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Today is the day to mark my dad 1st year of departing this world. I was oversea when my dad die and I did not attend his cremation. My dad has been sick for over 7 years. Now my mom officially a Widow.

Mom is 60 years old and still look good for her age.

I am returning home on my dad 1st aniversary, and took my mom to Monterey Bay where my dad ashes was s**tered.We check in into one of the 1st class Hotel with only 1 bedroom.

We went to Piers and throw a flower for my dad and then ,go to the Aquarium and many other places in Monterey.

At around 12:18 we having lunch and back to the piers sat and talks until dawn.

We go back to the hotel and order diner for both of us. Mom went to take a shower before diner arrived and I follow.

At 5:45 we having a diner. Finish diner before we sat in the couch and watch TV, mom went to the bedroom and put on her nighty.

Mom than sat next to me and lay her head on my lap and watch the movie. I change the TV program to the Adam And Eve Channel when mom change her clothes to the nighty and showing X-Rated movie.

Mom have no comments but enjoyed watching it.

I look at Mom and saw her niplples hardened. I brush and Played my mom hair with my fingers and proceed to message her shoulder. Mom moaned and loving it.

After few minutes messaging her shoulder, I move my hands down to her breast and began gently sequising her breast al play with her nipples.

Matt,your hands is going to far Mom said.

Yes,I know mom. I can not help it to see your erect nipples. I know you got turned by the movie huh?

I want to make you feel good mom. And I know your pussy is soaking wett too.

I then move my Hand in between my mom legs and spread them apart. Mom spread her legs apart . I rubs her bald pussy with the palm of my hands. I can feel the wetness of my mom pussy. I stick my fingers inside my mom pussy ,Mom was surprise. She pulled my hand away from her pussy an close her legs.

What got into you Matt.I am your Mother.Your mother pussy is secret. Your dad fuck my pussy and I gave a birth to you from this pussy.

Yes,but mom.When the last time you getting fuck?

7 years ago, but I can pleasure my self with my fingers without any help.

But It won t be the same, I rebuttal.


I said.

I then stood up,kneel down on the floor. Lift my mom nightgown up to her stomach,exposing her pussy. I grabed mom ankle and spread apart.

Mom put a little fight, but of course , I have more stronger than her.

Matt, please stop. She scream and yell.Is not right. Please stop.

I ignored her plead for mercy. I continued on with my mission. To fuck my mother.

I began lick my mom pussy deep with my tongue and brush it up and down gently.
It does not took that long, mom stop yelling and screaming. Her hands began pulliing and holding on tight on my hair.

Oooooooohhhh my god.Why is it feel so good.

Oooooh Matt baby, where did you learn to eat pussy like that. Mommy feel good Matt.

Uuuugh.,Oooooooooo mommy cummmming baby.

I made my mother coming at least 8 times, and then I took a break.

I took off my short and my underwear. My cock hang straight solid like a rock.

Mom look at my cock with her eyes and, mouth wide open.

Oh my god. Your cock pretty big baby. I dont think will fit in my pussy.

Mom grabed my cock and began stroking it gently.

Matt baby, I never have cock this big inside my pussy.

Long time ago before your dad have a stroke, we went to San Francisco for the weekend and viisit his friend who own BAR and LOUNGE,Miss. Kimberly.

Prior to that, we have been planing to have threesome. Your dad wants to see me getting fuck by stranger.

I was not to happy about it, but yet it was his request. Make the story short, your dad told me to stay in the Hotel while he pick up the stranger .

Your dad went to the Club and brought the stranger with him that he found in the club.

To my suprise your dad bring a Boy, yes a Boy. He barely turned 20 years old .

But it was not bad at all. His cock is almost the same size of your dad, but he can fuck. First time in my life I have 2 Cocks fucking my pussy.

Both of them take a turn filled up my pussy, but your dad quickly fall in sleep after consuming so much alcohol,but this boy. He won t quit. We both fucking until 8 in the morning.

But, today is different story. My son is going to fuck his mother.

Event if I won t let you, you will doit anyway,aren t you

Mom now began sucking my cock and stil admiring how big is moy cock.

I told my mom to put her pussy in my face,so iI can lick it and make it cum. I eat my mom pussy good and made her come over and over .

Matt,baby. Do you fuck as good as you eat pussy?

Well, you will found out.

Mom don t won t me to get on top of her.She wants to be on top of me, so she can have control how deep my cock will be in her pussy.

Mom slowly guide my cock in her pussy.And slowly lower her body .

Ooooooooohhhh my god. Baby your cock is fat and long. Iit hurt.

Don t stop mom, keep on riding it slowly but surly.

My mom enjoying my cock, but I was so inpatiient.My cock still not burried deep in her pussy yet.

Each time she lower her body, I lift my buttock up, give a push for my cock went deeper.And each time I do that my scream and hold on to my and.

Finally I am losing my patient, because her pussy so good and tight. I then lift up half of my body and positioned my self on top of her.

I told my mom to hold on to my shoulder and pushed my 9 and half inchis cock deep in her pussy. Mom scream out loud.

My cock now going up and down moderately. Mom came at least 6 times. Her warm juice soaking my cock and I am feeling really good and ready to come.

I told mom that I am ready to fill her pussy with my hot cummmming. I started going faster and faster and went really deep to her womb and release my cum.

Mom screaming in ectasy and holding on thight and then she kiss me passionately with her tongue.

We took a little break and start fucking again until 5 in the morning.

At 1:pm we headed home.

Things is a little bit different know after I fuck my mom . On our journey driving home. Mom keep holdind my hand and lean her head to my shoulder.

In the evening at around 7 pm, I went to my room and lay down talk to my friend.,so did my mom. But my mom was talking to her sister Nancy. Mom was telling Her sister about us fucking.

Nancyt is my mom oldest sister. Years and years ago, I caught George , Nancy son. In the living room in their house at 3 am fucking his mother Nancy. Not one, but 2 times on different days. Nancy was pregnant by her own son, but she got it aboarded.

Nancy was the one that told me to fuck my mom, because my mom went to Nancy and ask for advice how to get me started to wanted fucking her. And Nancy who was the one to tell me to stay one night in hotel when we going to Monterey. Nancy told me that my mom was turned on to see me sleeping naked with my big cock showing.

Later that night when I was in my bedroom,my call me to her room.

I went to her room, the door was open. I saw mom standing wearing Wedding Dress..

What all this with the weddIng dress?

Matt, my son. I am yours now.

Remember: until death do us apart. Your father die. Now you are the Head of the Household.

Well don t just standing there, carry me to your room and do whatever do you want with me.

I carry my mom to my room and fuck her good. Not just that, I am also the first person whomfuck her in the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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