Disabled, But Still Able 1

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Disabled, But Still Able 1
It was in November that Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed. He still had motion in his arms but his fine motor skills and his fingers were affected. The nerve damage to his legs was complete and he would be using a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He wondered at the time if he would ever have sex again. It was only the following summer that his questions were happily answered by two different women. The first was the personal care attendant he and his mother had hired.

Chapter 1

So then, we hire her? Brian s mom asked.

I like her. I say yes. Brian replied.

Brian saw a weight immediately lift off his mom s shoulders. It had been seven months since he broke his neck in that gymnastics accident. He was a strong, chiseled, 19-year-old athlete until that Tuesday morning in November. During a gymnastics class he simply slipped on the mat during takeoff. Before he knew it, he was disoriented until suddenly he heard a huge explosion within his head and saw the brightest flashes he had ever seen. He went to get up off the mat, and couldn t. He immediately knew what was wrong. His teacher and mentor in high school was paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Brian always had a sixth sense he would face similar trauma.

It finally happened. He muttered to himself.

After three long months of inpatient stay at the rehab facility, he was able to go home. Unfortunately, it was not his college dormitory that he had become used to in his new independence. In February, he had to return to his parents house. His father had converted the first floor study into Brian s new bedroom. The laundry room that had been on the first floor was now a wheelchair accessible bathroom with shower.

He had now been at home for three months. During that time, his mom was caring for him completely. Of course his 15-year-old sister and 10-year-old brother could help out with daily activities within the home. When it came to his personal care however, his mom was all he had at this point.

It was hard for both of them. He had been completely independent while he was at college. In fact, he was a 19-year-old stud. Prior to the gymnastics accident, the sport that he clowned around with kept him in great physical shape. He was lifting weights every day, and was extremely proud of his six pack abs. Now however, the muscles had atrophied. He still looked good. He was slender, but looked healthy. His face had always been attractive. His dark blonde hair and his hazel eyes added to the smile that he routinely had for the people he met. This smile continued even throughout the tragedy.

Of course, he was depressed for quite some time after the initial accident. But it did not take him long to once again find his positive outlook. He decided to look at rehab just the way they always tackled his sports goals and objectives. This worked well for him throughout inpatient rehab, and so far it was okay here at home. He functioned well using his electric wheelchair. He tried to push a manual chair; but because his arms were weakened and the dexterity in his fingers was limited, he realized that for the sake of independence the electric chair was the best way to go. This decision was solidified once he found this was the best way for him to drive his newly equipped van. He simply stayed in his power chair and pulled him directly behind the steering wheel. It had become very easy and he now could drive anywhere he wanted. Brian was beginning to gain more and more independence. He was ready to return to the University of Illinois in August.

Despite these huge steps forward, there were still many things he needed assistance with. Primarily, they needed help getting in and out of his wheelchair in the morning and evening. Furthermore, dressing and undressing along with showering required help as well. Until now, this help was coming solely from his mother.

He was relieved that now his mom, Pam, would have some relief. The last three months had been stressful for both of them. He also was happy that someone else other than his mother would be helping with his personal care. One of the first things you lose when you break your neck is your modesty. You simply realize that you have to submit and let other people around you care for you with things like dressing and bathing. Unfortunately, that also applies for your mother. Brian obviously learned to adjust. However, he knew it would be a lot easier with another woman helping him. The fact that he and his mother were going to be hiring a very attractive woman made it even better.

Chapter 2

Marlene showed up on a Monday in May. She would be there to help Mondays through Thursdays. The main help he needed was to get dressed and out of bed each morning. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays he also took a shower in the roll in shower that his father had contractors complete. His mother would still help him on Friday mornings.

Marlene turned out to be wonderful from the start. She was cheery, vibrant, and fun to be with. Both Brian and Pam were extremely glad they hired her. It did not take long for Brian and Marlene to work out a routine. She quickly learned what needed to be done, and more importantly she learned how to do it pretty much the way Brian liked. Unfortunately, he tended to be pretty particular in his ways. Nevertheless, Marlene knew how to put him in his place when need be.

That was one of the things he liked about her. She was strong, she was tough. She had to be. One of the things she had mentioned to them during her interview was that she was pregnant. She was four months along when they interviewed her in May. The fact that they accepted her was much more than the father of her unborn c***d did. Apparently, he was gone within minutes after she told him about the baby. Both Pam and Brian listened to her story and were very impressed. They did not feel pity. They saw her strength and her determination to move on and make the best of her situation. She was 26 years old and she always wanted a c***d. Marlene was excited to be a mother, with or without that jerk around. This made the decision to hire her that much easier. Overall, physically it would not be a problem because Brian planned to return to campus in late August. It was about then that she would be seven months pregnant and would not be able to assist him as he transferred in and out of his wheelchair.

The other thing he appreciated about Marlene he was unable to tell his mother about. She was damn good looking. She had strawberry blond hair that was about shoulder length. Her eyes were brown and mysterious looking. Her skin was golden. During later conversations he would learn that she went to the tanning salon in the winter. That is why her skin looked wonderful so early in the spring.

Her tits were average size. But they were firm. They were round. Brian never did like pointy breasts. He always appreciated them to be as round as possible. They didn t have to necessarily be large, but he liked the round shape. The shape of her breasts was wonderful. He was able to appreciate them more since she usually wore shorts and a T-shirt as she helped him. Her T-shirts were predominantly tight fitting. In fact, they were perhaps a little too tight given the fact that she was now starting to show. But it was those shirts that in later weeks gave him a better understanding of the shape of her chest. It s amazing what he could see because of the many accidental wet T-shirts that came about when she assisted with his showers.

His favorite feature however had to be her tan legs that led up to her tight ass. Like her T-shirts, her shorts were always rather tight fitting as well. You could easily bounce a quarter off those cheeks. Just below them were unbelievably tan and muscular legs. Even her feet were sexy. She usually came in flip-flops but took them off at the door. She always had her nails painted and they looked great. From head to toe this woman was fetching . He wondered how her body would change throughout the pregnancy. Would she still be as attractive as she was right now? Ultimately, he would not be disappointed.

Chapter 3

Over the next several weeks, Marlene and Brian became close friends. Despite the seven year age difference, the two of them really got along. Although the relationship started professionally, it grew to become much more casual. In fact, Marlene was always quick to lighten any situation with a joke or something that may be deemed inappropriate in a professional setting. Brian loved that. In fact, many times he could ve sworn that it was almost flirting on her part. Certainly she was not flirting with him, was she? And if she was, could something seriously happen?

Brian fantasized quite frequently about that. What would it be like to date her? What would it be like to be the father to her c***d? The fact that he was now paralyzed he wondered if he would ever be a father. This could be a great way. He wondered what sex with her would be like at this point. As the weeks progressed she started to show quite a bit. She was still thin and fit, but her belly started to expand. The T-shirts she wore were now larger. But the shorts were still tight and her ass was still perfect. This did not deter him at all. In fact it turned him on more. He wanted to fuck her more than ever now. But she was 26 years old and he was still 19. Wasn t that too big of a gap? All these were questions he asked himself. If something was going to happen, it would have to happen before he went back to school in August.

The other question he wondered was what would sex be like? Contrary to popular belief, paralyzed people can have sex. Actually, one of the early things taught in rehab was sex education. When Brian first got hurt, he was nervous that he would never be able to get an erection or have sex. In 1986 at the time of his accident, Viagra did not exist.

It turns out that since he broke his neck, he was one of the lucky ones compared to paraplegics. Paraplegics, or paras , are people that break their back and therefore damage the spinal cord below the neck. They usually have full function and strength within their arms. That of course is better than quadriplegics with breaks in the neck. However, what nobody really knows is that paraplegics cannot get erections. Quads however, can.

Brian confirmed this very early on during one of his first showers. The nerve connection between his brain and his penis was cut off. Therefore, he could watch the most erotic and arousing thing on earth and his dick would still remain flaccid. It could spontaneously become erect for no reason at all; but it would have nothing to do with his mind or thoughts. The good news however, was that direct stimulation of his cock could bring it to full attention just as easily as it did before his accident.

During Brian s showers, he was always sure to spend lots of extra time washing his cock. He never had personal time with his dick to fully masturbate. But when he was in the shower, it was all his. He would use the soapy water to allow his hand to move quickly up and down his 8 inch shaft. He knew how long it was because he measured before the accident. He also knew that it was unusually thick. Previous girls had told him that.

And so it had become a usual routine to stimulate his cock to erection during each of his showers. Unfortunately, the sensation was never the same as before the accident. He could not feel the touch directly. However, he did feel a warm overcoming sensation throughout his body. It would heighten the faster and more rapid he would stroke. He had tried many times to stroke hard and fast enough to bring himself to climax. Yet through many months in the shower, he had not succeeded. Nevertheless, the sensation during the entire time was still wonderful. He wondered to himself if he would ever be able to climax. If not, how long would he be able to go? He would find out soon enough.

Chapter 4

By June both Marlene and Brian had been working together for over a month. Their conversations had ranged from everything such as politics to religion. However, it seemed that more often than not their conversation led to some type of discussion about sex. He explained to Marlene the details about his injury and how it impacted him physically. She was intrigued and it was easy to talk because he did so in a completely medical way. But eventually, the discussions grew to be more intimate and detailed.

She told him all about her ex. Brian told Marlene about his ex-girlfriend. They both shared with each other the stories about how they lost their virginity. Brian talked about sex on his girlfriend s family room floor on New Year s Eve. He joked about how he brought in the new year with a bang . Unfortunately, her parents walked in 10 min. later. Thank God they had an automatic garage door to give him time to run into the bathroom with his pants in hand.

It turned out Marlene lost hers at the age of 16 on her parents couch while her parents were asleep in the room right next to the family room. She told him how much she wanted to scream and moan but was forced to keep quiet so that her dad did not wake up and end up killing her teenage boyfriend. She elaborated how she always moaned during sex. These were the details that were not necessary. Nevertheless, it was obvious she was including them to excite him

Brian took note of her final comment. Boy, what I wouldn t give for a good lay nowadays!

Pregnant women can have sex. Brian reassured her while hoping he could perhaps be the one to oblige.

I know, she quickly replied, I just need to find the right time.

Brian noticed her wording. She had set the right time , not person . He was hoping she already had the right person in mind — him.

Chapter 5

These candid talks with Marlene made Brian feel that much closer to her. She also obviously felt close to him. The flirting continued. One of the more blatant things she began to do was simply to comment ever so briefly on his erection when she came into the shower. Brian always began his own bathing process and then of course he would take extra time to fully wash his cock. All this was done behind the curtain. It was never enough; but he obviously would have to stop after a reasonable amount of time. At that point, Marlene would pull back the curtain with a washcloth in her hand. She would then wash his back and his lower legs.

It was about early July when she opened the curtain and instead of simply starting on his back, she looked down at his erect cock.

Hello! She shouted, all the while keeping her eyes on his shaft.

That was it. She then went on to do the usual. The comment at first made him embarrassed. But then it excited Brian because it subtly brought attention to what he was doing without embarrassing him, or worse, asking him to stop.

During future weeks and showers she would make comments such as:

You ve been busy!

We ve got to find you some waterproof magazines!

Then came the one that really excited him, You know, pregnancy can sometimes make you very horny!

It was unfortunate that she helped him with the shower only two times a week. He was also able to masturbate on Fridays when his mother helped him; but obviously she was not making any comments. In fact, he usually stopped in plenty of time to let the erection subside before she opened the curtain. But with Marlene, he worked hard to make sure his cock was at full attention when she joined him.

Around the third week of July, another thing changed slightly to lead him to believe he needed to do something soon. She pulled back the curtain and he purposely continued masturbating for two or three more strokes. He stopped and pretended like he didn t mean to get caught.

I caught you this time. Marlene smiled. Her smile was reassuring but not quite inviting.

Guilty. He admitted, as planned.

I thought you couldn t feel anything… Her statement led to the question she had been wanting to ask for a while, … can you?

He explained to her how different it was than before. He detailed how the sensation overtook his entire body creating a warm flush. It wasn t the same as before, but it was still a wonderful feeling.

It sounds like a woman s orgasm. She told him.

Obviously, I can t compare. But it seems more like that now than it did before. Brian certainly had never thought about that until now.

Can you ejaculate? Marlene asked. The fact that she used the word ejaculate slightly disappointed him because it seemed rather clinical.

They say it s possible. I have not gotten there yet. Brian replied.

Perhaps it won t be long before you find out. She reassured him. She smiled when she said it, but there was no coy wink to go along with it.

She grabbed the showerhead in her hand and moved to the shower chair slightly as she stepped behind him. As usual, she washed his back as he leaned slightly forward. He could feel her breasts against the back of his head. She then moved around to the front and started to wash his feet. Once complete, she moved up his legs and began washing below his knees and now to his thighs. However, while she washed his inner thighs she moved her hand to his groin and ever so slightly started to run the washcloth over his cock. She moved it down and then with more force she moved it back up making sure that the cloth rubbed on the underside of the shaft. His semi-flaccid cock stood at attention almost immediately. He was lucky, many times it took more than that.

She looked up at him. You cannot feel that? She asked.

Brian shook his head no. Not directly.

Amazing. She said quietly as she stood up and rung out the washcloth.

Chapter 6

She handed him a towel and he dried off his arms, his body and his crotch. Again, as he dried himself he did his best to keep his cock at least semi-flaccid. He never liked it when it was all shriveled up. She used her towel to dry off his lower legs and then moved behind him to dry his back. She tossed her towel on his lap and then pushed him into the bedroom stopping next to the bed.

At this point, Brian was able to use his hands to scoot his naked body over onto the bed. She would have to help him lift his legs up as he fell back onto the mattress. He raised his arm so she could grab his wrist and pulled him up to a sitting position. It was difficult for him to keep his balance, so many times he leaned to the left on his elbow. He was able to push his legs apart enough so that he had access to his penis. She left him with his towel while taking hers and she pushed the shower chair back into the bathroom.

It was then that the unspoken ritual began. Another issue with the paralysis was that Brian could end up urinating at any time. Many quadriplegics use an indwelling catheter. But Brian never wanted a rubber tube sticking out of his penis. So instead, he chose to wear an external condom catheter. It simply was a condom with a little bit of adhesive on the inside to help it stay on throughout the day. The only difference was there was an opening at the tip so that a tube could be connected, which then led to a bag strapped to his leg. He obviously still hated it, but at least it was not there all the time and he had the ability to have uninhibited sex if the opportunity should ever arise. He was hoping that opportunity may come soon.

The ritual came about because in order to put the condom catheter on, his penis needed to be erect if at all possible. Over time, he found a way to manage this unobtrusively. He would ask for the towel so that he could finish drying off while his mother or Marlene would go to the bathroom to tidy up. When they would return, he miraculously would have a rock hard cock ready and waiting. Unfortunately, it was ready and waiting for a medical appliance to be applied. Again however, it was during this time that Brian would fantasize while stroking his cock.

Many times Pam or Marlene would return to the bedroom and Brian would not yet be hard. He would tell them he s not quite dry enough while he continued to rub the towel up and down his penis hoping it would not take much longer. Sometimes they would return to the bathroom or even the kitchen for a brief second. But many times, they would wait a few seconds until he was ready.

When it was his mother, at first he was slightly embarrassed. But he had learned that modesty and the whole dynamic with his mother changed with the injury. He simply did what he had to do and it wasn t a big deal. With Marlene however, sexual thoughts were always running through his head as he did it.

Chapter 7

It now was early August. A week ago Marlene had rubbed Brian s cock with the washcloth and asked what it felt like. The two of them had gone through two shower routines since then and unfortunately they were as professional as can be. She didn t even make any comments at his erection.

Things were still wonderful between them and the conversation was still great. But he was beginning to wonder if he would ever have an opportunity for anything more with her before he left in a few weeks. Today s shower was no different. He made sure his cock was hard when she opened the shower curtain. She merely washed his back and his legs while they talked. She then threw him the towel while he dried off and she pushed him towards the bed as always.

He laid in bed with his legs straddled so he could have better access to his cock. Marlene was now in the bathroom and he knew he had about 30 seconds before she returned. At this point he had been rubbing his penis with the towel and sometimes his bare hand for about 2 to 3 minutes, but to no avail. His dick was still rather limp. There was no way they would ever be able to get the catheter on. If they did, it would never stay on throughout the day. Times like these were frustrating.

No luck. Marlene now came out from the bathroom and was standing next to the bed. Brian continued to dry himself with the towel while Marlene looked on. He looked briefly up at her face and he could not quite read it. He could tell she was not upset. They were running way ahead of schedule so it didn t seem like she was impatient either. But something seemed different. This made it even more difficult for him to focus on what he was doing. It turned out he didn t have to.

Here, let me do it. Marlene said as she took the towel out of his hand.

When she took the towel he assumed she would just take over where he left off. Instead, she threw the towel on the floor. He was confused. And then, he was amazed. She leaned down as she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She immediately started to lick the head of his cock. Within seconds, it was starting to rise to attention.

He was so excited. He was so glad she ended up making the first move. Just then she managed to place her lips over the head. She sucked gently and Brian could actually feel that. Like the original touch of her tongue, that helped make him harder. He still was semi-flaccid, but what she was doing was obviously working. This now gave her the opportunity to take him in even deeper. At this point she had his entire member in her mouth. She sucked harder and he actually felt the warm unbelievable flush throughout his body. It made him close his eyes as he tipped his head back. But he quickly opened his eyes again because it was the visual stimulation that helped him with the excitement. At that point her mouth started to slide off of his cock. As it slowly moved from her lips it was now obviously rock hard. With that, he realized that his entire shaft had been in her mouth and throat. That turned him on even more. She confirmed the fact by taking in the whole thing her next time down as well.

At this point he was able to use his free right hand to stroke her head and her hair. His left elbow was on the mattress so he could maintain his balance. He wondered how long this would continue. She went up and down his shaft quickly three or four more times. His cock got harder and he actually let out a small moan. The feeling was so much better than what he had ever been able to do with his hand. Again, it was nothing like before his injury. The feeling took over his whole body and he could literally feel the warm sensation throughout his body even though he could not feel.

She let his cock come out of her mouth and she looked up at him with a big smile. He smiled back. She stuck out her tongue and started to flick it over the head. Immediately, both his penis and his right leg jumped and spasmed. She hesitated, but then smiled bigger. She did it again with the same result. Brian looked down and loved the site of her mouth all over his cock. It s what he had thought about all summer long. She again sucked all the way down and her lips pushed against his flesh around the base of his penis. The slightly red hair around it now covered most of her cheek that was facing him. He was sad that he could not feel specifically enough to know what the back of her throat felt like. But seeing her head between his legs and knowing where his cock was made him very excited.

She then pulled up and his cock fell back against his belly still standing at attention. She pushed off her left elbow and her right hand and now stood up. Brian figured it was over. His mom was in the kitchen just 10 feet down the hall. Certainly nothing more would happen now.

Damn. Brian thought to himself. At least she got him hard enough for the catheter. But he was not disappointed for long.

I m not letting that go to waste. She reassured him.

Chapter 8

Marlene had just removed Brian s newly hard cock from her mouth. She immediately pulled her shirt up over her head and her red hair fell back down over her face. She brushed it away quickly enough to look him in the eyes. She was very deliberate in her actions. She grinned and made sure he was watching when she reached back and removed her bra. Within seconds, Marlene s bra was in her right hand, but Brian s eyes were on her tits. They were just as lovely as he had imagined. He was equally aroused by her belly below. He obviously saw the belly under her T-shirt all this time. It looked so different in the nude. Her pregnancy made her more attractive than any nude woman he had seen before. He also was quick to notice that both her breasts and her entire belly were just as tan as the rest of her body. This thrilled him. In fact, his raised eyebrows must ve conveyed his thoughts.

I tan in the nude in my backyard. She answered him without the question ever being asked.

She resumed again with quick decisive action. Her thumbs went inside her waistband at each of her hips and immediately she bent down bringing her shorts and panties together to the floor in one fluid motion. She stepped out of them and hesitated for a brief moment. He knew that below the pregnant belly was her pussy. He wanted so bad to know what it looked like, but he could not see it from this angle.

So far to this point everything happened quickly. Here there was a momentary pause. It allowed her to gaze into his eyes with a sultry, yet wanting look. Perhaps she was looking for approval. He smiled a very large smile and nodded yes. That was all she needed.

Marlene stepped toward the bed and decisively lifted her right leg up and over his body. While doing so her right hand started to rub her clit briefly. She then stood on both feet straddling him just over his still rock hard cock. Now he could easily see her pussy. She obviously kept it trimmed but there was still plenty of hair there. The late morning sun shining through the windows made it very clear that the hair on her pussy was the same color red as on her head. She squatted down slightly as he leaned back on both elbows. It was then that she stuck three fingers into her clit. It did not last for long, but it was unbelievably arousing. Her hand then left her slit. Next, he was floored as he watched her put these same three fingers in her mouth and suck them for a moment. She looked him in the eyes the entire time she did this. It was obvious she wanted a reaction. The look in his eyes must ve conveyed appreciation.

Marlene pulled her digits out of her mouth and returned them to the task at hand. Her fingertips pressed against the visible lips of her pussy. The motion of her hand started in an up-and-down direction but then quickly moved left and right rather rapidly. She took in a quick deep breath and it was obvious it was involuntary. Her actions only lasted about 20 seconds but it would remain in Brian s mind forever.

Marlene stood over him rubbing her pussy while looking him straight in the eye.

You ready? She asked him.

He nodded yes quickly and was actually afraid that his response probably looked rather juvenile. But he could not wait to watch his cock move deep inside that red haired pussy.

She then bent her knees more and reached her left hand between her knees as she grabbed his erection. While continuing to rub her clit with her right hand she leaned down further and guided the head between her labia using her left hand.

Once the tip was obviously in the right place, she immediately dropped down onto the shaft. Her pregnant belly pushed against his abdomen. This was obviously a unique view for Brian and it was an extra special turn on. Marlene again let out a deep breath and there was actually a moan along with it. Brian felt the same warm overall feeling from in the past; but it was heightened about 50 times. He could not see below her belly. Within seconds however, she raised her pussy back up to the very tip of his cock and slammed it back down to the base. It was a thrill for him to see that. Since he broke his neck, he wondered if it was something he would ever see again. Like before, she breathed deep, and again there was a slight moan. This time it was a bit louder and Brian wondered if his mom might have heard it. Another wave overcame him. This time his belly actually started to shudder. It was not the same as sex had always been. He was not sure if he could say it was better , but it certainly was no less wonderful. It was just different.

Once again, Marlene rose as high as she possibly could without his dick falling out. Immediately she slammed back down. Her juices were now flowing and this time when their groins met there was a sloshing sound. As she pulled back up, there was a slight suction holding them together that had to be broken. That didn t happen again because her pace became much more rapid. She now knew exactly how far she could rise to get the maximum pleasure. With each stroke, Marlene managed to rise just to the very tip of Brian s cock and immediately slammed back down to the base. She continued to do so faster and faster. At this point her breasts began to bounce rhythmically. So did her pregnant belly. The deep breaths had been replaced by constant heavy breathing.

Marlene had been leaning back slightly while she bounced on his Dick. This gave him full view of her body. But whether she was tired or just wanted more contact, she pushed herself forward and now wrapped her arms around Brian s neck. They did not kiss. Instead, she continued to breathe heavily in his ear as her tongue slightly bit his ear lobe. She moved down and started to kiss his neck. The whole time she never stopped her frantic pace up and down his penis. The sensation he felt continued to be overwhelming. However, he did not feel like he would reach a climax soon. How long would be able to go?

It was here that she confirmed what she had always told him. Instinctively without control Marlene began to moan. In fact, she let out a slight moan every third or fourth stroke. The moans were definitely growing louder. Brian still wondered if perhaps this could be a secret. Maybe his mom was upstairs and could not hear this. At this point, he did not care.

Chapter 9

As Brian lay on his back looking up at Marlene, he was so happy. The feeling that was overcoming his body was amazing. She continued to move quickly up and down his cock and the pace was getting more and more rapid. She also was now moaning steadily. At this point he was pretty sure his mother knew what was going on. Just then, Marlene raised too high and his dick fell out. It was so hard that he could hear the sound of it as it fell back and smacked his abdomen. Marlene took a moment to readjust her footing and she lifted up briefly. As she did so, Brian saw the door was open just a crack.

Wasn t it closed before? He thought to himself.

His glance returned to his cock that Marlene was about to grab and once again enter into her hot, wet pussy. She regained her footing and grabbed a hold of his shaft with her right hand while she moved herself back down on top of him. In no time, her pace was back to where it was before. In fact, she was now moving faster. Brian s stomach was beginning to spasm. What did this mean? It subsided. The wave of ecstasy was still overwhelming his body.

As Marlene continued to forcibly bounce up and down, Brian realized he could use his arms and the spring of the bed to force his hips in time with hers. She gasped as he started his motion. The two of them were now looking each other in the eyes. But it didn t last much longer. Just then she let out the loudest moan as her eyes closed and her head moved back. She extended her chest in full view for Brian. She stopped her voluntary motion; but the quivering throughout her body continued involuntarily. He grabbed her hips and could feel her body shake.

This was the start of his true appreciation for the female orgasm. Even though he did not come and have a complete orgasm or ejaculation, he was enjoying every moment of hers. From then on out, his goal was always to please his partner to the best of his ability. The more a woman orgasmed, the more excited and satisfied he would be. Such was the case right then.

Marlene regained her senses after a few seconds. She took a deep breath and then collapsed on top of Brian. It frightened him because he felt the force of her pregnant belly against him. It must not have been an issue, because she seemed fine. Exhausted and satisfied, but definitely fine. Marlene s unborn c***d made it difficult for the two of them to hold each other closely. He realized though that given this situation it was perhaps not completely necessary. Her heavy breath was on his neck. He could feel her sweat covered breasts as they pushed against his chest just above the line where his paralysis began. She continued to breathe on his neck and in his ear as she regained her composure.

Once Marlene was breathing normally, she pulled away just enough to look in his eyes. It was then that the two of them kissed deeply. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed passionately. He was glad to feel her passion in the kiss. He also felt better once the two of them managed to hold each other tight enough as they squeezed each other as much as they could.

The kiss and the hug lasted about a minute. At which point they separated and Marlene turned to her right hip as she fell back down with her cheek resting on Brian s chest. He now felt her large belly pushing against his left side.

I could lie here all day. Marlene whispered.

Why don t you? Brian replied.

I think your mother might have an issue with that. Marlene commented as she climbed off of him and stood up next to the bed.

Brian smiled, well she certainly has a good idea what was going on in here. He was obviously referencing her moaning. The irony of his statement was that unbeknownst to them his mother was standing right outside the door.

I told you I was a moaner. Marlene reminded him as she pulled her panties up, followed by her shorts.

Brian reassured her, that s okay. We re both adults. Besides, she s probably happy that I can do this.

Little did he know how happy his mother really was.

Chapter 10

Pam had been at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. The water was running and she thought she heard a strange noise. It sounded like it was coming from her son s bedroom. Nine months earlier he had broken his neck and was paralyzed. Now he was in the bedroom and the 26-year-old personal care attendant they had hired was helping him with a shower. But the noises Pam heard were unique.

She turned off the water and listened for a second — nothing. She put the plate in the dishwasher and flipped on the water to rinse the next plate. Just then she heard the sound again. She was going to ignore it but decided to stop the water one more time. She stood there holding the plate and staring into space with her ears listening closely. There it was again. Without the water running it was obvious what she was listening to. That was Marlene, and she was moaning.

She set the plate down and did not know what to think. Her mind was a blur. This 26-year-old woman was in there taking advantage of her baby. But she knew better. She knew he was now a 19-year-old man. That first night when she came to his side after breaking his neck she asked him if he had had sex before. He told her he had and she was ultimately relieved. Like most other people, she figured his sex life was completely over beginning that night. Like Brian, over the next several months she learned quite a bit. It turns out that he could be sexually active. Nevertheless, she constantly worried that simply because he is in a wheelchair he may never be able to find a partner.

So now as she stood in the kitchen and listened to the moans continue, she started to smile. Not only was her son having sex, but it seemed that he was doing a pretty good job. It was then that the smile on her face changed. It changed because her thoughts began to wander even more. What was going on in there? She started to imagine her son with Marlene s pregnant naked body on top of him. That thought actually turned her on. She should not be aroused in the least she told herself. But yet she could feel the juices start to flow between her legs as Marlene let out one of the loudest moans yet.

She turned the water back on and continued to rinse the dishes. She wanted to stop what she was doing and focus all her attention on what was going on in the bedroom. Nevertheless, she made sure to finish her task at hand. Once all the dishes were in the dishwasher, she closed the door and started the cycle. Now the kitchen was clean. She knew she should go upstairs, take off her nightgown, and take a shower. But instead, she slowly walked down the hall towards Brian s bedroom.

She stood there and gently placed her ear against the door. From here she could hear Marlene breathing heavily and the moans were now consistent. My God, is she that easy to please, or is he that good? She was ashamed to even think like that. She now pictured his cock. The last three months she routinely had seen it. She still remembered the first time she undressed him after the accident. She remembered her little boy but now he was a man and she was taking off his clothes. As she pulled his underwear off that first time she was rather amazed to see a full grown cock. It was semi-flaccid at the time but, it was definitely bigger than his father s. Of course, at the time there was nothing sexual about her observation. During the last four months as well, s he simply cared for him and never thought twice about the fact that he was nude much of the time.

The combination of curiosity and her arousal overcame her nerves and hesitation. She opened the door slightly so she could peek in. She looked in and was comforted by the fact that Marlene s back was to the door. Pam obviously knew she would be on top, but she was relieved that she was not facing the door. She watched as Marlene rocked up and down on top of her son. She could see the sweat glistened off of Marlene back. In a strange way, even that aroused her. She had never had any attraction towards women; but the way Marlene s bare back looked down to the top of her ass was a beautiful sight at that point in time. She then began to imagine her pregnant belly as it bounced up and down above her son. She wanted to see more. She had seen Brian s penis so many times in the last month, but now she just had to see it in all its glory.

Right then, Marlene lifted too high and his cock fell out of her dripping pussy. She lifted her ass higher hoping to quickly place it back into her cunt. It was at this point Pam saw Brian s cock. It fell back against his belly. It actually made a noise when it hit his abdomen. She looked closely and it was shining with the residue from Marlene s pussy. Marlene took this moment to almost stand up while she readjusted her footing. During this time, Pam could not take her eyes off of her son s member. So much so she quickly realized that perhaps she opened the door too much. He pulled it back close as much is possible still leaving her an adequate view of his cock. Did he see her? She doubted it.

Her lascivious thoughts continued. She knew they were wrong, but she couldn t fight them. Neither could the rest of her body. She felt the juices flowing between her own legs. She no longer was hesitant and instead moved her right hand down to lift up her knee length blue nightgown.

The nightgown was in her hand just long enough for her to move it out of her way. She let go so that her hand could then slip under the waistband of her panties and on top of her hairy mound. Standing up she was not able to rub her clit from side to side like she preferred. But she was so hot and horny that simply moving up and down sent waves of excitement up her back and down her legs. She had not felt like this in years. She wanted this feeling to last forever.

She continued a slow and methodical pace up and down. Her other hand began to tweak her very erect nipple through the material of her nightgown. Just then she watched Marlene grab Brian s dick again and guide it slowly back into her slit. While watching intently, Pam made sure she shoved her middle finger into her own hole with the same timing. She imagined that it was her sons cock coming home to Mom. The motions of her finger mimicked Marlene s with every stroke. Her i****tuous fantasies continued as she watched this practical stranger fuck her son.

Chapter 11

Pam did not close the door until shortly after Marlene s orgasm. She had watched almost the entire session and lasted long enough to see Marlene collapse on top of her son. She also witnessed the deep and passionate kiss the two of them shared. It was at that point she pushed her finger deeper into her pussy than she had all morning. Nevertheless, she still could not satisfy herself appropriately standing in the hallway. She pulled her hand out from her panties and let her nightgown drop back to her knees. She quietly closed the door behind her and snuck back into the kitchen.

She stopped briefly at the kitchen counter to regain her senses. The feelings she had outside that door as she watched her son fuck Marlene were better than anything she had felt in a decade. She still was tingling all over. But she was ashamed. She tried to put this out of her mind and go about her business. She grabbed a rag and wiped down the counter even though she knew it was already clean.

This is ridiculous, she told herself. And she went upstairs to shower like she had planned before she heard Marlene s initial screams.

She entered the master bedroom and quickly went into the master bath. It was warm and comfortable. The carpeting felt reassuring on the bottom of her feet after standing on the tile outside the door for such a long time. She stood outside the shower area right in front of the bathtub and started to fill it with water. She turned and began looking in the mirror across from the tub.

It was morning. Consequently, she had no makeup on, nor was her hair done. Yet as she looked in the mirror she was proud of what she saw. She turned 42 the previous December, but her body looked the same as it did in her 20s. She was very careful about what she ate and always watched her weight. Her black shoulder length hair d****d somewhat over her face and she pushed it back. She looked closely at her face in the mirror. Even without makeup, she realized she was still attractive.

She then stepped back to look at herself in her nightgown. There was nothing special. It was a simple blue nightgown that hung to her knees. She realized she needed to see more. She immediately pulled it over her head and threw it to the side. She doubted if she would ever wear it again. She wanted to always look good and sexy from now on. Both for herself, but deep down inside she knew she was doing it for Brian.

Her nude body reflected back at her in the mirror. She definitely approved this view much better. She was not tall. She only stood five foot four. Even in the nude, she was still very proud of her body. Her belly was still tight with little to no fat at all. She turned around and saw that her ass had no cellulite or extra tissue. Her legs were obviously bigger than they were ten years ago; but overall they still looked good as well. Those were the areas she always was obsessed with. She worked hard to keep in shape.

But now she was looking at herself in a different way. Was she still attractive? Was she still sexually appealing? It had been a longtime since she thought about that. She still had her back slightly to the mirror and now looked at her ass in a different way.

Still tight, she thought to herself.

She turned back around and began to thoroughly evaluate her chest. It did not take long because there was not much to evaluate. Pam never did have much of the chest. In a way, that always made controlling her weight easy. But it had been a sense of frustration throughout her life. As she got older it did not bother her much; but now she looked at her breasts and wished she had more. Recently it had begun to bother her more because her 15-year-old daughter was a D-cup.

She continued to look at her breasts. Even more noticeable as she stared was how unbelievably big her nipples were. They protruded out so much. They actually looked like big red fingertips on the end of her boobs. Part of it was because of her arousal, but even normally she has to make sure to wear the right bra and keep them under cover. Her husband once made a comment years ago when he was drunk about how he did not like them. Ever since then she was uncomfortable with herself.

Lastly, she looked between her legs. The dark brown hair mixed with black was thick and furry covering her entire pussy. Throughout the 70s it was popular to have a lot of hair down there. She remembered all of her husband s Playboys and they even attended the nude musical Hair . None of those women were shaved. However when Marlene climbed off of her son, Pam was able to admire her naked body. She was stunning even though she was six months pregnant. It was difficult to see beneath the pregnant belly, but Pam noticed how clean shaven Marlene was. She knew she should probably trim or shave; but why bother. She had lost all interest in her husband, and she figured he was the only who would ever see from here on out. Little did she know what the future would hold.

Chapter 12

Pam continued to examine herself in the mirror. Now, instead of simply examining her pussy with her eyes, she brought her right hand back down to begin its exploration. There was no doubt she was still unbelievably turned on from watching Brian. She felt so taboo. Watching the two of them have sex was appealing to her; but it was her son and what she wanted from him that aroused her the most.

She rotated and turned off the running water. She stepped into the hot bath and it almost hurt at first; but within seconds, it felt wonderful . She slithered down into the water and laid her head back on the tub. She turned on the Jacuzzi jets and immediately brought her hand back down to resume where it left off. She now was able to move her hand from side to side and thoroughly stimulate her clit the way she liked. It was not going to take her long to reach orgasm now. She began to continue her thoughts about Brian. But now her thoughts became more lascivious. Instead of remembering what it looked like as he was fucking Marlene, her mind began to wonder how she could seduce him herself. She now imagined her body straddling over her son while his cock entered HER hairy cunt.

It was her turn to now moan. She herself had always been loud in bed. Of course, it had been so long since she had a reason to make any noise. It had been a longtime since she even had masturbated. This was her time. She was going to fully satisfy herself right here and now. She let go. She didn t care. She began to moan very loudly. It startled her. She quickly thought about the fact that Marlene and Brian may hear her. This realization only made her rub her clit that much faster and harder. She actually started to scream in ecstasy now. Purposely making enough noise so that her boy and his lover would know what she was doing.

After thirty more seconds of her rapid pace she was on the brink of one of her biggest orgasms in a while. At just the right moment she jammed her thumb deep into her pussy and it contracted tightly around her digit. Again, another extremely loud moan and scream came from her mouth purposefully. She knew the two of them were directly below her and there was no way they did not hear her as she pleased herself immensely. She shuddered from head to toe and the inside of her vagina contracted numerous times around her thumb. She then lay there in a daze while the warm water continued to envelop her and the jets flowed freely all over her body.

That was the perfect end to this fantasy . She told herself.

Chapter 13

Brian was now dressed in his wheelchair. Marlene had her keys in her hand waiting to go. Today was the day that Pam usually wrote her a check. The two of them figured she was upstairs getting ready for the day and would be down shortly. She sat down at the kitchen table and beckoned for Brian to come sit beside her. He pulled his wheelchair up next to her and she grabbed his hand. They sat there and simply looked in each other s eyes wondering what the rest of the summer would be like.

Then they both heard it. The first noise was a slight moan. They both raised their eyes in wonder. It was quickly followed by a much louder moan.

Are you k**ding me? Brian said.

Someone else was horny this morning. Marlene laughed. I guess she did hear me.

Brian was thoroughly embarrassed and made sure that was the emotion he presented. However, he found himself getting excited when he heard the second moan and it was even louder than the first. He instantly remembered a night two years ago in his old house.

It was the middle of his senior year. Uncharacteristically, he was home around 10 o clock and in his room alone. He heard something above him that he could not make out over the sound of his stereo. He turned the music down and was shocked to hear his mother moaning upstairs in her bedroom. As the third moan drifted down the stairs and into the kitchen, Brian remembered the sound as exactly the one he heard back then. He started to become aroused. That night in his room he also found himself excited. So much so, he took off his shorts and immediately started masturbating to the sound of his mom getting fucked by his father. He had not thought about that night in a long time. Right now, he was glad he just did.

Marlene spoke, The sounds of her son getting laid must ve gotten her excited. The words came out before she realized it probably should have been left unsaid.

Brian quickly shot her down, Shut up he interjected.

He wanted to make sure to show disgust; but deep inside he was somewhat intrigued and even aroused. He then remembered the open door. Wasn t it closed when the two of them finished? He knows it was open while they were together.

Just then the sound of Pam s ultimate orgasm radiated from upstairs down into the kitchen. Brian continued to think back two years ago. He remembered the same orgasmic scream as the palm of his hand finished its job and he climaxed all over his bed sheets. Once complete, he never was totally embarrassed about his thoughts. Instead, every once in a while he fantasized about her. Such a fantasy certainly did not happen often because there were so many other young women his age that seemed more appealing. Nevertheless, the thought of her sometimes crossed his mind.

Oh my God… Marlene chuckled as Pam reached the end of her scream.

Pam s final climax came at the same time he realized his mother had been previously watching him have sex. It was then he knew she was masturbating and doing so while thinking about him. That thought should have made him uncomfortable. Instead he grinned knowingly and his mind began to wander in ways it never had before.

Chapter 14

His mother came down in a nice summer dress. Her hair was still wet and she had no makeup on. Brian and Marlene both noticed the look on her face. There was definitely a sense of relief. They both were grinning. All three of them knew what had gone on, but now they had to pretend like nothing happened.

Sorry about that, Pam told them. I waited down here for you guys to finish but then realized it was taking longer than usual. So I went upstairs to take care of my own personal business. Her statement was perfectly worded as she began to write Marlene s check.

No problem, Marlene reassured her. I m glad you were able to get done what you needed to get done. She winked at Brian. He was so embarrassed.

Brian could not believe his mother s next statement, you guys aren t the only ones that can have fun. He did not know how to interpret this since her face was still looking down towards the checkbook.

His mom gave her the check and they said their goodbyes as Marlene left. The rest of the day was like any other. Everything seemed pretty much the same. His mom did seem a bit more happy-go-lucky. But there was no awkwardness or uneasiness between the two of them.

His brother and sister returned from school followed by his dad and it was a usual night of TV. At about 10 o clock, Brian headed towards his bedroom and his mom followed. Ultimately, he would learn how to get himself in bed and would never need evening assistance. However, at this point she needed to help pull him into bed. He scooted onto the mattress with her assistance. She picked up his feet and he dropped back onto the bed.

She reached down and undid his pants, but now as she did so it had a different feeling for Brian. His heart started beating as she unzipped his jeans. He rolled to the left and she pulled it over his right hip. He rolled back to the right and she pulled them down completely. Within seconds they were completely off. He was laying there in his underwear in the same bed that he fucked Marlene earlier this morning. She was about to leave but he stopped her.

Is my catheter still on? He asked. He knew that there was little chance that it was not on tight; but he wanted to see her look down inside his underwear. He wanted her to see his cock. He did not realize how she wanted to do the same. She quickly obliged. However this time it was different. Normally she would lift the waist band and peek inside. Instead, she literally pulled his underwear down below his scrotum. She grabbed his penis and lifted it up to make sure the condom catheter was on all the way to the bottom. Seeing her hand on his cock excited him. Of course it never had before, but today had changed things in so many ways. Meanwhile, Pam pulled an additional time and thoroughly looked at his penis. It responded positively. She wanted to pull at least one more time on his quickly changing member but knew she could not do that.

It looks good. She replied as she pulled his underwear back up over it. She turned out the lights and Brian began to dream about how wonderful today was.

Chapter 15

The next morning his mother came in to get him up. The usual routine began. She took off his underwear and removed his catheter. She then went into the bathroom to get a soapy washcloth. As she walked away the morning sunlight shined through her nightgown and he could see the outline of her naked body. Brian used the electric bed to sit up and while she was out of the room he started to play with his cock. That image of her body made him want to stroke his cock thoroughly. Like always, he wanted it to be erect by the time she returned, it was.

When she turned the corner, her eyes ended up moving directly to his cock. She walked beside the bed with the condom catheter in her hand. Brian was finishing off drying himself. By this time, the entire crotch was dry. In fact, his ulterior motives did not apply because his cock was rock hard. He simply felt like playing with it a little bit longer. His mother was thrilled, but he did not realize that. She stood there watching him rub his cock and she felt stirrings between her legs once again.

He stopped and she brought the condom down and placed it on the tip of his penis. It flinched slightly at the touch. As she leaned over he could see down the neck of her nightgown. Her breasts dangled since there was no bra. Her chest was small but this view reminded him of how extremely large his mother s nipples were. They protruded out from her breasts and looked bigger than any he had ever seen. He always remembered them being that big. This accidental view had been granted to him throughout the last few months but he never had the same feeling as he did right now. His mind raced as he actually imagined sucking on those massive nipples. He became even more excited when he thought about how erect and stimulated they would become if he did so.

She was about to roll the catheter down, but for a brief second grabbed the shaft. She quickly realized a motion was out of place and she pretended like she was simply moving it away from his belly to make it easier to apply. Pam pulled it down completely and hooked it up. Over the next ten minutes she completed the usual routine and put on his underwear and jeans and helped him get into his wheelchair for the day.

She was proud of herself. She had become aroused quite a bit, but by the end she was fine again. She could not keep thinking like that. Meanwhile, Brian rolled out of his room wondering what his thoughts should be. He could not keep fantasizing like this. He knew definitively that his own mother brought herself to orgasm thinking about him. He now was a bundle of nerves and sexual tension thinking about being with her.

It would have been great if Marlene were there. Unfortunately the timing of the liaison was bad. She was not scheduled to return until Monday morning. Brian hoped at that time he would fuck her again. He wondered if he could survive the numerous sexual thoughts about both Marlene and his mother that were surely to continue the next three days until he would see her.

Chapter 16

Thursday night was uneventful. Now it was Friday morning and time for a shower. It was still his mother that was going to be helping him this morning. Overall, this should have been ultimately depressing. He was fucking a 26-year-old pregnant redhead after his last shower and now he was being led into today s shower by his mother. But the fact that he knew his mother had masturbated immediately following his session with Marlene stimulated something inside him like never before.

Usually she comes in and has to wake him up. But now he was wide awake anxiously awaiting her arrival. He could hear her in the kitchen. His thoughts raced. He thought perhaps he could get a head start and surprise his mother when she came in. He lifted the electric bed giving him access to his penis. Although he was wearing the condom catheter, he was still able to begin to grab and play with his limp cock. After a little bit of work it was now hard. The warm flush was beginning to come over him again as his thoughts were about his mother.

His goal was to have a hard on underneath the covers when she first pulled them back. Now that it was fully erect, he put the covers back in place but continued to slowly stroke his cock under them.

Mom! He hollered for his mother. His excitement was growing.

She yelled back from the kitchen, I ll be right there sweetie.

He gave his rod a few more strokes and then he heard her start to walk down the short hall. He stopped what he was doing and started to lower the bed to avoid making his attempt so obvious. When she opened the door he had just reached the prone position. He lay in bed under the covers just as he would any other morning. He could not see her as she started to enter his room. That surprise would hit his eyes in just a moment.

Chapter 17

Pam had opened the door and was now entering the room. She was very nervous. She had been all night. She lay in bed next to her snoring husband and could only think about what it possibly could be like to actually make love to her oldest son. This fantasy seemed more and more like it may become a reality. This made her very nervous and uneasy; but the more prevalent feeling was pure excitement and lust.

Pam did not sleep at all last night. She woke up early and made her husband breakfast. As soon as he and the k**s were gone she decided to take a chance. She went upstairs and took off her every day blue nightgown. After looking at herself in the mirror Wednesday she knew this was not the most flattering garment. She reached into the bottom of her top drawer and pulled out what she always liked. Unfortunately, she never felt like pulling it out for the man she shared her bed with. But now the excitement overcame her as she uncovered what she was looking for.

She was sad to admit to herself that this was the sexiest pair of undergarments she had. Here she was, 42 years old and still damn good looking with a nice body. She never could really show it off. Now was her opportunity. She put it on and waited.

Pam spent the next hour reading the newspaper; but could not concentrate. She could feel the air conditioning more than usual because so much more of her body was exposed that usual. It was not overtly sexual by any means. But she knew she looked very good in it. She was using this as a test. What would her son think? How would he react? She had the benefit of watching him fuck Marlene to change her state of mind. Why on earth would her 19-year-old k** be interested in anything sexual with his mother? Yesterday, she had noticed his cock was rock hard when she pulled back the curtain. She presumed he had done that. Was that a hint? She had so many questions and nerves to go with them.

Her son had called and now she was just outside his door about to make her grand entrance. She opened the door and walked in not knowing what to expect.

Chapter 18

When he heard her walk in the door, he was still laying flat with his head under the covers. There was a raging hard on a couple feet below it. He left it there to surprise his mother and gauge her reaction. She walked next to the bed and pulled away the covers. He made sure to watch her immediate reaction. Her eyes immediately went between his legs. And she paused before she moved any further. That was the good sign he wanted. Beyond that though, it was hard for him to read the look on her face because it was not her face he ended up looking at.

She now stood next to his bed wearing an outfit he had never seen before. Ever since he returned home she always was wearing her light blue or dark blue nightgown. Both were about the same. They were knee length and generally conservative. They were something that a mom would wear around the house in the morning. It wasn t until yesterday that the right angle of sunlight gave him a good view of her body through the material. But the outfit she had on now did not require any special lighting for him to notice her body.

He was glad she paused to look at his hard penis. This gave him enough time to appreciate what he was seeing. She was wearing a silk pink camisole with matching pink panties. So quickly his eyes absorbed all the extra skin of her body now visible to him. The top was being held up by pink spaghetti straps. Beneath the camisole he could easily see the outline of her large nipples. They seemed larger than usual. The camisole did come down just to the waistband. If it was shorter perhaps she would not have been willing to wear it.

It was the panties though that he appreciated the most. They also were pink silk. But they were probably a bit tighter than they should have been. They fit snugly against her crotch and he could see the slight bulge from the hair underneath. A closer look revealed that he could see quite a bit of stray hair along the sides that managed to find their way out. This was an extreme turn on. He always did like a hairy pussy when he was looking at porn. Seeing this on his mother actually reminded him of when he was a c***d watching her come out of the shower. This outfit made it that much easier for him to picture her in the nude once again.

As his eyes rose back up her body they met hers. He realized that his stares had been obvious. He wondered if that was her motive. There was no special look from her and she immediately turned to go get his shower chair. As she walked away he was able to see how wonderful the tight panties hugged her ass. He did the math in his head. He was proud. He realized just how trim, fit, and attractive his 42-year-old mother was. He also was still horny. He had to get this out of his head. Even though it seemed like she was hinting at something, it still was a big step for him to think that anything sexual would actually happen between the two of them.

He moved into his chair and she took it straight to the shower. He sat under the water and used the soap to wash himself as much as he could. Whenever Marlene helped him, he always made sure to thoroughly wash his crotch and bring his cock to full attention before she pulled the curtain back. Obviously, he never did such a thing with his mother. Today would be different.

Ready, he hollered.

I m coming! She replied from the kitchen. He imagined what it would be like to hear those words coming from her in a different context.

He grabbed his cock again and stroked up and down rapidly. Unfortunately, without direct stimulation it would disappear rather quickly. He did not want to lose this rock hard erection during the delay of her arrival. He heard her footsteps down the hall and she turned the corner. The curtain moved aside and she now stood in front of him.

His cock was bouncing against his belly in rhythmic fashion with his heartbeat. Her hesitation was noticeable. He made sure to watch her face and her eyes were definitively on his penis. There was a brief pause. To him it seemed like a minute; but really was only two seconds. However, it was enough to make him confirm that she was beginning to feel more than usual. He once again noticed her nipples and there was no doubt that they were very erect. Those things were huge.

She grabbed the hand-held shower and the washcloth. She stepped behind him and he leaned forward allowing her to wash his back and shoulder blades. She did it more slowly than usual. It was almost sensual. She then moved around the front and washed his feet and began to move the washcloth up further to his knees. Usually she stopped here. Today she continued and washed the inside of his thighs. She also made sure she accidentally brushed against his dick. Again, it bounced back against his belly in time with his heartbeat. Amazingly, he now actually felt like the sexual thoughts in his head were connected to his penis. He knew better, but it was so overwhelming it was easy to think that.

The shower was over and she threw him the towel. She returned to the bed and lay towels on the mattress. He dried off but now did not devote much time to his crotch. He had a new plan. He was going to leave it flaccid and see how it played out.

Chapter 19

Pam was laying a towel on her son s bed. He was 19 years old, and now was dependent on her for so much. When he was first hurt, she had felt sad. Then when she realized he was going back to school and resuming his life she felt so much better and was happy he would be going and moving on with his life once again. During these last three months they had grown so much closer. And, during the last three days her feelings for him had without a doubt changed. Now she looked at him from across the room while he dried his naked body. She realized how much she appreciated him here. He would be gone again in two weeks. If she wanted to be closer to her baby, she would have to act soon.

She moved across the room walking with a slow, confident, and sexy gait. She could see that he was taking it all in with his eyes. Normally they would be talking quite a bit. It was very silent between the two of them now. No words were being spoken, but a lot was being said.

As she moved around the back of his chair and started to push them to the bedroom she was disappointed that his penis was not erect. She was so surprised when she pulled back the curtain. She knew he had done that on purpose. That made her believe perhaps he had the same thing in mind as she did. Perhaps he wanted more. Perhaps he actually was attracted to her. Now however, his dick was limp. She realized that this was crazy and she needed to simply get back on track. She tried to put all thoughts out of her mind. This wasn t going to happen.

Pam pulled his chair next to the bed and he quickly scooted over. She gave him the towel as she returned the chair back to the bathroom. At this point she usually cleaned the bathroom counter or did whatever she could to grant him the time he needed to get an erection for the catheter. It was always an unspoken ritual between the two of them. It was always the elephant in the room if you will. But now she decided to give him an extra minute or two while she stopped and looked at herself once again in the mirror. She was so much happier with the way she looked in this outfit compared to before. She fixed her hair and smiled at how vibrant and sexy she looked. She also noticed how obvious her rock hard nipples were in this camisole.

Oh well, that s good too! She thought to herself as she turned off the bathroom light and entered the bedroom again.

Chapter 20

Any other time Brian would be struggling to make sure he had a full erection by the time his mother arrived so she could apply the catheter. The last thing he would ever want is to have to masturbate in front of his mother. Today however he initially thought he might actually continue such masturbation as she entered. Instead, he decided to try a repeat of what happened with Marlene.

So he sat there doing nothing until his mother walked in the room. At that point he casually dried himself off but made sure he was not stimulating his cock at all. His mother now stood next to the bed with the catheter in her hand. This situation was not unusual. There had been many times in the past, with both Marlene and his mom that he was forced to struggle getting enough of an erection so they could apply that catheter. He usually worked in silence and the situation was understood between both parties, but unspoken.

Now however, Brian reacted out of the norm.

I m trying, he said to her softly while he looked up at her.

He tried to convey with his eyes a pleading look. Would she do what Marlene did on Wednesday? He did not respond. He simply waited Pamiently with the same look on her face. He realized what he was really hoping for was extremely doubtful. His mother was not going to simply start sucking his cock out of the blue. Yet there were still signs she was interested. The feelings of excitement inside him were about to burst. He decided to himself right then he was going for it.

When this happened Wednesday, Marlene put it in her mouth. He said in the same soft tone and volume as before. In fact, it was probably barely audible.

He was afraid to look up as he said it. He also was afraid to look up after he said it. Brian had just hinted to his mother that she should suck his cock. He had no idea how she would react. The silence seemed to last an eternity. He then realized what a mistake he had made. He started to properly rub his cock with the towel the way he should have from the start. Perhaps they could quickly move on and pretend he never said it.

It was already starting to get hard when his next upward motion was stopped by Pam s hand on his wrist. His balance was off so he could not look up. But he saw her push his hand and the towel away. In the same fluid motion, he watched as the tip of his cock went into her waiting mouth. The satisfaction at that moment was greater than anything he had ever felt. He had accomplished this sexual fantasy that had consumed him the last few days. As his penis completely disappeared and all he saw was the side of her face, he realized this fantasy had been with him much longer than just the last few days. Like all boys, and men, there were many instances when he considered what it would be like to have his mother as his lover. He was certain that every man had had this fantasy at least several times in their life. He however, was now enjoying the satisfaction of seeing it come true.

He grabbed control of his electric bed and moved the back up so he could easily watch as Pam continued to suck his cock. He then raised the height of the bed. Normally he would do this so she would not have to lean over while she dressed him. He never imagined he would have to do this so it was easier for her to continue her blow job. Raising the back of his bed gave him the balance to completely use both of his arms. He had not done this when Marlene was pleasing him orally. As he continued to watch his mom s head bob up and down he was so glad he had thought of it now. On almost every stroke she was bringing her lips down very close to the bottom. While doing so, her right hand was gently playing with his testicles inside his scrotum.

Brian s right hand went to her hair. He slowly moved his hand down the back of her head almost as if he was petting her. He realized it was slightly awkward so he quickly moved his hand down to her neck and rubbed the back of her neck and shoulders ever so gently. He used his fingertips to trace over her skin. The feeling that emanated through his body was getting stronger and stronger. However, he carried on and moved his hand across the silky material down her back. He could see her ass and knew the panties were too tight. He wanted to grab a hold of what was underneath them, but he could not reach either cheek. Instead, he grabbed the bottom of the camisole and lifted it up her back. The front still covered her breasts, but now her back was completely exposed. He continued to rub her from neck to hips with his right hand.

It was here that his mom paused briefly. She let his dick fall out of her mouth but she continued to grasp it within her right palm. She turned and looked at him. Would this continue, or was it about to end? The answer was literally in her hands.

Chapter 21

Pam had been sucking her sons cock for five minutes or so. It was as thrilling to her as she thought it would be. It had been so long since she had a penis in her mouth. It had been an eternity since something had happened with her husband. The feel of her son within her mouth confirmed what she always assumed — it was definitely bigger than her husband s. Brian s longer length had always been obvious; but she wasn t sure if it was thicker than his father s. Now as her lips were wrapped firmly around its entire girth she realized it was bigger that way as well.

She imagined how it would feel inside of her. Yet she was not sure if this should be taken to that level. Pam no longer was thinking about her mouth and tongue moving expertly all over her son. Instead, her thoughts were whether or not she was going to take that next huge step and put it in her pussy like she wanted so desperately. This was the point of no return. Right now she could stop and simply start applying the catheter. Things would be a bit awkward, but would move on as usual.

On the other hand, moving forward was possible and oh so tempting. She knew that if it continued, there would be more involved than simply a good fuck. They would be making love. Nineteen years of emotions, a literal lifetime, would come together and flood both of them with feelings that even now she could not comprehend. She let his cock fall out of her mouth, but she still was holding it in her hand. She turned and looked him in the eyes. She tried to look deep into his soul and determine if he was really ready for this. She thought she had the answer.

Chapter 22

Brian watched his mother. She was looking into his eyes as she silently held his penis in her hand. Whether this continued or not was up to her. He realized that with her look she was actually asking what he wanted. He did not want to speak so he tried convey his thoughts through his eyes. He wanted to love her more than he ever had in his life. He wanted both of them to experience the satisfaction that he was sure making love would provide. Did she feel that way also?

Her left hand pushed off the mattress and she stood up next to the bed. Her camisole started to fall once again covering her previously naked back. She finished pulling it down the rest of the way. Brian was thoroughly disappointed as she now stood there fully clothed in this beautiful and sexy pink outfit.

What a shame, he thought to himself.

Then she grabbed the camisole and pulled it over her head. He could see her very large smile appear as she brushed her hair from her face. He smiled a big smile in return. He could hardly breathe. The excitement within him was like nothing he had ever felt. Just Wednesday he thought he was experiencing the best sensations ever, but it paled in comparison to what was coursing throughout his body now.

Brian looked at Pam s topless body. He now could see the extremely large and erect nipples that he had routinely caught a glance of throughout the last three months. In fact, he remembered them from his c***dhood. Perhaps he opened his mouth somewhat, but his mother obviously knew what he wanted.

Unlike Marlene two days ago, his mother was not going to quickly remove her underwear. It was at this moment he realized that they were not going to fuck. Instead, he knew that the two of them, mother and son, were going to make love.

She moved towards him still wearing the pink silk panties. She pushed his hips over slightly and then she placed her right knee on the mattress while moving forward towards her son. He watched as she fell slowly towards him. Her right arm reached down and once again grabbed his cock. But it was her left arm that he found so much more appealing at that moment. She brought it behind his neck and he could feel her fingernails as she gently touched the back of his neck at the top of his shoulder blades.

The nails pushed against his skin more forcefully and he realized she was bringing him to her bosom. Mommy s baby was coming home. She brought her right nipple to his face and he immediately wrapped his mouth around it. It felt wonderful. He had felt and kissed many different breasts by this time, but there was no doubt that the size of her nipples and the emotion of this moment made this better than anything before.

He began to suck harder and his mother actually gasped for air. This confirmed what he suspected. Usually smaller breasts are more sensitive. He wanted to focus all his attention on pleasing her right now. Knowing how sensitive her breasts were would make it easier. He continued to suck and her breathing increased and became more rapid. The stroke of her hand on his cock continued at the same pace however. It was steady and felt wonderful. He reached his right arm around her and pulled her closer.

He now was able to hold her firmly and she rested on him. He let her giant nipple come out of his mouth briefly and then opened wider and the next motion pulled her entire areola inside. He was sucking gently, and she seemed to like it. He then decided to gently use his teeth and he nibbled on the very tip of the erect flesh. His mother took another deep breath. She forced herself harder up on him while pulling him closer. Her breast was now up on his face and he knew it was his duty to suck as hard as he could.

For almost the next five minutes the two of them held each other and he simply sucked on her tit. It was definitely a re-creation of the mother son bond they started 19 years ago. However, the sexual tension and excitement remained, as she continued to stroke his cock. Concurrently, his right hand had fondled her left breast. He used his fingers to tweak that large nipple as well. He realized the suckling had gone on a little too long and he let go. He kissed her cleavage and moved over to the other breast. Again she gasped gently as his lips touched this flesh the first time. The change in position seemed to allow her to now stroke his cock a little faster. Or rather, it was simply the excitement that the two of them were generating.

Chapter 23

At this point, Brian started to grow impatient. Not because he wanted more sex; but because he wanted more of her overall. Only his lips and the tips of his fingers had been touching her so far. He wanted to hold his mother in a way he never had before, he wanted to let her know what he felt. He realized that because the head of the bed was up high he had more balance and leverage than ever before. He moved his right arm from her left breast and instead wrapped it around her back. He started to pull her towards him. She was ready for the embrace but he surprised her. He applied more force and turned her body while pushing her back across his lap. She now was lying across his lap and he was leaning over with his right arm under her back. His left arm moved behind her neck and actually started caressing the hair behind her ear. He looked her in the eyes.

I saw the two of you Wednesday morning, Pam told him confirming she had watched while he fucked his attendant in this very same bed.

Brian smiled, I saw the door and thought perhaps you did. We knew for sure later when we heard you upstairs. Brian remembered what a turn on it was as he listened to his mother moan that morning when he stood in the kitchen with Marlene.

I didn t plan on that. I watched the two of you through to the end and didn t do anything. I was okay when I went upstairs. Then in the tub I started to think about you MYSELF. She was amazed how much she was confessing. She convinced herself she was going to be totally honest and open.

Pam continued her taboo confession, Once I started, I couldn t believe how amazing it felt. It had been years. The first noise was by accident, but then for some strange reason I wanted you guys to hear me.

Brian still had his left arm around her back but now his right hand was slowly moving back and forth between her two breasts. That s what got my thoughts going. he confirmed.

In a way I think that s what I wanted to do. His mother admitted.

It looks like it worked. Brian replied with a smile.

It certainly did! She agreed. I love you honey. She he moved her lips forward.

I love you too mom. He told her.

To confirm his statement, he pulled his right arm closer to him bringing her along with it. Their lips met as they kissed for the first time. The kiss was gentle, but they still made sure that their lips fully pushed against each others . They separated for a second while they looked into each other s eyes. The passion overcame his mother. She wrapped both arms around his shoulders and the two of them pulled each other as close as they could while their lips came together forcefully it a deep passionate kiss. They now instantly began breathing heavily once again. It was Pam s tongue that first started to explore. She moved it into her son s mouth and met his. The two tongues intertwined in a French kiss while she moved her hands gently down his back towards his hips. With her fingernails, she continued to gently move her hand up and down his back.

Brian broke the kiss for a moment. My God I can feel that!

What? She did not believe him.

He explained further, it s not a direct sensation. Instead it s like an overwhelming warmth and excitement throughout my body. It s almost the same as the stimulation down there. His eyes motioned towards his cock.

His mother used her nails to ever so gently stroke his back up and down and back and forth. Her son s breathing grew deeper and more rapid. She actually could feel his fingertips clutching into a fist. She watched as his face took on a look of ecstasy

Faster, he begged.

It was an easy motion for her so she quickly picked up the pace. He was now holding her tighter than ever beginning to move up and down. She was amazed and completely aroused at how excited her young man was. She was also confused. She kept up the pace for another minute or so until he quietly asked her to stop.

What happened, she asked him

I have no idea. He replied. They told us that we would find new erogenous zones. That they would be different and feel different than before

She thought about it further, kind of a whole body orgasm. Like a woman.

He remembered Marlene s same comment earlier. I guess so. He smiled a big smile, now, where were we? He quickly resumed their kiss.

Chapter 24

Pam felt secure in her son s arms as they kissed passionately. This was the deepest and most intense kiss so far. She held him even closer. She loved the way that he was above her. She had not considered such a position while fingering herself in previous days. Brian quickly stopped.

Let s lay back, he said while motioning his head toward the top of the bed. I want to be on top of you completely.

The way he was taking control excited her. He sat up as he released his embrace. He was now leaning back against the mattress in the upright position. She also rose and sat on his lap. His cock was once again limp but it still excited her knowing it was just below her. Reluctantly, she then climbed off of her son . She hated to leave him but she knew she would return in a better position within minutes.

Reluctantly, she then climbed off of her son. She hated to leave him but she knew she would return in a better position within minutes.

Pam walked quickly around from the right side. She stopped and stood at the left side of the bed. Brian was already over far enough to the right and there was enough room for her to lay beside him. But she did not do so just yet. Instead, she looked down and grabbed the waistband of her pink satin underwear. She realized how good they looked. They looked like silk, but she could not afford that. Besides, at the time she figured no one would ever see them. Nevertheless, she knew they looked good now. She hoped he would think she looked better without them.

No. He stopped her. I ll get to that later. He reassured her.

His confidence caused additional juices to flow between her legs. She left her hairy mound covered by the pink material and crawled into the bed next to him. She laid back as his left arm enveloped her underneath. He was propped on his side using his elbow to support himself. His right hand immediately started to caress her left breast. It felt wonderful. She was able to again look up into his eyes, but now he had moved so much closer.

She could feel him as he held her so tight. She forgot that he was disabled. She forgot about all the heartache these last few months. Right now, she was living in the moment and unbelievably satisfied. She couldn t believe the overwhelming love she was feeling for this man. She forgot that this once was her little boy. Instead, this grown man was on track to be her best lover ever.

Are you comfortable? She inquired.

Never better. He whispered as his lips over took hers again.

She kissed him again as passionately as she could. She slipped her tongue back through his lips and was greeted by his own. At the same time, his right hand left her breast but almost immediately she felt it now directly on her pussy. The force of the material against her mound made her quiver. Brian broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes and smiled. He started to move his hand up and down across the material continuing firm pressure. All the while he was simply looking her in the eyes.

God, was she turned on. She watched him look intently at her and she started to move her hips forward into the force of his hand. This continued for several minutes and then he stopped. He now moved his fingers to her belly and he slowly moved the tips across her entire abdomen. There was no spot he missed. The sensation was heavenly. She had to stop watching him and she simply laid her head back and let out a huge sigh. His exploration continued and then the finger started to touch the waistband. He brought his thumb underneath and started to push it down. A slight moment of awkward motion was followed by his entire hand now directly running across her hairy pussy.

He next started pushing down on the bottom of the material trying to get better access. It was not working. She wanted him to have full access. She could not wait any longer. She pulled her feet towards her body and lifted her hips. Pam removed her hand from the back of his neck and grabbed her underwear with both of her hands. She then pulled the panties down in one swift motion. They now were wrapped around her knees. She was able to move her right leg enough to drop it down to her ankles. One quick kick and they were no longer on her body.

Brian wasted no time. His thumb was inside her before the pink panties hit the floor. She gasped and her eyes uncontrollably moved up to the back of her head ever so briefly. When they came back down she looked at him and smiled. Both arms wrapped around him and she pulled him as tight as she could. His head moved beside hers and he started to kiss the nape of her neck. His thumb moved out and back into her hot and wet pussy. The motion of his thumb now continued at a nice steady pace while the kisses on her neck and ear were timed the same.

She now was feeling it so much and her hips started to move off the bed and greet all of his strokes with an upward motion. By doing so, his thumb was now rubbing her clit each and every time it entered and left her cunt. He continued his steady pace while his mouth alternated every minute or so between the left side of her neck and her lips. She had to have more and her hips forced him to continue faster. The pace was more rapid and she felt her first orgasm on its way.

The orgasm came and it was different than she had experienced in a long time. It seemed to be throughout her entire body. All her muscles tensed for a brief second but then relaxed. She had to close her eyes because she felt dizzy. This had never happened before. She wasn t sure if it really was an orgasm. Whatever it was, it was wonderful.

Her son continued violating her with his digit. He now was quickly learning exactly where to stroke each and every time. He was pushing harder against her pubic bone and fully rubbing her lips with every stroke. As he would push deep inside her, she felt the force of his hand and wrist at the entrance. It would not last long before he would withdraw and the backward stroke would stimulate her canal.

Another wave similar to what just happened came again. She kept her eyes closed and recovered soon enough. She almost wanted to stop because she was already satisfied. Brian instead moved faster. The idea of stopping was obviously not in his mind; and as she regained her senses, it was no longer in hers either.

At this point both of their bodies were rocking together in sync. Her hips were driving her up and his hand was driving his body down towards her. She wasn t going to last more than twenty more seconds or so. Several more strokes of his hand and she realized it was merely seconds away. Now she began to let out a loud moan.

Oh, my Gooooooooood! She moaned at the top of her lungs in a primal way.

Her hips slammed down against the bed and back up again almost a foot and a half arching her back completely. Brian managed to keep his thumb within her hole as her ass slammed back into the mattress. She felt her insides grasp his thumb so tight. It was not going to let him go. She wanted him to be a part of her. It was then that the quivering began. Her entire body shook from head to toe. She briefly opened her eyes and actually saw a look of concern on Brian s face. She forced herself to smile and reassured him as she continued to shake.

Brian pulled his thumb out and jammed it back inside. The sensation was too much. She had to have a moment to regain her senses.

She moved her left hand down towards his. No, not yet she whispered.

He kept his thumb inside her but it remained still. She was glad he did not remove it completely. After thirty more seconds, she opened her eyes and took a very deep breath. As she exhaled she vocalized slightly, wow.

It was then that Brian started his motions again.

Oh God , Pam moaned in a voice that was almost whining. She did not think she could handle more, but he was giving her no choice.

His thumb moved in and out just as expertly as it did before. Only now, it seemed every stroke hit the perfect spot. Her hips again started to rock and she could not believe that she was once again just minutes away from another orgasm. She placed her hands on his ears and grabbed his head tightly while she gritted her teeth and continued to exhale forcefully.

What is he doing to me? She thought to herself. She realized the first wave she felt was probably an orgasm and she just now recovered from her overwhelming second one.

She pulled his head towards hers and kissed him passionately again. There was just no way for her to kiss him as deeply and firmly as she truly wanted to. It was then that her third, distinctive orgasm overtook her. Again, her hips left the bed and the shaking was uncontrollable. This time there was no hesitation in Brian s motions and she could feel that he was holding her as tightly as he could. A wave overtook her entire body. It was immediately followed by two more. She realized that they also were smaller orgasms. She was coming down from this series when he began to move his thumb once again. It continued to feel wonderful and she was able to force her hips towards him beckoning for more. It was then that a sixth and final climax began. As it started, she grabbed his hand and made him stop. She could take no more.

She wanted to look him in the eyes but her head moved back as far as it could. Meanwhile, her shoulders arched off the mattress. At the same time, her eyes uncontrollably rolled into the back of her head. She knew Brian was watching closely because he loosened his grip. She pulled him closer reassuring him and letting him know that he better not let go of her in the least. She wanted him firmly in her arms as she experienced the best orgasm of her life.

Chapter 25

Brian continued to hold his mother in his arms as he watched her shake uncontrollably. The spasms within her pussy were grasping his thumb so tightly he could not have removed it and if he wanted to. Within time, she started to relax and her breathing became more normal. He removed his hand from inside of her and wrapped it underneath the small of her back. She reached up and kissed him again and then the two of them hugged as tight as they could. They kissed once more. The first one was long and passionate. But it was followed by several short kisses and Brian drew back from his mother and leaned on his elbow still looking intently into her eyes.

Wow! His mother said as she chuckled in a relieved voice.

Brian continued to be courageous, how long has it been? He was curious how long his father had not given her what she obviously has needed for a long time.

Sex? She paused briefly. Six months. She knew because it was on Valentine s Day. She felt her husband almost did it out of the holiday necessity.

Brian was dying to know how long it had been since she had experienced that kind of orgasm, much less many of them. Here is where he became hesitant and could not quite ask directly.

Pam must have noticed the look in his eyes. But I have never had an orgasm like that in my life.

Brian smiled at her, but then he did not totally believe it. Really? He asked in a doubting voice.

No, seriously. She quickly replied. She knew a lot of the reason was the i****tuous aspect, but it was already obvious her son was a better lover than his father. He and I have always been strictly missionary pretty much our entire marriage. There s never been much else all these years.

He was saddened to hear this. She met his father in high school and obviously his father was her first. Brian realized that he himself was more experienced than her. She had always been so beautiful and still was. It seemed like such a waste.

That s all? Brian couldn t believe it.

Pam slightly changed her story. Well I ve obviously given him oral, but he won t do the same.

Again, Brian was so upset. How could the man ignore her all these years? He had his suspicions that his dad had cheated on his mother probably many times. If he knew that, of course she did too. Brian however also grew excited by what his mother was telling him. He realized that the rest of this day was going to continue to be the most sexually satisfying experience for her ever.

Chapter 26

Pam had just finished telling her oldest son about her sexual frustration. In fact, she had just now told him how little her husband had done all these years. She had asked him to please her orally in the past, but he always refused. He simply complained about the smell and that it just did not appeal to him. And if it did not appeal to him, it was not going to happen. Brian couldn t believe how honest she was being. No sooner than she told him though, she was glad she did.

Pam completed her statement and without a word Brian started kissing her below her breasts. His kisses slowly moved down her belly making sure that they were planted on both her right and left side. She knew where he was going and already her pussy was wet and ready. He now was below her navel and instead he started to use the tip of his tongue as he ran it across her bare flesh slightly above her mound. He then rubbed his face within the hair above her clit. He did this briefly as he pushed himself down further in the bed. He then stopped to look up at her and smiled.

She was so excited. For 23 years she had been married to his father and only once had the man s face been this far down on her body. Now she was watching this man, her son nonetheless, prepare to return to where he was 19 years earlier. These thoughts continued to make her wetter by the second. She could actually smell her excitement from where she was. She knew it must be overwhelming for her son.

He seemed unaffected. In fact, she watched him move down to his final point and realized how aroused he was. It was then that she felt his tongue. He did not start softly. Instead, she firmly felt the force of his tongue as it pushed against the lips of her pussy. It lasted briefly as he lapped upwards and touched it to her clit before it left. It was a wonderful feeling. His tongue quickly reapplied pressure and now it stayed there while he lapped up and down all along the lips of her vagina. She could feel his nose as it pushed through her huge bush of dark hair. The motion of his face along her cunt brought the juices mixed with his saliva up top and her hair became matted and soaked. This gave her a better view of exactly what he was doing to her. She enjoyed watching it.

It was then she thought about the electric bed. She did not want him to stop what he was doing so she subtly looked for the bed control. When she found it, she raised the head of the bed slightly so now she could easily watch as her son continued to eat her out. He continued to move his tongue up and down between her lips and it felt so good. Just then, he started to push in his thumb while licking. The sensation once again started to send her overboard.

She breathed deeply and had to close her eyes for just a second. But she quickly opened them because she wanted to continue to watch. She wanted him to bring his tongue in deeper. She hesitated to do it, but ended up reaching down with both hands. Brian stopped for a second wondering what was going on. She lifted her knees a little more and spread them wider. At the same time she used her hands that she had brought down between her legs to grab each side of her pussy and spread it apart. Her clit was obvious to her from where she was so she knew he understood exactly what she wanted. He moved forward and gently licked her clit at first. She moved her hips up on his face letting him know that his tongue needed to be more forceful. He obliged. Her next orgasm started immediately thereafter.

Chapter 27

Brian was so excited to be where he was. His face was now buried inside his mother s crotch. His nose was pushed forcefully into the huge mound of hair than he remembered seeing when he was a c***d. Only now the hair was completely matted to her mound because of all the wetness he helped create. His tongue had been working up and down moving rhythmically over the lips of her pussy. This is how he had done it on the only other woman he had oral sex with. His fuck buddy Carol in college before he got hurt helped him learn the best way to eat pussy. The two of them had grown so casual in their sex encounters and they ultimately ended up literally teaching each other. He gave her tips on how best to use her mouth when sucking his cock and she in turn told him where he should put his tongue and how he should be moving it. Her biggest tip however was to try to determine what his partner wanted through her motions.

Apparently, the lessons he got from his one and only oral partner were satisfactory. His mother had exposed her clit and he understood. It was merely a matter of a minute or two before his mother once again had another huge orgasm. Her ass came off the bed and she practically suffocated him as her pussy pushed against his nose and mouth. Her legs rested on his shoulders and she clenched her thighs around his head. Brian in turn wrapped his arms around her thighs to maintain his balance. For several seconds he literally could not breathe, but then she let go for a bit only to bring it back forward in search for more tongue. He flicked it more as much as he could until he finally felt her settle down.

His tongue was not tired and he turned instead to kisses. He kissed the lips of her pussy and decided to give her one last little lick. Then he worked his way up through her soaking wet hair and back up to her belly. He knew he should probably kiss her slowly but she wanted him back up top quickly. She grabbed his left shoulder and forced him to rearrange himself back up where she could kiss him.

When he once again got settled beside her and his left arm was underneath her she once again wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. It was so passionate and it was obvious neither one of them could get enough of each other at this moment. Their kiss let up and she looked at his eyes. There was so much there. Neither one of them knew what to say. Instead, they pulled each other close and hugged as tight as they possibly could.

Chapter 28

Pam laid there looking up at Brian s ceiling fan. By now she wished they had turned it on beforehand. But there was no way she was going to remove herself from her sons grasp. She felt so safe and comfortable. She was amazed that there was no shame. Surely she should be feeling guilty for what she had done, but she didn t. The thought still only brought arousal to her mind — and body.

It was then she decided it was time to leave his arms. She pulled away, and as she did so she pushed him onto his back. She then stood up next to the bed and made sure his legs straddled wide. She looked him in the eyes and it was obvious he knew what was coming. She hoped he was as anxious as she was. She also hoped that like her, there was no hesitation or reservation in his mind. The look in his eyes seemed to confirm that.

Pam then bent down and put his cock back in her mouth. She sucked on his limp dick but it did not remain limp for long. She felt it grow within her mouth. She started to move her head up and down and she was amazed with how quickly it had grown hard. In fact, it was already hard enough for what she had in mind. She decided that they had waited long enough. Now was the time.

Chapter 29

Pam again rose from the bed and stood next to it looking at her naked 19-year-old son and his erect penis. She then looked at him and had to ask.

Ready? She inquired. She knew the answer, but wanted to hear him say it.

I want you, Mom. He replied. Hearing the word mom uttered from his lips excited her that much more. She returned the favor.

It was then that she grabbed his cock with her left hand. She stroked it up and down as her left leg straddled over his. She planted her foot beside his hip and raised her right foot to the same position on the other side. She was now straddled directly over him with her knees slightly bent. There are now was only six inches or so from what she had wanted for quite a while.

Like Brian had admitted earlier, she also realized her desire for this moment went back many years, Ever since his body started to firm up from football weightlifting she had been attracted to him. She pictured the trim, tan, and muscular body of her 19-year-old son when he left for school a year ago. She admitted to herself in her mind that she thought about fucking him back then. Now however, she was looking at a different man. His body definitely had changed. Yet without the accident, they would not be in the position they were now. Because of this tragedy, she felt so much closer to him. As her hand brought the tip of his cock to her pussy, she knew she was seconds away from being as close to her son as she could ever be.

Chapter 30

Brian had raised the head of the bed slightly and he could now see that his mother had his cock in her hand and was about to realize his fantasies for so many years. She was straddled over him and the tip of his cock was now on her pussy. He knew he should be looking at her eyes; but the excitement of watching down below could not be avoided. She lowered her hairy pussy downuntil it was intertwined with his hair. His cock was gone. It was now deep inside his mother. He felt that slightly; but it was the visual that made him feel so excited at this moment. He realized he had to see her face. He looked up and again saw so much warmth and love and such a deep satisfaction in her eyes. He hoped she felt the way she looked. How could she not? It was confirmed during the brief second that she sat there motionless and they stared at each other. Then, the ecstasy began.

She did not move slowly up his member once she started. Instead, she was up and down before he knew it. Again, she moved up and down. With little hesitation, she was now moving up and down with a steady pace. He watched as his cock went in and out of her cunt. He looked at her rock hard nipples on her chest and he saw the look of satisfaction on her face. Her hands were on her knees. It was then that it looked as if those hands were pushing her down and her knees dropped to the bed with the following stroke. The next time her pussy lifted off of his dick he could tell it went as far but it was a completely different sensation. It was now an indirect sensation like everything else this past week, it was still amazing. He continued to watch as the forest of hair between her legs repeatedly intertwined with the slightly red hair surrounding his cock. Only now, it all was matted with the moisture dripping from her pussy.

Chapter 31

Pam pushed on her knees with her hands at her kneecaps dropped to the mattress. This now allowed her much deeper access so that her son s penis could drive as deep and hard into her cunt as she possibly could get it. She was now actually making love to her son. No, earlier they were making love. Now, it was a****listic and primal. At this moment as she continued to slam her hot box over his cock there was no doubt she was fucking her boy. And she was enjoying every moment of it too.

After years of avoidance from her partner, her pussy now was alive. Every fiber of her being was electric right now. As she thought about how long she had waited for this feeling she grew angry at her neglectful husband.

Damn him! She thought.

At the same time, she thought of how wonderful and loving it was as her son s cock violated her. She was so grateful to him now. Her pace quickened and she leaned further back. She placed her palms on the footboard of the bed and it allowed her to brace herself perfectly. She arched her back and knew that her long nipples would be pointing directly up. She remembered how much attention Brian paid to them earlier with his mouth and she assumed he was enjoying the way they looked now.

It was here that she stopped the up-and-down motion. Instead, she started to grind her hips in a circular motion pushing forcefully down upon his body. It felt wonderful to feel the curly hair of each of them at the tangled and slipped rhythmically. By moving in a circular motion it created a whole new excitement along the insides of her cunt. She stopped and decided to move in the other direction. At this moment she opened her eyes to watch her son. His eyes were wide open it was obvious he was extremely excited. She smiled between the heavy breaths and then felt his belly start to shake. It quivered uncontrollably and she felt a small amount of liquid start to leave his penis and enter her.

She stopped for a second.

Keep going! Keep going! He practically screamed at her, yet it was still in a reassuring voice.

She was not going to argue. She began to continue slamming up and down his cock. His belly now subsided and he still seemed as hard as ever. By leaning back on the footboard she was able to use her arms in conjunction with her legs and her forceful method continued. It was wonderful. In her mind, she was making love to Brian; but physically, she was trying to fuck his brains out.

She was now so glad that her son was such a great lover. The fact that he had focused so much attention on her and her previous orgasms now left her the ability to continue making love to Brian for such a long time. She did not last this long earlier this morning. She realized that never in her life had she ever made love for this long of a period. Brian s father several times in their marriage lasted a while, but at this point she and Brian were well past that.

Chapter 32

Brian watched his mother lean back on the bed and move her hips over his dick, back and forth time and time again. This now had been going on for nearly twenty minutes. It was still just as exciting as it was when it started. Brian had no idea how long it would last. This was now totally new experience for him. He also was curious how long mom would be able to keep this pace. Each stroke now seemed to be no less than when she started. Her breathing continued and she seemed focused in enjoying each and every trip up and down his shaft. He wondered if her longevity was related to her age. He then thought perhaps it was because of his earlier efforts and the multiple orgasms she had already succumbed to this morning. No matter what, this was amazing and he did not mind if this continued for another twenty minutes straight. The way he felt, he thought this may be possible.

As it turned out, the sensation he was feeling was throughout his entire body. Yet, it was steady in nature. He did not feel the need to increase the pace just yet in order to reach a climax. He was happy to continue this for as long as it took. He was so glad that it seemed he would be able to play here and let his mother fully satisfy herself until she could take no more. How long that would be, he did not know. After watching her grind up and down his penis for another five minutes or so, she was now starting to slow her strokes down and shake slightly with each and every one. The end was near.

Chapter 33

It then hit Pam rather suddenly. Without warning, the nerves from within her pussy told her body to slow down. The strokes became long and methodical. At the same time, the same nerves caused her body to shake ever so slightly. It was definitely uncontrollable, but still within control. She slowed long enough to let this wave subside and now she was ready to go back full force. Now the pace quickened faster than ever. Up and down, up and down she moved and it was obvious she was merely seconds away.

She continued to brace herself on the bed and use it to give her the strength to fuck at this pace for just a few minutes more. She went even faster, desperately ready to reach the inevitable. Her legs were burning from all the activity but now that burning subsided. Instead, a tingling started at her toes and worked its way up her legs replacing the previously uncomfortable sensation. Now, it was heaven. And it quickly moved to its origin. The tingling and spasms now overtook her cunt. She finally grasped her sons cock with the walls of her vagina. At the same time, the force and ecstasy moved up through her abdomen, into her chest forcing her to thrust it even higher. The arch in her back lifted her up. Her grip on his member was so tight that she almost took him with her. She realized it was he that did not want to let her go either. AHis hips followed as she raised up uncontrollably.

She dropped back down and now exhaustion started to hit. She took a huge deep breath, but another deep spasm captured her body and again she lifted up. This time it forced her to vocalize. She screamed. This was not a moan, this was an all-out scream. She did not care. She thought for a brief second and confirmed in her mind that no one was in the house. She then repeated her actions of the other day. Pam wanted her son to hear her satisfaction. She now screamed at the top of her lungs to make sure he knew how happy and satisfied she was.

Chapter 34

Brian watched as his mother arched her back and shook dramatically once again. He was so excited by the fact that she was coming. For himself, it had been amazing as well. The overall flush and sensation that had been running through his body was amazing. The spasm that came from his belly seemed like a sufficient enough climax. He did not ejaculate. Nevertheless, his cock was still hard if it was still needed.

He realized soon enough that his mother was spent. He thought about it further and so was he. She now managed to let go of the footboard and she moved herself forward falling on top of him. It was not gentle, she literally collapsed. He kissed her shoulder, he moved her hair aside and kissed her ear slightly. All she did was lay there motionless. Her breathing was still heavy; but starting to steady.

The two of them lay like this for almost five minutes without any other words.

Better? Brian then asked.

God, yes! His mom whispered out in such a satisfied tone.

The curiosity got the better of him, it s been a while since you felt like that, huh?

Never, Honey. Never have I felt like that. She lifted her head up and looked directly in his face to emphasize the point. He felt extremely satisfied, and proud. Again however, he also was disappointed for her past.

You deserve it. He reassured her. He said in a tone to convey that it would not be the last time.

His mother rolled over slightly onto her side and propped her head in her right hand as she looked at him again. You hungry? She asked him.


Let s get something to eat. She said. She rose off the bed and was time to complete the task that they were supposed to complete hours ago.

She went to the other side of the bed and grabbed his underwear and pants that were on the chair. She went to put the underwear on and realized that the catheter was now needed. That was how this whole thing started she thought. She reached down and grabbed the external catheter in her hand and looked at Brian again smiling, Back where we started.

She started stroking his cock in order to once again get it hard. Brian wondered if she would use her mouth again, but she didn t. His penis stiffened quickly without it. She put the catheter on and quickly started with the underwear, followed by the pants.

He sat up and she helped him get in his chair. She handed him his shirt but before he put on she used both of her hands to caress his chest. She ran both palms up through the hair covering his nipples. It felt great.

She followed with a quick kiss, finished getting dressed. She ordered as she turned and walked away.

She walked around to the other side of the bed, reached over, and picked up her pink panties. She turned to face him as she stepped in to the undergarment. She started up covering her hairy bush which by now had dried and was no longer soaked from the fluids of their lovemaking. He saw her glance at her bra but was pleased that she simply just started to walk out of the room without it. He followed her out the door, down the hall and into the kitchen.

Chapter 35

Pam made some ham sandwiches and the two of them sat at the table. They sat closer than they ever would normally. She continued to remain topless and Brian found this to be extremely comforting. The air-conditioning in the house caused her nipples to stay erect.

You like them? She saw him staring.

Brian shook his head affirmatively and then was honest, they re huge. They look wonderful.

I know, I ve always been self-conscious. Your father doesn t like them and he s said so on numerous occasions. Probably justifies in his mind another reason to suck some other tits. She lamented, and Brian was truly interested.

You think? He asked, even though he had always assumed the same thing.

I know! But why rock the boat? I m happy overall with my life. And I do love your father. It s just that any physical attraction or sexual activity was gone a long time ago. I suppose I could ve done something also, but I ve always been very hesitant. There was a long pause. Until now, she said with a grin.

Brian reached across the table and grabbed her hand. Pam leaned forward and kissed her new lover.

She then stood up quickly, I need a shower.

Take one down here. Brian pleaded.

She paused for a brief second and shrugged her shoulders, okay. She then started to walk back towards Brian s bedroom.

Chapter 36

Brian watched her walk away. He really did like the way those pink panties hugged her ass.

You coming? She asked as she looked over her right shoulder.

Brian grabbed his joystick and quickly moved his chair just behind her. He followed her into the bedroom. She turned the corner and walked into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. She removed his shower chair and pushed it off to the side. She now was standing in front of this large roll in shower and she left her back to her son. With both hands, she deliberately grabbed the panties and pulled them down to the floor. She kept her legs straight as she bent over as far as she could. Brian could see her shapely ass. Yet he was more excited by the extreme amount of hair that protruded from between her thighs and wrapped around her now obvious ass hole. For brief second, he considered moving forward and licking it but then he realized that was a little too much for him and probably would be for her.

She shook her ass for just a second and then stood back up and turned to get his reaction. Brian smiled from ear to ear. She then stepped into the shower and turned both nozzles on. There was a shower head up high in the wall on one side and there was a hand-held shower that was hooked above on the other. His mother was now being drenched with falling water coming from both sides. The water as it hit her hair ran down her body and her wet body now glistened from the sun shining through the window.

She used her hands to slick her wet hair back and he liked the way she looked.

He even told her so, God you look great with wet hair!

She continued to watch him as she grabbed a bar of soap. She rubbed the soap along her breasts being sure she washed each of them thoroughly and pinching the nipples as she went along. She then ran the soap down her right arm and put it into that palm. She switched sides and then washed her left arm. With that same hand she then moved down and began to wash her legs. Brian watched as the soap then moved up and began to caress her inner thighs. Just then, she brought it to her pussy and started to rub the bar of soap up and down her clit. The sound of the two streams of running water was loud, but Brian thought he heard her gasp.

She continued to wash her pussy back and forth for quite a few minutes. Brian then had an idea.

Get my chair. He recommended.

She set the soap down in the holder and stepped out briefly to pull the chair back in. She understood what he had in mind and she then sat in his shower chair. The plastic bottom was slippery. It immediately forced her to slide her hips forward and lean back as much as possible on the nylon back rest. The high armrests of the chair allowed her to wrap the underside of her knees over them. She now sat straddled spread eagled staring at her son.

He could not keep from commenting, perfect, He told her.

She grabbed the soap and once again started to rub it up and down the lips of her vagina. She was doing so in a nice steady motion and the sensation was starting to overcome her. The water was hitting her in two spots. The permanent showerhead was pulsing water across her breasts while the handheld sitting on the wall was set up more in a jet fashion and was hitting her just above her cunt. The water was washing away the soap faster than she could rub.

Brian decided to reach down and start to stroke between his own legs. He was amazed to find that he could actually achieve an erection through his denim jeans. Once he started doing this, Pam needed more. She reached up and grabbed the hand-held and forced the strong jet stream directly onto her clit. Now she started to shake. Brian was enthralled as he sat here and was actually watching his mother masturbate in such a crude position.

He loved it as he watched her solo performance, and obviously so did she. This joined the list of unique feelings for her and it did not take long before her body began to writhe once again. The simple, but medium orgasm followed. Her hips slightly lifted up the chair and she practically threw the showerhead up her canal when she pushed it between her legs. Brian wished he had access to join her.

Pam regained her composure and turned off the shower. She smiled a coy smile and then grabbed a towel and started to dry off.

It s been quite a day. She said to him as she finished drying her body.

I ll say. Was his obvious reply.

She walked past him and stopped long enough to give him a quick kiss. I m going to finally go get dressed.

She left him there to continue his fantasies.

Chapter 37

in the afternoon, his mom actually went to the store and the day was as normal as always. The five of them had dinner and other than the occasional knowing glances between he and her, nothing was different. Mom cleaned up the dishes and of course had to pester his sister to help. Brian went into the family room and saw that his dad was already on the sofa. His brother was upstairs in his room.

Shortly thereafter, his sister and mom came into the family room as well. Brian sat next to the sofa and his mom sat next to his dad. They did not get close, and never had in years. They watched TV and as Pam settled on the sofa she was once again getting excited. She knew that her husband would go to bed at ten o clock shortly after the k**s. Brian and she always stayed up late no matter what. Tonight however, she had plans for what they would do. But then Brian surprised her.

Around nine o clock, with his father still in the room Brian asked, can I go to bed now? He directed the question to his mother and he watched her closely because he wanted to gauge her reaction.

If they went in there now, would she be willing to fuck him while his father was still awake and just several feet away? He instantly could tell by her knowing look that she understand what he was doing.

He also knew she was okay when she smiled and replied, sure honey, let s go.

She got up off the sofa and walked around its edge. She gently touched her son s hand as she did so. She started through the kitchen and Brian followed. He stopped and looked back, night dad!

Night. He replied across the room.

The two of them got into his room and Pam closed the door. She jumped on his lap immediately. After wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him deeply. You re so evil. she replied. Now I have to be really quiet she joked.

He scooted into bed and she had his pants off within a matter of minutes. There was not much foreplay right now and instead she simply took off her clothes beside the bed and jumped on top of him. His cock was still flaccid as she now lay on top of him. She kissed him and gave him another large hug. Her bare breasts pushing against his chest felt wonderful. It d only been a matter of hours that she already had been starting to miss him and his touch.

Brian then used his hands and grabbed along her side by her ribs. She did not understand what he was doing. He pushed forward a little bit more as if he wanted to get his hands on her hips. She accommodated him, and let him grab her at the waist. She was now sitting straddled across his chest. He moved his hands down and cupped her cheeks. Following that, he pushed on them nudging her closer towards his face. Pam then realized what he wanted. She quickly obliged.

His mother scooted on her knees forward until her pussy touched his chin. She then lifted her hips up and positioned herself directly above his face. She saw his eyes widen with excitement as she dropped her cunt and smothered his mouth and his nose with her hairy mound. His tongue, lips, and nose were all now working together to create a wonderful sensation. She reached back and tried to grab his cock. She could not reach it and felt bad that she was not able to satisfy him. But there was no way she was leaving this position now. It felt too damn good.

Chapter 38

Brian was almost having trouble breathing because of all the force pushing against his mouth and nose. The smell was unbelievably intoxicating. His own mother was sitting on his face, and he was using his tongue on her as fast as he could. He knew she was especially excited because his dad was just in the other room. Throughout the day, she had been spirited with her noises. Now, she was forced to remain silent. He wondered if she could do so.

The excitement and sensation was growing even stronger for Pam. Brian now felt her hips fully pushing onto his face and quickly removing themselves just enough for him to breathe again. She then pushed down even harder. With that, she started to move back and forth and his nose was perfectly stimulating her clit. This went on for another 5 min. but then her thighs practically crushed him at the ears.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Pam? His dad timidly spoke from the other side.

Pam continued to stay motionless. Not because her husband was on the other side of the door as she sat on her son s face; but because she was just now starting another unbelievable orgasm. Her inner thighs clamped down on Brian s face as she managed to blurt out a response. Yes?

I m going to bed. He told her.

Okay. Once again, she was barely able to get the word out without squealing. She was angry with him for his timing. Her mind quickly went back to where it was while the shaking on Brian s face never ended.

She came back down slowly to recovery. She picked herself up and looked down. Her son s face was drenched. She quickly moved back and kissed him. The taste of her own juices was wonderful. She kissed him all over and ended with another deep passionate kiss. She succumbed completely and dropped on top of him with her head by his side.

When she woke up, she realized it was 11:30 PM. She quietly got off Brian, but she awoke him.

Oh shit. He exclaimed.

I know. She quickly replied while gathering her clothing. I ll see you in the morning sweetie. She blew him a kiss. Once she was dressed she quietly walked out of the door and up to the bed where she did not really want to be.

Brian acknowledged her as she said good night and closed his eyes. He thought about what a wonderful day it is been; but his exhaustion did not allow him to think about it for long before he was fast asleep.

Chapter 39

The following Saturday and Sunday were definitely a change from the usual. Brian was not used to either fucking or sucking his mother twice a day. Yet, that s what the two of them were doing both morning and night. If the rest of the family was not around, they would ve continued throughout the day. It was all still new and exciting. Both of them could not get enough at this point. It helped knowing that Brian was leaving in a week. On the one hand, they both were upset that he was leaving when they had just found such a connection. But through their discussions, he realized how happy for him his mother was that he was going on with his life and it could be rather normal.

They also made sure to be with each other as much as possible because they realized that once he left for school it was very doubtful that this affair would continue. Perhaps they may be able to reunite when he came home over the holidays; but something made him think that they would ultimately work their way back to a traditional mother son relationship in the long run. Of course, it would always be more special than most. Without a doubt they would always be closer than they had been before his accident.

Besides, it wasn t gone yet. It was only the 10th, and he was not leaving for eight more days. There was still a lot of lovemaking and things that he and his mother could do. There were still a lot of things he and Marlene could do. What he did not realize was there were still things that all three of them would do.

To be continued…

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