Ana in our black neighbor s bed

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Ana in our black neighbor s bed
Two days after my sensual wife had fucked our black neighbor Sam; I arrived home late from my office and I could not find Ana.

It was strange; since her car was at the front driveway.

I wrote her a text on the cellphone, asking where was she.

A few seconds later, I read her answer: “being naughty…”

I rushed to the back yard, to look over Sam’s house; but all lights there were out. It seemed nobody was there inside.

Then I asked Ana what she was doing.
A couple minutes later, I received a short video.

My slut wife was kissing Sam s massive shaft up and down, wrapping her lips around his length and stuffing as much of that huge piece of meat into her mouth as she could.
Her little delicate hand was massaging his heavy balls as she blew. The noises of her sucking sent me over the edge.
My sweet wife was using her mouth on our neighbor’s huge dick.

I heard Sam through the recording; the bastard was encouraging her to suck deeper and faster that monster black cock.

It looked as if Sam was holding her phone out in front of them, but the only view I had was just his giant black cock and my wife s red lips around it, providing it with full pleasure.

Ana stopped for a moment and she smiled wickedly at the camera. Then she began planting wet kisses up and down his immense shaft, as she looked into the camera, directly at me…

Sam told her to show me how much she loved that black cock.

As soon as the video ended; I replayed it immediately and then my hard dick erupted on my lap.

I texted Ana again; I told her that I needed to see her urgently.
But soon she replied she would be at home in a couple minutes, after she would make him come in her mouth…

Ten minutes later, my sensual wife walked in, disheveled, but she was actually still in the same dress that she had worn that morning to work at her office. But her red lipstick was smeared.

She looked down and saw my exposed dick and the mess I made.
Anita smiled, giggling again. I thought she would fell to her knees and would suck me dry; but she said she needed a teeth brush; because Sam had cum a lot into her mouth…

She came back some minutes later and we had dinner, in silence.
Later at bed Ana said she was too sore to have sex with me.
She did not even allow me to explore her sweet pussy with my naughty fingers.

Next morning was Saturday and we all stayed at home.

My sensual wife was moving naked around the pool at the back yard; as was our black neighbor.
They were in and out of the water, kissing and taking care of their bodies. Sam’s massive cock was on full display as he moved around our patio.
My poor cock had been fully erect for nearly the entire afternoon; especially when I noticed Ana and Sam were quietly playing with each other under the water surface…
My sexy wife just moaned softly and closed her eyes every time the black giant moved over her back.

Suddenly, I awoke and I saw it was very dark there outside.
I shook my head, looking around the patio and seeing no one there.
Then I stood up and at first I heard just a deep silence; but it was quickly interrupted by a distant moan.
It was muffled, but I was fearfully sure it was my loving wife.

I rushed into the house, looking around for her. I climbed the stairs to our bedroom. It was dark and empty.
But then I saw a weak light shining from Sam`s bedroom.

I saw them. They were naked; my sensual wife was on his bed, spread out on all fours. Her head was titled back as she moaned in pleasure.
Her nice round boobs were swaying back and forth as Sam grabbed her round hips and fucked her hungry cunt from behind.

His thrusts were powerful and he penetrated her wet cunt as his large hands were now firmly grasping her delicate waist. Then he moved both hands up, to massage her magnificent round boobs.
There was a clear sheen of sweat on both of them, as if they had been mating for hours.

I could see Ana’s fingers were clutching the bed sheets as he pummeled her delicate pussy. I could hear she was screaming as he plunged in and out of her body with his huge dark cock.

Then Sam reached around clutching her boobs and pulling her up into him as he fucked her with no mercy.

I heard him asking Ana if she liked it. And to my horror, my sensual wife barely whispered that she loved his black cock and the brutal way he was fucking her…
He suddenly slowed and I knew he had cum inside her belly.
Then he pulled out and, spinning her around on his bed, he laid her down on her back. Anita’s pussy looked swollen, inflamed, and soaking wet.
And Sam’s massive dick was coated and shining with an incredible amount of her pussy juices.

The black bastard still had his cock rock hard and he leaned down onto my sensual wife again. He slowly shoved himself inside her sweet cunt.
I watched in arousal as his thick shaft spread her open; her soaking labia stretching and hugging his black meat, never letting go.

Ana lifted her legs, moaning loudly, as he invaded her wet cunt.
He began pumping into her once again. Her arms reached around as she clutched into his back, clawing into his skin as he took her.

Suddenly my phone started ringing in the darkness of the room. Somehow, it was Ana calling. But I saw the phone was not in her hand. The call was accidental; the phone would be somewhere under the bed sheets…

But now the clear sounds of their mating were in my ear…
It shook me as I heard her cries and moans of pleasure.
The slut was begging that black man to fuck her harder…

The bastard was now grunting loud as he thrust deep into my wife.

Suddenly her body erupted in convulsions as the most powerful orgasm of her life swept over her nice curves.
Sam then roared, joining her in sexual climax and he came inside again, deep into my wife s willing womb.

Sam pulled out his giant rod from her soaking cunt.
He slapped a couple time her butt cheeks and said it was time for her to come back to her loving cuckold hubby.
I heard Anita saying she would come back to his bed the next day.

Then I decided I had already watched too much sex that night.
I looked down at my crotch, realizing that I had cum all over myself.

It would be the same during the next nights…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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