After-party fun

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After-party fun
It all began when I agreed to go to the party.

Even though I don t enjoy large gatherings with strangers, I agreed to go because of 1 factor: Ellie. Ellie was slightly older than I was. She was turning 19, while I was just 18, but I d attracted her attention and frequent pleasure of her company after meeting her when out with a few mutual friends, both of whom were also attending the party (Anna and Jack). The party was to a time to celebrate putting on a successful production of the musical RENT.

Although I was only part of the stage crew, I was happy to tag along, especially if it meant seeing more of Ellie! I was even staying over at hers after the party, along with Anna and Jack so I didn t have to worry about getting home.

The party s itself was fine, albeit nothing special. I spent a lot of the time gazing at Ellie. As far as I m concerned, stick figures can get lost. Even though Ellie said she d had weight problems, she was beautiful and sexy to me. A blonde, busty bombshell, she had a large full-figure with extra weight in all the right places. Particularly, she had a perfect ass – nice, round and juicy. It was what made me lust after her more than the rest of her appearance. How I d wanked several times to the thought of clenching those exquisite cheeks. On this occasion, she was in a red dress with black lace, which was quite tight fitting in certain areas.

At midnight, the four of us, all at various stages of drunkeness, staggered up the hill to Ellie s home. Jack passed out immediately on the sofa, while Anna made it to Ellie s bed before collapsing over the whole bed. This meant me and Ellie had to take up residence on her bedroom floor in sleeping bags. It was uncomfortable to say the least and I tossed and turned in the dark for a good 30 minutes. I turned over to face Ellie, who was having the same issue as me. We smiled at each other in the dim light of the room, unsure of what to say.

Then, Ellie slowly reached out a hand to my face. I did the same, leaning in slowly and slowly until our lips were centimetres apart. With a jolt, Ellie moved her face towards mine as we began to cautiously kiss one another. She was clearly eager as I soon felt her tongue attempt to open my lips. I obliged as we started exploring each other s mouths.

Suddenly I felt Ellie pull back. In the darkness, I saw her squirm out of her sleeping bag and stand above me, in nothing but her underwear. I was also only in my underwear, making the hard-on I d gotten from her slipping into my tight sleeping bag impossible to hide. As we continued to kiss, I slipped my hands down her smooth back to that massive ass I adored. I gave it a pinch and a cheeky smack, prompting Ellie to giggle in delight. This was good enough for me to repeat it again, even if it just meant I could keep caressing her huge, juicy butt.

Somehow, I was able to passionately pull down Ellie s panties so she was able to grind her way down to my 7 inch cock. I hesitated. Not only was Anna still in the room, but this was actually going to be my first time. But Anna was too drunk to stop us, and in that moment, I d have stuck my hands in a furnace to stay in that bag with Ellie. I nodded, and Ellie slipped my dick into her dripping vagina.

She wasn t as tight as I would have imagined (hey, she wasn t the most innocent person I knew!) but she groaned in pleasure nonetheless. It was sexy enough that I felt myself get harder and Ellie began to slowly bounce up and down as I grew. Everything about the sex was infinity more erotic than I could have imagined: her whispered moans of delight with each thrust, her perfectly rounded breasts that crashed down and squashed against my bare chest, the muffled sound of us slapping against each other, the weight of her as she pushed down on me, and of course, the feel of her smooth behind as I repeatedly ran my hands over it, occasionally adding a pinch, slap or grab.

We continued like this for about 5 to 10 minutes, with Ellie picking up the pace as the sex began to reach its climax. Soon, I felt my balls clench – this was it. I rolled over in the sleeping bag, putting me on top as I continued thrusting deep into Ellie s pussy. We both gasped as we reached orgasm within seconds of one another, yet I didn t stop pumping, squirting multiple streams of my cum into Ellie s pussy (fortunately, nothing ever came of that). I collapsed onto Ellie, exhausted. We kissed once more time before I shuffled down to Ellie s breasts. I rested my face in her cleavage as her chest rose and fell. Within moments we were asleep, and the first of many sexual encounters between us had taken place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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