Birthday/Retirement Party

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Birthday/Retirement Party
I was just about ready to leave for the birthday party. Our friends Patrick and Trisha were waiting in their car to take me to the party when the phone rang. It was my husband Joe who was away on business but was expected to get back for the party later, so although I was getting a ride to the party he would bring me home at the end.

Hi babe he said, I am not going to make it to the party tonight as I just blew a tire. I managed to get into a garage but he doesn t have the size so I will stay at a motel just down the street and he said he can get one first thing tomorrow.
Shit that means I will have to get a ride home as well as a ride to the party.
Yes sorry babe I was looking forward to getting there and seeing you as it has been a week since I was home. Bur hell one more night won t kill us .
OK I had better go as Patrick is waiting for me. See you tomorrow. Love ya>
Yeh Love ya too.

I closed the door and went out to the car. On the way I explained what had happened and Patrick said he could drive me home but it might be a bit early as he was getting up early the next day for a golf game. I said it was OK but was a bit peeved as I would have enjoyed staying late but as needs must.When we got there We found a table near the back of the room and I left my bottles of wine there and went to help set up the table with the eats . It had been requested that everyone bring some thing so I had a couple of plates of savoury snacks which I laid out and help some of the other women lay out the tables. I did go and get myself a glass of wine to help me feel better. The room had filled up quickly and some people were already picking up the munchies so I got a couple of plates with savoury and dessert and started to take them back to the table when Carol, who the party was for intercepted me on the way. The party was to celebrate her birthday but also her retirement from the office in which we both worked. She had a tall 30/40 year old black guy with her who she introduced a Peter.

Hey Ellen meet Peter, he is the Director/Actor for the London Theatre Club
Carol was an actress and director of the local theatre group.
Remember I spoke about him last year when I took a seminar in London with he gave.
I vaguelly remembered and said Hi, I d shake your hand but as you can see they are full.
He laughed and leaning forward kissed both cheeks and said Nice to meet you, Carol spoke about you and how you both worked together.
Thats nice you came up from London for her party I said.
How could I resist, she was one of the best students at the seminar and I promised to come and see this town she was so glowing about and check out the theatre.
Well I better get this stuff over to my table or my friends will come looking for me to find out where the food is. Nice meeting you.

I went to the table and the night started to get more lively. There was a DJ playing music and people were dancing. Patrick took me up for a couple of dances and Carols Husband had me up for a few. The wine was good and there were plenty of people I knew to chat to. I moved around the room and they came to our table. I passed Peter a couple of times and we nodded.

About 11.30 Patrick said they had to go and we were standing up to leave when Peter came over and said. You aren t leaving are you? I was just a bout to ask you to dance.
Patrick has to leave and he is my ride tonight , I said.
Well I can give you a ride home if you need it. Small price to pay for a dance . He smiled.
I don t want to put you out of your way.
No bother to me, I am staying over so I can see the theatre tomorrow.
I looked at Patrick and Trisha, Do you mind if I decline the ride? I would like to stay a bit longer.
No not at all, I m sorryI had to leave early but I need my sleep as I will be up early tomorrow.
Thanks I said, I ll see you next week some time

I put my bottle back on the table and Peter escorted me to the dance floor. It was a bit of classic rock/pop music so we were having a laugh and enjoying the fun around us. It changed to a slow tune and Peter pulled me close and I could feel the heat of his body against me. He was over six feet and well built and his body felt like it was hard. When the music stopped he took me back to my table but he said You can t sit here o you own so we took my wine and went over to Carol s table
where he had been sitting. We chatted the rest of the night, he took me up for a few more dancing as did Carol s husband.

As the night drew to a close he said Let me get you home. He took my arm and led me out of the all and around the side where his car was parked. It was a BMW with the top down.
Wow nice car I said.
It gets me to where I need to go he laughed.

When we got to my place he escorted my right to the door. I opened the door and turned to face him.
Thanks for the ride home and also for a pleasant evening. I am glad I was able to stay later, 11.30 was way to early to leave a party and would have been a wasted evening.
He said Yes it would have been and my night would have been much duller if you had left.
He leant down and kissed the left side of my cheek and as he went to moved to the right, as he had done before, he kissed me on the lips. I am not sure why but I responded and my mouth open as his tongue pressed against my lips. His tongue immediately entered and our tongued fenced together. His hand was behind my head pulling me against him his other was around my back. We stood kissing for a little while then he moved forward pushing me into the hallway. without our lips parting he kicked the door closed and pushed me against the wall. I could feel his body against me and he pressed his hips forward. I could feel his manhood growing. One of his hands went to my breast and started to squeeze it. I didn t know what was happening to me or what I was doing but I just seems to think everything was OK.
I had on a light blouse and skirt and his hand started to unbutton my blouse. I slid my hand down between us and felt his cock throbbing beneath his pants. He slid my blouse off my shoulders and undone my bra and finally our lips parted. My bra fell to the floor ands lips transferred to my nipple. I felt a shudder go through me as he sucked it hard into his mouth. He bit down on is just enough to feel his teeth without being too painful. He moved to the other side and did the same. I unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. He pulled them down over his hips and they fell to the floor. I again reached down and felt his cock, it was long and quite thick. AS he sucked on my nipples and caressed my breath I stroked his cock and cupped his balls in my hand. His hands slid up under my skirt pushing up around my waist. he caressed and squeezed my ass and then one hand came to the front and slid under my panties. His fingers slid into my now wet vagina. I think this was when I started moaning. After a few strokes of his fingers he lifted me up I put my legs around his waist and he slid my panties to the side as he slowly lowered me onto his cock. I felt the head press against my vaginal lips then it slid forward and it felt like it popped inside me. He hesitated a moment then he thrust hard and drove his cock deep inside me. I screamed with pleasure and he kept on driving into me. My back was banging against the wall as he drove into me. Every thrust was deep and hard and I could feel it bottoming out inside me. I started to orgasm and when it finally reached it zenith I was moaning and screaming at the same time. I sagged against his shoulder and he somehow stepped out of his pants and shoes and asked me where the bedroom was. I I said Up stairs to the left. Without unwrapping my legs from around his waist he carried me up the four stairs to the bedroom. I switched on the light as we entered the room. He gently laid me on the bed. He stripped off what clothes he had left, and then slid my skirt and panties off too. He stood above me a picture of maleness, dark skin, hard muscled body and his cock standing out like a barbers pole. I was lying on the bed with my legs d****d over the edge. He got down on his knees and spread my legs. He reached between them and his tongue gently probed my vagina. He sucked on my vaginal lips taking them in his teeth and gently pulling them. He slid up and touched my clitorus which was just tingling and I shuddered again. He continued to play with my vagina with his tongue probing and then his fingers entered my wet insides, which again brought on an orgasm. He then gently lifted me completely onto the bed. He lay and kissed my lips then my breasts. biting my nipples squeezing them hard and then soft. After about ten minutes of this he got between my legs raised my legs onto his shoulders and slid into me.It felt like he went deeper but I cannot see how as he was grounding out on my insides first time around. He started off slowly and it was so good feeling him pull out almost to the tip then feeling the whole length sliding in. He sped up and I went into what felt like a permanent orgasm as he drove deep and hard with every thrust his balls slapping against my ass. I could feel my orgasm rippling through my body and I moaned and called out YES, YES, YES . I felt him stiffen and he stopped thrusting and just knelt with his cock buried deep inside me. I could feel his cock throb and then I felt his warm cum fill my insides. He lowered my legs to the bed and rolled onto his side. His cock slid out and his cum gushed out of my vagina behind it.We lay there for quite a while and we may even have napped but I got up to go clean myself in the bathroom. When I came back I ask him to move to these of the bed and d**** his legs over the edge. I got down on my knees and took his cock in my hands. I stroked it and caressed his balls and it slowly came back to full length and hardness. I reached down and took each ball into my mouth and sucked hard on them and bit them gently which made him wince. I licked up the underside of his shaft. Reaching the tip I kissed it then slid down to his balls again.I did this for some time then one time as I reached the top I slid it into my mouth, but only the tip, My tongue swirled around the tip and head for a short time then down the shaft again to his balls. I did this a number of times and he was groaning and jerking when I took it into my mouth. Finally I reached the tip and slid my mouth right down his haft taking as much as I could until I gagged. I didn t stop this time, I just kept right on sliding up and down taking his cock deep into my mouth. My hands cupped and squeezed his balls as I mouth fucked him. After about five minutes of this He arched his back and I could feel his cock start to throb. I backed off a little as he exploded inside my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some squeezed out between my lips and ran down my cheeks. Eventually he stopped squirting into my mouth and he dropped to the bed. I licked up any residual cum including that which was on my face. We both crawled up onto the bed and lay side by side and both of us dropped off to sleep.

I woke up about six in the morning feeling something touching my vagina. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning over me fingering my vagina. He slid his finger in and said, Your still wet. I looked down at his cock and said Your still hard. Seems like a waste of vaginal juice and a hard cock to not do something he said. I smiled and said It does, doesn t it .

He rolled me over and pulled me up onto my knees. He spread my vaginal lips and without hesitation drove his cock deep inside me. I groaned as it bottomed out but soon started moaning and screaming as he drove in and out fast and hard. I orgasmed almost immediately but he just kept on going and I had another one quite soon. After about ten minutes I could feel a third orgasm building inside me and as it started to ripple through my body his cock seems to grow bigger and he again exploded inside me. He stopped thrusting into me and I could feel his cock throb over and over as he pumped my inside full of warm sticky cum. It leaked out the sides of his cock and ran down my thighs. We collapsed onto the bed with him on top of me and still inside me. Eventually he pulled out and I could feel his cum flowing out of my vagina.

We lay there for quite a while then we both had showers. We had a coffee together and he said how much he had enjoyed himself. I told him I had had a great time and maybe if the opportunity comes again we can repeat the good times. He gave me his card with his email and phone number and he left. I went back to bed and fell asleep for about two hours. I had just got all the sheets and bedspreads into the washers with new ones on the bed when my hubby arrived. He dropped his bags and grabbed my in the kitchen where he bent me over the kitchen table, pulled down my jeans and fucked my from behind. God, he said your so wet, you must have been looking forward to this as much as I was. I smiled to myself and said, Yes I was thinking about sex all night!

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