auntie gets cleaned

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auntie gets cleaned
My stepmum came off the phone. “It’s your auntie again”. I thought “my life’s not my own 22 years and a skivvy”. Since she’d broken her leg 2 weeks ago I had barely had time to myself. She’d snapped the ligaments in her knee tripping over her cat. Being eight and half months pregnant didn’t help either. Luckily junior was okay. But she had been practically invalided and house bound since the accident. I was her favorite for obvious reasons (search for aunties pee problem) hence the phone call .
I drove over and let myself in. Auntie was lying on the couch like a beached whale. Her leg was covered in a full length plaster so she couldn’t bend it. She was in her dressing gown. It just about reached around her huge shape. She looked ready to burst any day her breasts looked swollen and lay snuggly on top of her fat pregnant stomach. Her fatness sent shivers down my spine I have always liked big girls and every time I see a fat girl I double check to see if she is pregnant. There is nothing more sexy than a vulnerable woman ready to pop. Auntie beckoned me over. She hugged me to her massive tits and I could feel they were damp from leaking through the breast pads and clothes she wore, to soak up the worst of her leakages. I could faintly smell sour milk.
She had obviously struggled to get washed due to her leg. There was a general smell of uncleanliness about her. I liked that earthiness of a woman slightly sweaty, her nether regions just beginning to take on a slightly sour piss smell. I pulled away reluctantly. “So auntie what is it this time” I asked. Well I think my time is getting near so I need to get myself ready to go to the hospital. I was hoping you could get me organized. Well of course auntie what do you need me to pack I asked.
“Well it’s a bit more than packing I need i ‘m afraid. I want to go into hospital nice and clean. I want you to give me a good valetting so I look my best for those nice doctors”. I laughed at the thought of her red sweaty face and screaming as a she gave birth turning on a doctor. However, she turned me on to the extent that my main wanking material concerned her everytime. She slipped her dressing gown open and exposed her unruly pubic hair. God I loved that bright ginger colour against the white of her thighs and belly. The bright pink of her vulva led to the blood rushing to my cock and I began to experience an erection. “I need you to shave this all off” she said.
My chin dropped “no auntie I love your hair you can’t ask me to do that”. She said “I’m not asking you I’m ordering you. Get the razor and shaving foam from the bathroom and get busy. I can smell my pubes from here and I do not want the staff in the hospital to smell my pissy fishy flaps”. “Yes auntie” I complied I went and got the razor and foam. I knel t in front of her ready to shave. Auntie said “wait. You can have a last smell and lick if you like”. I felt my cock twitch in my pants and my head automatically drew closer to her groin.
I noticed a thin tube sticking out of her piss flaps. “What’s that auntie” I said. “Oh that it’s a catheter the doctors put it in so I don’t have to strain my knee going to the toilet and risk falling over again” she explained. “What does it do I asked curiously. It funnels aunties pee into a bag. I noticed a little drip on the end and I placed my mouth over it and sucked like a straw. Auntie gave a gasp “careful I can feel my bladder wanting to release you’ll get a mouthful if you’re not careful”. I smiled and sucked again. True to her word a squirt of piss filled my mouth. It tasted sour and old as if she had been trying to hold onto it for a few hours. Yea like waiting for a young man to empty it for her I thought suspiciously.
I turned my attention to her pubes. “Can I just bury my face into them one more time” I asked. “Of course you can”, she agreed. I buried my face into her bush and inhaled her womanliness I could feel her soft ginger pubic hair in my chin, cheek and lips. I tongued around the catheter and dared to run my tongue over her clitoris. She moaned and her hips bucked towards my face. I continued to explore her clitoris which grew in length and girth like a small pnis. I wanked it like a cock and gave her a mini blow job on it. She buckled under the pressure and an orgasm sent her belly and legs wobbling like a jelly. I withdrew I could smell her on my top lip and it was like a badge of honour. She said “have you had enough”. I said no. “She said tough it’ll grow back and it’ll all be yours again”.
I squirted the foam all over her hairy cunt. from her belly button to the crack of her arse. I asked her to spread her legs as wide as they would go and she obliged as much as her disability allowed. I started on her stomach and quickly removed all the pungent ginger hair I could see. I was careful around the catheter not wanting to dislodge it. I even managed to clear her rectum of the the ginger hair mxed with a few bits of shit and old toilet paper. I saw her anus looked a bit brown so I inserted the foam nozzle into her anus and squeezed, auntie jumped as her anal cavity was filled with shaving foam you are a bad man but I like what you did I feel really full now . It started to overflow and I knew she was full. I put the razor to one side and admired my handy work. I was surprised as to how pink and long her lips were they must have stretched for a good nine inches from her arse to her clitoris.
The tube like a small cock was an alien item in what was a lovely sight. I pulled it and it slid out in my hand. Oops I said. Auntie had felt it come out she said “clumsy boy. That needs to go back in how am I going to get the home nurse at this time of day”. I said look I can put it back in for you its just a case of sliding it back in. She huffed and spread her legs. I can’t see auntie I complained. Look, you see below aunties love button there’s a hole that’s where ladies pee out of. The big wide one is where men stick their cocks and knock mums up. I spread the now bald lips of her cunt and surveyed the pink expanse of lips clitoris and her fuck hole. As I explored it with my fingers a clear trickle of mucous left her cunt and dripped down her perineum. I tongued the fluid as a reward for being a nurse. I saw the small piss hole and inserted the tube as far as it would go. Auntie took a sharp intake of breath and her toes curled as the tube went past the muscle that stops the piss flowing. As it entered her bladder it spurted a stream of pee all over my face I stuck my tongue over the end and attached it to the tube then to the bag. Well done she said now I need you to remove the hairs on my tits.
She opened her dressing gown and carefully extended a breast towards me. Now be careful they’re very full of milk and I don’t want to get myself all covered I looked and it was true there were ginger hairs growing out of the brown areoles that covered nearly a third of her massive breasts. I picked up some tweezers and plucked a hair. All hell broke loose a squirt of breast milk ended up on her pregnancy bump and her flaccid legs. Oh bugger she said I can’t control them anymore they just leak all the time and she started to cry.
I said they’re lovely auntie let me empty them for you then we’ll try again. She smiled and as I popped a nipple in I drank deeply of the sweetest breast milk yet. It took ten minutes to empty her left breast. As I snuggled on her belly she caressed my head and unfastened my trousers and wanked me gently then roughly till I spurted all over the living room floor. I then had to empty the right one I said I’m full can I have a rest. Auntie said no you can’t I want this job done now get sucking you have only done half job. I stuck to my task but I could feel the milk trying to rise up my throat before the end and a milky burp filled my mouth I kissed auntie and opened my lips o let it flow into her and be recycled she slurped and dank every drop. Finally I emptied her and plucked the hairs around her nipples and she was hairless. She then made me give her a sponge bath. I got into all her nooks and crannies under her arms her feet and the small of her back how she wriggled as I I washed under her pendulous breasts and her dome of a stomach.
Finally she turned onto her front and offered her arse in the air. One last job you need to wash this for me. I approached with the sponge and caught a stream of warm shaving foam and shit right in my face and hair. She laughed as stream after stream hit me. That’ll teach you to give your auntie an enema.

Hope you enjoyed auntie’s story

Disclaimer: All the people in my stories are adults and consent. There is no implication that they are real they are figments of my warped and oversexed imagination. Enjoy or go and find what gets you off in another story on the xhamster.

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