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These are confessions and stories people have sent me.

Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you d like to do?

Private Message it to me and I ll post it. Don t worry about spelling, grammar, etc.


That s hot use to sniff panty when youg stared with his moms. Cotton brief always nice thick pubes loved suckingon them use to get so hard watchin him sniff his moms then we use to use his older and younger sniffin friends wives and daugs .o

Me and my friend we used his moms to I use to get so hRd seein him sniff his moms in fact we took other friends moms and there sis panty when we could we hD a big collection whos u get now

Nice i love cuming in a big pair of yellow panties, they havebover 2 years of cum in them
Hi… My fetish started young. I was always smelling my younger sister s dirty undies.
Wildest thing I have done is let a guy I met online panty raid my clothes hamper while I sucked and rimmed him. He smelled every pussy in my house, LOL.
Your stories are great, I started wearing my mothers nylon panties when real young and it wasn t until I understood what I was doing that I was sniffing them also. Your mother and son videos are a fantasy for me.
Hi! I was about the same age. My buddy and I would either use his sisters panties or if he was at my house we would use my step sisters
All very hot…i loved using them when they were full of pussy cream…u know the kind they get when they are fertile
i was a late starter with my daughter..i was in my late 20s…wish i started earlier though

Hi started pantie sniffing when i was 12 they were my 11 year old sisters.
led to much more
small to teen my fav
family members , friends daughters
used to be in the trade myself, and my fav past time was going through all the undie drawers ans washing basket, some sexy finds and many wanks laying in their beds with thier panties wrapped round my cock.
Would steal some too be a shame not too.
liked cute little coton ones

have on my landlords little panties shes a little cock tease and a cum dump in the making,
leaving there soon so will leave har a big present in her gusset and place it in her drawers.
I was around 14 when I started. My oldest brother was a panty thief. He used to have dirty panties hidden everywhere in our old room we used to share, Our house had unfinished walls I caught him stuffing some under the floor in the wall beside our room. I got curious. He had well over 100 dirty panties laying around. So I kind of got curious and started sniffing any I could get my hands obn including my Moms. I loved hers best. Unfortunately she passed away 24 years ago. Hers were never dirty but they always had a nice odor that got my cock hard. Later on I started spying on her and my 2 older sister in our bathroom through a small hole I drilled in the walll between our kitchen and the bathroom.
OoOoOoOo YeSsSsSs I HaV,…new panties…LOVE!!!! Seeing them wearing the pantys iv put a LiL bit of seed in((;…such a freaking turn on in my mind!!!OMG!!!..I get aroused thinking bout it everytime!..
I just looked at your gallery of dirty kotex panties. You ever have a girl let you pull her tampex from her cunt with your teeth? In high school I had a gf for a short time who would ask me to do that. It was fun and erotic but she was too nasty for me….her whole family was known for hardly ever taking a shower and I swear she didn t wipe her ass after taking a dump. I really liked testing limits, but her smell was unbearable…..but I did find it erotic to remove her tampex for her 🙂
like seeing little panties stretched over a small pussy or a hard cock
my sister and i also had a start with her finding me using her panties for my pleasure…
later she started to take off her used panties at the end of the day and leave it on the washbasin of our shared bathroom.. and she used to collect it from under my pillow with my cum in the morning..

soon i used to ask her to take of her panties and she used to give me a bit of a strip tease.. one thing led to another…
Very hot! But I have to confess it s only little panties that get me excited..
My mothers friend came to stay and left them dirty on the bedroom floor. I kept hold of them and when they were out I wanked furiously and kept sniffing until I ejaculated. I was probably also around twelve.
I was 12 and sniffing my mothers panties
Mmm so nice ,after my mothers panties i started too sniff all My friends mother and sisters panties when i was in their homes
Most of My sniffing today is in panties pad allmost all women in Sweden using a little pad too protect their panties and they are Easy for me too catch ,just sneek in too womens toilet . The smell in them are so good ,pussy ,urine ,ass mmm.Think they start when they are 14-15
Sounds so sexy, love getting them fresh, thankfully with the job I m often there after a client s shower so can get them straight away, I have also cum in there clean ones and put them back, usually towards the end of the job, love knowing they will be wearing their cum filled panties all day 🙂
I was probably around 13-14 when I was busy with my mother s underwear. I found it horny when she had my sperm in the bra. With my wife I did it very often – she held up her panties and I injected. And then put on again – my cum on her skin – really always horny when she ran so wet. Horny greetings
oh my god the retard stories are so fucking hot plz tell me you have more and let me know when new ones are up . are they true I hope lol I would love to find a little cunt like that to train as atoy
just read it great as always .to have such a dumb little cunt as a fuck toy would be so hot thro a party and have her get gang fucked by a lot of people guys and girl spankings toys maybe piss on her lots of cum all over her then force the sister to clean all the cocks and cum off her may as well tie the wimp to a chair and make him watch then make him bring on more girl to play with . can t wait to read what you have cherri do with the little pigs
I never used a bra! Loved dirty panties still do. I would cum in panties and put them away. Its was hot know my cum was rubbing against those hot young pussies! A friend of mine here has me cone over and we stroke off into his wifes panties. Then we put them away. So wild. Her hot Mom cunt has my cum on it. Many times I eat my wife out through her panties
I always kept my panty wearing a secret and only 2 people knew, one was a sissy like me and the other was gay but he loved it when I wore lingerie because it made me super horny. Back in the 50 s an older friend of mine would take some his older brothers men s mags and we would go into different rooms to jack off. One time I looked thru a slightly open door to watch him and saw his big boner, I wanted to go touch it but back then you never told anyone you wanted cock. It wasn t until years later that I found out he was gay.


I was 12 when my dad remairried and I got a stepmom. Her name was Marie and she was hispanic with nice big boobs, not to mentioned very pretty with long black hair and black sexy eyes. I could hear them in the bedroom fucking and she always made a lot of moaning sounds and I would jackoff like crazy as I held a glass to the wall so I could hear everything.

One of the chores she assigned to me was taking the dirty clothes out of the hamper and washing them. It was easy and I got an allowance for doing it. The first time when Marie showed me how to do it she dropped a pair of her dirty panties on the floor and then asked me to pick them up. I was embarressed as I daintly picked them up with my thumb and finger and my face turned red. eeewwwww I remember saying as she laughed and said Don t worry I won t tell anyone. After all it is your job. I now think she was setting me up at that time.

She showed me how to sort the clothes in different piles and how they should be washed. Marie explained her panties and bras should be washed on the gentle cycle as sorted about a dozen them into one pile. That s when it hit me…all those dirty cunt stained crotchs and bras had been rubbing on her privates and left their marks and stains.

Luckily we were out of soap and couldn t wash them that day. I now wonder if she knew that too. That night when she and dad were in the bedroom screwing I got several panties from the dirty clothes pile and sniffed them as I listened to her moaning especially loud that night. I shot a lot and kept the panties in my bed that night jacking off several times with them. I was hooked!

Every once in a while, if my dad was in the bathroom were the hamper was located, she would throw a pair on my bed saying Honey would you put these in the wash for me? They were always soaked and I d jackoff as soon as I could with them.

Her younger sister, about 9 or so, would come for the weekends occasionally and I got to sniff all her dirty panties too. She wore a training bra and I shot several loads in and on it. A couple times I squirted in the cups when it was clean and then put it in her clean clothes pile.

I played doctor with her a couple times but she wouldn t let me feel her pussy, just her tits which werre just starting to grow. She played with my cock once and I shot all over her. she got all mad and wouldn t play anymore. She must not have ever wiped cause the pee scent was strong in her dirty panties. I kept a pair of her little panties that had Dora on it and would smell it as I sucked her mom s panties while listening through the wall to them fucking.

Sometimes my friend, Dan, spent the night on weekends and we d both get Marie s panties and sniff them while we jacked off listening to her getting screwed. He was almost 14 so his cock was bigger than mine and I remember one time he got a boner while we were outside in our swim trunks. Marie saw it bulging out and couldn t stop staring at it. That night she threw her panties in my room and they were soaked! My dad was on a business trip so we decided she knew we were jacking off with them.

Dam that s hot cotton hold the odors so well over the summer went to bbq at a friends lot of people his daug had friends over i went in the. Geust bathroom snooped found som of them changed in there sniffed like 3 different pairs I was so hard while I was sniffing the musk yest one I was stroking with a white red striped pair could not help it shot my loAd in the crocth ass area put them all back alittle while later one of them had to leave she went in got changed when she came back out I realized those were the pAntys I came I got hard again noing she was wearin my fun her shorts were up her ass could see her panty line

I started sniffing and using panties when I was about 11, they were my mum s, from that moment I became addicted to panties and love trying to get them as soon as they are taken off or as close to that as possible so they are still warm and damp
Mmmmmmm sounds like a fun way to start especially when they are nice and fresh.

Your gf was amazing how nice to actually help with your fetish, most women would run a mile, I bet they were delicious.

I use my gf s panties now, plus her daughter s and my niece s as she stays at mine a lot lol
I have cum in my gf s daughter s clean panties and my nieces clean panties before, like you say its such a turn on knowing they are wearing something you have cum in, haven t tried their little bras but now you have said I might try that as well, I must admit I prefer getting their dirty panties and cumming in those, have been more daring than that as well, have actually sniffed my nieces dirty panties whilst she is sleeping as I know she is a heavy sleeper.

Yes i have kept some of my nieces panties and gf s daughter s panties, but where I wear them and cum in them so much I end up having to throw them away, stole a pair of my gf s daughter s last week and enjoying using them, they were still damp when i stole them so kept them in a bag to keep them as fresh as I can for as long as I can, but normally I will use them and put them back

Mmmmmmmmm nice , I tend to use them to much and keep them for ages then get rid of them, normally drop them near a footpath through a field or park so I know someone will spot them lol, actually waited an hour before walked back along the path I had dropped them at and found they were gone so someone must have picked them up lol..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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