FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 3 – Captain Miles

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FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 3 – Captain Miles
FIELDS OF DESIRE – PART 3 – Captain Miles
The next morning, Joyce and Paulette were slowly setting the stage for their frolic in the fields. Having fits of laughter and circling each other like two teenage girls in love, the two WACs were getting on their colleagues’ nerves. Then the phone rang in the radio room.
“I’ll get it”, claimed Gladys who was in charge of communications.
Nobody paid much attention to the call until Gladys ran out of the radio room.
“ Listen up ladies, I got a call from Captain Miles and she’s coming over tomorrow morning early …. to spend some time with us and inspect everything.”, announced Gladys
“Everything ?”, asked Shirley
“Looks like it”, said Gladys
“Ok girls…housecleaning…get your uniforms ironed…have clean clothes for at least three days…clear the upstairs bedroom and clean the adjoining bathroom. I’ll take care of getting the Germans ready for the visit, “ ordered Shirley who wanted to show that she was in charge.
“What about our fuck ?”, asked Joyce innocently
“You girls will have all summer to fuck”, answered Shirley abruptly
Captain Miles was the leader of the WACs in that part of Germany. She was responsible for the farming projects using German women and it was part of her duty to visit each farm every six months. Since the project had just begun a few months ago, it was her first visit. Nobody had ever met her.
“How long will she stay ? Where will she stay ?”, asked Annika
“She travels with her bed…and I don’t know how long she will stay here. That’s up to her”, answered Gladys
Shirley had given the news to the German workers and they were spending the day getting ready also. By the time everyone went to bed, the group was ready for Captain Miles.
The next morning everyone was up early and on their best behaviour.
“You’d think we’re in the army or something”, cried Gladys, who was in a better mood.
The Captain was to arrive at 8AM. Fifteen minutes before, the WACs in full uniform were lined up in front of the main barracks. The German workers were told to work as usual, but maybe with a bit more enthusiasm than usual. Of course, they were warned that any sign of sexual activity or fighting would be seriously punished.
At 8AM sharp, a jeep pulled up into the farm’s short driveway. The female driver/orderly got out, walked to the other side and opened the door for Capt. Miles who stepped down and saluted the WACs. The driver, a statuesque blonde with long hair, carried the folded metal bed inside with Ritsa’s help and came back for the two suitcases. The orderly also carried a small mattress she asked Ritsa to put next to the bed in the upstairs bedroom. Shirley stepped forward.
“Shirley, I think ”, said Capt. Miles as she saluted and then shook hands with the leader of the group. She proceeded to speak with each woman. Then she turned around and spoke to her orderly.
“Ashley, are you going to be able to drive to town and do our errands ? “, she asked
“Yes Ma’am”, answered the shapely blonde
“Then off you go and I’ll see you tonight”, said the Captain with a warm smile
After the jeep had driven off, the Captain wanted to walk to the fields with Gladys and Shirley.
“Don’t want to leave Ashley with all these beautiful women ? Do I ?”, cried the Captain, much to everyone’s surprise.
After the group had made their way past the first barn, the girls left behind were dying to chat.
“She sounds nice enough”, said Annika
“She has a nice ass”, said Ritsa
“You would say that, would you”, added Paulette, rolling her eyes
“But she’s right. She does have a nice ass”, said Joyce smiling, “Her skirt just hugs it. You can just see the outline of her asscheeks and where they come together”.
“Ok..ok…shut up…you’re making me horny”, protested Paulette
“I like Ashley. She could drive me wherever she wanted to”, purred Annika
“I think you’ll have competition. They looked pretty cosy”, added Joyce
“They fuck. Very obvious”, said Ritsa
Nobody answered. Everyone agreed.
Capt. Miles was introduced to Gerda who was the leader of the German workers. The Captain spoke fluent German and the two women chatted for a few minutes, walking away from the two WACs, the Captain even putting her hand on Gerda’s shoulder. Gerda seemed a bit embarrassed by some of the questions. The Captain shook hands with her, holding the handshake a little longer than is customary, and turned to the two WACs.
“I asked her about sex between the workers. It doesn’t seem to interfere with their work and the discipline”, said Capt. Miles.
“Don’t you agree ?”, she asked Shirley and Gladys.
“Oh…yes of course…you’re quite right”, said Shirley
“That Gerda is quite a piece of woman”, said the Captain with a devilish grin
“Oh..she’s has…a full figure”, stammered Gladys
“Careful and discreet. That’s all I’m asking”, said the Captain as she walked back to the barracks.
Captain Julia Miles was just over 50 years-old and it was written somewhere that she had been a WAC since the beginning of the war. At 5’ 6”, she was shorter than most, and stocky with a good size pair of tits, a very pleasant face, and, as Ritsa and Joyce had pointed out, a very exciting bubble ass which she had inherited through her ancestry. Her hair was quite short but long enough to show curls. One imagined her pubic hair to be similar. Her lover back in the US coached the female basketball team at Harvard. She also had a bubble ass.
The farmhouse had a second floor where the WACs stored some of the equipment. The ladies had set up Julia’s cot in an unoccupied room. She would have privacy and the use of a bathroom which the WACs only used occasionally (which kept the cleaning duties down). Ashley was to sleep on the mattress in the same room.
“How long do you think you will stay with us, Captain”, asked Shirley who was beginning to feel more comfortable with her superior officer.
“I don’t really know. I think I’ll take the opportunity to rest from the hustle and bustle of Berlin”, answered the Captain.
“Shirley, when we’re not on official duty, please call me Julia”, added Julia with a warm smile.
The two women had changed into a coloured blouse and a summer skirt. Julia was sitting on her bed in the upstairs room and Shirley on Ashley’s mattress.
“You have a date, don’t you Julia”, asked Shirley
“How did you know ?”, answered Julia, surprised and blushing
“My hearing is really good and I can understand German”, answered Shirley, also blushing.
“Would you mind coming with me ?”, asked Julia
“Would your date mind ?”, answered the American
“You’re getting too military…answering a question with a question”, laughed Julia
“Come on or we’ll be late”, said Julia
The two women tiptoed down the stairs which were very close to the front door. They managed to get outside without being seen by the other girls in the main dormitory.
“Where is this barn ?”, asked Julia
“Just follow me”, answered Shirley who grabbed her hand.
Soon both women could see Gerda’s square silhouette against the faint moonlight. Gerda opened the barn door and the three women walked in. The door was closed being them and locked from the inside. It was dark but their eyes adjusted quickly. The room was filled with various boxes but Gerda spread some white material on the floor. There were cut up parachutes.
“Nice and soft”, said Julia appreciatively
Julia unbuttoned her blouse. Her white fleshy tits were shining against the outside light. She quickly slipped off her skirt and pulled down her panties moving her hips sideways a few times. Julia was naked, and Gerda had taken off her night robe which left her also naked. Both women were full-bodies, about the same age, with hairy patches, round buttocks and horny as hell.
Shirley stepped back as the two older women clashed, toe to toe at first, kissing, drooling and spitting, then rapidly moving their hand over the other’s cunt lips. Their flesh became wet very quickly, hands, mouths, tits, thighs…Shirley stood there not knowing if she should stay or leave. The two lovers wrestled for a minute and fell to the parachute-covered ground. It smelled of cunt. That strong, penetrating smell of wet cunt but it was also mixed with the smell of motor oil, old cables, and rotting leather.
Gerda had managed to clamp her hungry mouth on Julia’s curly black bush. Julia was laughing, crying and talking to herself in a low voice.
“Don’t just stand there…come and fuck”, snapped Julia looking at Shirley.
Shirley was not one to be asked twice. She took off her clothes and joined the two older women on the floor. This time Julia had reversed the roles and she was on her knees eating Gerda hairy twat while squeezing her boobs with both hands. Julia’s legendary ass was staring Shirley in the face, the officer’s bending over had forced the buttocks to separate more than usual. Shirley could not resist. She began by licking the area around Julia’s puckered hole and hearing her Captains’ strong moans, she decided to dive, tongue first, into her superior’s asshole. She rimmed Julia while she rubbed her puffy cunt lips with her right hand. Julia came unexpectedly and Shirley felt the woman’s hole close around her tongue, her hand covered in cunt juices. Julia was still working on Gerda who was very close to orgasm. Shirley, who was not fucking with the German woman for the first time, put her hands around Gerda’s neck and began to put pressure as she was going to strangle her. Gerda did the same to Shirley and the two women started to shake each other’s head as if they were mutually strangling. Julia was only partly aware of what was going on, but she trusted Shirley, and continued sucking Gerda’s clit. Finally the big Fraulein groaned and let out a loud “FUCK” as she pumped her cunt juices into Julia’s mouth.
The three women took a short rest and Julia nibbled on Shirley’s ear.
“You’re the only one who hasn’t cum yet”, remarked the Captain
“So many dykes and so few dolls”, answered Shirley
“That’s what you think”, said Julia in a throaty voice, winking to Gerda.
Crouching in front of a kneeling Shirley, Julia pushed the WAC who fell backwards into the arms of Gerda. The German lesbian immediately put Shirley on her back and held her arms down with her ankles on either side of her body. Shirley was trapped, Gerda’s big bushy cunt hovering over her face. In the meantime, Julia lost no time in moving her body over Shirley’s, sliding her hips between the younger woman’s thighs and squeezing her tits with both hands. Shirley knew there was no point in putting up a fight. She felt Julia’s furry cunt rubbing against hers. Gerda straddled Shirley face, slowly moving her cunt back and forth against it. Her upper body was upright so Julia, by lifting her chest to meet Gerda’s, could kiss and engage in mutual tit grabbing with the German dyke. Not totally against being the bitch, Shirley thought she might make the best of the situation and abandoned her cunt to her Captain’s rubbing. Although she couldn’t see much because of Gerda’s cunt and ass covering her face, Shirley could hear Julia and Gerda talking dirty to each other in German, insulting each other, and spitting in each other’s face. She heard things she had never heard before between two women. Gerda had worked her cunt hole so that Shirley’s nose was penetrating it. When she felt Gerda cum all over her face, Shirley felt her own orgasm to be quite close. Shirley managed to push Gerda off her (with Julia’s encouragement). Julia could then concentrate on fucking Shirley. The younger woman had to admire how the Captain used her clit to sword fight with her own erect organ. The woman was a pro. Julia and Shirley, mouth to mouth, exchanged some repeated “fuck” seconds before Shirley’s body began to shake and her cunt to gush. Julia slapped her hard.
“Now you’re my bitch”, she screamed
Shirley felt a familiar warm liquid over her tummy and trickling down her legs.
“You can let go if you want”, whispered Julia.
Shirley flipped Julia on her back and placed herself tummy to tummy with her Captain. Julia moaned as she felt Shirley’s golden liquid soak her pubic patch and run down her asscheeks to her hole. Gerda watched with jealousy.
“Now get back to the barracks and shower”, ordered Julia
“I’ll find my own way after curfew”, she added, “Gerda and I have a few private things to share which don’t concern you.”
“Yes Ma’am”, said Shirley saluting
“Cunt”, hissed Julia
Shirley put on her panties then her dress which stuck to her wet body. Hoping no one would see her, she snuck out of the barn and made her way to the front of the house.
“Good evening”, said a voice coming from the darkness
Shirley stopped dead in her tracks and squinted to see who it was and where the voice was coming from.
“Ashley ?”, she asked
“Yep…where is the boss ?”, the orderly asked, as she chewed on a small twig
“Uh..she will be back soon. She is busy…with someone”, stuttered Shirley
Ashley stepped out of the shadow of the house and stood right in front of Shirley. The girl was quite tall, dressed in a short skirt and a dark blouse. Her hair was long and fell to her shoulders.
“You smell like you met a skunk”, drawled Ashley
“Uh..yes….sorry…couldn’t help it…you know how it is”, managed to answer the embarrassed young girl.
Ashley stepped closer to Shirley, took her by the shoulders and gently pushed her against the wall of the house, next to the porch. It was dark there and that’s where she had been waiting.
“Don’t apologize…actually it turns me on”, whispered the orderly in a throaty voice
“I think I’ve had enough….Hu…Mmmmmmmmmmmm”, said Shirley before her mouth was covered by the tall blonde’s thick lips.
Ashley’s right hand was massaging Shirley’s pubic bone through her skirt and panties. Even though she had had a few orgasms, Shirley broke into a sweat feeling Ashley’s fingers against her erect clit. Her mouth was invaded by Ashley’s tongue. Suddenly Shirley fought back and drove her tongue in the blonde’s mouth, probing her teeth and gums, then she stuck her right hand under Ashley’s short skirt until her fingers touched her panties. Both women moaned as their hands began to search for a way into each other’s panties. The broke their kiss so they could see how to stretch elastic bands, reach bellies, and slip fingers into bushy pubic triangles. Ashley reached Shirley’s cunt first, her fingers separating the cunt lips, penetrating her intimate canal. Then Shirley’s fingers reached the wet hole, massaging the piss slit and sliding up to reach the blonde’s small but hard clit. The two lesbians were masturbating each other with gusto, standing toe to toe, their head thrown back, their hard tits pushing against each other.
“So what do we have here ?”, laughed Julia
The two women jumped and stopped for a moment, just for a few seconds. Then Ashley continued to rub Shirley, and Shirley frigged Ashley, and both women continued finger-fucking each other until they moaned and screamed and drooled on each other’s shoulder.
“Very nice. I see introductions are needed”, whispered Julia.
“And where were you, may I ask ?”, asked Ashley
“Having fun with a German woman”, answered Julia, “Oh..and also with a WAC”.
“I think I’m going to have a shower now…if you’ll excuse me”, said Shirley as stumbled up the few stairs to the front door.
“There must be a skunk in the neighbourhood….You smell like you got sprayed also”, mused Ashley
“You’ve just met her”, answered Julia smiling.

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