cat……chapter 2

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cat……chapter 2
Cat had implied that she would call him rarely, if ever. To his surprise, she called him that Friday. Their second time was similar to the first, with her teaching and introducing him to new things. Rather than fuck his ass, she had him suck her girl-cock again. She called him again the following week. This time, she had him suck her off three times. At first, she called him once a week. Around the fifth week, she would call him Friday evening and again on Saturday or Sunday. Two weeks later she started calling on Wednesdays as well. Each week they spent more and more time with him sucking and licking her whether she was erect or not. It quickly became their preferred activity to the exclusion of almost everything else. He would spend literally hours on his knees between her legs. She even bought him a special pillow for extended kneeling. He never complained or asked for anything, seeming content just bringing her off over and over. No sooner would she flood his mouth with her copious ejaculate, than he would begin working to arouse her member again. As they spent more time together, her orgasms became more and more intense until she screamed and convulsed violently nearly every time. He insisted that she was producing larger loads each week, though he refused to let a single drop escape his mouth to measure it. She often asked if he was okay with this arrangement, demanding that he be truthful. He never hesitated to assure her that he was enjoying it more than she was. Sometimes, he placed her hands on his head and asked her to fuck his mouth. He never gagged, taking her as deep as she could go until her muscles gave out in exhaustion. Jason could draw forth her semen over and over until Cat simply had no more to give, only to force her body to continue to try until she begged him to stop.

For their three month anniversary , he asked her to do something for him for the first time. She quickly agreed assuming that he would finally let her pleasure him. Instead, he asked her to wear her shortest dress and go to dinner with him. He took her to a carefully chosen restaurant. It was dimly lit with a soft ambiance. He had requested a table in the darkest corner. After the meal, he ordered dessert for one. When she inquired, he simply said that he had other plans for dessert. When Cat s lava cake arrived, Jason grinned at her, his eyes twinkling. Glancing around, he slid down beneath the tablecloth. A moment later, Cat s eyes grew very big, then sagged half-lidded. When the waiter returned to inquire if everything was to their satisfaction, she could only manage a nod, and that just barely.

Two weeks later she didn t call him on Friday night. He thought it was unusual, but assumed that she had chosen to spend time with someone from her stable or was, perhaps, breaking in another newbie. He felt a pang of jealousy, but had accepted that this was Cat. She belonged to no one. She called him on Saturday evening. Jason, come over. She was slurring her words badly. She dropped the phone, fumbled it a couple of times and finally retrieved it. Come over. She sounded drunk. Very drunk. She hung up.

Jason arrived and she kissed him before the door shut. She was wearing only panties, a bra, and smelled like a distillery. There was an open bottle of Jack Daniels on the table. It was nearly empty, perhaps a half inch left. She stumbled into him, then fell backwards into the wall. Righting herself, she wobbled back and forth, ready to fall over any second. She pulled down her panties.

Get to it, Jason boy.

He was instantly confused. He had never seen her this way. She was always mentally sharp and in control. He turned and shut the door.

Wassa matter, fag? Don want anyone seein you suck at suckin ? Bet you canna even get me up. She fell into a table, knocking the lamp off of it. It shattered on the floor. Cat pushed at her panties and they slid down to her knees. She laughed in a way that sounded more cruel than happy. She pushed her hips at him twice, making her penis swing slightly. Come n. I know yoos wan to. Trying to stand up again, she fell into Jason face first. He grabbed her shoulders and held her up straight. Her head lolled back to look at him.

Open your mouf, faggot. I gotta pee.

Droplets of urine fell to the floor.

You like mah white cream… you should try mah yellow juice.

Cat grabbed her girl-cock and aimed it up at Jason. Urine flowed, arcing through the air and splashing on his shirt. He stared at her in disbelief.

Haha! Yoo sush a lil bish. I sh fuck your ass gan. Gonna stresh dat hole wide op n. Bet it s so nish n tight.

Cat s panties fell down around her ankles. She grabbed at his butt and fell onto the couch.

I m gonna fuck your ash, but you gotta suck it firsh. Com n geh me hard if fu can.

She held her drooping girl-cock and waved it at him. Jason rubbed his forehead, his mind trying to process the scene.

Shoulda called Michelle. Now she got an ash. She likes da rod… bof of em, haha. I tear er ash up widd da rod, den I tear er ash up with my rod. She grinned sloppily. You wan sum rod, queer? She waved her limp penis at him again. I got whiskey dick juss for you. Tink you re so damn good wif your mouf… wigglin at tongue like a snake. Tink you re so fuckin good. But I got choo… I beat choo. Go on, try it. Canna do it. She tried to pump her non-responsive shaft. Thas right. You canna ged me dis time.

Jason sighed. Cat, what is this all about? What are you doing here? What is it you want?

Wan you suck my dick, bish! You tink you re hot shit. Tink you re speshul. YOU CANNA GET NOBODY BEDDER DAN ME! I BEAT CHOO! She grabbed the bottle of whiskey and gestured at him a couple of times, the little bit of liquid sloshing around slightly. WHISKEY DICK, BISH! I WIN! JUSS TRY IT, YOU FUCK!

Jason closed his eyes and lowered his head. Somewhere in the back of his head, it registered that she d said my dick . Those weren t the words she used. He knew how important her preferred terms were to her and that worried him.

DO IT! She hurled the bottle at him, missing by a couple of feet. It shattered against the wall.

Cat, do you think that we re in some kind of competition?

You tink you re da besh. Tink you c n trol me… trol my body! Nobody trolsh me!

Cat, I have no desire to control you. That s your thing and I m fine with that.

Cat fought and fumbled with her panties, finally kicking them off. She stood up shakily from the couch and walked towards him, swaying with each step. She fell down at his feet and used his pants to climb back up. She slid around him, eyes narrowed, her tiger s grin showing. Jason turned with her.

Fuck you! She shoved him backwards explosively. He stumbled back several steps, trying to keep his balance before falling hard. He d forgotten how strong she was. She d been born with a male s muscles and she worked out daily. Her workouts we re tailored to keep them long and lean. It belied her strength. She stalked towards him, weaving to and fro. Jason tried to get up, but she shoved him back to the floor with a foot in the center of his chest.

Fuck you and fuck your mouf! Her lips curled into a snarl. Yeah, fuck your mouf. Tink you re da besh…tink you re Gosh giff!

Jason tried to scramble backwards, but she stepped over him, placing a foot on each side. She dropped at the knees, knocking the wind out of him as she landed sitting on his chest.

Cat! What are you doing?! Get off me! He tried to push her off, but his arms were pinned. She scooted up but continued to squeeze his arms to his body with her powerful legs. She held her girl-cock at the base of the shaft and smacked his chin with it.

Op n up!

Jason turned his head away. Cat grabbed his hair and yanked his face back towards her. Jason tried to move his arms again and kicked with his legs to no avail.

I shed op n up! She started repeatedly smacking his face with her limp organ. He moved his head to the side, despite her yanking his hair.

Is that what you really want, Cat? Is that what s going to make you happy?

She spit straight into his face. Releasing his hair, she shifted to squeezing his jaw painfully. Fuckin op n up!

Jason sighed and opened. Cat pushed the head of her limp cock into his mouth. DO IT! She leaned forward pushing more of it in. YEAH! WHISKEY, BISH! WOO!

Jason stared up at her, locking eyes. He started moving his lips and tongue in the ways that he knew she enjoyed most, raising his head up and down, moving it left and right.


Jason continued, never losing eye contact. It took perhaps seven or eight minutes, but slowly, inevitably, she began to stiffen, thicken and elongate. Her eyes blazed with rage and she screamed at the top of her lungs. FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

Cat s shoulders slumped and tears began to stream down her cheeks. Fuck you. Her whole body sagged. She slid off him sideways, falling to the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, hugging them to her and tucking her head. Tears continuously streaming down her face, she quietly whispered fuck you over and over.

Jason looked at her for a minute, then climbed to his feet. Standing over her, he felt nothing but sadness. His thoughts raced. This situation was insane. What madness drove her to this? What should he do now? He closed his eyes. When he opened them, she was still curled up in a sobbing, whispering ball, only now gently rocking back and forth. He recognized it as self-soothing behavior. He sighed again, knelt by her head and stroked her silver hair.

Shh…shh…shh. He started to whisper that it would be okay, but he seriously doubted that it would be. Eventually, she fell asleep, still curled in a ball.

Despite everything, she was surprisingly light. He carried her to her bedroom and lay her at the foot of the bed. He pulled back the covers, picked her up again, this time placing her head on the pillow. He gently uncurled her limbs, then covered her up. She had drunk a scary amount of liquor. He brought in a chair from the kitchen and watched her to make sure that she kept breathing and didn t suffocate on her own vomit. He felt comfortable enough to leave her around five thirty in the morning.

It was about seven in the evening when Jason s phone rang. The caller id read Cat . He almost didn t answer. He accepted the call after the fourth ring.

Jason, this is Cat. I wanted to call and apologize about last night. I m so very, very sorry. So much more sorry than you can imagine and I owe you an explanation.

Jason remained silent.

Jason, you are truly awe-inspiring. I ve never seen anyone like you. You ve done in a few months what takes others years and years, if ever. I don t understand. You came to me knowing nothing, and now…it freaks me out so much I can t think straight half the time. Hell, you terrify me. You make me come so fast, so often, so much, and so God damn hard…I can barely catch my breath. The things you can do with your tongue…I can t wrap my head around it at all. You have this ability…you can make me rock hard when I should still be a limp noodle. It s like it s almost too easy for you. No one else compares. It feels like you re the one controlling me… making me your puppet. And you never, ever ask for a God damn thing in return. Christ, I thought I was teaching you all these things and it turns out that I was just wasting your time. You re a master violinist and I m barely a fiddle. The truth, Jason… He could hear her voice catching and her words became blubbery. She was starting to cry. The truth is that I was scared. I was so fucking scared. I was so afraid that you d get bored with me and find someone else…someone better. I thought if I made it harder, made it a challenge, you d be interested again. I thought the whiskey would help. Make me strong enough for you. But I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I went way overboard…way, way too far. I barely remember last night, but what I do remember…oh, god, I m so sorry. Her voice kept breaking. He could hear her sobbing softly through the phone. I hope you can forgive me. If you can t…if you re out and done with me, I understand. I won t bother you anymore.

She paused, sniffling several times. He thought he could hear faint cursing. God damn it. Weak. So fucking weak. She took a deep breath. When she spoke again, she sounded more composed.

I doubt that it ll make you feel better, but I am paying for it in other ways as well. My head feels like someone is pounding spikes into it with a sledgehammer. My eyes hurt so much I can barely see, and everything is so loud that I want to cut my ears off. I m throwing up constantly. My entire body feels like I ve been run over by a cement truck. I got glass in my foot. Fuck! I don t know why I told you all that. I know that doesn t make up for it. I m so sorry. Good bye, Jason. The line went dead.

Jason sat down and put his legs up on the couch. He turned things over in his head. In truth, he loved Cat, but he knew that she didn t want a relationship with anyone. She redefined the term free spirit . He didn t want to try to change her, or ruin what they did have. But she d hurt him. She had made him fly among the clouds for months, then dashed him to the ground in one night.

Sitting there, he replayed the conversation in his head several times. She didn t get it. She was the reason that he could do what he did. She was the reason he had worked so hard. She hadn t wasted his time – she had created the solid foundation that he d built upon. He shook his head and laughed wryly thinking about how he d done tongue exercises every single day. He d read every book and article he could find. He joined every online group and forum and scavenged for advice. He d bought a dildo to work out techniques, even though he was almost paralyzingly embarrassed just going into the store. He worked every day to try to get flexible enough to use himself to experiment on. He bought every single brand of condom to find the one that tasted the least disgusting. He d joined Grindr, a gay hook up app, to find willing subjects on which to hone his skills. He d gone to gay bars and begged…begged…random strangers to let him practice on them. He d done it all for her.

She had hurt him. Her words had been a thousand barbs, stinging and tearing at his flesh. The way she had violated him was much worse. She had taken this beautiful, precious thing that they shared, painstakingly crafted with love and affection, and turned in into an ugly, disgusting caricature of what it had been. He was so angry, yet still he loved her. He wished he didn t.

He played it in his head again He had to admit that she did indeed sound contrite. Extremely so. This was Cat. Why would she even care? Shouldn t she just move on? She had her stable and her pick of anyone she wanted. Yet she called him and apologized. She cried over him. He wondered. Perhaps, in her own way, she loved him too. Jason sat in silent contemplation. It was a week and a half before he called her back.

It s Jason. We had…a…uh, bit of a bump in the road, but I m still on team Cat. You can always call me when you need me. Just maybe don t drink so much. He didn t wait for an answer and hung up. The phone rang seconds later. She had him on speed dial.

Oh God, oh God, oh God! You called…you called! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can t tell you what this means to me. I promise I will never, ever, ever, ever hurt you again. Will you come over? We can just sit and talk. Please, Jason, please.

Alright. I ll come over.

Cat stood by the door. She d been standing there for at least half an hour. This wasn t her. Why was she doing this? She didn t know. She just knew she had to. She needed to. She d never needed anyone, but now she was standing here like a school girl with a crush. She smacked herself in the forehead a couple of times. What is wrong with me?!

There was a knock and she opened the door before the last rap. She pulled him inside and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and peppering his face with kisses. I don t want to talk. Can we go to the bedroom? Please? It ll be different this time. I swear! Please.

Something she d said wasn t right. It had been bothering him for almost an hour, since the phone call, but he wasn t sure what it was.

Cat kept kissing his face the whole way to the bedroom. Jason set her down two steps in. She was undressing before her feet even touched the floor, her clothes thrown in random directions. She skipped over to the bed. Looking back at him, she said, Will you undress? Please.

Jason cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. That was what was wrong. Please. Cat never, ever said please. It made him feel uneasy, but he slowly undressed.

Cat patted the edge of the bed. Please, sit here.

Jason moved to the bed and sat where she asked. He eyed her warily as she grabbed two pillows and placed them on the floor in front of him. She knelt on them and kissed his shaft. She lifted it, still flaccid, and placed it on her lips. She looked up at him, somehow begging with her eyes.

What are you doing, Cat?

I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I…I wronged you, Jason. Grievously. I want to make amends. I will please you as long as you desire. I know I m not as good as you, but I can still make you feel good. You can do anything you want to me. You can have my bottom. I ll be the receptive one. You can be in charge…hurt me…make me say stuff. Cat got up and ran to her dresser, opening the top drawer. She pulled out a paddle and a thin, flexible rod. You can spank me…as hard as you want. She dropped them and rummaged around. I have nipple clips. Both the flat screw ones and the alligator clip ones. Here s some needles. They were long and extremely thin. They looked scary.

What the hell do you use those for? he thought to himself.

Oh! You can use this… It was a large dildo with painful looking spikes. She pulled out a bottle of water-based lubricant and showed it to him. It s not as good as silicone. You can use as little as you want to…you can make it hurt…I won t mind. She showed him a circular object. Adjustable cock ring. You can put it on me and make it too tight. I think I have a cage as well. Pulling out a bundle of clothespins, she sat them on top of the dresser. They hurt. Put them everywhere on me. Cat ran over to one of the closets and shoved the clothing aside. She took out a spreader bar and a ball gag, proffering them to him. There s bondage straps under the mattress that pull out. She turned back to the closet. Squatting, she frantically tossed things aside. I think I have some more stuff in here that I haven t used in a while. She looked back at him over her shoulder. If you want to slap me or hit me, it s okay, you can leave marks. Anything you want. Anything at all. I ll call the others to come and make them serve you. I can make any of them do whatever you want. You… She closed her eyes. you can film it if you want to. I…I will do it for you. Her eyes opened, staring into his. Everything… everything is yours to do with as you wish.
Jason shook his head and gave a light chuckle. Her frenetic drive for forgiveness had diffused his remaining anger. Recording video and taking pictures had been her ultimate taboo, yet even this she offered him. This wasn t his Cat. None of these things belonged in the part of her world that she shared with him. He got up and stood next to the bed. Come. Sit here. He patted the spot above the pillows. Cat nearly tripped as she ran over to sit where he d indicated. Spread your legs wide. Her knees practically flew open. Jason knelt down on the pillows and gently stroked her flaccid girl-cock. This is what I want. You there. Me here. He flicked his tongue out and wiggled it up from the base to the tip. She hardened instantly, becoming a throbbing steel bar in his hand. He kissed the very tip. This is us.

Cat stroked his face several times, then leaned forward to kiss the top of his head. Despite the tears streaming down her face, she smiled from ear to ear. She lay back on the bed, her arms thrown wide and closed her eyes. Jason started working his magic and warmth spread through her entire body, suffusing her with happiness. Her stable was finally complete. Jason had been the final piece and she needed nothing more.

Jason s phone rang quite often. He was her favorite horse.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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