Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
She waited for him, kneeling, blindfolded. She kept her thighs slightly apart so that her moist pussy would be visible to him through the thin net thongs. Her hands were on her thighs facing upwards, like she was kept on a display, for her master to see and enjoy.

She was nervous and breathing heavily. Her boobs heaved up and down, threatening to jump out of the loose baby doll that caged them. Even through the AC was at full blast, she was almost sweating. But the chilled air from the AC and her own excited state had made her nipples hard and erect. They poked through the thin net material.

She also had clenched her butt tight to hold the butt plug in its place. She was afraid it would slip off by the time he came. And seeing her not obeying orders would make him leave. She would not be a slave worthy of him. She kept clenching it tighter and it made it more uncomfortable and all the lubrication made it more susceptible to slipping out. But the thick end had nicely lodged itself inside her asshole and the thong string between her butt crack held it perfectly in its position. It was almost as if she was meant to be an ass-whore.

The cold AC, the uncomfortable butt plug made her more tense. But the real reason for her tension was the blindfold. She could not see a thing. She was almost naked, kneeling, presenting herself to a stranger who would walk in through the door. She hoped it was him, but what if it was someone else, what if it was somebody from the hotel. He would see her, maybe force himself on her. She could not even scream because of the gag if he ****d her. But why would he **** her, she would not even know if it was someone else for she was meeting him for the first time. She would submit herself to anybody who was there. But deep inside she knew she would recognize him. Even though she had not seen him or heard him, she knew him, she had submitted to him. She thought she understood him. He would be familiar to her. He would not be a stranger, but her master. And she knew her master.

All the tension and the silence made her extremely conscious. She could even hear her heart beat rapidly. And then she heard the key to the door turn. Her rapidly beating heart started beating even faster. Her boobs almost swayed in tension almost jumping out of the baby doll.

She wondered if it was him. She hoped it was him. All of a sudden she hoped it was nobody. She hoped it was all a dream. Just one of the fantasy dream she had after chatting with him. She was in her bedroom, sleeping after fingering herself dreaming of kneeling for a master.

No but it wasn t a dream. She heard the door open and then shut. She heard the footsteps as somebody walked in. There was almost silence. All she heard two noises, her own heart beating rapidly and someone else breathing… normally!! It was normal, indifferent, confident breathing. She realized he was looking at her, He was staring at her and was unmoved. Her own image, the one she saw in the mirror, of a slut slave kneeling, flashed before her eyes. The thought of him seeing her like that, made her feel extremely humiliated. She wanted to get up and run. But she could not. Nobody had tied her and kept her there. But somehow her body didn t let her do that. It was enjoying that humiliation. It was enjoying being displayed like a submissive slave.

His steady, confident breathing compared to her nervous fast paced breathing, crushed her even more. She always thought of herself as pretty. And here she was almost naked, kneeling like a slave, exposing herself to him, and he was unmoved. He didn t compliment her, jump on her, grab her. He was in total self control. And she had no control of herself. She felt she was totally in his control. Yes he was the master she had fantasized about. She wanted to get up and remove her blindfold and see her master. She wanted to tell him right away she was hers.

But she knew his rules, his most important condition. SHE COULD NOT SEE WHO HE WAS. She was all his to be seen and used. But for her, the master could only be understood through his actions and his touch. She could see him only when he wished to.

When he had stipulated that, she thought it was so unfair and so stupid of him. Why would any girl give herself to a stranger whom she would never see or recognize. But yet she did it. He had that power over her, to make her do insensible things.

Her desire to see him was of no value. She had to learn to suppress her desire. It was only his desires which mattered. And his desires were to use her. And remain unknown. Unseen.

The silence continued. She felt like she was still being stared at. Leeched. Being devoured visually. Almost ****d without even being touched. Her own slutty image kept flashing in front of her again and again. Her submission, which he was enjoying. She felt herself being objectified, being displayed like a whore. Like a sex toy. Like a fuck doll. Yes that s what she felt like a fuck doll.

These thoughts kept racing through her mind. She kept kneeling and waiting. And waiting for something to happen. For him to do something.
But it was just silence and two people breathing.

She just kept waiting.

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