Does the punishment fit the crime? stolen from my

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Does the punishment fit the crime? stolen from my
I was recently made aware of some issues in our lives and bedroom that needed to be addressed directly. Some of these issues are as follows.

My wife was having orgasms during times controlled or supposedly controlled sex.
Now I m not so domineering, that I am without some sense of understanding. Occasionally, there are going to be slip ups, where we get carried away in the intensity of the moment. However I thought that I may have identified a pattern. I took some time to consider the possibilities, the last thing I want to do is, jump to some paranoid conclusion and start making unjust accusations.

Then we had serious incident.
I returned home from work to find my wife nearly depleted. Laying amongst a pile of sex toys and dead batteries while viewing porn on her pad.
In a moment like this, many thoughts race through your mind. Like, What the fuck is going on here? Did I just walk in on something I was not supposed to see? Who is paying for all these fucking batteries!!?
So, you find your self trying to control your emotions while attempting to get a grip on what is happening in a surreal moment.
I glanced at the clock, I was not early. I get home at the same time every day. But given her condition she may have lost track of time. If you get my drift.
I thought that maybe she just didn t hear me come in. Then I remembered… I have a backup alarm on my work vehicle. The entire neighborhood knows when I am home.


Motherfucker!! I have a real fucking situation here!
This shit is fucking intentional.
What can I do besides ask the question?

So, What s going on here?

I ve been a bad bad girl

What have you been doing?

I ve been masturbating and looking at porn. All day.

(in my head, All day?) So you have been playing with the pussy without permission?

Yes . (without hesitation)

Did I pay for all those batteries?

Yeah, Sorry ( Yeah sorry? can I cash yeah sorry at the fucking bank?)(I haven t bought batteries in years, because there so fucking expensive!!)

So you have been laying here fucking yourself and cumming all fucking day?

No, I haven t been cumming, except for once, and that was a accident

What? First of all how do you fuck your self all fucking day, and not cum? And when you do, it s a fucking accident!? Fifty fucking dollars in batteries and you accifuckingdently came. Once.

No, I ve been edging.

What? What the hell is edging?

It s where you masturbate and stay right on the edge of cumming but don t let yourself cum.

Side Bar
Has any one else heard of this edging thing? Is this shit for real? A person wants to deny them self I guess.
So it s like, I want to go watch a ball game. So I get in my car drive to the field get my tickets and walk back to my car and just sit there. In the car. I don t go in and watch the game. Because that is what I want to do. And I don t want to do, what I want to do, because that s what I want?
maybe I m an idiot.

Well what are we going to do about this?

Well now I want you to fuck me

What? Now you want me to fuck you?

Yeah, all my batteries are dead

Holy fucking shit.
to be continued…..

So, to recap where we left off. I was basically faced with a woman that had just been caught in a forbidden act. Then after questioning and coming to no real explanation of what was happening.
Had the audacity to say that she wanted to be fucked.
Right there in the middle of the thing. The thing that was still happening. And unresolved.
What do you do?
What did I do?
I fucked Her.
I m not a fucking idiot.

Anyhow, this would get my mind off things and give me time to figure out how to move forward.

So I wanted to be open and face this issue together, to best come to a solution and an understanding.
I asked her What happens now? What do we do now?
She responded. Well I need to be Punished. Punished for what I did.

This I felt, was a big step forward. It showed that she understood that she was wrong and had made a mistake, and that it needed to be dealt with and not ignored.
Fast forward a few nights. To the weekend. There is no need to discuss the nights in between.
No reason to discuss night after night of heated mad fucking, sucking and licking. trying in vane to satisfy our insatiable sexual needs.

It was the weekend and it was the time. The time to right the wrongs. Nothing was said. No details. I knew, and she also knew. It was time.
As we began she said in her soft voice. What are you going to do to me? And I responded firmly Whatever I want .
As I took her from behind I began to massage her ass with a thumb and some lube.

Note: If you are not partaking in this activity. You have not had sex.

As I massaged she began to grind and my thumb started to enter her. This leads to an increased tempo and her orgasming wildly. I have no objection, this is free sex. This is about me enjoying her and her enjoying me. And we do. Because we are truly in love with each other and have been for a very long time. That is the honest truth.

However we cannot ignore things that must be addressed.
And the timing could not be better. That caring caress of her little pink asshole has prepared it for the punishment that is now due.
I withdrew from her, only for a moment long enough to plunge forward. Forcing the head of my cock through the tight restriction that is her ass.
This is the beginning of the punishment. The end of any free sex. This is going to come with some pain. I know it causes her pain, because it causes me pain, to break through the tightness. Pulling at the head of dick. But I shut my pain out, because this is not about me or my pain. Only her and hers.
As I work it in repeatedly, I start to completely withdraw. Only to drive it in again time after time. She offers nothing more than a quiet whine.
It s time to reach for the riding crop. a little something she did not notice me bring to this private party.
After a somewhat brutal hammering of her asshole the crop has raised so many welts that there is no fresh unmarked flesh on her ass left to spank. Only stinging welts that have to take more abuse. The intensity of this type of situation is too high to describe.
She has began to moan and thrust back on me.
Then she asks, Daddy can I cum?
I said before that I am not without understanding, and I m not.
That is why I grant her permission. We are at that place. She needs a release, but also understands she needs permission.
I love this woman dearly and want her to have her release and share in it.
After she cums so hard as to nearly sever me. I pull out and cover her beautiful asshole, just so I can plunge it in one more time, pushing that pool of warm cum deep into her.
part three. The Resolution? will follow…

Ok we are back and the lessons have been learned. Or have they?
we laid in bed sharing a moment only somebody with our kind of history can share.
Fifteen to twenty minutes had passed.
I ask her What should we do now?
To which she replies, Daddy I need to be fucked.
Now you are probably thinking. Is she serious? Is he serious?
I assure you she was as am I. This is a true story after all. A story she could verify should you care to ask. She tends to this forum and interacts more than I do.
I am only here for a little entertainment and some help.
Your Help.
My help You say. Yes. You. Your help.
With what? You say.

Well with this.
After she informed me that she needed to be fucked. Be fucked again, after only fifteen minutes from the punishment of her life.
I understood, or thought I did. That punishment was separate and the free sex prior had been brief. It s about the love.
So I asked how she wanted to be fucked. Because as you know I love her, and I want her to be fucked proper. How she feels she needs to be fucked. And I pour myself into this endeavor with my all. Nothing halfassed.
Her Reply.
I want to be fucked in my ass Fucked in my ass HARD and fucked in my little pussy HARD .

Now, there might be some shallow individuals out there, that think that this would be a great position to be in, and want to be there themselves.
But that s not what I feel.
What I feel, is that this behavior, undermines all of our disciplines. It undermines our rules because it undermines the punishment for breaking the rules!
Its like some kind of sexual anarchy has been declared in my bedroom.
This calls for a different type of punishment.
This is why I need you.
Do you have the empathy to help me, Help us?

That concludes this story. hardasyoucan.

What did I do?
Well I m not a fucking idiot.
I fucked her.

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