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It couldn t have been a crisp and prettier late Autumn day. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and 43 year old Colleen Follett had made the short, three block drive over to visit her friend, Destiny McCullough.

Dressed in her black exercise spandex along with a pair of black leggings, it had been such a lovely day, Colleen decided to leave her coat in the car figuring even when it turned off cooler, she d be so fired up from her workout session, the last thing she need was a coat for the drive back home.

For most of her life, Colleen would have never envisioned being friends with someone like Destiny. First off, people in Colleen s social circle rarely named their k**s Destiny. The typical suburban housewife who was the spawn of several generations of waspy suburban housewives, Colleen had very little contact with people who were as liberal, artsy and somewhat Bohemian as Destiny McCullough.

If it wasn t for the fact that they both found themselves on the same PTA committee at the local high school, Destiny and Colleen would have probably never met. At that point two years earlier, Colleen had been going through a few things and had gained 15-20 unwanted pounds. Colleen had always been too modest, and used the excuse of being too busy, to join a gym, and pretty much every diet she tried had eventually petered out. When Destiny had spoken during a meeting of her long devotion to Pilates and Yoga, Colleen s curiosity was certainly piqued when she assessed the shape the slightly younger, auburnish-brunette was in.


Destiny McCullough had grown into one of the most energetic, ingenuitive, prudent and passionate people God had graced the world with. The second of four c***dren, Destiny s father had been a folk singer, and she spent most of her summers growing up traveling with her brothers and sisters around the country in the family camper to his various gigs.

While she hadn t been born with her father s ability to carry a tune, Destiny had developed a deep love for dance from the time she could walk. She d actually been studying dance at college in hopes of possibly finding her way to Broadway when she found herself pregnant following her Sophomore year. Around the time Murphy Brown was making national news, with the help of Dan Quayle, for defiantly raising a c***d without a dad in the picture, Destiny found herself having to drop out of school to do it for real.

At 39, Destiny was beginning to harvest the fruits of her labor. Four years earlier, she d opened what was now a very successful dance studio in the quant, suburban Denver town she called home, where she taught everything from ballet, tap, modern to ballroom. It was certainly a far cry from the exotic dancing she d done on and off after dropping out of college to keep a roof over her and her son s head all those years earlier.

Brennen McCullough was now 20 and halfway through his second year at Colorado St. The one goal Destiny was now focused on was seeing Brennen finish what she d started two decades earlier. In fact, she d even promised him that after he got his sheepskin, she d go back to school herself and steadily finish off the five semesters she had remaining.

Even though Colleen Follett wouldn t have traded her family, or lot in life, for the world, she d developed quite the keen appreciation for Destiny, and how she d raised a son and built a business all on her own.

The depth and texture of that appreciation was about to take on a far more significant meaning.


The first hint something may have been amiss was the absence of Destiny s car in the driveway when Colleen pulled up. They d met nearly every Tuesday for the past six months at Destiny s, doing a joint Pilates routine together then working out on some of the equipment in Destiny s home gym.

It didn t dawn on Colleen until she recognized the car currently parked in the driveway as her son, Brennen s, that he was home from college on Thanksgiving break.

Now did she say we would skip this week s workout? Colleen tried racking her brain as she slowed her advance up the McCullough s front walk.

Colleen was 15 feet or so from the front door when it clicked in her mind that Destiny did, in fact, mention Brennen was coming home and they d catch back up with their exercise schedule after the holiday.

The second foreboding wave to ripple through Colleen occurred when she noticed the blinds in Destiny s living room window were closed on such a beautiful and unseasonably warm Fall day. Destiny s entire house was full of lovingly tended plants and greenery, and this was the first time Colleen could every remember coming over in the middle of the day and the curtains not being open.

Her son s home…maybe he just closed them to take a nap on the sofa while she s out running errands, Colleen thought to herself before a shrill, muffled shriek snapped her from her malaise.

Did that come from inside the house or next door? she mumbled under her breath, craning her head back and forth between the McCullough home and the one to the left to figure out where that lone, cat-like wail had come from.

Destiny lived on a relatively quiet street, and at two in the afternoon, most of her neighbors were likely still at work. The only sound, as she stood on the walk, was the crunchy echo of the already fallen leaves, dancing past her feet in the light breeze. Standing there allowing her heartbeat to settle, Colleen held her breath long enough until she could hear the faint, grinding rhythm coming from the other side of the picture window in front of her. Clasping her right hand against the smooth and silky material of her leggings and taking a long deep breath, Colleen gradually recognized the sounds as something that was as old as time itself.

Stifling an embarrassed chuckle, Colleen was able to piece together what she thought was happening. Brennen was home from college, his mom had stepped out to run some errands, perhaps maybe even teaching a class at her studio, and he d used the opportunity to sneak a girlfriend of his over.

The flesh on flesh vibrations growing louder coming from inside the house, Colleen continued to stand in the center of Destiny s front yard for several more seconds, knowing she should just turn and go. Before she could, yet another high pitched cry, this one followed by several hearty masculine grunts, tripped through Colleen s senses.

Like a lit and sizzling fuse, the symphonic interplay between Brennen and the girl he was with burned Colleen s ears as she slowly stepped away from the house.

At least somebody s getting some, she told herself, blissfully re-calling her younger days when things were far more serendipitous.

Turning back towards her car, Colleen visibly dragged her feet, coyly trying to absorb every sound she could until prudence pulled her far enough away she could no longer hear what was going on inside the house. Folding herself back into her car, Colleen startled herself by just how moist her thighs had gotten when she settled into the seat and quietly tried backing her car out to leave.


Colleen spent the next few hours as fidgety as a cat with a bad case of fleas. In a completely innocent attempt to visit a friend and share an afternoon workout session, Colleen had stumbled into something that had indelibly etched itself into her mind.

He s a 20 year old boy…having sex with a girl from his hometown on his trip home for a holiday isn t that big of a shocker, she tried telling herself, but considering how Colleen was still blushing well after the fact, she had no clue how she d ever face Brennen s mom the next time she saw her.

Colleen would get a chance far sooner than she thought. Around 4:30 that afternoon her cellphone rang. Destiny s name was glowing on the display.

The next few minutes of conversation proved to be the most surreal of Colleen Follett s life.

Destiny wanted to know if Colleen had a few spare minutes to come over to run her to the garage to pick up the car she d dropped off for service that morning. Brennen had followed her over earlier that morning and brought her back home, but he d run off to hang out with some of his friends and she needed a lift to get her vehicle.

The phone nearly slipped from Colleen s grip as Destiny casual inquiry for a favor swirled inside her head. Colleen dazedly agreed to come over and pick Destiny up, but her entire body was numb as she tried piecing together what she thought she d experienced during her first trip to the McCullough house a few hours earlier.


If I knew Brennen was going to run off this afternoon, I would have kept our Tuesday workout date, Destiny told Colleen after she d jumped into the passenger seat for the short ride to the garage.

Doing her best to focus on the road, the gears in Colleen s head grinded, trying to figure out the logistics to what she d been party to earlier in the afternoon. Destiny hadn t specified what time Brennen had left to join his friends, leaving Colleen to think that it may have been Destiny that was partaking in a little afternoon delight after her son had ducked out.

She s in her late 30 s…must be nice to be single and do what she wants, when she wants, with whoever she wants, an inner voice of jealous admiration tickled Colleen s spine, knowing full well what the juices felt like at that age.

Juices, as a married woman of 42, Colleen still found herself struggling to mitigate.

Looks like I ve got the afternoon free after all…I was going to workout when I got home…you game? Destiny asked Colleen as they pulled into the service lot.

God…I d love to. I don t have my workout clothes with me though, Colleen replied. Besides, Larry s gonna be home in an hour or two. I promised to make lasagna, so I better get home and get dinner started.

Another nagging sliver of jealousy pricked at Colleen s ribs having to tell a beautiful and carefree single woman like Destiny she couldn t do what she wanted because of her domestic obligations.

Lasagna tonight and Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Damn…that s a lot of kitchen time…somebody s eating well, Destiny joked, clearly a little envious herself.

Yeah, Colleen smiled and nodded. I ll defiantly need to put double time in when we meet up next week to work off the calories.

Colleen waited around long enough to make sure everything was OK with Destiny s vehicle before the two women parted ways. For a few hours, at least. By seven that night, Larry Follett was lucky he wasn t wearing the pan of lasagna his wife had painstakingly prepared.

Perhaps it was the unresolved residue of the fight the two had a few nights back. Maybe it was just the aggravation boiling over from a litany of everyday frustrations big and small, or simply the pressure that a husband and wife need to blow off every once in a while. Whatever it was, it turned the Follett s kitchen into a warzone that sent their two k**s barreling upstairs to their room without dessert.

Knowing she needed to get out and get some fresh air to keep from saying or doing anything she d truly regret later, Colleen found herself walking the neighborhood for a half-hour or so until she decided she needed someone to talk to. Of all her friend s, Destiny McCullough s house was the closest.

That offer still stand to come over and workout? Colleen called and asked her stunned but understanding friend.

Sure, Destiny said.


In her haste to leave the house, and frankly having no clue where she d wind up, all Colleen left with was her cellphone and the clothes on her back. Thankfully, considering Destiny was easily two sizes smaller, she had a couple of oversized teeshirts and shorts Colleen could fit into for her impromptu workout.

The lather she worked up on Destiny s various pieces of equipment did wonders to get much of the angst boiling inside her out. With Thanksgiving, and everything it would entail, two days away, Colleen sensed she still needed a little more decompression time if the holiday wouldn t turn into a complete quagmire.

Destiny had a spare bedroom and was more than happy to offer Colleen a place to rest her head. Brennen still wasn t home, and Destiny was thrilled to have a friend for a sleep-over. After calling her husband and fending off his apologetic pleas for her to come home , Destiny and Colleen popped some popcorn and watched a few reality shows before turning in around 11.

Destiny insisted on putting clean sheets and blanket on the bed considering no one had stayed in that room for two years, but with all the jumbled stuff weighing down Colleen s mind, combined with all the sounds you cant help but hear in a strange house, she still had a bitch of a time trying to fall asleep. Just as she had dozed off a little after 1am, the sound of the front door opening downstairs stirred her back awake, followed quickly by the echo of footsteps ascending the stairs.

Brennen McCullough was home, and from the disjointed pace of his steps, he sounded a little drunk.

Her room 12 feet from the top of the landing, the sliver of light in the hallway filtered through the cracked opening of the door, dancing on Colleen s iris as the rhythm of Brennen s footsteps carried into the bathroom right beside her.

I don t remember Destiny texting him at any point telling him she had company over when/if he came home, a calm but clearly unsettled voice inside her head offered as the report of Brennen s piss stream hitting the bowl echoed through the wall.

You don t have your car in the driveway…he probably has no clue you re even here, that voice continued to prod as the hiss of Brennen turning the shower on filled the post midnight silence.

You ll be gone before he even wakes up, Colleen assured herself.

Turning to her left and putting a pillow over her head, Colleen made another attempt to force herself to sleep as Brennen showered the smells of the night from his body mere feet away. Teetering in that netherworld of sleepy consciousness, Colleen once again was on the verge of dozing off when the sound of Brennen cutting the shower off and screeching the shower curtain aside roused her up.

At least the boy has good hygiene, Colleen laid there and thought, not only hearing Brennen shower but also brush his teeth before bed.

Taking the pillow she d covered her face with, folding it and stuffing it behind her head, Colleen closed her eyes and once again tried drifting off. The hushed whispers of her friend, Destiny, from down the hall quickly stirred Colleen awake.

Probably just telling him there s company in the spare bedroom tonight, was Colleen s natural assumption.

Colleen was just about to pull the covers over her head and start counting sheep again when the tone and intensity of the whispers increased in the hall. Sensing correctly that Brennen had come home intoxicated, Colleen instinctively dragged herself out of bed and slipped across the floor as quietly as she could towards the barely cracked door. Peeking through the narrow opening, Colleen s blood immediately curdled.

Brennen McCullough was standing at the far end of the hall, halfway between the bathroom and his mother s bedroom. There was a white towel wrapped around his waist, and his hair and body still glistened from his shower as he towered at least six inches above Destiny, who s face was barely visible on the other side of him.

Colleen s already shallow breath lodged in her throat when she saw Brennen rear back and extend his right hand towards his mom. Biting her lower lip and lurching upwards onto the balls of her feet, Colleen watched the muscles of Brennen s bare back flair and tighten.

He s getting ready to hit her, Colleen just knew.

The truth was far more debilitating.

Instead of punching or slapping his visibly upset mother, Brennen s right hand came to rest on the center of Destiny s chest. Every muscle in Colleen s body went limp as she tried to process what her eyes were telling her. Her forehead even bounced gently against the door in front of her when she saw Brennen s right hand began to squeeze at his mom s left breast through the front of her nightgown.

Colleen s legs just about gave out when she saw Destiny do precious little to stop him.

The mystery of what she d stumbled upon earlier that afternoon on her first trip over to the house now added up, even if the sum of the quotient left Colleen dizzy and disjointed. Watching Brennen calmly and openly massage the swells of his mother s breasts, Colleen mumbled an inaudible prayer when the boy pressed his lips flush against Destiny s.

NNN…Nooo…not here Brennen…not now… Destiny did her best to fend off her son s advances, but the message was overridden by the way her hands gripped tightly at his well defined arms. It was clear she wasn t pushing him away.

The prayer on Colleen s lips ceased when she saw the young man lean to the side and whisper something into his mother s left ear. A mighty exhale rushed from Destiny s lungs, and she suddenly looked hopelessly defeated when Brennen began nuzzling his lips against the nape of her neck.

Despite his visible intoxication, Brennen looked like a master musician manipulating a well worn instrument. Guiding his right hand down the center of Destiny s nightgown, Colleen s eyes bulged and watered seeing the way the hulking 20 year old closed his palm possessively on his mother s crotch.

This isn t the first time she s let him do this, the horrible realization swirled through Colleen as she hid in the shadows, forced to witness to most depraved thing she could imagine.

Her thighs parting with magical ease, Destiny crouched backwards slightly and braced her back against the wall as her son once again whispered something into her ear, this time doing it while he freely caressed the very womb he d emerged from two decades earlier.

Sickened on so many levels by what she was seeing, Colleen stood there as still as a statue, absorbing the carnal glow of acceptance and want radiating from her friend s face.

Continuing to work his hand beneath the hem of his mother s a****l print nightgown, it wasn t long before Colleen could see Brennen s fingers dancing across the smooth alabaster landscape mother s pubic mound. Goosebumps littered her back when she saw just how puffy and distended Destiny s pink labia had become.

Placing her hands flush on each of her son s pectoral muscles, Destiny initially made a feeble attempt to hold him at bay but it wasn t long before she d flared her nails and gently began raking them down his chest and stomach until they reached the visible bulge that was tenting the front of the white towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Colleen could feel herself swooning when she saw Destiny s right hand actually reach inside the towel and grab the meaty shank of her son s penis.

A clear, arrogant look of I thought so gleamed across Brennen s face as he kissed his mom once again, this time taking her by the hand and leading her towards her bedroom when her meager defenses were shot.

Colleen was left hiding in the shadows as the two disappeared out of sight, the sound of her heart thumping inside her chest interrupted only by the softest of clicks when Brennen closed the door of his mother s bedroom behind them.


This…can t be…happening…, Colleen muttered to herself as she huddled behind the closed door, her right hand gripping the knob tight as her left hung aimlessly by her side.

My friend is in her bedroom…having sex…with her son…, the depraved words bounced around her head with the incomprehensibility of an alien language.

What are you supposed to do…just turn around and crawl back under the covers and try to go to sleep? she asked herself.

Might be best to just put your clothes back on, sneak down the steps and walk back home. You ve got to face the music with Larry at some point…may as well not have him accuse you of staying away all night…tuck your tail between your legs and go home, Colleen thought, knowing the neighborhood was relatively safe, even for a 2am moonlight stroll a few blocks over.

Her right hand still anchored on the knob, Colleen continued to stand there, her breath in cessation for several seconds as she shamefully listened for any hint of sound coming from Destiny s bedroom.

Just tiptoe down the steps…get your shoes and walk home, her inner rationale once again pleaded, but the occasional rattle of bedsprings were now seeping through her friend s bedroom door.

The grip of her right hand on the doorknob intensified, but now the left hand that had been drifting to the side suddenly found a purpose. The tremor that shot through Colleen when her open palm pressed against her crotch nearly knocked her off balance. In the classic sense of the right hand not knowing what the left was doing, she had no clue just how aroused she d become until those five fingers collapsed down on the front of the panties she d worn to bed.

The situation she d stumbled upon earlier in the day had turned her on. Even though she would have never admitted it, the sounds she d heard coming through those walls, not to mention the visual those sounds created, had left Colleen s thighs soaked by the time she d returned home and resumed her daily routine. Alternately thinking it was Brennen home from college with a girlfriend, or perhaps Destiny stealing a moment alone with a male friend of hers, either way, considering how long it had been since she d been shown some attention in that department, Colleen was positively moist for the whole afternoon, at least until her husband came home mad from work and ruined dinner.

The idea that she d become sexually aroused by one of her closest friends having sex with her own son repulsed Colleen on so many levels. Yet, there she was 12 hours later, huddled in the darkness of Destiny s spare bedroom, expending every ounce of energy she had trying to listen for any sound of the two behind the closed door down the hall.

Swirling her fingers through the musky and damp front panel of her panties, Colleen s knees trembled as if she was standing naked in the middle of a snowstorm.

The unbridled ease in which Brennen had approached his mom in that upstairs hallway spoke to several things. First, he was clearly drunk upon returning home and any sense of inhibition had likely been drowned out by the testosterone in his system. The comfort, ease, and frankly skill, he d used to seduce his mother in that short amount of time unsettled Colleen to the core. Despite Destiny s visible and repeated attempts to fend off his desires, he d brushed each off with controlled indifference before finally leading her to her bedroom and closing the door. There was never a question Brennen was going to get what he wanted.

Colleen wretched as she fixated over how long their affair had been going on. How many times had she looked her friend in the eye, maybe shared an intimate conversation, having no clue Destiny may have been going home afterwards and having sex with her very own flesh and blood.

Without even realizing it, the right hand she d wrapped around the doorknob was now working rhythmically around the width of the thing, as if u*********sly she was imagining something else snared in her grip. Pulling the hand away out of reflex, when she did the door swung backwards leaving nothing but the empty hallway in front of her.

The stairwell that led down to the front door, and a ticket out of that house was to Colleen s right, halfway between the spare bedroom and Destiny s. She could simply throw on her clothes, put on her shoes and in ten minutes she d be home tucked into her own bed. Standing there clad in nothing but an oversized tee-shirt and a pair of increasingly damp panties, Colleen s eyes were trained like lasers on her friend s closed bedroom door. More than any of the other mysteries of the universe at that moment, Colleen burned with mortal shame, desperate to know what was playing out on the other side.

Knowing that turning around and going back to bed wasn t an option, Colleen also knew she couldn t just walk out of the house and leave. Instead, all she could do was stand there and vacillate. That was until muffled feminine cry seeped through Destiny s door.

A spasm sizzled down Colleen s spine, exploding in a vivid starburst in the center of her womb the instant she heard Destiny s first, faint cry tickle her ears. Pressing her left hand against her crotch a second time to quell the aching burn, Colleen closed her hand around the edge of the door with her right to keep her equilibrium.

When the second, slightly louder moan bled through Destiny s door, Colleen could feel her arousal seeping like tears down her inner thighs. As if on some sort of satanic conveyer belt, even though she couldn t feel the soles of her feet moving across the floor, she was easing steadily closer to Destiny s bedroom.

Casting a weary eye down the stairwell, and the escape it provided, Colleen swallowed hard and continued on until she was close enough to feel the energy coursing through the walls of the room in front of her.

You can tell she s trying to stay as quiet as possible…she knows you re in the house but she just can t stop herself, Colleen s inner voice rattled as she listened to Destiny s moans.

Looking to her left once again when staring at that closed door became too much, Colleen fixated on the light switch. Lifting her left hand in that direction, Colleen exhaled as she flipped them off. Suddenly bathed in darkness, the vividness of the sounds she was absorbing only intensified. Close enough now she could make out the fractured snippets of dialogue between Destiny and her son, the overwhelming fear of being caught there overtook Colleen.

You just can t stand here, she told herself.

You can t turn back either, another far more sinister voice wasted no time adding.

The third and final option caused Colleen to shudder as she stood there in the dark before she could even fully conceive of it inside her head.

A punch of adrenaline knocked her back on her heels as soon she heard the first echo of Brennen s groans creeping through the door, matching exactly the tone of the ones she d heard when she d stopped by the house earlier in the day. As if she needed any more confirmation of the unholy truth she d stumbled upon, Colleen swayed in place as the sounds grew louder.

The V of her crotch nothing more now than a liquefied hive of bees, Colleen steadied herself just before collapsing from the vertigo-inducing strain of everything swirling through her. With a deep resolute breath, Colleen then took the three most fateful steps of her life.


With the lights now out in the hall, even with the barely perceptible click of the door when it opened, the unholy union on the bed had no clue a third set of eyes were witness to their debauchery. With Brennen s back to the door as he crouched down on top of his mom, he would have no way of seeing it slip open behind him. Given the way her son enveloped her on the bed, forcing her knees all the way up to her head as she buried her face into his collarbone, the London Blitz could have been taking place outside and Destiny wouldn t have had a clue either.

Even with her darkened, obstructed view, Colleen could make out Brennen s pale behind thrusting up and down, followed each time by a quivering and muffled yelp from his mother beneath him. The primal scent of coitus thick each time she inhaled, Colleen s knees once again buckled as her eyes adjusted to the dearth of light. Within a minute of taking her station behind that cracked door, she could make out the outline of the conjoined and writhing bodies on the bed.

UUHH…MMMPPHHH…AAAHHH…, Destiny s voice repeatedly pierced Colleen s ears as the friction of her and Brennen s crotch smacked over and over.

Colleen wouldn t have had a clue that Brennen had gotten a blowjob while he was out earlier with his friends. The girl was on her period but was more than happy to oblige that little treat instead of going all out with him. All that essentially served to do for Brennen was get him more worked up by the time he headed for the evening. Add the alcohol to his libido fueled angst and the woman who d given him birth, the same woman he d now been fucking for over a year, stood no chance of refusing his advances once he d found his way home.

Colleen s eyes had adjusted fully to her surroundings by the time Destiny s creamy and lean white legs had wrapped around her son s back, snaring him as she bucked upwards, impaling her pussy on his substantial manhood. The edge taken off by the head he d gotten earlier allowed Brennen to ruthlessly fuck his mother into oblivion without any concern of cumming again himself until he was good and ready.

By the time the telltale croaks of Destiny s impending release rose from her raspy throat, Colleen was rutting her right hand through her aching crotch, stroking her slippery cunt in unison with the collisions taking place on the bed. Seeing Destiny s fingernails rake at her son s arched back as he sent her barreling over the edge, Colleen stood there in breathless awe as Brennen continued to pump and pound his groin down on Destiny s, forcing her into a second orgasm a few minutes later that somehow dwarfed her first.

The thudding drumbeat of her heart pumping violently as she teetered behind the propped open door, Colleen dropped her chin down to her chest, forced to divert her gaze from the scandalous image in front of her. If she wasn t already embarrassed enough by what she d witnessed, overhearing the post-coital admissions of love between Destiny and her son nearly caused Colleen to faint.

Pulling her right hand free from the swampy mire between her legs, Colleen prepared to push away from the doorframe and slink back to her room to somehow process all she d subjected herself to. In her own haste to make some sense of it all, Colleen hadn t noted the sudden and complete vacuum of silence that settled over the house.

In the minute or so of concentrating her gaze towards the floor, the shrouding effects of the darkness quickly returned. In the time Colleen had to reflect, she tried to negotiate the Destiny she d put up on a pedestal verses the one she knew now. The woman had been the epitome of the feminine role model for Colleen, the way she ran a household with the same acumen as she ran her business, the entire time keeping her sanity as well toned as her lithe, athletic figure. Colleen had also always been struck, be it in the PTA meetings or seeing Destiny out in public, by the passion and determination she always seemed to bring. Traits, considering the way she saw Brennen seduce her in the hallway, she d obviously passed down to her only son.

Raising her head back up out of sheer reflex when the silence became too much to bear, the only thing Colleen could see once the darkness cleared were the whites of Destiny McCullough s eyes glaring straight back at her from the bed…

Letting her son, Brennen, have his way with her, knowing full well her friend was sleeping just down the hall had been a terrible mistake for 39 year old Destiny McCullough.

She d been sleeping with Brennen since they consummated their relationship the previous summer, a decision that had been born partly from their shared serendipitous lust, but also from natural predisposition.

Destiny had been intimate with her father for several years. Abuse would have been too strong of a word even though he was the one early on who d taken the liberties and pulled the strings. There was no question Destiny sensed what they shared over time was wrong, but truth be known, she gave just as good as she got. The one thing she did promise herself was that if and when she had k**s, the cycle would break. Like so many hard promises we make to ourselves however, this one inevitably wasn t kept.

Brennen was the spitting image of his father, and that made for many complicated feelings for Destiny as she watched him grow into an adult. Brennen s dad had been the first man to stoke Destiny s fire all those years ago, the first man to seemingly break the emotional and sexual hold her own father had over her. The fact that he took off soon after finding out she was pregnant pretty much ruined Destiny s view of men for a very long time.

It was impossible for her not to notice how Brennen had developed many of the same seductive attributes as his father, not to mention the same occasional arrogance that came with it. Destiny did all she could to fend off those embarrassing and unfathomable longings she had when she d see Brennen in the right light, or hear him say something just the same way his dad would. Keeping herself ultra busy between her career and other pursuits, she effectively arrived at the point where she could send him off to college, and relieve that sordid and indescribable pressure building inside her.

Before he could leave for school that summer however, the dye of their shared condition was cast.

When Brennen finally did leave for his Freshman year, for someone as strong minded as Destiny, she was sure she could compartmentalize what happened between her and her son. She d keep herself physically and mentally distracted, he d find a girl (or 50) at school, and they could go forward with their lives with the secret of that previous summer buried in their hearts forever.

All that hard work on her part quickly caved the instant Brennen would come home on a break, or for a random weekend. All it took was one touch, or a well timed glance, and the same passionate and rock steady career woman all her friends and colleagues saw, would melt like a crayon in the sun under her son s withering prowess.


Her senses scrambled from the intense burst of excursion Brennen had put her through, Destiny went utterly numb when she looked up and saw Colleen s partially obstructed face through the cracked door. Dazed and mortified, Destiny tried tapping and squeezing her son on the back, but given the zone he was in, Brennen assumed his mother was just prodding him to fuck her harder.

Which he did in spades.

Having sustained two crushing orgasms in a ten minute span, Destiny simply didn t have the strength to push her son away and it wasn t long before his pace increased once again. The moisture seeping from her gushing womb crackling through the room each time Brennen slammed his groin down on her s, Destiny s eyes flared then closed from embarrassed surrender as Brennen pounded her to the edge of oblivion.

What must she be thinking? Destiny asked herself in her self imposed darkness, trying to conjure how she d react if she stumbled upon one of her friends making love to one of their c***dren.

Opening her eyes again and peering over Brennen s grinding shoulder, Destiny could see Colleen was still standing there, staring on with what could only be described as morbid fascination as Brennen pushed her nightgown all the way up and began nuzzling her titties while continuing to pilage her cunt.

Brennen s right hand firm on her left arm, Destiny could feel his left gripping her waist, effectively pinning her in place for his relentless assault. Like a skier helplessly swept up in an avalanche, Destiny looked at Colleen staring back in horror, thrashing beneath her son as she clutched her hands tight around the back of his neck.

Feeling his tongue swirling hungrily around her taut nipples as his rock solid manhood rooted deep into her guts, Destiny held on for dear life as Brennen pushed her passed her limits.

GOD…DAMN….BABY..GGGGRRRR…GGGTRRRRRRAAAHHHHH, Destiny finally whimpered in surrender, making no attempts now to conceal her cries as Brennen made her cum for the third time.

This time Brennen shot the thick seed sloshing in his balls in several white, sticky strings against the backwall of his mother s flaming cervix.

The complicated mash of emotions always came to a head for Destiny each time her son ejaculated inside her. Knowing the tide of guilt would inevitably start flowing once the glorious glow of Brennen s eruption gradually subsided, this time Destiny had to navigate the moral minefield knowing Colleen had witnessed the whole thing.

Her mind detached, Destiny s body still shuddered and shook with a visible sense of loss when Brennen pulled back and eased his battleworn manhood from her gaping cunt. Lurching and letting out an audible gasp when she felt the air pressure from outside rush through the vacuum of her vaginal cavern once Brennen had removed his meaty cork, Destiny flailed her head to the side just long enough for Colleen to retreat from view.

Allowing her drunken and exhausted son to collapse down and take his spot beside her like he always did after they d made love, Destiny stared at the cracked door to her room as if it was the gateway to a parallel universe.

I ve got to get up and use the bathroom, Sweetie, Destiny leaned over and kissed Brennen on the cheek as he tried to nestle close. I ll be right back.

Once up, even for someone in as dynamic shape as Destiny, her legs still felt like overcooked macaroni from the ringer Brennen had just put her through. Staggering to the door and slipping out, Destiny didn t bother switching the hall light back on as she eased past the bathroom.

What the Hell are you going to say? she derided herself as she approached the door to the spare bedroom.

The feel of her son s sawing cock still fresh inside her with each tortured step she took, Destiny stood in front of the partially closed door, just as Colleen had done moments earlier in front of her s.

Can I come in? she swallowed hard and asked.

Peering in, Destiny saw her friend sitting on the edge of her bed, shaking visibly in the scant light.

The two women, who d thought they d shared every monotonous detail about their lives since their friendship kindled several years back, suddenly looked at each other like complete strangers as Destiny slid down and took a seat beside Colleen.

I don t know what to say, Destiny rubbed her strained hands down the front of her nightgown until she rested them on her quivering knees.

……I wont tell anyone..I promise, Colleen s barely audible voice pierced the heavy and draining pall.

…Thanks, Destiny replied, knowing in her heart there was no way Colleen would ever speak of what she d seen to anyone, but grateful nonetheless.

When did it start? Colleen asked a few seconds later, causing Destiny to lean back and utter a sigh that riccocheted through the room.

For the next few minutes, Destiny proceeded to tell Colleen things she d sworn she d never tell another living soul.

Sitting there, staring straight forward as she choked back tears, Destiny did her best to give the Reader s Digest version of how she and Brennen had built up to then consumated their unfathomable situation.

How could you go around…. seeming so normal with all this weighing you down? Colleen asked incrediously.

I don t know, Destiny shook her head as she rubbed the tears away with her open palm. As crazy as it is to admit..after the first few times it started feeling like the most natural thing in the world.

Colleen recoiled backwards, stiffling tears herself as she somehow tried to get her head around what she was hearing.

In tried to stop him tonight..told him you were sleeping in here..that it would be too dangerous…, Destiny stammered.

But you couldn t stop him….or yourself, Colleen crypticly finished her friend s thought.

No..I guess not, Destiny nodded, unable to fight the horrible truth. How long did you stand there watching..why didn t you turn away until he was finished?

…….I couldn t…I couldn t turn away, Colleen bowed her head in shameful admission, leaving the two women once again embroiled in silence.

Her son s seed sloshing inside her as she adjusted her position on the bed, Destiny reached over and wrapped her left hand around Colleen s right, desperate for any sort of buoy before her soul was set adrift.

Before she completely apart, Destiny somehow held it together when she felt the warm strength in Colleen s shaky grip. Holding her hand there on Colleen s lap as she practiced some of the breathing techniques she d learned from her exercise routines over the years, Destiny couldn t help but feel something else rising from her friend s loins.

Given her long and embittered state with the male species, Destiny had made the more than occassional choice of taking what was behind door #2. While she wouldnt have called herself an out and out lesbian, given what her own father, then Brennen s dad put her through, Destiny felt a certain calming kinship when she was in the arms of another woman. In fact, Brennen had been the only man she d been with in over a decade.

In a moment eerily similiar to the one where she suddenly saw her very own son in a different light two years earlier, the same thing was now happening with Colleen as the two women huddled together in the dark.

At first, Destiny rationalized her action as a way to comfort Colleen, to create a tactile connection between the two as the tempest of Colleen s horrible discovery swirled around them. After a minute or so of softly grazing the tips of her fingernails along the inside of Colleen s right thigh however, something unspeakable but very familiar began welling inside Destiny.

Still too spastic and self absorbed to even realize the shift taking place, it wasn t until Colleen looked down and saw Destiny s pale white hand burrowing into the oversized shorts she d given Colleen to sleep in that she snapped back to some semblence of reality.

Wha…, the married woman trembled then froze.

It turned you on..seeing Brennen and me? Destiny said as if the words were more a statement of fact than of a question.

Its OK, she continued to sooth, easing her left hand up to the side of Colleen head and sliding the slightly older woman s light brown hair back behind her ear just before kissing Colleen softly on the cheek.

Shhh..just sit there, Destiny whispered into Colleen ear as she inched her fingertips further between her friend s thighs.

Gliding her left hand down the side of Colleen s face, Destiny placed it on the center of the stunned and silent woman s chest, feeling Colleen s heart beating rapidly through the teeshirt she d lent her. Continuing to rub her palm over Colleen s bra-less bosom, Destiny pushed her right hand deeper between her friend s thighs until they struck liquod gold.

Colleen gasped and yelped, the wetness permiated her crotch now soaking Destiny s fingers as her head bounced side to side on her rubbery neck.

Watching Brennen fuck me turned you on, Destiny once again prodded, flipping her fingers beneath the front panel of Colleen s panties as she proceeded with her lewd interrogation.

Flipping her thumb upwards, Destiny devilishly slid the tip of it across Colleen s raised clitoris.

UUUHHH….UUUHHHH..OOHHHH…SHHIITTT, Colleen groaned and winced, her thighs closing instinctively around Destiny s hand to pull it in tighter.

The raging thud inside her chest rising each time Destiny swiveled her fingers deeper inside her quim, Colleen looked over to Destiny with nothing short of incoherant awe as her friend and workout partner eagerly dug for her g-spot.

With the same sort of primal determination that Brennen had used two years back to seduce his own mother, Destiny tapped into that same gene buried deep in her psyche and used it to break Colleen s will. Rooting her fingers at an ungodly angle, Destiny listened to the gutteral sounds bleeding from Colleen s throat until she saw the married woman s lips oval an instant before she hit paydirt.

UUUUHHHHHGAAWWWWWDDDD, Colleen s entire weight humped up and down on Destiny s submerged hand, the bedsprings squeeking from the strain of her lurching frame.

Did you come close to cumming watching us fuck? Destiny s husky, sexually charged voice resonated like a ghostly wind inside Colleen s head as her g-spot was raked repeatedly by the younger woman s flarred fingernail.

Yes, she couldn t help but mutter, the features of her face mashing together as she bucked up and down on Destiny s stabbing digits.

Do you want to cum now? Destiny sighed with a sizzling laugh, this time licking her tongue up the right side of Colleen s neck and swirling the tip of it into her ear just before asking.

UUUUUUHHHHAAAHHHHHHHMMMRRRGGGAAHHHHHHHHH, Colleen defenses quickly melted away, allowing her full release to spill over Destiny s probing hand as if she d been holding the reservoir of lust inside her for a very long time.

Pushing Colleen backwards until she was flat on the bed, Destiny continued spinning her hand in a glorious, rythemic circles between the whimpering woman s outstretched thighs as she hovered with a depraved sense of purpose above.

In the handful of years she d known Colleen, Destiny never pegged her as a potential conquest. They d spent countless hours working on several school committees, worked out together nearly every week at Destiny s house, shopped, gossiped and lunched together a myriad of times, and Destiny never once got the hint Colleen would be open to the touch of another woman.

The quintessential, straight laced churchgoing housewife, it caused Destiny to froth with wonder seeing Colleen now whimper uncontrollably on the bed below, writhing in spastic bliss as Destiny s right hand spun like a rabid weasel inside the front of her panties.

When Destiny looked up and saw her naked son standing in the doorway, even she was at a loss over the look of intent in his dark, drunken stare.


For what it was worth, Colleen never quite expected to find herself in that sort of position either. A half-hour earlier, she was simply a pissed off wife who d run to a friend s house for some de-compression time away from her husband before a big holiday. Now she found herself squirming on that friend s guest bed, her knees spread wide in the air as the friend in question swiped her fingers like a million angry talons through the syrupy mush of her womb.

To make matters infinitely more surreal when Colleen opened her eyes to begin to try and survey the fallout, the woman s son was strideing towards the bed. Just as Brennen McCullough s wry, smirking face came into view, so did the jutting beacon of his thick and marbled erection.

If Colleen wasn t already in complete moral freefall, looking over to see the glow of motherly pride and lewd expectation on Destiny s face was the final straw.

A distinctive wave of loss swept through Colleen s gristle when she felt Destiny s hand disengage from her cunt. Spasms still firing from her head down to her toes, Colleen watched Destiny ease her hand from the front of her panties and pull it backwards.

MMMM, she saw Destiny groan approvingly as she tucked those drenched and glistening digits into her mouth.

Oh..God.., Colleen shuddered, overcome by temporary paralysis as Destiny slid her fingers from her mouth and guided them up to her 20 year old son standing beside her.

Have a taste, she told Brennen.

Seeing the gleam of approval on Brennen s face as he allowed the taste to settle on his palate, Colleen dug her fingers into the crumpled sheets flanking her when she watched Destiny slide her right hand from Brennen s mouth and lower it towards the bulging shank of his cock. The married woman s eyes flarred anxiously in their sockets when Destiny slowly began jacking off her son, using Colleen s spent arousal as a lubricant.

Colleen seems to have stumbled upon our little family sceret, Destiny s voice drifted through the room like a mystic wind.

I told you we should have been more careful, she added with dry sarcasm, jacking her son off with her right hand while simultaniously using her left to play with Colleen s titties through her bunched-up teeshirt. Apparently the discovery had a slightly different effect on her than I thought.

Laying there in a pool of eye-watering confusion, Colleen glared back and forth between mother and son, feeling like a alien a*****ee, waiting to see which one of them would strike next.

She wouldn t have to wait long for her answer.

Knowing you the whole time growing up, Mrs. Follett..I would have never imagined, Brennen scolded in a definate tis-tis tone, causing Colleen to burn with embarrassment as he towered above her.

Those your shorts, Mom? Brennen asked so casually, Colleen was left thinking none of this could be real.

No way anyone would be able to dream up anything this sordid, a voice in Colleen s head reminded as Brennen put his hands on the inside of her knees and pushed them far enough apart to create an alleyway.

Before she could stop herself, Colleen had raised her hips off the sheets in submissive acceptence and allowed the young man to begin sliding her shorts and underwear down.

A chain reaction flaming through Colleen s synapses as the testosterone fueled scent radiating from Brennen s pores filled the room, the notes of his mother s arousal (combined with her own) overwhelmed Colleen as the chisled 20 year old closed in. Feeling the air surrounding her suddenly envelope her steaming crotch once he d jerked her clothing down to her feet, Colleen vainly chided herself for not exactly keeping that area all that well kept since the weather had turned colder.

Not exactly like you came over expecting anyone to see you naked, she groused, sensing the tangled patch of her dark brown pubes wouldn t exactly be a deterrent to Brennen s advances.

Cringing when she mentally pictured what her body must look like beside Destiny s goddess-like figure, once again it didn t seem to bother Brennen in the least as he scopped up Colleen s full and somewhat saggy breasts and began hungrily sucking and squeezing them. They were admittedly several cup sizes larger than Brennen s mom s, and he wasted no time devouring them as he jabbed his left hand into Colleen s shiny and swollen cunt.

Flailing her hands blindly out to each side, the left found refuge craddling the back of Brennen s neck while Colleen s right settled on the inside of Destiny bare left thigh. Colleen could feel the warmth and approval of Destiny s gaze without even looking up.

Scooting upwards once he d sufficiently lathered her bosom, Brennen planted his knees to each side of Colleen s head until his clublike girth was bouncing against the side of the older woman s face.

Open wide, he sneered down before shoving the cumsmeared b**st between Colleen s parted lips.

Even in the scant light, Brennen could still see the whites of Colleen s eyes flare when the full magnitude of his manhood settled on her tongue. Hearing several muffled chokes and snorts bellow up from the woman he was straddling, Brennen shifted with Colleen until she d somehow accomodated two-thirds of his dick.

Look at the way she lurched when you shoved forward, Baby..I bet she s never had a cock that big in her mouth, Destiny cooed to her son.

Brennen let out a low, I don t know if I really ought to say this type of sigh before finally giving in.

I remember her son from gym class back in school, Brennen chuckled with bland matter-of-factness. If heredity is all its cracked up to be, I m guessing the answer to that question is yes !

The words dripping from Brennen s lips caused Colleen to melt into the sheets. The fact that his deduction about her husband s endowment, or lack thereof, was spot on was difficult enough to hear on its own, but to have it delivered in such a crass and casual manner just added to the insult.

Yet, there she was, with as much of the young stud s penis stuffed into her mouth as she could, slurping it with all her might as a healthy concoction of her saliva, and the combined fluids of Brennen and Destiny s ejaculate trickled down her throat each time she swallowed.

Rubbing his right hand through Colleen s already messed up hair as he continued his slow grind forward, Brennen leaned to his left and kissed his mom on the lips before turning his full face fucking attention back to the married woman below. Feeling the soft cushion of Colleen s breasts against his rear end each time he rocked backwards, Brennen took carnal pride in the way the woman s entire body would quake when he repeatedly launched forward.

Take it Mrs. Follett….get it nice and hard and maybe I ll fuck you with it..fuck you just like I fuck my Mom everytime I come that what you want? Brennen prodded, reaching behind his back with his left hand and slicing it through the married woman s oily vaginal slit as he continued to use his right to hold Colleen s head in place.

>From the way her cunt lips bloomed and expanded around his gouging fingers, the strapping young adonis had his answer.

Why don t you get down there and eat her out, Mom..get her nice and wet..thats the only chance she has of taking me, Brennen gave Destiny a hawkish grin. I wanna feel her cum first though with my dick in her mouth!

Spread those legs, Mrs. Follett….I ve seen what my mom can do with that tongue of her s. You re in for a real treat!! Brennen cooed down to Colleen as he fed her his cock.

I know you two have been hanging out a lot lately…how many times have you thought about her going down on you..come can be honest, Brennen continued with his inquisitive monolouge, his balls now dancing on Colleen s chin each time he hunched forward.

Feeling Destiny slide behind him and take her place between Colleen s thighs, Brennen rubbed a swath of seat from the prone woman s forehead as he waited for the impact to show on her face.

UUMMPPHHH, Colleen babbled and shook, her torso heaving and her feet digging spasticly at the sheets when Destiny McCullough s mouth sealed down on her pulsing quim.

Bracing both his hands around Colleen s head as she bucked beneath him, Brennen steadily increased the pace of his forward thrusts as the tornadic whirlwind of her exhales swirled around his buried prick. Looking over his shoulder every few seconds to absord the stunning visual of his mother eating Colleen out, Brennen milked the moment with a patience belying his youth, waiting for Destiny to eventually push her older friend to the brink of hysterics.

Trapped beneath mother and son on the suddenly straining bed, Colleen s inability to see anything going on around her only heightened her other senses. The taste of Brennen s manhood on her palate clear and present, his masculine scent overwhelmed her primal wiring, causing everything that ever mattered to her to fade, for the moment, into the distance.

Hearing everything the two were saying to each other as they worked her over, Colleen also catalouged every single sound they squeezed from her body, creating a hypnotic pool of quicksand she gradually slid deeper into. The only thing keeping her tethered to reality was the exotic combination of Brennen s natural savagery, and his mother s own seductive prowess as they collectively ravaged every single nerve in her electrified body.

The glorious interplay between Destiny s warm, slithering tongue on her twat and the battering ram of Brennen s penis churning back and forth in her mouth built towards a maddening creshendo. Colleen could feel the lava of her long repressed lust bursting through her very core as she locked her legs around Destiny s back and her arms around Brennen s.

Getting ready to cum, Mrs. Follett? she heard Brennen grunt.

MMMHHHMMMM, she managed to shake her head and groan her reply through her overstuffed mouth.

Not until mom and I say so, came Brennen s caustic and cryptic reply.

Her release building like a locomotive steaming downhill, just as Colleen passed the point of no return, Destiny suddenly peeled her saturated lips from the pulpy mire of Colleen s sex.

Noooooo..please let me finish..pleeeaaassee, Colleen jerked her head to the side and spat, leaving Brennen s imposing, spit-shined rod dangling in front of her delirious face. re gonna cum…just on my terms, Brennen leaned in and whispered to Colleen before sliding down her body and taking up residence in the same spot his mom had kept warm.

Even with his substancial endowment, given the prodigeous amount of moisture Destiny s oral skills had culled from Colleen s cunt, Brennen was able to penetrate her with relative ease. Still, the OH FUCK that leapt from the PTA mom and church board member s throat resonated through the entire second floor of the house once the 20 year old clearly staked his claim inside her.

Bring her back to my room, Brennen. My bed s a lot bigger, Colleen heard Destiny tell her son.

In very short order, Colleen felt the youngster s hands slide beneath the small of her back. Then weightlessness.

Her dripping slit speared on Brennen s jutting manhood, Colleen instinctively flailed her hands out, wrapping them in a deathgrip around his broad shoulders as he turned and carried her towards the door with his mother following close behind.

Within seconds, Colleen was re-tracing the same path she d taken minutes earlier when her own lustful curiousity dragged her from her bed and down the hall to witness something precious few have. This time however, she wasn t making the journey on foot.

Her entire body wrapped around Destiny s son as he walked her forward, Colleen rested her chin on the boy s right collarbone as his embedded cock stabbed deeper into her womb with each step he took closer to his mother s lair. Even with the hallway lights switched off, Destiny was close enough that Colleen could read every emotion on her friend s glowing face.

Kind of understand now how I couldn t resist his advances, either, Destiny s eyes seemed to imply as she followed in tow.

Kicking his left foot out, Brennen pushed the door to his mother s bedroom all the way open and walked Colleen over the threshold. The vibration with each step Brennen took sent jagged shivers through Colleen s pussy that rocketed straight up her spine as he ferried her to the bed to finish her off.

Biting her lip, and saying a prayer of forgiveness for her grave moral weakness when she felt Brennen come to a stop, she stared back at Destiny with a haunting mixture of shame and appreciation. Her hands and ankles locked around Brennen s back as he held her in place, Colleen was powerless as Destiny stepped forward and planted a stirring and soulful kiss directly on her lips. Returning it with equal fervor, Colleen felt the lady of the house s hand nestle tenderly through her hair as their tongues swirled together.

Now put her down and fuck her, Baby, Destiny then turned her lips to her son s ear and hissed.


Before tossing Colleen down on the bed and unleashing the sexual fury brimming inside him, Brennen couldn t help being touched by a sense of deja-vu from the evening he and his mother crossed that unfathomable line.

Holding Colleen in place, Brennen drifted back to that night two plus years earlier when he was sitting side by side with Destiny on the living room sofa. There had been a strange vibe perculating between them for some time, but neither knew quite what to make of it.

Finding themselves face to face during a commercial of some show they were watching, there was a numb, tortured moment of hesitation when their eyes met before one of them eased their lips forward a fraction ofd a second before the other. To this day, Brennen and Destiny were both unsure who leaned in first, thus changing both their lives forever.

Helping his mother to her feet in what seemed like mystical and poetic silence, Brennen reached down and pulled the sweatpants Destiny was wearing down, never once breaking their shared gaze. Unbuckling his own jeans and dropping them down to his feet, Brennen stepped out of them, then in one clean motion lifted his mother into the air and carried her upstairs.

Blindly reaching down to penetrate the same womb he d emerged from 18 years earlier, Brennen filled with the most powerful sense of possession a man could feeling his mother s entire being collapse like a living shroud around him. Leading her to her bed, the two would make love for the better part of the next two days as if it was pre-destined that they be together.

Now allowing Colleen to hang there in mid air above that same bed, Brennen drilled his penis into her with gut-wrenching precision, gripping her waist tight as those ample tits of her s bounced crazily across her chest. Sharing another long and rousing kiss with Destiny as she lazily pawed at Colleen s swaying breasts, Brennen finally sat the married woman down and turned onto his back so they were face to face with his cock still buried snugly inside her.

Having long since lost any comprehention of up and down, Colleen felt like she was tumbling in a washing machine as Brennen sat her down then rolled her on top of him. The one thing that remained constant was the skewering girth of his manhood pressing into places no man ever had inside her.

Tilting her head to her left in a desperate attempt to gain her bearings, Colleen saw Destiny standing there by the bed. The room scented heavily with the bouquet of her and her son s illicit coupling, Colleen froze as Destiny bent down towards her.

Great to feel like a woman again doesn t be completely filled, the boy s mother whispered into Colleen s ear, causing her to involuntarily nod in surrendered agreement.

Then the drilling began.

With one intestine stirring, virile thrust after another, Brennen McCullough stretched Colleen s vagina in ways she never imagined. Gliding his blunt and swollen phallus like a magic wand in what seemed like a different angle each time, it felt as if the young man was plowing her womb for every single secret her body had ever kept.

UUUHHHH, she would gasp out loud each time the head of his dick found sexual bedrock, only to shudder and gasp as she clung to him when he pulled it back to drive home yet another volley.

Her chest pressed flat down on top of his, tears flowed freely from Colleen s eyes, soaking his pecs from a series of emotions far too difficult to express. To make her plight even more deliriously indescribable, Destiny traced her fingertips in a never ending array of etherial patterns, first across Colleen s back and shoulders, then down over her bare ass and thighs as Brennen continued to ram the piston of his penis upwards.

As if that wasn t enough, Destiny soon started dotting Colleen s back with ever so soft butterfly kisses, followed by the not so subtle feel of her nails raking down the center of Colleen s spinal column. The gesture of tenderness and savagery mirrored the two extremes Colleen found herself sandwiched between. It wasn t long until every single element in the universe seemed to fuse at the core of Colleen Follett s soul.

Straddled on top of Destiny s 20 year old son, her quim gushing each time he sliced into her with cocksure marksmenship, Colleen steadily lost any sense of self as he commandeered her body for his own selfish devices. In that moment of harrowing disengagement, Colleen was no longer a wife or mother, sister or a daughter, simply wanton slut rutting like mad to please the b**st beneath her.

Staring straight down into the fiery orbs Brennen s eyes as she tried to keep from blacking out, if he d asked her at that moment to leave her husband and k**s, she would have said yes. If he d asked if she d bear his c***dren, she would have gladly said yes, If he d asked her to kill for him at that moment, she would have nodded her head in agreement if it meant he d allow her to cum as many times as she could on top of him.

If Colleen wasn t already on the doorstep of insanity, in very short order, Destiny still found a way to up the ante. Just as Colleen was about to give herself totally to the young man now jackhammering into her in a blinding blur, Destiny pressed the cheeks of Colleen s ass apart and pressed her warm and insistant mouth directly up to the ultra sensitive rim of her exposed anus.

NNNNNUUHHH..MMMMMMUUHHH…….MMMAAAHHHHHHH, Colleen howled, her torso corkscrewing on top of Brennen as his mom slid her tongue into her pink and puckered asshole.

Never been touched down there, have you? she heard Brennen say, his rippled abs rising against her belly as he chuckled below.

….No…., Colleen somehow managed to cough, her rear end jerking spasticly as Destiny spun and darted the tip of her tongue through virgin territory.

Snarred there between mother and son, Brennen s huge phallus stretching her vagina to its very limits while Destiny did her business mere inches away, Colleen feverishly rutted between the two dueling forces until she was a sobbing mess on the younger man s sturdy chest. Feeling mother and son s hands intertwined on her fleshy asscheeks as they both went about their devious chore, a deep mewing groan built from Colleen s diaphram and worked its way up to her lips before finally belching out in a continuous wail that bounced like a siren s call through Destiny McCullough s bedroom.

Flailing her hands out and wrapping them around Brennen s head like a drowning victim reaching for a floating log, Colleen may as well have dissolved between the two as one orgasm after another crashed like runaway rail cars up and down arched and twisting line of her spine.


By the time her two lovers had taken their pound of flesh and peeled themselves away from her, it was all Colleen could do to lay there and stare straight up at the ceiling as the darkness filled with a kalediscope of colors. The faces of the mother and son took on a cartoonish, funhouse quality for a good bit of time as they flanked her on the bed, staring down with an obvious sense of exhaustion and conquest. At some point, just as everything started to slowly come back into focus, Destiny and Brennen took a spot to each side of Colleen as she gasped for air on the center of the sweaty and crumpled sheets.

Her internal organs still doing loops as she struggled to find any sort of equalibrium, Colleen simply laid there and shook as Destiny began kissing her on the lips and neck. In short order, Brennen was doing the same until it felt as if dozens of imaginary people were there simultaniously kissing her entire upper body.

Her senses too fried to make out the words passing between mother and son, Colleen cringed and let out an audible gasp when Destiny began sliding down her body., she internally yelped, knowing she may just disentergrate if someone touched any of the spots they d just so thoroughly worked over.

Feeling Destiny s warm hand take control of the underside of her fleshy right thigh, Colleen watched as her friend lifted her leg then positioned herself at a 45 degree angle beside her. Before she could fathom what was happening, she felt the moist outline of Destiny s pussy press down perfectly on top of her s.

OOOHH..GGAAAWWDDD, Colleen gushed, her long brown hair now matted across her face as she trembled in Brennen s caress.

The sweet, syrupy sounds of Destiny buffing her pussy over top of Colleen s filling the silence, Colleen pressed her face back down against the sanctuary of Brennen s chest, the tears she d just left still moist as she helplessly added more. It was clear in that moment of golden recognition she wasn t the first woman that mother and son had seduced together, but on that early morning of Thanksgiving eve, Colleen Follett was grateful she d become the next.


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