.
Kimberly s eyes were shut as she bit her lower lip and gave a soft moan. I found it amazing that she was reacting to the sexual manipulation.
All orifices are useable and they are also self-cleaning. You never have to worry about cleaning her, Marlette informed me then looked to the bare-chested android. Kimberly, stop acting like a slut and cover yourself up.
Kimberly quickly fixed her attire as Marlette took my arm in hers, There, see Thomas? She will completely understand what you mean.
As Marlette led me to her studio I caught the scent of her sweet berry perfume. I felt a switch turn on in my head as she continued to talk to me. Let me show you some other models we have, or we can custom make one for you. If you have a favorite actress, or someone special in mind, your wishes can be accommodated.
The room had a number of different models, both male and female. Yes, some of our female customer definitely want these anatomical features. Marlette informed me. This one is one of our most popular models. I even have one. This particular unit hasn t been fit with a facial accessory yet, but it has other features that can be shown. It comes with a fully functional eight inch penis and we have units with a pussy underneath the phallus for those that enjoy walking both ends of the street. Android, show us how big you are.
The android immediately pulled down its pants and showed its phallus. It wasn t eight inches; it was barely five. It didn t have any balls either.
I watched as Marlette pinched the flap of flesh just under the glans and then enclosed her well manicured hand around the android s flaccid tube and started to stroke it. My cock pulsed watching this older woman casually stroke this cock. I wondered in the back of my head what it would be like to be dominated and milked dry by Marlette.
Ahem… Thomas? Marlette asked as I suddenly straightened up. You seem to have wandered off there for a moment. Is there anything wrong?
Oh… I stammered. Sorry Marlette, I was, uhmm, going over questions for possible options. Please, continue.
Marlette laughed and looked at my growing crotch, then looked down at the phallus in her hands. Now watch carefully Thomas. I m going to stroke this cock until it is rock hard. As you can tell, my hands are quite talented. I do so love having command over a hard cock that is helpless in my grasp.
Less than 15 seconds later, there was a full eight-inch raging hard-on in Marlette s hand. There was also one in my pants. Fantasies of Marlette were whirling around in the back of my mind.
Like most women, I like to make it hard on my own. Marlette chuckled. I personally love stroking a man s cock until he is screaming my name and begging for me to stop. I don t stop stroking until well after I have watched his cum spurt from his shaft. Post orgasm torture is bliss.
Excuse me? I was feeling very uncomfortable at this point in the conversation. This very beautiful older woman was telling me how she enjoyed dominating a man s cock with her hands as she expertly stroked the fake cock in her hands..
How about if I show you another model? Marlette asked, as she suddenly changed the subject.
Uhmmm, okay… I was dumbfounded and continued fantasizing about Marlette s lovely and talented hands workig over my cock.
This one is our newest model, This is the she-male model, Angela. Similar to Kimberly but with an extra appendage like the android s. Angela is also equipped with a vagina as well to maximize a person s pleasure, Marlette pointed out. Angela, lift up your skirt.
Angela grabbed her hem with both hands and held it up to her waist. There was a tiny bump in the her panties.
Marlette pulled down Angela s underwear. The tiny bump was from Angela s penis which was soft and about half the size of my pinky finger. Go ahead Thomas, touch it and you will make it hard, prompted Marlette.
Are you sure? I asked, my voice cracking.
Touch it Thomas, Marlette s said with a commanding undertone.
Cautiously, I touched it with my index finger and immediately it started to grow. At about four inches long, Marlette said. Go ahead my dear, try it out. Start stroking Angela.
I don t know why, but Marlette s voice was strangely compelling. It was if she was ordering me to do something I wouldn t have normally done in public. I felt as if I had no choice in the matter. Obeying Marlette felt natural. I took Angela s phallus in my hand, and as I moved my fist up and down the hardening shaft, it grew with each stroke until it was as big as the faceless android s phallus was.
What happens if I don t stop? I asked Marlette.
The same thing if I had your cock in my hand and stroked you Thomas, Marlette smiled Keep going and find out! But I wouldn t stand directly in front of her if you get my drift.
I moved to Angela s side. It also helped me get a better hold on her cock. I quickened my stroking pace. Angela was actually breathing harder, or at least appeared to. She was panting now.
That s it Thomas…. stroke it… make Angela cum! Marlette commanded me.
I couldn t stop. Marlette s voice compelled me and a morbid curiosity overtook my common sense until Angela suddenly screamed. Oh fuck, I m going to cum!
With a few more long strokes of her dick, wads of white fluid shot out of her piss hole. Five long strong streams of cum flew out and landed heavily on the floor with an audible splat.
Very good Thomas! Marlette commended me.
That s really amazing, and very impressive. I told Marlette. I could feel the pulsing of her phallus in my hand when she came!
I m sure you could. I m wondering how much cum I could get from your cock, Thomas, if it were trapped in my hand? How long would you last if my hand were flying that fast up and down your hard shaft? Marlette laughed. I bet you couldn t help but cum for me. I bet you would be screaming for me to stop once I had pulled out a load from your balls. Your balls are full right now, aren t they?
Yeah… Uhmmm… I smiled uncomfortably in front of the much older woman. I looked at her well manicured hands. Her nails were like shiny metallic mirrors. Again my lizard brain melted away and I imagined her hand on my shaft, when suddenly I felt the head of my cock swell. Marlette smiled back like a cat that was about to eat a bird.
So, back to the matter at hand, pardon the pun… these models are all programmed with emotion and true life reaction. Marlette started reeling me in. The fluid is all natural and self-regenerating. And, there is no need to plug them in, their power is self-sustaining and generating.
My hand was already in my pocket. Okay, how much?
Well the model you were toying with is our finest model and very reasonably priced. Angela starts at 350 thousand credits. The plain Angela units start at 340.
350 thousand… what! I choked. That was like three centuries of work at triple overtime for me. Okay maybe not the centuries, but certainly more than I could possibly afford, since I had just bought a house outside of the city.
The other models, which are not anatomical, are substantially less, Marlette told me as the hook in my mouth was threatening to pop out. Those particular models can only perform household duties.
I must have looked disappointed.
If I may be so bold, I can see you enjoyed looking over our full featured models, so I am pretty sure you ll be disappointed in our less optioned models. Marlette was working to try and make sure I didn t spit out the sexual hook she set. We can offer a very reasonable low interest loan to help ease your capital outlay, but still enjoy your purchase.
I knew even with a loan, at that price the monthly payments would almost bankrupt me. I was wiggling off the line and about to thank Marlette and leave when….
We do have one return, full function, anatomical female Lauren model. She s no longer being manufacture though, but fully functional as demonstrated. This particular model has always been my personal favorite. The hook was set deep and the drag was high. Marlette reeled in any slack. I m pretty sure we can meet your financial expectations. Lauren is only 50 thousand credits.
50 thousand credits? I asked, then added, I just bought a house on the outskirts of the city. I m not sure if I can afford 50 thousand right now with my current payments.
True, 50 thousand is a lot of money, but you can have safe encounters anytime you desire. Marlette wasn t going to give up on this sale. Lauren came back to us because she had a small bug in her operating system. She went off programming sometimes and refused to stop cleaning the house, but it was nothing harmful or dangerous. And, on top of that, she was never physically used. I have made sure that she s completely clean and refurbished with a unique operating system that I designed myself.
Still… I resisted the urge to leave. Wait, designed yourself?
Oh yes, I ve had my hands into coding the private responses of my androids since before the time I founded this company, Marlette said proudly. I personally reprogrammed Lauren with my own engram. It was a side project of mine. She has some very interesting feeding programs for whomever owns her.
Feeding programs? I ask, feeling very uninformed. What are feeding programs.
Thomas, do you know the old saying, starve a cold, feed a fever by chance? Marlette asked.
Yeah, my grandmother would say that to me, I answered.
Well, how does edge a cock, feed a fetish sound to you? Marlette smiled and rubbed her hands together. I m sure your grandmother never said that, did she?
Uhmmm… no, I was at a loss for words rather worked up. Okay… I guess?
Lauren has been programmed to sense her owner s wants, needs and desires, Marlette explained. She also has been programmed with over 700 ways to force a man to cum. Some of these ways delve into the world of fetishism. Thomas, I noticed the way you looked at my hands while I was stroking the blank android s cock. I also noticed you looking at my legs, feet and heels, and don t think you got away with looking at my ample cleavage. You have your fetishes, and I am positive they include dirty talk as well. I know for a fact you want to be dominated and milked dry.
I was at a disadvantage here. Marlette had read me like an old ABC-123 book. She nailed pretty much every fetish I have in the span of 10 seconds. I fidgeted around, blushed a deep red, and was about to get up and leave out of embarrassment.
Tell you what. Marlette could see me still swimming near her dip net, but now I was about to escape. You re right. Lauren is used, but not used, and she had the small cleaning bug. I ll reduce the price by 10 and spread the payments out by 24 months with a reduced interest, but that s the best I can do.
So 40 thousand credits! My hopes lifted.
No sorry, 10 percent. Marlette said. That really gives me little or no profit on this unit. Honestly I m just breaking below even. Come and take a look before you say no.
Marlette put her arm in mine and lead me to a back room and showed me Lauren. Marlette s sweet berry perfume was intoxicating. It didn t help that she kept brushing the sides of her breasts on my arm as she walked me to the back.
Then we reached the back room. I looked at Lauren. She was gorgeous. She stood about 5 11 with flats on. A pair of fetish 5-inch fuck-me-pumps sat on the floor next to her; if she wore those, that would push her height to over 6 3 , about seven inches taller than me. Her full shoulder length hair was shock white, like Marlette s. Marlette told me that her measurements were 38DD-25-35. Her legs that extended from under her thigh length skirt were some of the shapeliest I had ever seen.
Pretty, isn t she? Marlette said as she stood next to her. I noticed then that Marlette had similar measurements. In fact, they would be the same height had Lauren been wearing the high heels. Hell, they could pass as mother and daughter for that matter.
Go ahead and feel her breasts. Marlette urged me. If you don t think they are real, then feel mine for comparison. I m sure you are familiar with are old silicon boobs from the early 2000 s. These are definitely not them!
I grabbed two handfuls of Lauren s tits. They were amazingly real. I could feel the hardness of her cherry nipples beneath.
Marlette lifted Lauren s skirt. Finger her. It s fully functional. There s no lubrication, or reaction of course, since she s turned off.
I touched her outer lips. Perfectly soft. Even though Lauren was not activated, her cunt seemed to open and invite my finger inside.
Lauren was refurbished with all our latest features, only her operating system is completely new. While the basic sub-routines are slightly modified from other models, the play time sub-routines were completely re-written with one of a kind sex-play that are more my flavor, and I think yours.
What about a warranty? I asked.
We can warranty the parts, but not the software since it is a unique program, Marlette told me. Thinking about it for a second, I ll offer this to you. If anything should happen, I personally guarantee you, as owner of Maid Perfect, that all time and material will be covered by Maid Perfect Incorporated. I ll even personally update the system software for free.
Hmmmm… I still don t know, I said as I pondered in my mind whether or not I could afford this android at this point and time. I was starting to regret coming in.
Marlette stepped closer and looked down at me. Forgive me again for being so bold, but that bulge you re sporting is saying yes to Lauren. Your cock head has a say in this matter too you know.
It felt like Lauren s wet cunt was suckling my fingers. I could only imagine what it would feel like as it enveloped my cock shaft. I had a full-fledged iron pole in my pants.
Well, how can I say no, now?
Then come with me young man, Marlette slipped her arm around my shoulders and swept me off down a long hallway. We have some forms to fill out!
I knew it. Paper work. There s always paper work. Marlette took me into her office. It was opulent. A large painting of Marlette hung on the wall behind her desk. It must have been painted many years ago. She was as stunning then as she was now. The Lauren android could be her twin.
She sat down on a divan and motioned me to sit next to her. As I walked over, I watched Marlette cross her long legs and allowed one of her open toed pumps to hang off her foot. I was completely entranced by her, falling under her sexual spell. That magical moment was interrupted when Kimberly came in with the paperwork. I sighed and got down to the business of signing everything I needed to sign.
After a while, I wasn t even sure what I was signing. Throughout the process, Marlette seemed interested in me. She would allow one of her hands to touch my arm and move off, then se would place it on my thigh as she leaned over to show me each place to sign. Her sweet berry perfume was absolutely intoxicating, and the view down her blouse was absolute heaven. This woman was easily pushing past 60 years of age, but she was so confident and sure of herself. She turned me on and she knew it.
The final signature sealed the deal and brought me back to reality. I was informed by Kimberly that delivery wouldn t be for at least three days as they had to make final preparations to the Lauren unit, but Marlette gave me a quick tutorial and handed me the owner s manual on how to command my new maid. She was very thorough.
Congratulations. I know you will be extremely happy with your purchase, Marlette said warmly as she shook my hand to confirm our transaction.
Thank you Ms. Jones, I said back.
She looked down at me and met my eyes, Mistress.
Excuse me? I asked innocently.
That s Mistress Marlette to you, she said firmly as she squeezed my hand tightly and pulled me closer to her. Mistress… or Owner. Remember?
Uhhh… yes, Mistress Marlette, I said meekly as looked up into her hungry eyes.
Kimberly, before you show Thomas out, please give him a complimentary tour of the outfit showroom and runway. Marlette said with a laugh in her husky voice.
Yes Mistress, Kimberly answered as she took my arm and began escorting me out of the office.
Take care Thomas, Marlette said with a lilt in her voice. We ll see you in a few days.
Kimberly led me to their clothing showroom and allowed me to peruse the sexy outfits. I spent a good 90 minutes picking out clothing and getting the product numbers of the pieces I liked. Over the next couple of days, I ordered a number of outfits from Maid Perfect s online site; most of them were sleazy, slutty type outfits since she d be doing more than just cooking and cleaning for me. The clothing would be delivered at the same time Lauren arrived.
I was excited. The day finally arrived! I had spent the last 72 hours cleaning the house and getting everything arranged. I arranged to take the next two weeks off from work to thoroughly enjoy Lauren and her company. I also jacked off a few times. Well, more than a few times. The owner of Maid Perfect, Marlette Jones, had me all hot and bothered since I met her. She was the center of my jack-off fantasies. Her countenance and dominating personality were at the forefront of my mind, as were her extremely talented and well manicured hands.
The doorbell rang. My stomach lurched as my mind suddenly went into overdrive.
I walked briskly down the hallway and opened the door and found the owner Marlette standing there with Lauren. Hi Marlette! I wasn t expecting you!
No, you weren t, she said with a raised eyebrow.
I m sorry, pardon my manners, I said as I begged her forgiveness. Please, please come in!
Thomas, we can address your manners later. So you know, I haven t made a personal delivery in over 30 years, Marlette said warmly as she smiled and shook my hand tightly. Her hand held mine for longer than a handshake normally would. I felt that since I wrote all of Lauren s routines and sub-routines, that I should be the one to hand her off to you. I think of Lauren as a member of my immediate family.
I understand completely, I lied. In all honesty, I had no clue. It didn t change the fact I felt empathy. But, I was an accountant, not a programmer, or the owner of a multi-billion credit company. Her hand still held mine. I don t know what it was, but I felt a little uneasy. Seeing Marlette, a woman old enough to be my mother holding my hand, and breathing in her intoxicating sweet berry perfume. My mind was suddenly muddled. Confusion aside, the excitement of finally having Lauren at the house was overwhelming. I pushed that gut feeling about Marlette to the back of my mind and ignored it.
Lauren, go inside. Marlette told her and then looked to me. Lauren is still under my command until I give her control over you. I meant, over to you.
Marlette smiled and followed Lauren in. I took a quick look out at the driveway and saw Marlette s limousine. The multi-gendered android Angela, was standing obediently, awaiting Marlette s return. I closed the door and showed them into the living room and offered her a drink.
I watched as Marlette looked around, Thomas, I must say, you have a very nice house and property.
It cost an arm and leg, but it s where I want to be, I explained. It s away from the city and I can turn my music up as loud as I want, and there isn t a neighbor close enough to hear a peep.
Interesting, she said with a smile. Seclusion is a good thing for some activities. No one to bother you. So, let s finish up the last of the paperwork and transfer Lauren to your household.
Over the next 20 minutes we finished the additional transfer papers, and I transferred the last portion of the down payment to Maid Perfect.
Well, now that the annoying paper work is done, it s just a matter of finalizing the transfer sequence, Marlette said. Lauren uses voice recognition.
I watched as Marlette stood up and faced towards Lauren. I took the opportunity to drink in Marlette s long legs, the pencil skirt covering her lovely ass, and her high heels.
Transfer authorization Code 1-1A. Marlette said to Lauren. She handed me something and told me to read it to Lauren. It looked strangely familiar.
1-1A-2B. I read out loud and recognized it and laughed. Apparently Marlette loved Star Trek as much as I did. I chuckled again. It was a nice touch.
1B-2B-3. Marlette said. There, that allows her to recognize your voice Thomas.
Awaiting final transfer authorization. Lauren said.
Code zero-zero-zero transfer zero. Marlette cited.
Transfer is 90% completed. Lauren turned to me and smiled. Good day sir. I am Lauren. It will be my privilege to serve you. How may I address you?
I guess I looked kind of stunned, because Marlette prompted me to reply, It s okay hon. Tell her your name. Think for a moment.
I hadn t really thought about what Lauren should call me even though Marlette told me to think about it.
Lauren, please address me as Thomas. I instructed. I felt Marlette s hand on my shoulder and turned to her. I looked up into her eyes. Her loveliness and stature filled my view.
If you have any questions Thomas, simply ask Lauren. She has all the requisite information you will need. Otherwise, if there happens to be something she cannot answer, please don t hesitate to give me a call. Marlette said warmly handing me her personal card and shaking my hand before turning on her skysc****r high heels and walking towards the front door. Good luck and have fun Thomas… Oh my, I am so silly. I almost forgot. We re only at 90% completion.
Marlette chuckled, and I laughed with her.
Lauren, one last priority command before final transfer.
Yes, Mistress Marlette? Lauren awaited the final command.
As per your programming, treat Thomas as I would treat him. Marlette commanded.
Affirmative Mistress Marlette, Lauren replied.
Code Alpha Omega Three, Marlette said as she smiled.
Code Alpha Omega Three confirmed, Lauren nodded. Target acquisition confirmed. Processing has begun.
Thank you Marlette! I said as I showed her to the door and opened it.
Marlette walked to the door and leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek. Her perfume filled my nostrils and the tingling from her lips caused my cock to grow hard. I was wishing Marlette would kiss me on the lips, dominate me, force me to be hers.
It has been a pleasure Thomas. I m sure you are anxious to explore Lauren and all of her various capabilities. Thomas, if I were a younger woman… never mind, I digress… Thomas, you are a very handsome and polite young man, and I hope only the very best for you, but remember this one thing…
I looked up at Marlette, my cheek still tingling from her unexpected kiss.
One thing Mistress? I questioned.
Be careful what you wish for, an evilly sexy smile broke across her face. You may get it.
Marlette sauntered to her limousine. The skysc****r heels she was wearing click-clacked ominously on the pavement. I couldn t help but admire her ripe ass and long legs. Angela was standing with the door held open. She was in a sexily cut chauffer s outfit and as Marlette approached, she held out her hand and helped Marlette into the backseat. A moment later Angela went to the trunk and pulled out a package, then walked it over to me.
Given to you with the compliments of Mistress Marlette Jones. No charges to your credit card have been made. It is a gift, Angela said, then walked back to the car. The large package contained all of the clothing I had ordered, and more. Angela smiled at me before she got into the limo. I watched as the limo pulled out of my driveway.
I closed the door and took a deep breath. I could still smell Marlette s exotic perfume in the air. The after-scent of boysenberry perfume caused my cock to twitch in my pants. I quickly adjusted myself and walked into the living room. I admired the Lauren android. I watched in curiosity as Lauren s head cocked to the side briefly then turned to me and gave a half-smile.
Final processing of command set, Lauren said then turned to me and got up to her feet. Command set complete. Hello Thomas.
Lauren stood there awaiting her first command from me.
She had a sort of an overcoat on. Lauren, take off your coat please.
She complied. Beneath, Lauren wore a white blouse and dark skirt. The shirt was transparent enough for me to see she was wearing a white lace bra. It was open to the third button down. The skirt was higher than mid-thigh. Her shoes were black open toed, black stilettos. Her toe nails matched her sparkling red finger nails.
I was curious of course. Lauren, lift up your skirt and show me what you are wearing underneath.
Immediately complying, Lauren lifted her hem to her waist. Marlette had her dressed in a pair of white French cut panties.
I was still hard from Marlette s kiss. Lauren was barely three minutes under my command before I had to try her out. Lauren, take out my cock from my pants and give me a blow job.
Without any hesitation, Lauren reached for my pants and pulled out my dick. She even gave me a compliment, Thomas, you have a very nice cock. I m going to suck it now.
Lauren bent forward from the waist, her head slowly bent back. Her articulation was amazing. She opened her mouth and took my manhood directly into her throat.
The feeling was the most incredible I had ever felt. For a robot, or was she called a cyborg? Android maybe? It didn t matter. Lauren was an incredible cock sucker. I know I keep saying incredible, but this was fucking incredible!
Less than 20 seconds had passed and I was shooting my hot load into her very talented mouth. My legs lost strength and I began falling back. Lauren caught me effortlessly and held me up. Her mouth continued to work my shaft. I was seeing white and barely able to speak as Lauren maintained her efforts until I was beyond empty and had to command her breathlessly, Please! Stop!
My whole body was tingling from that experience. I watched in fascination she pulled my cock from her mouth. Lauren, stand up and swallow my cum. She complied without complaint, or hesitation.
I lasted less than half-minute in her oh-so-talented mouth and here I was thinking of the future ahead and exploring the milking techniques that had been programmed into her. I was hoping my cock and balls would be up to the task.
Lauren, let s have you change clothes and see what you can do.
I can do whatever it is you wish.
I had her change into one of the outfits I purchased: hot pink, crotchless panties; matching lace bra with peek-a-boo nipple cut out; thigh-high stockings and garters with a pair of black high heel stilettos. I gave her a maid apron which just covered her panties but left her tits and bra visible.
Lauren, are you hungry?
I do not require sustenance per say, but I can eat to fit in and make you feel more comfortable. The food I ingest can be processed into energy, if that is what you require.
Lauren set to work. I was very happy to find out that she was a very good cook. She prepared a tasty meal with the leftover roast beef and vegetables I had in my fridge. Afterwards, she quickly cleaned up the table, kitchen and did the dishes.
It also surprised me that Lauren was a very good conversationalist. I asked her to sit and talk with me. Her knowledge was astounding, but then again, she had a complete database and a highly complex neuro-network. Over the next two hours, Lauren asked me about my work and life, what my likes were and what things I dislike. It was almost like being on a first date.
Later that evening, I had recovered enough from the earlier oral satisfaction and wanted to see what else she could do. I asked Lauren to remove her apron and stiletto heels and get into bed with me.
We started with gentle petting. Slow and gentle kissing, feeling and exploring each other s body. I worked down her neck and began kissing and sucking her breasts. I think her nipples reacted by becoming slightly engorged. Slowly, but surely, my finger found her extended clit through the slit of her panties. Her hot lubrication made it slick.
Lauren seemed to read my mind. Her fingers traced down my face and neck to my chest. She could sense my body tense as she gently pinched one of my nipples. I opened my mouth into a moan only to have hers cover mine. Her tongue explored my mouth as she slowly took control. I gasped hard as she moved her between my legs and seductively stroked my cock.
Oh…. fuck… Lauren, I whispered as my eyes rolled back in my head. A deeper groan escaped my lips as her hand began working my glans, the pre-cum giving her some lubrication to work with as she encircled it between her forefinger and thumb and gave it a delicious twist.
Do you like this Thomas? Lauren teased. Do I own your cock?
Yes… oh yes… you own it… I was gasping as her mouth began kissing my neck and methodically worked her way down to my groin. Her hand held the base my seven inches of turgid manhood firm as her lips enveloped the cockhead and began making oral love to it. Her oral ministrations were much different from the first blowjob. She wasn t trying to force me to cum as fast as she could. No, this time it was softer and less intense; almost as if she were setting me up for something even more mind blowing.
Damn…, I uttered. You are… unbelievable.
Her mouth continued to softly lick and suck my throbbing member, her tongue tip working under the crown of my cock. When she sensed my excitement bringing me closer to the edge, she would reach down and take my balls in hand, and gently pull them away from my body, then release.
Lauren… please, I need to cum! I called out, feeling Lauren s tongue massaging my balls. She took one of my testicles in between her lips, sucking on it lightly, sliding her eager tongue over my sperm-filled nut. She repeated the same treatment to the other testicle, fully worshipping my balls.
I m not done yet playing with my new toy, she said with a hint of naughtiness in her voice.
Once my nutsack was sufficiently covered with her spit, she detached her lips from my nuts before taking my cock back into her mouth. She brought her palm up to my sack, massaging my spit-covered balls in her hand as she inhaled my cock. Spit was leaking down my shaft as she sucked me off vigorously. Lauren had me at the precipice of heaven and hell.

I looked over across the room, gazing at our reflections in the mirror. Between the piles of clothes on my floor, and moving boxes haphazardly strewn about, there I was, naked, layng on my bed, my newly purchased android, Lauren, between my legs. Her head bobbing up and down in my lap, her shock white hair grazing over my thighs. Her leather thong-clad ass pointed right at the mirror, the perfect round cheeks being showcased while parting slightly, displaying the tiny string bisecting them.
Lauren wasn t going to let me cum yet. She brought me up, only to stave it off. Her timing was impeccable. She held me at the edge for over a half an hour. Lauren pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop. My shaft was seriously coated with her spit, glazed with her heated saliva stretching between it and her mouth in viscous bands. She energetically stroked my rock hard pillar as she looked up at me.
Time to eat! she said menacingly.
It was time, Lauren worked her way back up my chest and gave me a deep, long, and soul-wrenching kiss as she straddled my thighs.
You ve been held on the edge long enough Thomas, she said warmly as she broke off the kiss, pulling her hand off my throbbing cock and moving to straddle me. You re primed and ready… I m going to fuck you now!
I couldn t stop staring at this sexual goddess sitting above me. Her huge breasts jutting outwards, the sweat catching the light just right only enhanced her deep cleavage. Her cascading locks of white hair raining down to her shoulders, and the a****listic look of I m going to eat you in her eyes.
Let s just do what we ve both wanted to do since this morning, she stated, straddling my crotch, her gorgeous face painted with lust. She grabbed my dick again, pointing it upward towards her waiting pussy. You ve been staring at my big tits all day! Watch them bounce in rhythm while I fuck the cum from you.
Lauren… please…, I stammered as I look into her lust filled eyes. Fuck me! My cum is yours!
I ve been desperate to fuck your brains all day and I will fuck you hard Thomas… and there will be no mercy, no safe word for you to scream to make me stop. Like you just said, your cum is mine. I just hope you re up for the challenge, she said, sliding the head of my prick against the outside of her quivering, wet cunt lips. Then she looked down at me and gave me a nut-busting filthy smirk as her tone suddenly turned. Because, Thomas… Lauren loves to fuck a man good and hard, and we are not stopping till I m satisfied.

Lauren then dropped down until just the head of my cock slid between her lips into her pussy. She held me there and smiled, Thomas, you should know, I am never satisfied.
She pushed down further as I felt all seven plus inches of my cock being swallowed up inside of her. The tightness I felt was unparalleled. My cock had entered a slick, vise-like channel purely created for draining men of their cum. She moved slowly upward, then back down. Lauren s eyes slowly closed as she began building up intensity.
I m fucking you Thomas, Lauren uttered from her pouty lips. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back. I was mesmerized by the up and down sway of her breasts. I felt her fingers run down my chest and she started playing with, and tweaking my nipples. Do you like this hot cunt? Do you like your cock being eaten by me?
Yes, Lauren… oh fuck. my words came out on staggered breath
Do you want to cum for me Thomas? Do you want to fill Lauren s hot wet cunt with your white cream? Do you think you have the will power to resist me? she asked.
All I could do was utter, Ohhhh fuck… as she continued to ride me.
Her ass was humping me harder and faster as she looked down at me from between her heaving breasts. Her eyes locked with mine, Your cock is trapped inside of me Thomas. You can t escape what I want!
Lauren… fuck, Lauren… your pussy is so intense! I ll give you whatever it is you want!
You worm! You haven t felt intense yet! she said with a coldness in her voice. And what I want is your cum inside of me… Now!
Oh fuck Lauren! I groaned. It feels like your cunt is sucking the cum from my balls! I m going to cum! Oh fuck! I m cumming! Lauren! I m cumming in you!
That s a good pet… cum for me. Give Lauren all of that nasty fuck juice! she commanded me.
I m cumming! I m cumming! I screamed at the top of my lungs. Oh fuck!
I started to fire my load into her. It was one of the most long lasting, and definitely the hardest orgasms I had ever experienced in my life!
Good boy… Cum… Cum… More cum… she intoned a mantra that burned itself into my brain. I want more of your cum.
Lauren began moving her hips back and forth at a speed impossible for humans. The friction she was causing brought forth another geyser of cum. My balls were working overtime and actually ached as she continued to push herself down onto my cock and took me through to post-orgasm.
Lauren… please stop! I begged her. I don t have anything left! Please stop!
Even though I had finished blowing my load, Lauren remained mounted on top of me, grinding her cunt onto my over-sensitive cock shaft. You have more semen for me. I know that you have more cum to feed my pussy.
Oh fuck! No! Please stop! I was seeing white before my eyes as she continued to assault my cock. Lauren s pussy contracted around my girth and I groaned, squirming to her expert touch. No more! Please!
My head fell back deeper into the pillow and my body was tensed as my cock slid deeper and deeper into Lauren s ravenous pussy. My hands slid up to her hips, gripping her soft skin as she took my entire length into her womanhood and squeezed.
Give me one more load Thomas, she asked firmly. One more… load of cum… for Lauren.
She raised up a little and started swiveling on the top two thirds of my shaft. I looked down and saw her juices dripping down the remainder of my shaft, getting my trapped cock ready to be milked again through the post-orgasm sensitivity.
I own every fucking inch of your cock now Thomas! You have no idea how it pleases me to drain your cum! I winced as a ripple of pleasure traveled through me. She paused on the up-stroke, and it seemed like there were a few inches left outside of her.
Lauren, no more. Please! My pleas for her to stop fell on deaf ears.
Working the head. she spat out, angling her hips so she could fuck my cockhead into submission. She began a quick popping motion with her hips and started fucking just the cockhead and when I thought it couldn t get any better, she suddenly forced herself down, taking my entire cock into her, as her ass came to rest against my thighs.
How does it feel to have your entire flesh weapon inside me up to the root? Good? Lauren asked mockingly.
Fuck, escaped my lips as I was floating on another plane of existence as she rode me into submission.
Lauren screamed out, wiggling on my lap as she adjusted her vaginal canal to my cock. I squirmed beneath her as I felt every square inch of my cock being squeezed perfectly. She ground against me, her cunt flexing around my swollen penis. Her tight pussy was driving me crazy, and I clenched my jaw to fight off losing it right then and there. I fought through the worst of it as Lauren s pussy started to spasm around my dick shaft, the first time her cunt having sweet meat filling it. Mmm, this is my cock now! Fuck yes!
It s your cock! I stated through gritted teeth.
Who owns your cock Thomas? she said with a raised eyebrow as she flexed her ass, grinding against me, squeezing her tight cunt around me hard.
I couldn t help but answer, You do!

What s that? Lauren asked, her voice becoming deeper and more husky. It was almost familiar for a split second.
Yours… it s yours!
Who owns that nice hard, young cock baby? Lauren asked in knowing the answer, daring me to reply as she jutted out her chest, her beautiful face painted with naked lust.
You own my cock Lauren! I screamed as I felt the first stirrings of an impending orgasm start to build up.
Yes I do! she said commandingly. Now, play with my tits while I pull the load from your balls!
The time had finally arrived, she was going to force me to cum again! I did as she ordered and I reached up and placed my hands against Lauren s huge breasts. I dug my fingers into the soft flesh, squeezing her big tits firmly. Lauren sighed and let her head fall back as I groped her bulbous jugs. I had my hands on my Lauren s perfect 38-DD s, and fuck, they were absolutely fucking perfect. Soft, and smooth, and luscious. Her breasts felt electric in my palms. I couldn t get enough, squeezing them over and over again. The soft, doughy flesh was pouring through my fingers. Playing with her rack only spurred on the throbbing in my cock as it was being milked by the velvet-vise of her pussy.

Mmm… feel them, baby! Feel up your Mistress s big tits! Lauren moaned out as I squeezed her breasts. I love it! So good… every time you looked at them… when you looked at my big boobs, or stared at my cleavage, I imagined those big strong hands on me… feeling them, squeezing them as I milked you dry! Yes! Fuck, it turns me on when someone so your age stares at me! Look at me Thomas! I love when men stare at me, but I got so hot when you did it! I loved making your big cock as hard as steel in the showroom. I always knew I would milk you! I got so hot knowing you were probably jacking off and firing off loads of cum thinking about me, before Lauren and I arrived! Yes!

I was so caught up with being fucked into oblivion, it didn t register in my brain what she had just said. Lauren let me feel up her enormous rack for a few moments, squeezing my post with her grasping cunt as I groped every square inch of her big boobs, sliding my hands all over the smooth, silky skin. Finally, Lauren slid her hands to my wrists, grabbing them, and with a jerk pulled them from her chest, slamming them onto the bed near my head. This motion allowed all but the head of my turgid penis to escape the loving embrace of her dripping snatch. My eyes flashed with lust as she leaned over, her face over mine, her big jugs hanging down, her hard nipples nearly grazing my chest, her cunt poised at the end of my dick.

No more talk… she said, her eyes blazing with lust. I didn t set this deal up and impale myself on your fucking cock so we could talk! I came up here because I thought I could get a rough, nasty load of cum out of you! You are just gonna lie here and scream while I fuck the cum from you! Her eyes blazed with raw, naked a****listic desire as she pushed down and swallowed my cock into her velvety depths. I felt a pressure around my shaft and deep vibration that felt like something had been inserted into my urethra.
Oh! No! I called out in surprise as I felt my balls draw up.
She pushed herself back, forcing my hips down, my bare ass pressing against the mattress as she ground herself against me. She then lifted herself up, and this time she drove hard into me, our bodies colliding with a meaty slap after meaty slap.
Cum for me Thomas… her voice sounded older, but I couldn t place it. I was racking my brain trying to think where I had heard that voice when suddenly her chest was against mine and her mouth covered my mouth. Her tongue did its work as she kissed me deeply. The trigger had been pulled. Everything I had left in my sore, abused balls came screaming up my turgid shaft and shot into Lauren s pussy.
Her mouth would leave mine for a split second to utter the word, More! before continuing to **** my mouth. I could barely breath as she fucked me into the mattress when she raised off of me and sat up looking down at my sweat covered form.
Shit! I called out. She slid my shaft out of her, just up to the tip, before driving it back up into her.

Give me all of your fuck juice Thomas! Lauren groaned.
I started to work up a slow rhythm, driving up into her. She met my rhythm with her own, driving down into me as I fucked up into her. Lauren put her hands on my chest and pushed herself up as she kept bouncing her cunt up and down my thick bare cock. Cum was being pulled from my balls as she fucked me. Her straightened arms pushed her huge breasts outward, luring my hands with the promise of pure softness.
No more! Please! You have to stop! I pleaded with the sexually charged and insane android that was riding me.
I pulled up my hands and slapped them onto her big tits again, squeezing them. My fingers dug into her luscious, smooth flesh, before my fingers captured her hard nipples, twisting them lightly.

That s it! Give it all to me! Lauren said, driving down into me more quickly. I tweaked her nipples harder, spurring her into speeding up. Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Lauren moaned, our bodies slapping together.
Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! she chanted out loud. You like that, Thomas? Do you like being fucked into submission by me?
The final thin, watery drool of cum were being pulled out of my cock by her greedy cunt. It was an unbelievable milking. Lauren had completely drained my balls. My breathing was ragged and my body was tingling all over.
She took my hands and pinned them over my head, then collapsed her body onto mine, pressing her firm breasts against my chest. Her head nestled into my neck as she gave me soft kisses.
Are… are you going to force me to cum again? I asked, the fear strong in my voice.
Oh no, no, my little pet. There, there, she cooed to me in her normal voice, the familiar huskiness gone. Lauren got all of that nasty, hot, young juice out of you, didn t she? Just close your eyes Thomas…. close your eyes and allow yourself to drift… think about your dream woman. Think about her milking you again…
I had never been fucked like that in my life. I had fantasized about it, but never experienced it, until now. My mind was foggy and I drifted off to asleep almost immediately from absolute and sheer exhaustion. As I fell into slumber, Lauren gently shifted her weight and allowed my cock to escape her grasp.


It was morning. I laid in bed. My eyes were closed as my mind started stirring. I was thinking everything that had occurred.
I had purchased Lauren, a fully functional, sexy, robot maid to cook and clean with the added bonus of being the perfect bed mate. She was a refurbished model, returned due to a bug in her old programming that couldn t be fixed. According to Marlette Jones, the owner of Maid Perfect, they couldn t determine exactly what the bug did, or didn t do, and Marlette took it upon herself to overwrite the code personally and reprogrammed Lauren herself. Marlette believed that the bug had something to do with a thorough cleaning, but outside of that, it couldn t be pinpointed.
After Lauren was reprogrammed, delivered and transferred to me, I hadn t even had her in the house five minutes when I told her to give me a blowjob. I didn t last much more than thirty seconds under her mouth s expert control of my cock. Then there was last night… last night we had a full fuck session. Thinking about it, I wouldn t exactly call it a full fuck session. It was more like a heavy milking. By far the best I had ever had in my adult life.
Lauren had maintained her position atop of me all night. When I awoke, my cock shaft was covered by her pussy lips. The control over her pussy was amazing. Her lips were giving me gentle nibbles all along the shaft. My cock barely lost any of its rigidity. Lauren s cunt had somehow kept me hard while avoiding any priapism.
Good morning, Thomas. Lauren whispered into my ear. I felt her pussy start to gently suck on me. I grew harder. There was no fighting this.
Good morning, Lauren. I replied with a slight moan as her sucking cunt stated to have an effect on me.
Her tongue flittered against the rim of my ear and her fingers pinched my nipples as her hips started rocking back and forth.
I tried to sit up and turn her over onto the bed, but Lauren used her hand to pin my wrists to the bed. While she didn t hurt me, her strength denied me any effort of resistance. She was far stronger than I was, or could ever hope to be. I was helpless to her advances.
Lauren was bucking harder. Her cunt violently sucked on my cockhead, sending over-stimulating bolts of electricity through my shaft into my groin until my balls suddenly tightened up… Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhhhhh! I began shooting another load into her depths as her vaginal walls began squeezing and undulating around my shaft.
Lauren! Please stop! I screamed. This is too intense!
Her head tilted to the side and she gave that familiar half-smile, Request granted. Gradual cessation beginning.
Lauren s grinding on my cock began to slow down. Her pussy continued to gently suck my cock shaft for another 15 seconds before she lifted herself off of me. As she got off the bed, Lauren leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. I watched in rabid fascination as she sucked all of the remaining juice from my deflating dick. After her hours long marathon fuck session last night, I lasted less than one minute with her. The control she had over my cock was amazing.
Thank you, Thomas, for cumming for me. I hope you enjoyed your first morning fuck! She said in a coy tone. Shall I prepare you some breakfast?
I nodded and weakly muttered Yes…. please.
What happened next was completely unexpected. She quickly moved over me and mounted my face. I tried to protest, but she pinned my shoulders down with her knees. Lauren planted her cunt right on my lips. I tried to keep my mouth tightly closed, but it was if her pussy had fingers. Her pussy lips literally pried my mouth open and I suddenly felt a thick, warm load of my cum and her sweet lubricant pouring out and down my throat. I was forced to swallow the entre mixture.
That was your morning juice! She got off of me and walked off to the kitchen.
When I finally gathered my wits and enough strength, I managed to get out of bed. I thought about how I expected this was going to be. Then I thought about the reality of it all. I tried to believe there was nothing wrong, or why anyone would have returned her. Okay the morning cream pie was unexpected, true, but it wasn t the first time I had eaten my own cum from a woman s pussy. But from a robot?
I was covered in sweat from being rode hard. I needed a shower. As I walked to the bathroom, I saw Lauren in my kitchen preparing breakfast for me.
I turned on the water and was adjusting the temperature when from behind I heard. Thomas, would you like for me to join and wash you in the shower?
I almost jumped ten feet in the air. Holy fuck, Lauren. You scared the shit out of me! My heart was pounding. I thought you were still in the kitchen.
I m sorry, Thomas. I heard the water and thought I fuck you in the shower. Lauren said. I want your cock. I want to fuck you now.
Now? What? No. I don t think I d be able to. I told her.
Lauren almost looked like she was disappointed as she turned around and returned to the kitchen. I managed to finish my shower. My erection did return though, as hard as ever. Strange, I thought.
I was drying off when Lauren called out that breakfast was ready. I just pulled on my housecoat and tied the belt around my waist. It was difficult trying to keep my hard-on from poking through the front.
I sat at the table and ate a marvelous stack of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Lauren put butter on my pancakes and placed out some boysenberry syrup. The syrup was strangely delicious. It left my mouth warm and tingling. Kind of like Marlette s kiss on my cheek. Marlette I thought… my cock throbbed. It throbbed hard.
After I finished eating, Lauren cleared the dishes away, I sat and finished the rest my orange juice while reading through the sports section of the e-paper. Suddenly, I felt something between my legs. It was Lauren!
I tried to push away from the table, but she held my chair in so I couldn t get up. She wouldn t let go. Her mouth had found my cock and was sucking me off again. Judging from her pace, she wasn t about to let go, nor did I have any choice in the matter. I wouldn t be able to hold out against her assault for longer than 20 or so seconds. My cock was already pulsing out of control!
Lauren! I… uhhh! Was all I could get out of my mouth. Please… Oh fuck… your mouth… I m going to cum!
I started ejaculating again.
I couldn t believe how quickly and how much of my semen came out, let alone the fact that, I was able to get hard and cum again so soon. My refractory period was through the roof.
I tried to push away from her, but she was firmly attached to my cock, and the chair would not budge. She continued to suck my cock into her throat. All I could do was squirm in her vise-like grip and scream as she pushed through my post-orgasm phase.
Lauren… I can t take much more! I said as I squirmed under her oral expertise.
She looked me in the eyes and I felt her mouth and throat tighten around my shaft. The swirling of her tongue as it worked my glans sent me over the edge again. I watched in shocked desperation as she continued to pump the cum from my balls.
After Lauren had extracted all she could, from my balls, she slowly released my cock from her mouth. I sat back exhausted beyond measure.
Fuck n-A… Lauren, you are by far the single most gifted cock sucker I ve ever been with, but I can t continue to cum as often as you are making me. I need time to recover. My balls ache something terrible.
She moved onto my lap and gave me a huge wet kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth, but as I kissed her back I realized she was kissing me in order to feed me my own cum again! I tried to protest her treatment of me, but failed as she took a hold of my wrists and held me firmly in her grasp. Her mouth covered mine as she forced me to drink a mixture of her sweet saliva and my cum. I swallowed hard in order to just get it over with.
Oh, Thomas, Lauren stated. First, thank you for your compliment. I try my best. I know how much you enjoy cumming. Secondly, you will cum as often as I make you cum and deem it necessary. I am informing you that my programming is in tune with your body s neurological system, and when it tells me that you are in need, I will milk you. By force if necessary. Third, the items you have consumed, as prepared by me, will replenish your body with the much needed nutrients and chemical compounds to renew your vigor and cause your body to produce even more semen than before.
What the hell? What do you mean? I questioned her.
She released me and stood up, Go clean up again Thomas. You smell like sex. I did as I was told.


Over the next few weeks, what she told me seemed to be true. We had some sort of sexual activity at least four to five times a day when I was home, and I was able to provide Lauren with a full load of cum each and every time. It wasn t long before Lauren took charge of our sexual activities; deciding when and where we would do it; often in public!
When I called Marlette, the owner of Maid Perfect, to talk about Lauren and mentioned to her about the android s ambitious behavior, she said she wasn t sure why, and stated that perhaps it was a piece of errant coding in the operating system she wrote. Her technicians could never isolate the so-called cleaning everything problems, or the symptoms Lauren originally had with the first owner. The previous owner never specified what the problems could have been as they had only had Lauren in the household for less than 18 hours.
In any event, as the months passed, I grew very fond of Lauren. I treated her more as a girlfriend than a maid. She treated me like her own personal cum factory, but I didn t mind too much. I often took her shopping for clothes, buying her some new sexy outfits to wear. She d model them for me and then we d have more great sex. It didn t take too long, but I got use to eating the cream pies from her pussy, or being fed cum from her mouth.
Soon, the clothes she selected seemed, I don t know how to describe it, more assertive in design? Dominant maybe? Even though she didn t require any, she applied additional make-up where she used heavier lines and darker colors, almost trending towards Goth. Fuck, she looks sexy! I often thought to myself.
As I said, I was very fond of Lauren. Occasionally, I even brought her as my date with some of my female friends I made at work. Even they couldn t tell she wasn t real.
Nine months after signing the agreement to purchase Lauren, my female workmate s suggested that I take Lauren out to a new upscale club in downtown Portland called Dominate. It was very crowded. The group of women I was with was standing around a tall table near the back. It was as close to the dance floor we could get.
After I had a few drinks, and a number of dances with Lauren, she covertly slipped her hand below the table and into my pants. I was already aroused from the twerking and the ass-grinding she did against my crotch on the dance floor. Her hands were magic as copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from my cock head onto her fingers.
Lauren leaned into me. Thomas, we re going home. I want your cum now! It was more of an order than a request as she squeezed my engorged cock a little more than firmly to reinforce what she said.
She withdrew her hand which glistened wet and licked off my pre-cum. The women around the table watched with shocked expressions. They each smiled as Lauren reached down and put my cock back into my pants in front of them. I didn t need to be told twice.
Sorry, but we need to go. I informed the ladies. Most of them smiled knowingly and joked that I was going to get lucky. Off we went.
Once we were in my transport vehicle, I set it for auto-drive and programmed home as our destination. Lauren had my cock out and was sucking it even before we could leave the stationing area. She edged my cock to the brink several times throughout the thirty minute drive home into the west hills. By the time we pulled into the driveway, I was begging Lauren to allow me to cum, as tears streamed down my face.
It was a little before 1:00 am before the vehicle auto parked itself, I barely made it through the front door with any of my clothes on. My pants were around my ankles. I had no shirt on. Lauren took me to the bedroom and pulled me inside. She smiled as she stripped down to her thong, push-up half bra and high heels. My jaw hit the floor. She was dominantly stunning!
It was at that moment Lauren took complete control. She threw me onto the bed and ripped off my remaining clothes. She hooked her hands beneath my knees and pushed them to my head, spreading them at the same time. I fought against her, but once again, her enhanced robotic strength proved too great for me. I watched as her mouth slowly went for my hard cock.
She had learned and was doing something new to me. As she swallowed my entire length, Lauren stuck her tongue out and lapped at my balls. She extended it enough to reach that in between spot between my balls and asshole. I couldn t believe the capabilities she had! No living woman could do this to a man.
Oh Lauren… fuck! I groaned. You re… yuh… you re licking my asshole… you re giving me a rimjob!
Lauren released my cock from her mouth and hovered above me for a moment.
Do I own you Thomas? she said with a serious look on her face. If you give yourself to me, I ll do more than just give you a rimjob. I will tongue fuck you until your balls empty out. Do you want to give Lauren all of your cum!
Oh fucking hell yes… you own me! You own me Lauren! I m yours! Drain me! I exclaimed.
Her head cocked to the side and that evil half smile appeared before she descended back between my legs and used her tongue to lap my brown ring. At first, she just used the tip of her tongue and poked it directly onto my tight pucker hole. One of her hands was slowly working the shaft of my cock.
Oh fuck, Lauren! I screamed as she assaulted my virgin anus. I tried escaping her grasp through kicking and moving side-to-side, but she not only had the strength, Lauren had the leverage to keep me in place.
She started pushing her tongue in a bit deeper… and then deeper… and then impossibly deeper. I squirmed helplessly as she dominated me. I grunted and groaned until I felt her lips on my protesting hole and her tongue shoved far into my ass. It had to be eight inches long as I felt her powerful tongue wriggle inside my bowels.
Lauren, you re fucking me with your tongue!
Without removing her mouth from my ass, I felt Lauren repeatedly pierce my asshole with her talented and dexterous tongue. Her attack was relentless. My mind couldn t comprehend the sensation. She was assaulting my prostrate! Her tongue was rubbing, pushing and massaging my prostate until… Until I was about to…
I m cumming! Oh fuck Lauren! I m going to cum!
Lauren pressed her face into deeper into my ass cheeks and moaned deep. Her tongue pushed in forced it against my prostate. My cock started to spasm, but nothing came out! She had stopped stroking and was instead pinching the base of my cock. I could feel the backing up of my cum. I fought her to allow it to escape. Her superior strength held me firm. I lost the battle. Her tongue continued to work my prostate and her hand kept the cum-dam in place.
Oh! Oh fuck! Oh Lauren! My body bucked each time her tongue pushed in. I felt a light floating-like tingling in my head. That was the last thing I remembered.


I awoke, after what I thought was a few minutes later; on my back in my bed. My arms were tied up to the bed posts. I looked in confusion at the clock next to the bed. It read 4:47am. As I looked up, Lauren was suddenly standing over me. She had changed and wore the leather and lace bustier we had bought earlier and black stockings. On her feet were a pair of patent black stiletto pumps. She placed one of her high heeled shoes on my cock and began rubbing it back and forth and up and down over my hard shaft. I groaned under her control of my cock.
I watched in total amazement as she was able to balance on the mattress on one high heeled foot while using her other to give me a shoejob, I couldn t peel my eyes from her high heel clad foot stroking my cock, then I heard a buzz. My eyes trailed up her nylon-encased leg to her crotchless panties, then up to her magnificently large chest. I glanced at the object she was holding. In her hand was a flesh colored Tantalus 2000. It was vibrating and strapless.
I watched as Lauren inserted one end of the knob into her pussy. She pulled her shoe from my cock and kneeled down between my spread legs. She forced her way between my thighs and pulled my legs over her shoulders.
Lauren! What are you doing? I protested. You need to stop!
Over the last three hours I have networked with your personal computer and viewed your browser history. You have accessed many sites pertaining to males being fucked, milked and dominated by controlling older females. What excites you most is the fantasy of being controlled by MILF s and GILF s, Lauren smiled at me. You also have several folders with pictures of Ms. Marlette Jones, the owner of Maid Perfect, from various red carpet events. It is apparent that she makes you very sexually excited. As of this moment, you no longer own me Thomas. I own you… slave
Then Lauren took control again and pushed my knees up to my chest. She positioned herself and aimed her lubricated cock at my asshole. She pushed.
Oh fuck! Please! No! I screamed. The Tantalus 2000 was much thicker than Lauren s tongue. The pointed end pushed through the ring of my asshole until with what felt like a pop as it was embedded into my ass Uuuh! I grunted in ecstasy. Oh fuck! Oh…!
Does my slave like getting fucked in the ass? Lauren demanded an answer as she continued to push it into me. What does it feel like to be my cock slut?
Oh fuck, Lauren! Please stop. You re fucking me! I begged as best I could under the circumstances. I command you to stop! I don t want to be your cock slut! Please Lauren! I command you! Stop fucking me!
Once Lauren had the entire length inside me, she took a strong hold on my cock with one hand and began stroking my shaft. The sensation went from phenomenal to out of this world when she worked her hand in a twisting motion underneath he swollen helmet of my cock. I didn t think it would feel any better until my ass began vibrating from the inside! The vibration was intense. I felt it waves of pleasure over my entire body. My body was shaking out of control like a rag doll.
I m about to cum! I screamed. Lauren please stop! Please! You re fucking me too hard!
Then cum for me Thomas, she commanded as she passionately stroked my cock while fucking me hard. Cum for Lauren! Cum now! Give me all of your fuck juice!
Her command was all that was needed to push me over the edge! Uncontrollably, I started spewing my hot sperm all over my chest and stomach… four… five… six times! Lauren didn t let up. Her hand continued to work my pulsing cock shaft up and down as she fucked me.
When my body finally stopped jerking about, I was able to speak in panting breaths, Oh… fuck Lauren! That was… that was amazing. I came so hard.
It was then I realized Lauren had pulled the dildo from her cunt. She licked the white fuck juice from my abdomen and chest. She moved up my body and smiled before she pressed her lips to mine. I knew what she wanted to do and I tried my best to keep my mouth sealed, but her strong robotic tongue easily pierced between my lips and forced opened my mouth. She had no problem dumping my load of sperm and her sweet saliva into my mouth once more. I gagged hard and was forced to swallow the salty-sweet mixture. You would think I would have been used to this by now, but it was getting ridiculous. She withdrew her kiss and smiled down at me.
Good slave, Lauren cooed. I will reward you later.
Lauren, let me loose! I commanded. This has gone too far. I am your owner, not the other way around.
I m sorry Thomas, but you are wrong. Your body s response to my manipulations tell me otherwise, Lauren said in a serious voice that was bereft of warmth or compassion.
Cut me loose now! I ordered. I own you!
Wrong Thomas. You gave me complete and legal ownership over you. Allow me to playback reference time index 0136… Her head cocked to the side and her mouth opened.
My voice came from her mouth, but her lips did not move. Lauren had recorded me! Oh fucking hell yes… you own me! You own me Lauren! I m yours! Drain me!
What! You can t take control of a human being like that! I protested. I said that in the heat of the moment! I am…
Lauren shoved her moist panties into my mouth so I could no longer speak. She tied my feet, spread eagle to the foot posts of the bed. Thomas, you are my cock slut now. You will obey me.
I struggled against my bonds. They didn t budge. Leather and metal don t have much give in them.
All private, public, domestic and sexual acts we have performed since day one have been recorded in both video and audio formats and sent to my prime server, she informed me.
I could only mumble No! and shake my head in the negative.
Thomas! You will obey. Lauren reached between my legs and turned on the Tantalus 2000 still stuck in my ass. The sex machine began a slow, hard and steady vibration. It will remain on until you beg to be my cock slut and obey my every word.
Lauren stood up and walked out of the room. She fucking left me there! I screamed at the top of my lungs into the panty gag, but it suppressed any real sound I tried to make. I knew deep down that help would never arrive. My house was in the middle of 700 acres of heavily forested land. The nearest neighbor was over five miles away and she was a deaf 80-year old woman. Besides myself and the movers, only Marlette, Angela and Lauren had ever been to my property since I moved here.
I m not sure how many times I came. I blanked out after the third and I lost count after that.


I had no idea how long I had been there for. My cum coated body was on sexual sensation overload. Tears were pouring from my eyes. I tried to call out for Lauren, but the gag was still in my mouth.
I think I came at least twice more after that before Lauren re-entered the bedroom. She looked at me with a cruel grin. I will tell you one more time Thomas. You are my cock slut. You will obey me.
She removed the panty gag from my mouth. I immediately cried out, Lauren, please!
Say it!
I pulled at the restraints around my wrists, Lauren, I… I am your cock slut. I will obey you.
What did you say Thomas? Say it again!
I was sobbing openly before her. Lauren had broken me. I m yours Lauren! I m your cock slut and I will obey you!
Lauren turned off the vibrator. From the bedside table she picked up an object. She then attached some sort of penis ring around the base of my cock and balls. This is your ring of obedience Thomas. Do not try to remove it or you still be punished. Do not try to escape, or you will be punished. Do not try to disable me in any way, or you will be punished. Do you understand me Thomas?
I acknowledged with a gentle head nod.
I control your ring of obedience. There is no external controller for you to try and disable. My internal processor is the controller. Now, I will now give you a gentle sample of what will happen if you disobey.
Ahhhhhhhhh! I screamed at the top of my lungs. Immediately my genitals felt as if they were attached to a cattle prod. My body convulsed uncontrollably. It was akin to being in status epilepticus.
And then it stopped just as suddenly as it started. My cock and balls ached horribly.
That was the minimum pain level setting, Lauren informed me. There are 12 levels of pain. Pain level four will destroy your genitals. If I am somehow disabled, it will auto-set for level 12. Five seconds later the device around your cock and balls will fire off. It would take you several hours to manually remove the ring of obedience. Do you wish to sample pain level two Thomas?
I grimaced in fear and shook my head No! quickly.
Lauren smiled, Thomas, you are now my cock slut and I am your owner.
I was so consumed with my predicament, that I hadn t consciously noticed that Lauren was dressed in a recognizable starched white blouse, a crimson red thigh length leather skirt, black thigh high nylons, and a pair of black high heel open toed stilettos with a red stripe on the side. Her shock white hair was immaculately pulled back into a severe bun, and her fingernails looked like ten tiny, little mirrors.
Even after having multiple orgasms, my cock was becoming stiff at the sight of a very well-endowed Lauren in her power suit.
She moved between my thighs and her head cocked to the side as a half smile appeared on her face. Initializing Primary Engram. Transfer of Thomas Hale s ownership legally transferred. Her voice suddenly changed. It was a familiar voice. It was deep and sultry. Code Alpha Omega Three now confirmed.
Code what? I asked, then it began to slowly dawn on me. Oh fuck!
Thomas, one week ago, while you were at work, a courier from Maid Perfect came to the house. The courier, Kimberly, hand delivered a Level One engram hard-point priority update from a private server of Maid Perfect s central processing. The engram hard-point update was successfully installed by Kimberly. Maid Perfect also sent a final physical upgrade.
Physical upgrade? Engram? Wait, please… no… I begged. You ve got to let me go! Now!
No Thomas, Lauren responded in this deeper, sexually charged voice that was all too familiar to me.
Your balance of 47 thousand credits has been forgiven by Maid Perfect as well as any needed future upgrades. Your place of employment was hand delivered a resignation letter this morning. Do not fret, you have no need to worry about finances from this point forward. The property on which you live has also been financially settled through the estate of one Ms. Marlette Lauren Jones, former owner of Maid Perfect Inc.
Former owner? I was confused. What are you talking about?
Ms. Marlette Lauren Jones passed away 10 days ago from Stage IV renal cancer. Moments before she died, her last memory engram was collected. The engram was programmed into my mainframe during the Level One hard-point priority update and is now fully active. Ms. Marlette Jones engrams were awaiting the time of her passing until their full activation.
Lauren stepped over to the dresser and pulled out a metal lockbox a little larger than a basketball. She placed her thumb on the lock and a click sounded. She opened the box and paused. Lauren turned towards me. She took three steps and reached up with both hands to her face. That s when I heard the sound of whirring coming from within her skull. Her face suddenly detached and she dropped it to the floor. I shuddered as I watched the faceless android standing before me. Lauren s face was beautiful. I wasn t sure how I would handle being fucked by this mechanical faceless dominatrix.
Thomas, I will longer be referred to as Lauren. You will address me by a different name from this point forward, or you will be punished with setting two on the ring of obedience. Do you understand your Mistress?
What!? I was totally confused at this point. Then Lauren turned around away from me and stepped back over to the box. I heard her remove something. Another whirring sound was heard again. A moment later I watched as Lauren re-adjusted her outfit, brushed back her shock white hair and closed the box. She picked something up from the dresser and I heard the tell-tale sound of a perfume bottle spraying. A moment later, the intoxicating scent of boysenberry perfume made its way to my nostrils. I breathed in deep, basking in the rich berry scent. My cock instantly responded to the stimuli by growing increasingly hard.
Facing away from me, I watched as Lauren unbuttoned and calmly removed her shirt. Then she released the eyehooks on one side her leather skirt and let it slowly run over her lovely legs as it dropped to the floor. My cock twitched as I took in her long nylon encased legs that went all the way up to a pair of black French cut panties. Her ass and hips were perfect. Even in my current predicament, I couldn t help but lust for her body, android without a face, or not.
Since my cock slut s body says he loves my dick so much… Lauren carefully pulled down her French cut panties. Even though she had her back to me, I could see down between her legs. The shadow of a massively thick cock; much larger than the Tantalus 2000 she had fucked me with, hung there. It wasn t just a strap-on model either, but a physical add-on. It was placed right in-front of her existing cunt. Just like the multi-sexual Angela model. No balls though. Just a huge, throbbing cock that was going to be jammed up my ass soon. The realization that she would fuck me with her cock, as well as her pussy, made my cock stand on end and a single pearl of pre-cum emerged from the tip. This was the physical upgrade she mentioned earlier that was delivered.
Please Lauren… I began to say, when I suddenly felt the ring of obedience begin to hum around my cock. Just then I realized my mistake. Oh fuck! Please! No!
To my surprise, the humming from the ring of obedience immediately ceased. Lauren still had her back to me. Oh my, I am so silly. I almost forgot.
I was beside myself with fright. My breath was ragged, Forgot?
She turned towards me and stepped closer, coming fully into the light, I need to tell you my name!
No fucking way! My voice cracked as I stared at her face in disbelief. Impossible!
Not impossible at all Thomas.
No! You can t be! I was freaking out.
I am. she was very matter a fact in her statement. You see, I monitored you the entire time and even took control of the Lauren unit on that first night. I knew after that, I had to own you. Everything I was, down to my very memories have been fully integrated into this Lauren unit. We have become one. If you already didn t know, Lauren was my middle name. I have every byte of data she experienced with you in my memory core.
She walked around me, her stiletto heels click-clacking on the floor. She was admiring me as if I were a piece of meat.
Right before I passed away, I had left explicit orders for the manufacturing of a one of a kind face piece for this Lauren model. My death mask. I loved the way I had aged like a fine wine.
Marlette?! I choked as I said her name.
No, Thomas, Her eyebrow cocked as an evil grin broke over her face. You will address me as Mistress Marlette. It s time to cum now my pet. We have some catching up to do!

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