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John was a clergy man of the Papal Mainframe who had gone to place a guard and shield around the planet of Trenzalore to stop the Daleks, Cybermen and pretty much every other nasty creature in the universe from getting their hands on whatever was broadcasting a signal from the planet surface to every point in time and space, whatever the signal was it was impossible to decode and struck fear into the hearts of every creature that heard it. In a situation like this it was inevitable that sooner or later the Doctor, the oncoming storm, would approach them to speak with their leader Tasha Lem and gain access to the planet bellow.

John, like most c***dren of new earth had been brought up on tales of the Doctor, myths and legends of a man who wold drop out of the sky and save the world, armed only with a screwdriver; he had dismissed it as legend as most did rather like Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. Upon joining the mainframe however he learned just how real and wonderful that man truly was. Needless to say he was extremely excited at the prospect of just catching a glimpse of the Doctor, but not nearly as excited as he got when he caught a glimpse of his companion Clara Oswald. It seems important to mention at this point that the mainframe expects all its guests to be naked as a sign of respect, the Doctor had given himself and his companion a holographic shell but what the pair weren t aware of was that all members of the Papal Mainframe were trained to see through holographic projections leaving the pair completely exposed to the eyes of the clergymen.

As soon as Clara stepped into his line of sight John was captivated. She strode along the corridor unaware of how on display she was letting all the men appreciate the bounce of her well formed 36b breasts that looked even larger to her small frame. Looking down he saw she had hair on her pussy but it was clearly well looked after trimmed into a light fuzz rather than a full on bush. He was standing at attention, in more ways than one, when the pair walked past him and it took all his self-control as a soldier to not reach out and squeeze her tits or slip a finger in her pussy as she walked by. When she walked passed him she stopped a few steps away as he was at the end of the line closest to their leader Tasha Lem.

He was her chief science officer; he specialised in memory changing sciences and was on board as almost a keeper of the silence, beings that you forgot as soon as you weren t looking at them genetically engineered to be confessors of the Mainframe. He had helped to design them back in his youth, he was only a 20 year old junior intern at the time but he had helped complete the formula for their mind erasing powers. Now he was 53 and growing bored of working with the silence but stayed with the church as it was the only life he knew.

As the Doctor discussed tactics with Tasha Lem he had plenty of time to check out Clara s arse which was a mere arm s length away, what he wouldn t give to give that nice round arse a hard slap or tough squeeze. She seemed to be sub consciously aware of the eyes on her, whether it was awareness or just the feeling of the light weight holoclothes he didn t know but he was aware of her shifting nervously. This made things more enjoyable for the lads as the jiggling of her arse as she shifted her weight and the bounce of her tits as she crossed and uncrossed her arms was like getting at a free show at the Shangri La.

After a short while the Doctor and Clara went down to the planet surface to try and find out who was sending the signal. When the signal began to transmit the question Doctor Who? It became clear that it was the time lords awaiting confirmation from the doctor that it was safe for them to return to this universe. When this signal was broadcast John was immediately summoned to speak to Tasha Lem. John Vendrell I have a special task for you. She said arms behind her back surveying the planet below. You are to be transported down to the planet surface to survey the movements of the Doctor and report them back to me.

Yes mam. He answered scared to go there but not wanting to show weakness.

You are the brightest mind in the mainframe, only you will be able to understand the Doctors actions, or as fully as anyone can with that man. But he must never see you or know of your existence. He will not trust me or the church if he thinks we don t trust him.

how can I keep tabs on him without him seeing me, I m no spy and if he or anyone else sees me I will tell them who I am, there is a truth field around the whole town! he said as his mission went from daunting to impossible.

It may seem impossible but I have faith you will find a way, but it will take time, time we don t have which is why I m sending you to the planet surface 3 years ago. We have salvaged enough power from a vortex manipulator bought on the black market to allow the creation of a one way time tunnel.

so I have to spend 3 years on my own living in a town where people can only tell the truth and I m telling them in 3 years they will be attacked by every creature in the galaxy, solid plan. He said sarcastically.

Don t you dare speak to me in that tone of voice. You will be sent down to a point in the forest outside the town, unaffected by the truth field. A team of mechs will go down with you with the materials needed to make suitable living quarters. The equipment from your lab and a basic fabrication device will also be sent down.

And when this is all over, can I expect promotion? he asked wanting something out of this deal.

No. you can expect early retirement with a full pension and your picture in the Papal Mainframe official archive, I understand how this task must seem and if you succeed you won t owe the mainframe anymore. She said more kindly than before.

Thank you mam. The deal didn t seem quite so bad now.

Pack your things; you leave in half an hour. And with that he was sent away, out of sync and out of place and all alone in the universe.

3 years had passed since he was first sent to Trenzalore; 3 years exactly. That meant that any time now the Doctor would be arriving, he could see the ships in the sky and was eager for their arrival. It had taken him the first 432 days to develop a camera system that would be completely undetectable to the Doctor. The cameras themselves were covered in a new personally developed perception filter that meant they could not be seen that he had also used on his house. The cameras transmitted wirelessly back to his home giving him a complete view of the town inside and out. If the doctor was to scan for any non-terrestrial technology they would not be detected as he created them out of materials found naturally on Trenzalore that his mechs had mined for him. Placing them had been the hard thing, entering a town where he couldn t lie to do a top secret mission wasn t exactly easy. He came up with an ingenious device based upon his work with the silence that he called a memory manipulator. The first blast knocks you u*********s and when you awake it gives you a new alternate timeline of memories. He made it so when he was looking at the people of Christmas he genuinely believed he was a wanderer from another town placing lucky charms around the town thus not having to try and fight the truth field as he didn t know he was lying; quite brilliant really.

Once these had been placed he had just under a year to wait for the Doctor to arrive and began having sinister thoughts. The Doctor would be bringing that girl with her. That gorgeous brunette bombshell, thinking the things he would do too her kept him entertained many a sleepless night, then he had a thought. He could uses his memory manipulator on her and then… well then he could do whatever he wanted, make her into anyone he wanted her to be his girlfriend, his sex slave… anything was possible.

The Doctor and Clara arrived in the town while John was deactivating the Mechs, couldn t have the doctor finding them, and when he got back to the surveillance room they had made it to the tower and were looking at the crack in the wall. He could see the Doctor had managed to send the TARDIS down and informed Tasha Lem of this. He watched as the doctor found out what the signal was and continued watching until he sent Clara running to the TARDIS. This was his chance. An insane resolve grabbed him and he ran out from his house to the edge of Christmas where he was able to get Clara with his memory manipulator, no turning back now he thought as she fell to the ground. He had made his bed and it was time to lie in it, but not alone. He picked her up and carried her back to his home. Geronimo.

Clara awoke to find herself in a queens sized bed with large fluffy pillows and a warm duvet pulled up to her chin. She did not recognise the room she was in and was immediately wary; when you travel with the Doctor waking up in a strange room is rarely a good thing. She got out of bed and found to surprise that she was wearing a pink silk teddy with a deep plunging neck line that showed much more cleavage than she was comfortable with. The skirt part of her teddy barely went down to her mid-thigh meaning when she bent over to put on the pair of slippers by her bed that it rode just under halfway her up arse flashing a thin form grabbing thong that was slightly too small to cover her pussy lips. It was a far cry from the plain cotton panties she usually wore and was quite uncomfortable, whoever bought them was obviously thinking of her appearance over comfort, and this troubled her even more. She would have removed them but in these strange surroundings she wanted all the protection she could find. She stood up and pulled at the bottom of the teddy to try and cover more of her legs but this just resulted in it stretching tighter across her Breasts and clinging to them so the outline of her areoles and nipples were now clearly visible. She let out a squeal of frustration and was about to give up and cry when she thought what would the Doctor do?

She then walked round the room looking for clues as to where she was and what she found shocked her. There were pictures on the dressing table and sideboards of her and a strange man at various different events, having a picnic, kissing in a forest and standing at the bell tower with the Doctor. The pictures looked real and the longer she looked at them the more familiar they seemed, she could remember the events but at the same time she felt they had never occurred. As she examined the pictures John was looking at her a few rooms down from a hidden camera in the corner of the room and when he saw her angelic features puzzling over the pictures of them together he knew that the memory alteration was working and she was trying desperately to remember who he is. Well, he thought, time I go and remind her.

Oh thank god you re alright darling. he said walking into the room bring her a cup of tea you gave me quite a scare! he said putting down the tea on the dresser. let s have a look at you. he reached out and put his right hand on the side of her face and brushed her hair aside so he could see into her eyes. His heart skipped a beat as he saw a hint of affection in her eyes but she soon pulled away.

get off me! she yelled at him but soon softened when she saw the hurt confused look on his face, his years at Drama club didn t seem such a waste now. I I m, sorry but I don t know who you are, I feel like I should. Those pictures, the house it seems so familiar yet also so new and strange I can t make sense of it. She tried to explain.

Ah yes the Doctor said this might happen. A Cyberman snuck into the town and tried to capture you, his stun ray has left you with partial amnesia. Tell me what the last thing you remember is? he sat next to her on the bed and held her hand.

I remember entering Christmas with the Doctor and being sent to take something to the TARDIS. Then there is some fuzzy details but basically I woke up here. she said trying her best to remember anything else.

Well my dear Clara that was 6th months ago. Allow me to remind you of what you ve forgotten. I m John Vendrell a clergyman of the Papal mainframe and your fiancé. He looked over at Clara to see her reaction, she was still holding his hand and her mouth was slightly open as she looked at the floor, she seemed to be buying it so he continued I was stationed here on Trenzalore to stand represent the Mainframe and offer support to the Doctor in his battle to defend the town. well that bit was nearly true we met when I introduced myself to the Doctor, you caught my eye and smiled remember? He asked her hoping that she was beginning to form new memories.

How could I forget, but the rest is still so hazy. she said remembering the events once he reminded her.

Well we courted for a month after that, well as much as possible in a place like this. Meals together, walks round the town, sex… he said mumbling the last word so he didn t seem to forward. She didn t say anything and seemed to be in a trance like state. This meant that the memories were forming but he had to be careful, these fake memories can be seen by the user but the emotions and feelings won t be there. This meant he needed to overwrite some pre-existing memories with him inside them. The Doctor programmed the TARDIS and sent us to your favourite restaurant were we had the best date of your life. He said taking her feelings for her most serious boyfriend onto himself. When we got home I proposed, told you our love was strong but who knows how long we could live in a place like this and then you made me the happiest man in Trenzalore by accepting. Then you did that special thing for me in for the bed room. He let go of her hand and moved it onto her thigh just beneath the frill on her teddy.

She turned round looked at him and smiled. the tit job, you had always pestered me for it and it seemed like the occasion to let you have your fun but you forgot the lube so I was walking round with a red cock shaped friction mark between my tits for weeks! she laughed unaware she was telling a story about the birthday of her 2nd boyfriend when she was only 19. As far as she was concerned it happened with John in this bed on Trenzalore.

John had a raging erection now after hearing her erotic tale and decided to go for it now. He stood up and pulled Clara to her feet. He wrapped her in a warm embrace and said oh you re back! My Clara how I love you. he then went in for a kiss and she responded passionately kissing him back with no holds barred. He was over the moon the plan had worked, he was snogging Clara Oswald after a 15 minute conversation. He decided to go further, he dropped his hands from her hair and ran them up her teddy till he hooked his thumbs under her thong and pulled it down.

Oh John. she giggled breaking of the kiss we are bold today aren t we? she lay back on the bed with her legs parted so he could see her pussy come on then, let s play! she slipped the thin straps holding her teddy over her breasts off revealing them to john and letting the teddy bunch up around her middle. Though he had seen her breasts before, on the ship and as he stripped her to put her in the teddy, they captivated more this time as she was willing showing them to him, and he could do what he wanted with them guilt free. (Well maybe not completely guilt free but it wasn t like he was using a command collar on her, nasty slaver technology.) To this end he straddled her waist lent forward and tenderly sucked and nibbled her left nipple bringing a soft moan from her lips. Oh yes you know how sensitive my nipples are, keep sucking them I love it! he grinned from ear to ear, he had no problem complying there. After he had sucked and played with her breasts for a while he started kissing down her body, removing the teddy completely and planting soft kisses all the way down her gorgeous flat stomach until he reached her pussy lips. He planted several soft kisses on her pussy that sent twangs of sexual energy throughout her body; she arched her back and begged for more oh please john eat me out! I need it. she begged. He ran a finger along her slit and it was sticky with her juices. He placed the finger under her nose and said.

You know what this musky smell means my loves? It means your pussy is ready for my cock. He wiped the juices just above her lip under her nose and this. he said taking his cock out of his trousers and holding it above her face tip pointing at her nose this means my cock is ready for your pussy, so why waste time eating yyouu oh good god! he moaned as Clara s tongue darted out from her mouth and licked the length of his shaft before she guided it into her mouth and swirled her tongue round the shaft of his cock.

Well then. She said with a grin what are we waiting for? Stick it in lover boy. She held him by the waist and guided him down so his cock was in line with her pussy.

God I love you. He said as he slipped his respectable 6 and a half inch cock into her eager waiting pussy. Oh god, so fucking tight it s absolutely fantastic! he groaned, his sexual experience limited being a clergyman.

Calm down John. she giggled you d swear we had never slept together before! she said taken aback out how vocal he was being. He wasn t normally like this, or was he? She couldn t quite remember. she lost her train of thought when he got a good rhythm going pounding into her roughly his hands intertwined with her hers. She made the most delightful high pitch OH s as her Fiancé made love to her. After 10 minutes of sex they both came within 10 seconds of each other, Clara first then John being pushed over the edge by the sensation of Clara cumming on his cock coupled with the look that came across her face as she came, her mouth open with the right corner of her mouth open wider than the rest, and her eyes screwed tight shut. Once he came he withdrew from her and lay next to her on the bed.

You have made me the happiest man in the universe. he said leaning over and kissing her.

Got it in you to be even happier? she asked him a coy smile on her lips.

always. He smirked, when he made her into his fiancé he had no idea she was such a playful little devil.

Then buckle up Mr, we re going for a ride! with that she climbed on top of him legs either side of his hips. She grabbed his cock which was semi erect and placed it between her arse cheeks. With her arse she squeezed his cock and ran it up and down her crack till he reached full hardness. He couldn t believe this, here was Clara Oswald the Doctors impossible girl giving him sexual simulation with her arse cheeks. He decided to push his luck and pulled his cock head along her crack till he reached her arsehole which he proceeded to poke with his cock.

Oy! No entry Mr! she said giving hi m a slap on his chest.

Well you can t blame a man for trying. He then took his cock and pointed it at her slit. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation as she squatted down on his cock and proceeded to ride him as though he was her motorcycle. She combined the up and down motion with a steady rocking back and forth that was delightful for them both. He opened his eyes and started fondle her breasts palming them and tweaking her nipples. She was in full gear going up so that just the tip of his head remained with in her then impaling herself completely on his cock. She looked as though she was having the time of her life, eyes closed mouth slightly apart, a fringe of untidy hair covering the right side of her face.it was a sight that made the years of planning and enormous risk of being discovered by the Doctor all worthwhile. He just lay back for a good five minutes letting his senses be washed over with pleasure, the sight of Clara s pretty face and bouncing tits, the smell of her arousal combined with her perfume an old earth brand called Chanel number five, the sound of flesh slapping flesh and his cock in Clara s squelching pussy. Obviously he could feel Clara through his cock but he decided it was time to enhance the feeling of touch; he reached his right hand up and placed it gently on Clara s arse stroking and massaging it as she continued to ride him. While his right hand was fondling her round tight arse he was covering the middle finger of left hand in saliva; when he thought it was sufficiently wet he used his right hand on the small of her back to stop her halfway on his cock, then he inserted his lubed up finger into her tight rectum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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