A Shy Kid Ch. 03

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A Shy Kid Ch. 03
I actually had fallen asleep and when I woke, I found myself covered with a blanket while curled up on the living room floor. I heard my mother in the kitchen humming one of her favorite tunes, so I got up and walked into the kitchen to see what she was up to and hopefully find something to eat. There she was, looking all prim and proper, hair nicely fixed, face made up, flashy ear rings on, high heels but not a stitch of clothing, just the way I like her. From my view point with her back to me, I could see her wonderful and nicely shaped ass, her beautiful legs and her bare back. I had to stand there and just admire her for a few moments; her body is nearly perfect, nice firm shapely legs, tight ass, small waist and wonderful big tits. I just can t seem to help it, but as I stood there looking at my sexy mom, my cock began to twitch and became semi-hard.

Hi mom!

She turned saying, Hi sweetie, have a nice nap?

I guess. What time is it?

It s almost 6 o clock; you have slept for nearly an hour. We must have worn you out. She then glanced at my semi-hard cock saying, Well, maybe not. Does that thing ever take a rest?

Not with you around and especially when you re in the nude like you are right now wearing your fuck me shoes. I just love to look at your fantastic body mom! Your great tits that I love to fondle and your nipples that I love to suck, your tight ass that I love to feel and fuck and your beautiful legs that I like to see spread really wide that exposes your wonderful hot shaved cunt that I love to eat and fuck! It s my favorite place to stick my cock; it is always so warm, wet and juicy! You are such a beautiful and sexy lady! Not only is your body so fucking hot, but you are one HOT FUCK!

Well thanks sweetie, you say the nicest things to your mother. She giggled as she continued, I love hearing how you like to look at my body and especially that you love to FUCK ME, your mother! That is such a turn on to hear you say that you love sticking your big beautiful hard cock into my cunt. I like it that you call my pussy a cunt! It s such a vulgar word but I love hearing you say it. Let me hear you say it again.

I love fucking you mom, I love shoving my hard cock into your cunt, into your hot warm juicy fucking CUNT!

OH YEA! That s music to my ears baby hearing you say you like fucking me in my CUNT. And yes, I love the sensations I get when I feel your big cock slide into my CUNT and when you ejaculate deep inside my CUNT. I love the rush of warmth that I feel in my CUNT when you have an orgasm in me. Oh god baby, my CUNT is yours to be fucked anytime and most anyplace you want it. But I think I have gone beyond being sexy to becoming a slut, just a plain old cock sucking, cum eating, fucking slut.

Wow mom, you sure are getting a potty mouth, but I like it.

Good sweetie, because my mouth seems to want to say all the nasty things I was taught not to say or to think about, I just want to let it all out, it makes me feel so sexy and naughty. All I think about lately is your big cock fucking me and you playing with my body while I play with your cock. I think about how I like holding your hard cock in my bare hands, messaging it and then guiding it into my pussy, OH, I mean my cunt. I love the feel of you being deep inside me, especially feeling you pump your hot semen into my womb. Oh god baby, I love being your cum bucket. I think about sex all the time like when I go to the grocery store, I think about what it would be like to give one of the box boys a blowjob in the parking lot. Or when I see the paper boy, I think about inviting him in and giving him a beaver shot before giving him a quick blow job or fuck. Peter, your mother has turned into nothing but a pure unadulterated fucking slut!

Oh mom, don t be so hard on yourself, you re fine. I love how you are and think that you just feel so liberated now that we have become fuck buddies.

I don t know about that. Here I am standing in front of you, my son, completely nude being totally comfortable knowing that you can see all my intimate parts. In fact I like exposing my intimate parts for you to see and enjoy. I like showing off my tits to you, (she placed both hands under her tits shaking them at me), and my ahhh CUNT, yes baby, look at my cunt, (she then lowered her hands to her crotch spreading her pussy lips while doing a little bump and grind). Oh my god baby. Yes, look at your mother s cunt, I love exposing myself to you and I want you to see all of me and to touch me all over, especially my cunt and my ass. She turned around and bent over while spreading her buns poking her butt in my direction. You like that baby? You like seeing my asshole? You want to touch me? You want to put your fingers in me? You want to put your tongue in me? You want to eat me? With her back to me, I reached down and slid my fingers along her crack, she did not move or attempt to stand up. I first slipped a finger in her cunt and then moving my hand back so I could get a finger in her asshole working it in and out. She moaned saying, Oh god baby, yes, yes baby, you know what I like, don t stop please, please don t stop. Oh fuck I like that! I like your hands on me. Oh baby please eat me? Please eat your mother s ass? Yes, yes, ohhhh yes please eat my ass and my cunt sweetie. My tight fucking ass and my juicy cunt! Oh I want you to eat me so bad! I want to feel your mouth, lips and tongue on my cunt. Yes eat your mother s most intimate parts, I want you to totally enjoy them, they are yours to play with as you wish. Without saying a word, I got down on my knees behind my mother and pushed my face between her spread buns and began licking her asshole. She moaned as I continued licking and eating her ass, I not only licked her, but also placed my lips on her ass and cunt and sucked. She let out a low but loud moan as she felt her cunt lips being sucked into my mouth. She simultaneously put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into her crotch as I sucked on her cunt getting a mouth full of cunt lips.

She suddenly yelled, BABY, I NEED TO BE FUCKED! I GOT TO HAVE YOUR COCK IN ME. PLEASE FUCK ME, OH GOD PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK ME RIGHT NOW! I immediately pulled my face from her crotch, stood up and slipped my now hard cock between her legs, found her cunt and slide my cock inside her and began fucking her. Within minutes I was pumping another load of cum in her vagina. When we finished we both sat down exhausted.

My mom was the first to speak, That was our third fuck within two hours, you are fantastic, what a stud!

Okay mom, let s just cool it for awhile. I need to recharge and clean up and you can finish getting our meal ready.

Yah, that is a good idea as long as you are willing to fuck me again after dinner and give me another big load of your sperm deep in my cunt at least one more time today, okay? I find that I need lots of fucking, and I mean lots and lots of fucking.

Okay mom, I ll fuck you at least once more time before going to sleep, promise. I got up and walked pass my mom giving her a quick kiss on the mouth while squeezing one of her bare tits. She in return gave my cock a quick yank and held on to it. I leaned down and slid my hand down her belly to her cunt, sticking a finger up inside her oozing wet fuck hole. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hard kiss while I continued to finger fuck her for a couple minutes. OMG baby, you keep me so fucking horny I can t seem to function like your mother. I m just a cock crazy slutty whore not wanting that big beautiful cock of yours to be too far from me. I just want to be touching, sucking or fucking your cock as much as possible.

I then gave her a big kiss and ran down the hall and jumped into the shower. Afterward, I felt refreshed but was amazingly still supporting a nice hard on. How could I not after hearing what my mom had said and seeing her nude body with those mighty fine tits and her shaved pussy, I just stayed hard and all I could think about was the great feeling I get when I slide my cock into her cunt or asshole and fuck her.

I decided that I wanted to fuck her in the ass so I went into her bedroom to get her butt plug before I headed for the kitchen. I found her still nude as we had agreed and could feel my cock immediately getting even stiffer. She looked at me and smiled as I entered the room with my dick sticking straight out bouncing as I walked. I sat down at the table that she had set for dinner. She came over to the table with a food dish in her hands and began to serve me; I reached up and first began to rub her belly and then moved my hand up to one of her tits. I squeezed the closest tit and turned her so I could get my mouth to where I could suck her nipple. She just stood there letting me fondle her tits as she moaned and did a little bump and grind. She then walked away getting another dish of food where upon I repeated the same action when she returned but before she could walk away the second time, I reached down to rub her pussy and actually got a finger inside her while having my mouth on her tit sucking on her erect nipple.

Oh baby, I love this so much but you are making it so difficult for me not to just sit on your lap and fuck you right now. God I love what you are doing to me! Before she returned to the stove to get more food, I reached around her and pressed her butt plug against her asshole.

Ohhhh, what the … Oh my god baby! Yes, yes, oh I love that. I would love for you to fuck me in the ass this evening. Oh but my ass seems a little dry sweetie, first slide my butt plug in my cunt to lube it up some. Yea, yea like that, ohhh now push it into my asshole. Oh baby yes, yes, oh that feels so good in my ass but I know it s not as good as what your cock will feel when you slide it deep up into my ass. Oh thank you sweetie, thank you, thank you. I can t wait to feel that big cock of yours sliding through my asshole again. I held her in that position for a few seconds admiring her nice big tits that were in my face but also seeing her hot juicy looking cunt. I leaned way over and licked her pussy a couple times and then stuck my tongue in her slit, she bowed her legs even more in order to give me better access to her cunt. I slurped up her cunt taking a whole mouth full of cunt lips before releasing her. When I let go of her, she stood up and gave me a big juicy kiss while reaching down to stroke my really hard cock a few times.

Let s hurry up and eat and then we can get back to some good hardcore ass fucking, it s becoming one of the favorite things to do. She moved back to the other side of the table and sat down; we began to eat silently while just staring at each other. I of course had an advantage because I was able to gawk at her tits as she sat across from me; she of course could not see my cock. Once we were done, we cleared off the table, put the dishes in the dish washer and cleaned the kitchen.

She said, Why don t you go into your room and watch some porn while I get ready. I want you really hard. I agreed and went to my room, turned on my computer and began watching some hot porn for about 15 minutes before she came sauntering in.

Are you ready you big mother fucker?

Oh yea, this mother fucker is ready to fuck his mother in the ass! Are you ready to have your ass filled with a huge cock and have your ass pounded till we both cum?

Oh shit baby, I m so fucking ready my pussy is even dripping in anticipation of receiving another wonderful ass fucking. I so want my ass filled with another load of your cum!

Well why don t you get up on my bed on your hands and knees and let s get that sweet tight ass of yours plugged with my hard cock.

Oh you say the nicest things to your mother! She was on my bed in a flash on her hands and knees wiggling her ass at me as I got up behind her. I first played with the butt plug moving it in and out of her ass a few times making her squirm and moan as I pleasured her. I then took the butt plug completely out of her ass and rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack. I pushed forward enough to get my cock first in her pussy to lube it up a bit before I attempted to slide it into her asshole. I pushed just the head of my dick into her ass and then gently applied some pressure. About an inch or two of my cock easily slipped into her butt. I could tell it was hurting her a bit so I stopped, withdrew my cock a little and then slowly re-inserted it a little more. I kept this up until I finally had my whole dick inside her butt, then I slowly slid the total length of my cock in and out of her ass until she relaxed. I immediately picked up the pace and started fucking her ass like an a****l. She started to meet my thrusts with her own as the tempo of my penetration increased so I knew she was okay. I kept up the rapid pace for only a few minutes and then slowed down but always penetrated her to the max. After 4 or 5 minutes of slow and deliberate thrusts of my cock into her ass, I returned to the rapid pounding. She was moaning and groaning and repeating, Yes, yes, yes, oh yes fuck me. Again I slowed down for a few minutes followed by rapid pounding for about 5 minutes. Slowed again and then rapid. This time she yelled, OH GOD FUCK ME HARD, RAM IT INTO ME PETER, FUCK YOU MOTHER S HOT ASS, YES, YES, YESSSSS, OHHH FUCK YES, THIS FEELS SO GOOD, SO FUCKING GOOD, RAM IT REALLY DEEPIN ME PETER, FUCK YOUR MOTHER REALLY HARD, FUCK MY ASS OFF! I continued the rapid pace until we both climaxed.

We collapsed and lay together on the bed for quite awhile until I began to stir. She immediately responded, Don t get up yet baby, please keep your cock buried in my ass. It feels so good in there! I snuggled up close to her, moving my hand around to her tits and just laid there enjoying my fondling of her tits and the sensation of my cock being buried in her tight ass. I then moved my hand down to her pussy feeling how wet she was and gently shipped a couple of fingers between her pussy lips. As I played with her clit, she began to push her ass tight against my crotch making sure my cock did not slip out of her ass plus she tightened her ass muscles squeezing my cock. I removed my fingers from her cunt and raised my hand to her face. She opened her mouth and sucked my fingers. I then played with her tits a bit before returning my hand down to her pussy. Again I found her clit and when I began to rub it, she moaned while pushing her ass really tight against my crotch. My cock never did really soften very much and now was supporting another raging hard on. We lay there for quite some time pressing our bodies together and fondling each other until my mother said, Oh baby, I can feel that you are really hard again, I want another load of your cum in me, so please fuck me again.

Which one of your three holes do you want me to fuck?

Let s turn over and you fuck my pussy, I mean my CUNT until you are ready to shoot your load, then quickly move up and let me take your load in my mouth. That way I will have had your cock on all three of my holes tonight.

You got it. We parted long enough for my mom to roll over on her back and spread her legs; I immediately mounted her slipping my hard cock into her wet cunt and began fucking her to the max. I could feel my balls bouncing off her ass as we fucked like a****ls. She had a big smile on her face as she was raising her ass to meet my downward thrusts with the same vigor I was using. It did not take me long to reach the point of needing to ejaculate. As soon as I told her I was ready, I pulled my cock free from her cunt and scooted up so my cock was in her face. She smiled saying, God I love your cock , she then used both hands to grip my cock while she opened her mouth wide taking about 6 inches of my dick down her throat. I basically face fucked her until my balls boiled over shooting my load into her mouth. She did not swallow until after I had pumped out the last drops of semen. She then opened her mouth wide and swirled her tongue around showing me how much cum I had squirted into her mouth; she then swallowed saying, Oh my god, you taste so good. I can t believe you still had that much cum the second time!

We then cuddled for awhile just basking in the delight we both were getting from our new sexual relationship. My mom looked up at me, kissed my lightly on the lips saying, How was your day, baby?

Oh mom, I ve got to tell something! Gloria invited me to her place after school to study for our Friday English test.

That s exciting dear. How did that happen? I explained how it came about and she seemed delighted. So how long will you two study?

Oh I haven t thought much about that. Probably two hours at the most.

Will you be home by the time I get home?

I guess so.

Will her parents be home?

No, she said that she needed to let her mom know so she would not freak out that she was having someone over when her mom was not home.

Oh, so you two will be alone!

Yea, I guess so, but I m nervous just thinking about it.

Good going. Maybe you will get a chance to see those fine tits of hers that you keep mentioning.

I don t think that would be likely the first time I m with her.

You re probably right; but you can always hope. If you are going to be longer than two hours, how about giving me a call so I don t worry about you and know when to prepare dinner.

Okay mom, I ll do that. We talked a bit and I returned to my bedroom to do some home work. Not sure how long I had been studying when my mom stuck her head in my door to say good night.

How much more homework do you have sweetie?

Oh, probably another hour.

Well it is getting late and I m tired so I m going to bed. You are welcome to sleep with me tonight if you wish. I looked over at my mom, she had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her wet hair and she was holding another towel around her torso. As soon as she saw me look at her, she pulled the towel away from her waist and just stood there totally exposing her big beautiful tits and well trimmed pussy.

What a site! I responded, Okay mom, I ll try to hurry and be there as soon as I can. Shit you have a hot body! Can t wait to fuck you some more.

She did a little bump and grind while saying, You say the nicest things to your mother. She then took the towel placing it between her legs holding it with one hand in front and one in back then moved it back and forth like she was drying her pussy. She winked at me and said, Just warming up my pussy for you sweetie, can t wait to feel you slide your big cock up inside my pussy again. Ooops, I mean my CUNT. We both laughed as she exited and I returned to my studies. It took me longer than I had planned to finish my homework due to my mind kept wondering to either fucking my mother or fantasizing about Gloria. When I finished I peeked into my mother s room, the light was on but she was asleep. I still wanted to lie next to her warm and sexy body and so I crawled into bed beside her. She stirred a little, reached over to touch me and said, Oh sweetie, I m so tired, let s fuck in the morning, okay? I kind of giggled and snuggled up against her, hard to imagine that my mom would say to me, Let s fuck in the morning.

Next thing I knew, my mom shaking me telling to wake up or I would be late again. I looked at her seeing that she was dressed for work and said, Why didn t you wake me earlier and why do you have your cloths on?

I did wake you earlier but you went back to sleep and I m dressed because I need to leave in about 10 minutes. I have breakfast ready for you, so hop out of bed and I ll meet you in the kitchen.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I then hurried to the kitchen still nude with my dick bouncing in front of me. There she was putting my breakfast on the table. I said, I thought you wanted to fuck this morning?
I did but you slept in.

I responded while stroking my hard dick, Do you have time for a quickie? She glanced over at me and seeing my hard dick in my hand said, Yes of course, but we really have to hurry. Come over to this side of the table. As I walked toward her she unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked he bra pulling her blouse totally open exposing her big tits as she leaned over the table and lifted her skirt. She was bare assed giving me a great view of her naked butt, she said, Get over here and fuck me quick, get that beautiful cock of yours deep up inside my pussy and fuck me. I got up behind her and slipped about 6 inches of cock in her on the first thrust and then went into my usual mood of fucking her fast and then slow. She was bracing herself by keeping her arms stiff on the table allowing me to reach around and fondle her hanging tits that she had bared for me.

We don t have time for that sweetie, just fuck me hard, deep and fast. I did and in about 5 minutes I was pumping my morning load deep inside her pussy as she was using her pussy muscles to squeeze every drop of cum from my cock. I pulled out of her and as she remained bent over the table, I stepped back to admire her shapely ass and could see cum oozing out from between her pussy lips and down her inner thigh. I just stood there admiring her backside while she catching her breath while slumped down onto the table.

My mom didn t move, she remained lying there with her tits pressed against the table. She let out a low moan saying, Oh baby even a quickie from you is great. I just want to stay here and bask in the pleasure of the orgasm you just gave me. It always feels soooooooo good having that big cock of yours slide in and out of my cunt, you just don t know how much I like being fucked by you and really appreciate the young stud you have become. Oh fuck me, now I really don t want to go to work!

Shit mom, you have the hottest ass, and I love all the pictures you have let my take of your ass and pussy. But I would like more pictures of you.

You re welcome but don t forget those pictures are just for you to see.

I know, I ll just use them when you not around to jack off to.

So why do you want more pictures?

I just do mom.

Baby I don t want any pictures of my nude body made available for someone to see and recognize me.

No one will ever see them. I would not even show them to my best buddies. Please mom let me take some more pictures of your ass and your cum dripping pussy while you re bent over the table.

Okay, but make it quick.

I darted to my room first grabbing a napkin to wipe the juices off my dick. I came back and my mom was still leaning over the table with her ass fully exposed. Okay mom I m going to take a close up of your ass and pussy.

She looked back at me while leaning over the table saying, Do you want me to spread my buns so you can get a better shot of my little puckered asshole?

Oh shit, that would be fantastic. That will also give me a better shot of your puffy pussy lips and the cum oozing out of your slit.

She proceeded to reach back with both hands spreading her buns while also spreading her legs a bit more giving me a fantastic view of both her asshole and dripping cunt. I took about a dozen shots of her backside and when I was done, I bent over and licked the length of her crack and then quickly straightened up and shoved my cock into her cum oozing cunt.

Oh baby, stop that! I have got to get to work. I gave her a few quick pumps with my dick before I pulled out of her and then sat down to eat my breakfast as she rose up from the table. She winked at me and then started shaking her tits before putting them back inside her bra. I said, Were you going to go to work without any panties?

No, I left them off hoping you would wake up in time to at least give me a quickie, which you did. I have a pair in my purse to slip on the last minute. I especially need to put them on now because I will be leaking your sperm from my pussy all morning. Oh I can feel your delicious cum oozing out between my pussy lips right now.

She lifted her skirt revealing a string of semen seeping out of her cunt and down the inside of her thigh. As she stood there holding up her skirt, she said, Want another lick? I just nodded no so she used her hand to wipe up my cum from her thigh, she licked her fingers and then walked toward the door stopping when she grabbed her purse from the counter. Pulled out her panties and stood there putting them on while facing me. She hesitated a moment before she pulled up her panties all the way giving me another view of her wet shaved pussy and did a little bump and grind. She then pulled her panties on while looking straight at me, she then slipped her hand inside her panties obviously sticking a finger in her cunt, pulled out her hand and sucked on her fingers saying, Oh fuck we taste good! She then rubbed her pussy through her panties and I could see a wet spot form immediately. She said, Have fun with Gloria today sweetie. Hope you are not going to be too late, just remember your mother will be home waiting for her evening fuck!

I finished my breakfast; showered and dressed for school, making sure I put on my best school clothes. When I arrived at school, I sauntered toward my class hoping I would run into Gloria, but didn t. Later I rushed to my third class and arrived just when Gloria was going in the door. I tapped her on the shoulder and said, Hi!

Oh Hi! Gee you look nice.

Thanks! So do you. She was wearing skirt and a sweater that really showed off your ample size tits and of course her great legs. I think she was wearing the tightest sweater I have ever noticed her wearing. Uhhh she was hot.

She whispered, Are we going to be studying together today?

I smiled at her and just nodded yes. Her face lit up and she winked at me. A chill went down my spine as I walked to my desk. Again the class was a blur and when it was over, I walked past her desk and she joined me as we walked out of the class room. She quietly said to me, I ll meet you after school on the corner of 5th Street and James. I acknowledged her and went to my fourth period class. I figured she did not want to meet on the school grounds to prevent all the gossip that occurs at school. So when school was over I rode my bike to the street corner where she wanted to meet. I got there first and was a little nervous but she showed up only a few minutes after me. She looked so fabulous and I had to keep my books in front of me to prevent her seeing my big boner. She continued walking and said, I only live a few blocks from here.

Okay, that s great. So I walked along side her chatting about school and k**s and whatever. It was not as hard as I had expected. Suddenly she said, Here we are. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood; she walked me down the driveway to the back door and in we went. I was really getting nervous, not ever being by myself with a girl, let alone being in her house. She asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for a Coke and then she gave me a quick tour of the house except for her and her mother s bedrooms and said that the basement was her mother s work area and so didn t show it to me either. She already had some of our study materials laid out on the kitchen table and so we sat there to do our studies. I had already figured out what we needed to work on the most and was ready to start working on those items. She was very responsive and I asked her a lot of questions relative to what I thought would be on the test. This went on for about an hour; I kept my mind on what we were doing and not who I was sitting next to. I was extremely conscious of her watching me and so I made sure I did not look at her tits that were so prominent in her tight sweater and were never more than a few inches from me. I was in real agony, not only wanting to look at her tits but I wanted to feel them, to fondle them, to suck and kiss them but was also constantly making sure my boner was not showing.

She finally said that she had done about as much studying as she wanted to. Again asked me if I wanted something else to drink and then invited me to sit in the living room. She sat down on the couch and invited me to sit next to her. She said, You are really shy, aren t you?

Yea, I m shy. But it is easy to talk to you.

Well, I like it that you feel comfortable with me. I find it easy to talk to you too. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me study. I would not have covered so much material without your help.

I m glad I could help you. I really enjoyed it. I noticed that she quickly glanced at my crotch and could not help but see that I had a boner.

She smiled at me saying, I enjoyed it too. Can I tell you something?

Sure I guess so.

You are the first boy I have ever been with for any length of time that I have not caught starring at my breast or tried to touch them or get their hand up my skirt.

I wasn t sure what to say so just blurted out, Well, my mom has taught me to be a gentlemen and although you have, ah, ah … you are very attractive I thought it to be bad manners to stare at your ah, ah… breasts.

You are so sweet and I like that you are a gentlemen. Just then there was a noise coming from the kitchen and in walked her mother. Gloria jumped up and hugged her mom then turned and introduced me. My mouth probably dropped open in awl as I was looking at a very beautiful woman with absolutely huge tits and was definitely dressed for showing off her body. Wow, you couldn t miss her very prominent cleavage leaving little to the imagination, and her short skirt that barely covered her ass. She was about 4 or 5 inches taller than Gloria but they looked like sisters. Mom, this is Peter who I told you about. He has been helping me prepare for our English test. Peter this is my mom, Victoria.

Victoria stepped toward me with a big smile on her face holding out her hand, I stood up and shook her hand and we both said, Glad to meet you.

So you are helping my daughter with her English class. She said you were probably the smartest k** in the class.

I responded, Oh I don t know about that.

Gloria interrupted saying, Oh you know you are. You have got just about straight A s in school.

I started to blush when Victoria said, Don t be embarrassed about being a straight A student. That is a great asset that can really pay off when you get into the business world. She then started to walk back into the kitchen saying to Gloria, I m going to change clothes and then fix dinner. She looked my way and said, Would you like to stay for dinner?

Before I could say anything, Gloria said, Oh Peter please stay! Mom is a great cook and I would really like for you to stay and have dinner with us. I was torn with wanting to stay longer with Gloria and her mother, both having bodies I loved gawking at, but knowing that my mom is waiting for me at home with her hungry pussy wanting to be pleasured. Wow, what to do. I had to see more of Gloria and Victoria and so I called my mom and asked her if it was okay for me to stay for dinner. I know she was disappointed in one way but glad for me that I was having such a good time with Gloria.

When I got off the phone I told Gloria that it was all clear, I could stay for dinner. Gloria gave me a big hug pressing her tits into my body. Wow that was the first time we really touched and I was surprised how tightly she hugged me with all of her body. Her tits felt so good against me.

Gloria grabbed my hand and walked me into the kitchen saying I could help her set the table, which I did. Her mom came in the kitchen wearing sweats with baggy pants and a zip up top that she only partially zipped up leaving a lot of cleavage showing. It was very difficult not to stare at her tits; I could tell that she was not wearing a bra and I loved to see her big melons sway back and forth under her top as she moved about. I had a tough time keeping my cock under control and not letting it protrude in my pants. There was a lot of small talk that I was able to handle without any difficulty to me surprise. I was feeling rather confident and relaxed by this time and was enjoying my time with Gloria and Victoria.

During dinner, Victoria asked me a lot of questions as to what my dad and mom did, where I was born, have any siblings, how long had I lived in this town, etc. I told her my dad and mom divorced when I was 13, I have no brothers or sisters, my mom works in real estate, and I was born in small town in Ohio and have lived here for the past four years. She responded by telling me that she and Gloria s father also divorced a few years ago and is no longer part of their lives and that she is also in real estate and does photography on the side. I asked what kind of photography and she said, People, I like to take photos and videos of people. I glanced at Gloria and she had a smirk on her face that I didn t understand at the time.

After dinner was over Gloria suggested that we do a quick review of our studies before I went home, so we headed for her room where she had taken her books before setting the table for dinner. She closed the door and immediately turned and hugged me. While standing there with her arms around me she said, Oh thank you for staying for dinner. I enjoyed it so much and I know my mom enjoyed getting to know you. I can tell she likes you which makes me so happy. She is very critical of whom I hang out with and most guys she doesn t care for, but you, she likes.

Well I m glad because I really like both you and your mom.

I did notice that you starred at her tits a lot but you don t stare at mine like 99% of all the other boys do. I know you said that your mom raised you to be a gentleman, so why stare at my mom s tits?

I started to stutter and before I could get a word out she continued, I m just teasing you. I know that my mom has huge tits and everybody stares at them, even women. Mine are real and hers are not. As she said that she pressed her tits even tighter into me and reached up putting both hands on the back of my neck and kissed me really hard. I responded by putting my arms around her and pulling her tight against me. She pulled her lips back a bit and just looked into my eyes and then we kissed again, this time she opened her mouth and our tongues touched. I instantly got really hard and without thinking moved my hands further down her back and pulled her even tighter against me with my boner pressing against stomach. She willingly leaned into my body as we kissed so I knew she could feel my hard cock and must have enjoyed the feeling. She moved her head back while leaving her body pressed against mine, she looked up at me and said, You are big all over, aren t you? She then did a little bump and grind with her hips.

I smiled back at her as my heart pounded and I just nodded. She then gave me a quick kiss and stepped back a couple steps. Before she turned toward her desk, I noticed that she glanced down at the tent pole in my pants. She didn t say another word but just picked up her studies and said, Let s do a quick review before you go. We went over the material we had studied and then she walked me to the door. When we passed the kitchen I said good bye to her mother and she responded, Glad to have met you Peter and come back again.

When we got to the front door, Gloria stepped out into the porch with me and thanked me for all the help. Just as I said, You re welcome. She reached up and gave me another hard kiss with plenty of tongue. I was on cloud 9 all the way home.

When I got home my mom was in the kitchen wearing only her tiny apron making some delicious smelling cookies. I still was supporting a good size boner from the kiss I got from Gloria and when my mom heard me, she partially turned around and said as I walked into the kitchen, Hi sweetie! How was your dinner with Gloria?

Fantastic mom, just fantastic.

When she saw the tent in my pants she said, Is that a result of being with Gloria or because you just saw my bare ass?

Both mom! Gloria gave me a nice long kiss when I left her place which definitely got my dick hard. Then upon seeing you naked with your hot ass exposed, I can t wait to get my hard cock inside you.

She responded, There is no reason you should have to wait baby, my pussy is always ready for you. Mom then took a couple steps toward the kitchen table and leaned over it with her legs slightly spread motioning for me to get behind her. I unzipped my pants dropping them to the floor along with my jockeys and I stepped up behind my mom and first rubbed my cock up and down her crack a couple times before I shoved it inside her pussy. My hard cock slid all the way into her wet pussy on the first thrust, I immediately reached around the front of her and began fondling her big beautiful tits. Her nipples were already erect as I began to pinch them and squeeze her tits. After three or four thrusts of my dick into her pussy, I grabbed a hold of her hips and slammed myself into her as deep I as could get. I released her and then rammed myself back inside her again and again.

Oh baby, you are all the way inside me, I can feel your dick all the way into my womb. Ohhh just fuck me baby, fuck your mother, fuck your slutty mama good and hard. She needs to be fucked hard and put away wet! No more was said as I continued thrusting my cock to the max into my mom s cunt until we both had an orgasm. She came first but I was right behind her and when I finished spewing my semen into her depths, I relaxed and lightly lay on her back for a few minutes while she was leaning over the table.

When she stirred, I immediately straightened up and pulled my semi-hard dick from her weeping juicy cunt. My mom while still bent over the table turned her head toward me saying, Now that was what I call a real salutation. You have been in the house for only about 5 minutes and have given me a fantastic orgasm; I hope you come home every day and do this to me. Next time when I hear you come in the door, I m going to quickly lean over the table and greet you with my ass in the air and maybe we can get this down to 3 minutes or less! My god I love having an orgasm with you! I m tingling all over.

We both laughed as she straightened up and removed her apron. She used it to wipe her pussy dry of the cum that was oozing out of it. What a site, my mom standing there naked with legs slightly bowed wiping her crotch; her large bare tits just hanging there in front of me looking so delicious. I couldn t help but reach over and squeeze her tits some more making her squeal when I pinched her nipples. Easy baby, I like that but not so hard, okay?

Sorry mom, let me kiss it make it better. She smiled as she leaned back making it easier for me to get my lips on her tits, I sucked as much tit into my mouth as I could. Oh baby, you keep me so hot with your kissing, touching, sucking and fucking. It is going to be so difficult for me the day you move out to be on your own.

I responded, No such plans for the near future mom, so let s just make the best of it until then and keep that pussy of yours filled with cum and cock.

Yes baby, that sounds great. I m ready if you want to fuck me again, do you want to?

Yea, but let s wait a while. I want to tell you about my time with Gloria and her mother, Victoria.

Oh yes sweetie, fill me in on all the details. What was it like to be with Gloria all by yourself?

It was quite easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be. We at first just chatted about school and stuff, and then we got down to studying and time just seemed to fly by. When we were about done, her mom came home and she about knocked my socks off.
Why? What happened?

Nothing happened but her mom is a knock out! I can see where Gloria got her looks, and wow does she ever have a huge set of knockers.

You men all think alike, if a woman has big tits, she is beautiful.

I know mom, but her tits are enormous and she really smokes! She is one hot woman, just like you.

So are you saying you would like to fuck Gloria s mother?

Well, if I had an opportunity I wouldn t refuse. And especially get a chance to feel her big tits while I slip my cock into her cunt.

And if she knew the size of your cock, I bet she would willingly spread her legs to you. Okay, so what happened between you and Gloria?

Well after dinner she suggested that we review what we had studied and took me into her bedroom. As soon as we got in her room she thanked me for staying for dinner and then kissed me. I was stunned at first and then as we stood there looking at each other, we kissed again with our mouths open. I immediately got a real hard boner and had my arms around her holding her tight against me. When we released each other she looked at me and said that I was big all over.

So she felt your big cock. Did she try to touch you?

No. We then did review what we had studied which only took a few minutes. She walked me to the door and thanked me again and kissed me again.

Well baby, it sounds like you have yourself a girlfriend. Are you going to make a date with her?

Gee mom, I don t know about that, but I sure like being with her.

That s great baby and I m glad for you. Now I think you should plan on asking her out on a date, she definitely likes you and the way you described how she kissed you, I would say she is expecting to be asked out. Why don t you suggest a movie, I will let you use my car if you want.

Okay mom, I ll think about it.

Don t think about it, do it.

I nodded okay as she reached over giving me a quick kiss and then walked into the living room and sat down on the couch with her legs tucked under her. I followed her every move as usual, especially watching her ass wiggle as she walked. She looked so sexy sitting on the couch totally naked and very relaxed. Before I even started to sit down she said, Did you have desert after your dinner tonight?

Gee no mom. They did not serve any desert tonight.

Well would you like some fresh cookies I just baked or … as she was talking she moved her legs out from underneath her and slumped back on the couch spreading her legs while moving her hands down to her cunt spreading her pussy lips saying, Or would you like some cherry pie?

I just froze for a minute, licked my lips and got down on my knees between my mom s outstretched legs and began to eat her cunt. She moaned as I used my tongue to first lick her cunt and then inserted my tongue inside her pussy to play with her clit. At the same time she had her hand on the back of my head kind of guiding me.

Oh baby, you know what I like so well. Yes baby, eat your mommy s cunt, suck on my clit, and make me cum all over your face. I worked as hard as I could to keep my tongue deep inside her cunt, licking and sucking her pussy while she openly spread her legs really wide giving me maximum access to her privates. Suddenly her body stiffened and I knew she was having an orgasm. I continued eating her pussy getting a mouthful of tasty juices not letting up until I could feel her begin to relax; I then withdrew my face from between her legs and kissed my way up her torso spending lots of time kissing her tits and finally reaching her mouth. We kissed deeply as I slowly lowered my body down on top of her. As she felt my weight, she reached down between the both of us taking a hold of my rock hard cock and guided it into her warm and very wet pussy.

Oh baby, you are so good to me. You eat me so well, I love cumming when you eat my cunt and now you are going to fuck me which I also love so much. I love you! I just looked into her eyes as I continued lowering myself while feeling my cock sink deeper and deeper into her depths. Her warm and juicy cunt was receiving all of me, I hit bottom and just lay there for a short time before I began thrusting my hips downward as we began to fuck. At first I slowly raised and lowered my cock in and out of her pussy and when I could tell she was starting to really feel the sensations, I changed the pace by slowly withdrawing my dick and then quickly ramming it deep inside her. I kept this up for a long time, slowly withdrawing followed by a fast and hard downward plunge; she was really moaning and groaning and then suddenly she wrapped her legs over the top of mine and held on pushing her cunt up when I was plunging into her. She actually screamed in my ear as another orgasm over took her and she held onto me with her fingers to the point of scratching me. At that point I stopped fucking her and just plunged to the max with all my weight on her pelvis and held it there pinning her ass to the couch.

She had her head tucked into my neck and did not move for the longest time. She slowly moved her head and pushed my shoulders up so she could look at me saying, My god that was fantastic! Another absolutely fantastic fuck giving me another phenomenal orgasm. I just can t believe what you do to me. I have never, and I mean never, had so many fantastic orgasms.

I started to get up and she said, Oh no, no baby! Please don t get up. I want to keep your big cock inside me a little longer. Oh baby, you are so special. You re the best lover and fuck buddy ever. You could have the title of the best ever mother fucker!

We rested a short time and then hit the showers before heading for bed, we were both really tired. I fell asleep with my mom in my arms feeling her big soft tits pressed against my body. The next thing I knew was a warm sensation occurring in my crotch being created by my mom sucking my cock into her warm mouth. Once she realized I was awake, she removed her mouth and said, What is your desire this morning baby, a blowjob before breakfast or a hot pussy fuck?

Oh mom, that is a tough decision I like both very much. Ahhh let me see, I think I ll go for ahhh blowjob as long as you move your ass in this direction so I can eat your pussy while you suck my cock.

Her response was, That can be arranged. She then rotated her body so her pussy was right above my face. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her cunt into my face as I began to devour her inner most privates. She was deep throating me while I was sucking her cunt lips into my mouth and playing with her clit. We both were very intense in what we were doing to each other. At one point I had reached around and stuck a finger in her ass while I had my tongue shoved to the max in her cunt. She suddenly went rigid as her first climax of the day washed over her body. Shortly thereafter, I filled her mouth with cum which she immediately swallowed, it was a big load and much of it dribbled out of her mouth and down my cock. She then rolled off me and just laid on her back recuperating.

She sat up, looked me straight in the eye saying, Peter you are magnificent, your sexual energy and desires and techniques are off the chart. Fuck me! I love what you do to me with your tongue, fingers and cock! If we had time I would want you to fuck me again right now, I would like to have you stick this big hard cock of yours deep up inside my cunt or asshole and fuck me over and over again. You have me in such a sexual frenzy; I just can t seem to get enough of you or your cock.

Oh mom, you have me so turned on all the time with your attitude of freely showing me your sexy body, your willingness of letting me play with your tits, cunt and ass and your dirty talk. I have a perpetual hard on when I m around you; all I think about is fucking your pussy or ass, eating your cunt or you sucking my cock. We both are in some kind of sexual frenzy, I love it.

I know baby but we have to get this under control, we can t be all consumed with sex. We need to get back to some kind of normalcy where we see each other as mother and son and act accordingly and not be just wild-ass fuck buddies. My mom then looked up at me with a silly grin on her face while lying totally nude next to me with cum on her chin. She said, But right now that seems impossible to do, being that you are such a fantastic fuck buddy, the best I have ever had.

I knew she was right about us acting like more normal mother and son but seeing her lying next to me totally nude didn t help in thinking normalcy. In fact as I looked at her sexy body I just u*********sly began to stroke my semi-hard dick. My mom noticed me stroking my cock and immediately glanced at the clock saying, You ve got two minutes to get that wonderful cock hard again and get it back inside me for a super quickie. I did not hesitate a second as I vigorously jacked my cock getting it hard and then climbed on top of her sliding my now hard dick deep into her waiting wet cunt. I immediately began to fuck her with short hard strokes to her encouragements as she met my down thrusts with her rising hips. Hurry baby, hurry. Shoot another load of your cum in my twat that I can savor all day, I can walk around knowing that my cunt is full of my son s delicious baby making semen. I was pounding her as fast as I could and sure enough, within two minutes I was spewing another load of my seed inside my mom s hot pussy. I don t think she climaxed but as soon as I relaxed she hugged me saying, Oh thank you baby, I knew you could give me another load of your man juice, you are so good to me, I love you and I love having your cum inside me. Now get up so we can get to work and school on time.

I popped up as she scrambled to get in the shower. I went to the other bathroom and showered and got ready for school. We met in the kitchen just long enough to grab some toast and off we went. She dropped me off at school and said as I got out of the car, Even though we had a real quickie this morning, you dumped a big load in me, my panties are already wet from your juices seeping out of me, I wish I had some kind of plug to keep your stuff in me all day. I love having my pussy full of your semen as I walk around during the day. By the way, I m taking off work this afternoon so will be waiting for you when you get home. I m sure my pussy is going to be real hungry for some hot action once you get home. Uhhh baby, I love you and have yourself a good day and good luck in getting a date. Maybe tomorrow we can start acting more normal. She blew me a kiss and off she went.

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