A New Friend

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A New Friend
It was a moment he had thought about since the first time she caught his eye. The thought of her laying there, the duvet hugging her curves, storing the heat from from her voluptuous body. Him grasping the soft white fabric and slowly pulling it towards him to expose her large soft breast and her mocha skin. The light from the candle danced across her body, the shadows leaving much to explore. He had brought himself to the point of ecstasy numerous times with his eyes closed imagining the softness of her warm skin against his.

It all started one day when we found out that he needed to use a computer to use. We had one and his company was pleasant. As we went about our normal lives he sat there using our computer observing our family life. Over a short time he became more comfortable. His innocent flirting became obvious the more comfortable he became.
It finally reached a head and we cautiously explained to him that we had an open marriage. I will never forget the first text I sent to him after she told him. On November 16th at 9:20am this was our conversation.

So you’re going to fuck my wife tonight….

Oh shit!


Just tell me when


The thought of seeing his dark skin against her warm mocha skin caused me to become aroused. The texting continued I explained our rules to him and told him that I was bi. He had never had a threesome and had no experience with a man. I let him know that if he was not comfortable with male on male contact that was fine it was not something I expected from this encounter, just wanted to be upfront with him. The day went by slowly the imagery of him slowly kissing his way down her body frequently filled my thoughts. Evening came, the k**s were put to bed and we continued about our normal evening routine of catching up with our friends and family on social media. After a short time She got up and took a warm shower her hands exploring her body with the lather of the soap the anticipation of his hands exploring her body made her moist.

At 10:00pm there there was a knock at the door. I greeted him and took his coat. I lead him to the bedroom. The room was lit by a candle burning on the night stand. She was centered on the bed with the white duvet covering her body. She said “you’ve been thinking about this a lot haven t you” he agreed. Before he could get undressed he slowly pulled away the soft white duvet exposing her soft warm body with nothing to hide it. He immediately reach for her large breast and begin to fondle it. the room was quiet except for the soft music and her slight moans as him mouth could no longer resist her erect nipple. Her body shuttered with pleasure and her pussy started to drip.
I quickly undressed and crawled into the bed next to her. I quickly started letting my tongue explore her nipple. Her back arched with pleasure with two men exploring her large soft breast with their mouths. He quickly pulled his clothes off exposing the athletic body of a 26 year old man. His dark skin seemed to enhance the reflections of the flickering light. Together we started exploring her entire body together. The sexual energy and the pulsing of her body directed our touch. The sensations often became too much for her to take and pushed her to the edge of what she knew of pleasure. We did not stop, we continued to explore. I vividly remember he had worked his way slowly down her body, the warmth of his tongue was exploring the softness of her pussy. She looked me in the eye and said “I love you” this was followed by one of the most passionate kisses we had ever engaged in. As I kissed her I grabbed the back of his head and pressed it into he wet warmth.

We explored her body for the next 30 min with our mouths and touch. We moved together in a rhythmic the energy of sexual desire driving our every move. We worked her into an escalated sense of pleaser. Her breaths were deep and quivered on their way out. I worked my way down to her then slick pussy and began working it over with my tongue exploring every fold of skin. I moistened two fingers with the slick fluid that was leaking from her and slid them deep into her, working the pleasure points hidden from view. My mouth found it way to her clitoris I began to massage it with my tongue. By this time he had worked his way up her body and had presented her with his erect cock. As she pulled back the fore skin the head glistened with pre-cum. She looked at it with lust as she buried it into her throat. working over the head with her tongue, he moaned his hands slid up his body and begin fondling his nipples. With his back arched the pleasure was intense running thru his body. I slid my body up hers until my cock teased the opening of her pussy. I did not hesitate and slammed my cock into her depths, she gasp for breath, I felt a gush of warm liquid rush out of her and drip from my balls. She continued working his cock with her mouth. It was amazing seeing her body roll with pleasure while enjoying two men at the same time.

I continued to slide myself in and out of her we are both soaked with her deep orgasm, the sounds of sex played loudly in the room. I leaned forward and took his cock from her mouth. Staring deep into her eyes I begin to slide him in and out of my warm mouth still moist from her juices. She leaned over and took his balls in her mouth and began to let her tongue massage them. The pleasure was almost to much for him to stay upright. she moved back to his cock we embraced in a kiss with his cock sliding between our two mouths we continued this for a few minutes before collapsing next to each other on the bed, our bodies breathing heavy and glistening in sweat.

After a short break desire once again took over. We began where we had the last time kissing touching licking. He quickly slid two fingers in her swollen pussy and began to go to work. Neither of us had noticed how long his fingers were, she did at that moment. As he began to aggressively pump his fingers deep into her, his biceps bulging propelling his hand even harder her body gave way. She began to shake and could not catch her breath and then without warning a shower of fluid started to erupt from deep in her. The liquid splashing all over the three of us with every thrust of his hand. He stopped in a dramatic fashion as if he had just played the last note of a dramatic piece of music. Looking at the light glistening off his wet hand he took pride in his work. She was left with little strength lying motionless on the bed, the pleasure surged thru her body and left her muscles weak. He only paused for a moment, he stood up next to the bed and flipped her over onto her stomach and literally dragged her to the edge of the bed with her ass in the air. without hesitation his cock plunged into her. She gasped for breath and grabbed my hand holding on tightly. He paused briefly to reinsert two fingers and cause her insides to spasm so intensely that another round of slick liquid came gushing out of her. He did not hesitate to slide his cock back in, the sound of fucking her so wet was a beautiful thing. He suddenly stooped his dark body dripping in sweat shined in the candle light as he gasp for breath.

After just a moment she crawled on top of me teasing my cock by sliding her swollen moist lips against my fully erect cock. She positioned herself so that without warning I plunged into her. The heat from her throbbing insides fully encompassed my length. Her hips began to rotate and she sat up straight. Her large breast rose above me like the figure head of a ship rolling in the waves of the sea. I reached up to play with her nipples and my hands touched her breast she grabbed my wrist and lunged forward pinning me to the bed. Her warm breast were no full intact with my body.

As he continued to grind me into her depths I felt a finger slide against my cock. Our friend had caught his breath and had rejoined us. He started with one finger and then shortly worked in another. She gasp with a sensation she had never felt, unable to hold herself up any longer the full weight of her body collapsed onto mine. Her mouth was at my ear every breath rushing past. He began to go against my rhythm as I would slide out he would slide in. We continued this for the next couple minutes increasing in speed and force. As she gasp for air her body once again released an even larger orgasm than before. So much liquid was released I could feel it draining between my legs and down my sides. As she caught her breath her ecstasy turned to tears, she lay agains my body gasping for air with her face now stained with tears. She had never had such a deep sustained orgasmic experience, the energy pulses that had invaded her body left her wrecked not knowing how to deal with so much pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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