Biker SUCKS dicks on the ROAD

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Biker SUCKS dicks on the ROAD

I ride a Harley motorcycle and one day, I decided to take a few days off and suck cock all the way across Florida! It may sound strange to you, but I love sucking cock and swallowing those hots loads is the BEST in the WORLD!

My first task was to line up plenty of nice cocks so that as I exited at various cities, I would have one, two or more men ready to blow and I knew I didn t have time to waste! I sent out an ad on Craigs List and before long, I had my guys, towns, public parks, restrooms and even a couple of men s clubs on my list! I packed up a few clothes, loaded my bike and left town!

I started my trip in Brandenton, Florida and I had these two guys that were about 5 miles north of there that wanted to use my mouth. They were my first stop and when I got to their place, they invited me inside and we introduced ourselves to each other. I didn t have time to waste so I asked if they were ready for me to blow them and they said yes and the first guy dropped his pants to the floor and sat in a chair. I got on my knee s and took his 7 inches down my throat, rubbing his nut sack as I sucked and licked his big cock! The other man watched and jerked himself off and the man I was blowing suddenly shot several hot streams of liquid into my waiting mouth! I licked all around his sloppy wet cock and I swallowed the load. The other guy then spun me around and jerked off directly into my mouth! He shot several streams and some even hit me in the face!

I licked and sucked his cock a little more and then, I stood up, and with the taste of their semen in my mouth, said my good byes and thanked them for their cocks and cum! I got back on my bike and headed north to Tampa! I rode to my next cocksucker stop in Brandon where I exited and went to a guys apartment. When I knocked on the door, he answered it, totally naked and I heard other voices coming from his place. He opened the door and I went inside, only to see 6 men sitting there on the sofa s with various degree s of nudity! I knew I was in for some fun and after a few introductions, I was also naked and ready to blow! I was taken into one of the bedrooms where I sat on the bed and a steady procession of men, came up to me and fucked my open wet mouth!

I loved having lots of guys this way and I also enjoyed rubbing and sucking all those big balls they had too. I took several loads from some of them and I was now laying on my side, letting them take turns laying next to me and feeding me their nice hot hard cocks. After I had swallowed several more loads, I felt someone try and fuck my ass. I hadn t planned on that just yet, but it felt good so I raised my leg, pulled it to my chest and let him take my hole. His cock was really big and thick, but I took it like a man and let me side me me all he wanted. When he came, I felt his hot sperm shoot against my insides and then, the slipperyness and his cock in me made me realize that he had busted his nut in me!

He pulled out and got up and some other guy took his place and used me as well. By the time they were done with me, I had cum leaking from my ass and a stomach full of spent jism! It felt great, but I had to leave to continue my cross state journey, so I said my good byes. thanked everyone and pulled my pants back on and left. I spent the next 50 or so miles, feeling that cum seeping from my hole and wetting my jeans!..LOL

I rode through Tampa and finally reached an exit just south of Gainesville, Florida and stopped at a gas station and truck stop. I had already arranged a meet up with a couple of guys that worked there and after filling my tank, they called my cell phone and I met them toward the back of the overnight truck parking lot. They led me to a truck that had a nice overnight cab in it and we went in the thing and went to the back. I helped the first one out of his jeans and out sprang a beautiful nine incher. I leaned over and let it slide into my wet mouth and I began to pump up and down over the head and I could hardly wait to feel his cum spurt into my mouth! As I massaged his nut sack, I felt him tense up and then a rush of his sweet hot cum flood my mouth! I swished that warm jism around, taking little swallows of it as I continued to suck and lick his hard cock!

When he was done, he pulled form my mouth and his friend took his place! That guy was not as big but I loved his big shaved balls and feeling them slap against my chin as he fucked my mouth was incredible! He popped his load after only a couple minutes and I swear, he shot so much cum that much of it spilled from my mouth and ran down my chin and onto the t-shirt I was wearing. He kept fucking my mouth even after cumming and it was actually gagging me he slammed it in so far! He finally pulled away and seeing his wet, cum soaked cock was nice!

The two of them asked me if I wanted to meet some friends of theirs and naturally, I said yes, I mean, I WAS on this trip to be a cum slut so I was taking any and every load I could get! I waited in the cab a few minutes and grabbed a smoke. Before I had finished it, the cab door opend and in came a young cowboy looking guy. He told me that his buddies said I was a good cocksucker and that I liked to swallow. I told him that I was the guy and with that, he came over next to me and pulled his young hard dick out. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times to make it harder and after just a minute of doing that, he was ready to do! I lowered my lips over the shaft, and taking just the head in my mouth, used my tongue to tease the rim and pee hole. He jumped a couple of times when I did that and I knew that this young guy had a nice sweet load just waiting in those young nuts for me to eat!

I began moving my wet mouth, up and down over the shaft and I massaged his big balls as I did it. I love licking balls too so I gave them some attention as well! I began to deep throat him gagging a few times from the thickness and long length but I knew my creamy reward would be forthcoming soon! I felt him tense up and then, a rush of warm liquid enter my mouth, filling every part of it! His cum was almost hot and feeling it swishing around in between my teeth, tongue and lips was incredible. He held my face tightly as he shot a couple more streams and finally, he pulled his dripping cock away from me and I licked all the spent jism from it. I wiped my face with my fingers and he thanked me and left the truck.

I leaned back to have another smoke when the door opened up and two more horny truck drivers were standing there waiting their turn! I took them both on at the same time, alternating from one cock to the other and just as one came in my mouth, the other guy came and shot his load all over my face! I was dripping with spent jism and I laughed about seeing my face in the mirror..LOL! I was cream covered and one of the guys then licked some of it from my face and the other guy squeezed the last drop from his dick and had me eat that too. They then pulled their pants up and left me with a mess to clean up! After wiping my face off with a rag, I left the truck and said good bye to the two guys who owned the truck. I got on my Harley and headed north!

I exited on to I-10 and I went to a men s club that was hear the freeway. I locked up my bike and went inside and checked in. I rented a small room there and inside was a small bed, a locker and some towels, etc. Everybody there walks around naked, with maybe a towel around them is all and it s a great way to see lots of cocks dangling down and it gives you a chance to suck and fuck all you like. I knew that my ass, as well as my mouth could use a good fucking so I went to the hot tub area where about 8 men were in it. I took my towel off and got in the warm water. One of the men was sitting really close to me and I felt his hand rub up against my thigh. I didn t resist either and after a couple more seconds, he had it on my hardening cock. he stroked me a few times without even looking at me. I parted my legs some, to let me know that I was enjoying it and after about 2 minutes of this, I reached over and took his cock in my hand. We just sat there, stroking each other and talking with the other men like nothing was happening under the bubbling water.

The guy leaned over to me and asked if I had a room there and I told him yes. I knew what he wanted so I stood up, with my cock sticking straight out and we left the hot tub. The other men looked at us and they all knew that someone was about to either get fucked or suck some cock and a couple of them asked if we needed any help !..LOL I nodded a yes and and with said, 4 of them followed us to my room. One of the men mentioned that the room may be to small for everyone and that we should all go to the main play room where they had porn playing on a big screen and sofa s everywhere, He said sex was allowed in it so we all followed him.

I sat on the sofa with my legs apart and my new buddy got in between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. As he sucked me, one of the other gents got on the sofa, on his knee s, and stuck his hot big cock down my throat! As he fucked my face, his balls slapped against my chin and I couldn t wait to feel that hot rush of sweet cum enter my mouth. The other guys were now sucking each other off in different parts of the room and my guy finally busted his nut in my mouth! Several of the men watched as I licked and sucked up every drop of it and even cleaned the mans nut sack of any that had spilled on them. By then, I had two guys taking turns on my cock and I took another in my mouth and that guy came in just a few seconds.

I spun around some, so I was laying on my back and I put one leg on the back of the sofa and another on the floor. This made my asshole open for use and I hoped that someone would stick a cock in it for me. One guy then got between my legs and started eating my ass and that felt really good, having his tongue go in and out of it. He then stood over me and applied some lube to my hole. He quickly plunged his bareback cock deep in me, causing me to tense up some since he was so large. He pumped my hole while the others watched and I felt him grab my waist really tight and I knew he was about to fill me with his hot sperm! He shot several streams inside me and the slippery feeling confirmed to me that he busted a load. He pulled out and he was followed by another man who slammed his cock in me so hard that I jumped. his cock was a little smaller but thick and he was a very quick cummer too and he shot in me as well. When he pulled out, I could feel their cum seeping from my hole and running down my ass crack.

One of the younger guys then put his entire mouth over my asshole and I felt him suck and lick me. I liked having him eat my cream pie and it made me want to do the same to someone. After he was done, We had all cum at least once so I went to the showers to clean up and I actually sucked another dick in there. It was some guy who had just arrived and he had a huge load for me too.

They had a glory hole room so I figured why not go in it and see what kind and size cocks may be pushed in the holes for me to suck. It didn t take long for some big black cock came through one of them. I stroked it a few times and then licked the tip, tasting some of the pre-cum that was there. I engulfed the head with my mouth and while stroking it, let him fuck my face till he shot a load! This guy must have not cum in a month because so much of it shot from his cock that I gagged trying to swallow it all. I licked him clean, kissed the tip and he pulled away. You know, something about sucking the cock of a man you can t even see or know, is exciting and really makes you horny!

I sucked two or three more cocks while in the glory hole room and I decided to take another shower and leave. I climbed on my bike and went to a Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida. I checked in and being tired from the long bike ride, went down to the bar and ordered a cold beer before bed. While sitting there, I saw several business men and a few tourist hanging around.

After about 3 beers, I noticed this couple, a man and who I thought may be his wife, looking over at me. After a few minutes, the guy came over to me and asked me to join them at their table. I said ok and went back to have a seat. He explained that they saw me on my Harley when I pulled into the hotel and that they also had ridden their bike as well. We talked awhile about riding, etc. and after about 20 minutes and a ton of beer. He asked me to join them in their room if I liked and that we could make a few drinks from the bar in their room. His wife was very nice looking and honestly, so was he, so I agreed and followed them.

When we got to the room, I was surprised to see his wife just pull her shirt off, exposing her sweet little tits. He laughed and said that they were both nudists and felt more comfortable naked, than dressed. I told them it was no problem with me so that s when she laughed, thanked me and took off the rest of her clothes! She was now completely naked and I was hoping he would do the same so I could see his cock! He asked me to join them and we could hang out naked. I said sure and he pulled his shorts, underwear and shirt off and out popped a huge, but flaccid, cut cock! I knew I wanted to just take it in my mouth, but I knew that she might freak out. I pulled my clothes off and we all sat out on the balcony, overlooking the ocean.

She sat across from me and had her legs apart. I could see every square inch of her pussy and he sat next to me, really close. After we finished our drinks, she got up to make us new ones and when she went inside, he leaned over and took my cock in his hand and complemented me on it. I liked him touching it and he actually told me that he hoped I wasn t offended by him doing that but that he and his wife appreciate a nice cock like mine. I smiled and told him that he could touch it anytime he liked, then we both laughed. His wife came back out there and he told her that he thought I had a nice cock and that maybe she should see it hard! I was a little stunned but horny as hell by now so I said that I could use a good hard-on right now and then I laughed, hoping they wouldn t get offended. The guys name by the way was George and his wife was Brenda.

George told her that maybe he should find out for her, just what I had, and he asked me if I would maybe like to play around some before bed. I told him that I would love too and that I would like to see what HIS cock looked like hard as well. He then got on his knee s, and right in front of his wife, took my cock in his mouth and started sicking the hell out of it. I parted my legs some and he licked all over the shaft, played with my balls and even licked them. His wife watched what he was doing and then she said that George loved sucking cock even more than her! I was now very happy to hear that and after I got really hard, I asked George if he would like me to do him too! He smiled and said hell yes and we went to the bed and I had George lay on his back. I put my mouth over his big cock and watched his wife sat in a chair in the corner and play with her pussy! I sucked his cock and took each ball into my mouth too. The head was nice and big and I wanted his cum really bad by now. We got into a side by side 69 and sucked each other like it was the last cock in the world!

I knew I was about to shoot and when I told him, Brenda got up and said she wanted to see me cum in his mouth! George opened his mouth wide, stuck his tongue out and I shot my wad all over it! I must have blown three streams as she watched and truthfully, it turned me on! I filled his mouth and then stuck it back in his mouth for a clean up! He sucked me dry as a bone and then, it was his turn to fill me! I laid on my back and while he straddled my face, he jerked off into my mouth! His cum was sweet as candy and seeing his wife right there with her dripping pussy made me want to cum again! After he wiped his cock off in my mouth, he rolled off and we laid there a couple minutes, spent and half drunk.
I needed some sleep by now and we parted ways but first, exchanged phone numbers.

The next day, I packed up my bike and headed back toward Tallahasse, Florida and stopped for a quick visit with a friend from high school days. He was married now, but STILL a cocksucker and he and I use to trade blow jobs and butt fucks with each other when we were growing up. His wife was home and she had no idea he was a cock slut like me so we left and got a hotel room, there in town. It was nice. eating his ass and fucking him like we use to and he still had a tight hole for me to cum in! We played around for a couple of hours and did some things we use to do years before. He especially liked to eat my cum and today, I fed him all he wanted! He in turn came in my ass twice and that was nice!

He had to leave for home so I said goodbye and decided to stay in the same room overnight. I figured I could come up with someone to suck off if I tried, so I got on my ipad and looked at Craigs List. I placed an ad, saying I was sucking every cock that came over tonight and it wasn t long before I had 7 guys in the room. They all had decent cocks and I took each one in turn and blew them off! It s nice, having several men fill my mouth like that and even after they had all cum, we sat around and did a few other things like eat ass, fuck some more and one guy was really into letting a few of the guys piss all over him!…LOL

They all left and I headed home, tired, full of cum and pretty much spent out. By the time I arrived back at my house, I fell asleep for about 12 hours and by the next day, I was ready to be a slut again! I think next time, I m going to let more guys fuck me in the ass, my jaws hurt right now but I know that my mouth and ass are ready again for anything hard, filthy and cum filled!..LOL

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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