A present and a deal for the son pt 8

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A present and a deal for the son pt 8
After my mom left I looked through page after page on websites devoted to scrabble strategy. I read through lists of two letter words again and again. I read essays on tile placement and the best ways to place to minimize your opponents score.
I read until the early hours of the morning and my eyes were too tired to read anymore, then I crawled into bed.
I slept through my 8 AM alarm. It was 10:30 before I was awakened by the feeling of a hand wrapping around my dick.
I opened my eyes to find my grandma sitting on the edge of my bed, slowly stroking my cock. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a thin pastel-pink sweater, stretched tightly over her massive bosom, showing just a little cleavage. She had pulled the covers almost entirely off.
I owe you a lot of points, and when I peeked under the covers I found that you were already erect . . . so I figured that we might as well get started, she said smiling at me.
She jerked me off and then I got dressed. Before long we were downstairs playing scrabble.
The previous night s research was definitely paying off. I wasn t always scoring a lot more than before but I was definitely getting the hang of blocking her opportunities to keep her score lower.
I won the first game by 34 and the second by 63.
Well, she said, we better use up a few more of those points. She dragged me over to the couch in the living room.
Take your shirt off, she said as she unbuckled my belt.
As she stroked me, my eyes were glued to her cleavage, which was amplified by her position on the couch. Her giant breasts shook a little with each stroke she delivered to my cock.
Ah hell, she said. Do you wanna touch them?
Really? I asked in disbelief.
Twenty extra points and you can squeeze them all you want . . . through the sweater.
I grabbed a massive breast in each hand. Their weight felt heavy in my hand. I squeezed and pushed at them as she stroked my cock swiftly.
At the rate you ve been earning points, we d never get through them at 20 points a go, she said chuckling.
God Grandma . . . Your tits are so massive. It hadn t even been a minute since my hands met her rack, but my cock started to twitch and then shot a blast of cum up onto my stomach and chest.
We played a lot more scrabble. The strategies I d studied served me well. I even won two of the games by more than a hundred points. In the afternoon we stopped and I spent another 40 points out of the 342 my total was up to.
Are you gonna want to spend points on your dad again tonight? she asked me afterwards as I was cleaning myself off.
Yeah, I said.
20 or 40? she asked.
40, I said. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.
When my mom came home she cornered me when my grandma was out of earshot and made me tell her everything that had happened.
Your dad s head is gonna explode, she said with a grin.
I think that s the whole point Mom, I said chuckling.
Very funny, she said, . . . What do you wanna do while they re busy? she asked, rubbing her hand over my crotch. Your dad and I talked today and decided it s only fair that you are reimbursed for all the points you spend on him.
Really? I asked.
Yep. Which means you can add 60 points to your total . . . so what do you want tonight?
I grabbed her ass and pulled her up against me. I kissed her. I want you to jerk me off onto your tits, I groaned quietly.
After dinner my dad was obviously eager to head upstairs.
Shall we? he asked Grandma.
Well I thought it might be nice if you guys took care of that first and then I could take your dad upstairs.
My mom just stared at my grandma and took a deep breath.
Please Mom? I said quietly. She exhaled and then shrugged. Grabbing my hand, she led me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. She unbuttoned her shirt as she knelt down in front of me and she tossed it aside.
My grandma led my dad over to the couch and sat him down next to me, while she took a seat on the other side of him.
We all watched as my mom reached back and unsnapped her bra. She peeled it off and tossed it aside. Her hands lifted her ample breasts and then let them fall. She squeezed them both for a few seconds before she let go of them and reached for my belt.
With one hand she unbuckled my belt and she rubbed her other hand over the tent my erection had created.
Oh Mom you re so sexy, I said, I love your tits soo much. She worked my pants down until they were pooled around my ankles. She wrapped her hand around my dick and then looked down at it. She spit on the head and then started to pump her fist up and down it. Within a few strokes my whole cock was slick with her saliva.
She leaned closer to me and let her breasts graze the tip of my cock.
I was breathing heavy. I looked over at my dad who was practically shaking with excitement as he adjusted the erection in his pants.
My mom reached her left hand under my cock. She cupped my balls and rolled them in her hand.
Fuck, Mom that feels good. I leaned forward and grabbed her breasts. I squeezed rabidly as she stroked me.
Oh jesus, my dad said, rubbing his hand over his erection.
Oh, here, my grandma said, moving my dad s hand off of his groin. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
Oh my god, he groaned as she slowly stroked his almost-eight-inch-cock. After a moment, with a start he remembered her breasts and his hands flew to them. He squeezed them through her thin sweater hungrily.
Oh Mom, he groaned. As he pawed at her she slowly stroked him her eyes locked with mine. I stared back for another moment, my hips starting to buck, almost involuntarily, against my mother s hand. I turned my head and looked down at her.
Oh cum for momma, she said, smiling up at me, Cum all over your mom s tits.
Fuck Mom, I panted.
You gonna cum baby? she asked. I nodded, letting out a little grunt. She sat up a little straighter and tilted my cock down toward her tits.
Oh fuck Mom, fuck. After a few more strokes my cock spasmed and shot a hot stream of semen onto her breast and collarbone. She quickly tilted my cock so that the second spurt landed across her other breast. She kept pumping her tits were well-glazed with my cum.
I fell back into the couch, groaning. I turned my head and looked over at my dad and grandma. Just a little more than a foot away from me she worked his cock at a steady pace as he feverishly massaged her melon-sized-breasts.
My mom rubbed the last drops of cum on the tip of my cock across her nipple.
After a few more minutes my dad started grunting and erupted like a fountain, as he always did. His epic ejaculation got all over Grandma s hand, his pants & shirt and even a little on her sweater.
We eventually went upstairs and headed to bed. I got almost to my room before I got my courage up and turned around. I found my grandma in the hallway by the guest room.
Yes honey? she asked. I looked at my feet for a moment before speaking.
Do you think . . . you might want to sleep in my bed tonight? I asked meekly.
She looked at me for a moment, then furrowed her brow. After a second she said Alright. Just give me a minute to change out of this spermy sweater and I ll be in. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek before retreating into the guest room.
I hurried to my room. I peeled off what clothes I had remaining and climbed into bed. My erect cock teepee-ed my comforter nicely. I waited a few long minutes until my grandma appeared in the doorway.
She was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. She hurried across the room and slipped under the covers next to me.
I m glad you came, I whispered.
You re too sweet, she said. Then she rolled over to face away from me. I slid my right arm under her head and she laid her cheek on my shoulder. I wrapped my left arm around her, tucking it just under her massive tits.
I woke up the next morning with a raging erection. I rolled over and pressed it against my grandma s ass. I closed my eyes again but I slowly grinded against her, my cock only a thin layer of fabric away from her. I heard her chuckle a little.
Well somebody is awfully hard, she said. She rolled over and reached under the covers, grabbing ahold of my cock. You want to spend some of your points?
Uh-huh, I groaned. She pushed the blankets aside and continued to stroke me.
20 or 40? she asked.
I took a deep breath . . . You know Grandma, even being able to spend 40 points . . . I m not sure we re going to be able to work through all the points I am earning.
Well maybe you re just a little too good at scrabble, she said.
It doesn t have to be at the same price as Mom would charge. You can set whatever price you want.
Hmmm . . . she said, still slowly stroking me, What is it you have in mind?
I don t know . . . I said, Maybe you could be naked.
While I jerk you off? she asked.
She took her hand off my cock and sat up in the bed, eying me as she thought.
100 points.
Can I touch you? I asked eagerly. She thought about it for a second.
I suppose, she said.
And kiss you?
Sure, she said. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing.
Can I cum on your tits? I asked.
Don t push your luck, mister, she said with a laugh and started to pull her shirt off. I just stared in awe at her massive naked breasts as she laid down, lifted her legs in the air and peeled off her pajama pants and underwear. I stared, mesmerized by her basket ball-sized breasts. They definitely had more sag than my mom s but that was to be expected.
She inched closer to me. She took my hand and pressed it into her massive, soft breast, then wrapped her hand around my cock.
Is this what you wanted? she asked. I nodded, my hand roaming over her bosom as she stroked me.
She kissed me and I kissed her back. After a minute our lips parted. I lifted her breasts and lowered my mouth, kissing their tops.
She looked down at me with an eyebrow raised.
What? I said, You said I could kiss. She just shrugged and I went back to kissing her tits, more passionately this time. My hands and mouth roamed over her breasts as her hand slid up and down my dick. My mouth stopped at one of her big nipples and I placed slow wet kisses on it.
She started to stroke me faster and I could feel my cock buzzing with excitement. Taking a deep breath, I rolled her onto her back. I slowly slid down her body, kissing the bottoms of her breasts and then her stomach. She reached lower, trying to keep her hand on my cock, but I kept going until it sprung free.
I moved my lips to her thigh, gently kissing up and down its length. I could hear her breath quicken.
My heart pounded as I slowly positioned my head so that my lips hovered just a few inches above her vagina. Her bush was fuller than my mother s but not unkempt.
She let out a gasp as I pressed my lips to her pussy. Her legs clenched around my head and I thought for a moment that she was going to stop me, but she didn t. I reached up and gripped her thighs as I continued kissing her pussy.
After a minute she was panting heavily and she relaxed her legs a little. After another minute I let my tongue venture out of my mouth. She moaned as I moved it back and forth across her clit.
Soon her whole body was shaking and she was drawing quick staccato breaths. I could tell she was starting to cum.
Oh David . . . baby . . . she whimpered. Oh god-nhhuh, I slowed but kept licking until her orgasm had almost entirely subsided.
Get up here, she said, pulling me up next to her. She rolled onto her side and kissed me. We kissed hungrily, my face still wet with her juices. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke me fiercely. I slid a finger and then two into her dripping pussy. I slid my fingers in and out of her quickly, intent on bringing her to a second orgasm. She let out a moan, but before long I could tell I was getting close.
I pulled my fingers out of her and hugged her tight against me. Her cheek was pressed against my chest and her huge breasts were smashed into my navel.
Oh god Grandma I m gonna cum. I groaned.
Oh, cum for me baby . . . cum for Grandma, she said, stroking even faster.
Oh god . . . I said panting. My cock jerked and exploded, pumping spurt after spurt, coating the bottoms of her breasts.
I collapsed, rolling onto my back. She cuddled up against me, pressing her sticky breasts against my side.
Oh my god Grandma . . . I said. We were both panting trying to catch our breath.
I haven t cum like that in ages, she whispered, kissing me on the cheek.

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