For Him

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For Him
She was standing at the sink when he came home. He walked behind her and put his hand under her shirt and cupped her tits. He kissed her neck and rubbed her tits tweaking her nipples. He told her I have been thinking about your tits and pussy all the way home. Bend over and spread your legs so I can stick my cock in that wet tight pussy and fuck your cunt hard. As she bent over and spread her legs wide he pulled her top over her head and then her shorts and panties till she was naked right there and ready for him. His hand began to finger her cunt as he whispered to her Where do you want it first? In your cunt or that sexy ass? My cock is rock hard and throbbing. You choose which hole you want first? She looked at him and smiled and said Stick that cock in my ass and fuck me hard. I have been waiting all day. Then finger my cunt as you pound my ass. Ride me hard and deep.

He shoved her head down and then pushed a finger in her ass and felt how tight she was. He also put a finger in her cunt and fucked both holes till he felt her soak his finger in her love hole. He then took the wet finger and rubbed it in her asshole and then began to push his cock in her. He pushed in her tight ass as his fingers kept fucking her cunt. He now had three fingers in her magic hole. His other hand reached up and grabbed a nipple and twisted and pulled it as he rammed his cock deep in her ass. She screamed Fuck me hard. I want every inch of that big cock in my ass pumping me till you fill me with your cum. Show me what a stud you are. He laughed and told her You will get it all. Every inch balls deep in that sexy tight ass. I love ass fucking you and you love it even more than I do. I am going to ride you hard tonight. He pushed his cock in all the way as he fingerfucked her cunt and pulled on her nipples. Her nipples were hard and big and felt good in his fingers. He took the thumb of the hand fingering her cunt and rubbed her clit and listened to her scream and moan as he felt her cum coat his hand. He yelled to her Push your ass back to my cock. Squeeze your legs together and feel me as I fuck both your holes. That s it baby. Keep cumming for me. Let me ride your sexy ass. I am going to fill you so full of my love juice.

He fucked her ass and cunt a long time as she covered his hand with her sweet cum. Then he let out a big scream and filled her ass with cum. He then pulled his cock out and lifted her up on the counter and sat her there and spread her legs wide. I want to see those big tits and that wet pussy. Your dripping cum all over the counter. I love it when I see you filled with your cum and mine. You are such a horny nasty nympho. You love to be fucked. He then grabbed a nipple with his teeth as his two fingers rolled her clit between them and she began moaning more. He held his mouth over her tit as he told her You like me to finger your clit don t you? Go ahead cum more for me. Yes, your clit is so hard as I play with it. I am going to make you cum more for me. I am going to suck those big tits and bite them then chew on your hard clit.

He took his time biting and sucking her nipples before he licked down to her clit and grabbed it with his teeth and began to suck it and pull on it. Then he would go to her fuck hole and lick and tongue her then go back to her clit and keet her moaning and cumming hard for him. He sucked her cum out of her hole as he tongue fucked her. He gave her pussy a good workout before he told her Lay down and hang your head over the edge and open wide. I am going to cock fuck your mouth and throat till you make me cum again. Soon as he had her head over the edge of the counter he shoved his cock into her mouth and throat.

That s it baby. Suck that cock. Deep throat me like only you can. Take it all and suck me hard. Feel my balls hit you in the face. Now suck me and rub your tongue over that nice hard cock. You are such a good cocksucker. Suck me then fuck me. She took every inch of his long cock and sucked him down as she grabbed his balls and squeezed and massaged them. He moaned My ass. Finger fuck my ass as you suck that cock. Make me feel good. Make me cum down your throat. Her hand shoved three fingers in his ass and as she sucked she finger fucked his ass. She told him Spread your legs. She then really began to fuck his ass as she gave his balls a good working over. Her mouth had his cock in a tight suction and soon he was screaming and filling her throat with cum. He watched her swallow every drop and lick his cock clean.

He grabbed her and pulled her body tight to his and began to kiss her mouth and tongue her. You taste like my cum. I love when I taste your mouth full of my cum. Let s have dinner and then play dirty. Want to play nasty baby? She smiled and jerked his cock and said yes, let s eat so we can be real naughty.

After dinner they went into the play room. He layed her on the table and pushed her legs up to her head and spread them. He then uncorked a bottle of wine and pushed the open end into her cunt. He filled her cunt with the wine with as much as he could get in her. He pulled the bottle out and kept her raised so she would not loose any and then inserted a straw into her and began to suck the wine from her hole. He looked at her and told her Your cunt makes the wine so much better. Nothing better than Reisling cunt wine unless it is Reisling ass wine. You like to drink wine out of my ass don t your baby? She looked at him and said I also like rum and piss. You make the best mixer for my rum. Then stir it with your cock. A perfect cocktail. She then shoved six g****d into her cunt and straddled over his mouth. Open wide and eat your fruit baby. She then squeezed her cunt muscles and let the g****s drop into his mouth as he ate each one and swallowed them. Then she pushed most of a banana in her cunt and left just a tip out and let him eat the banana from her. As he ate the banana his fingers began to rub her clit making her cum so he was eating banana and her cum.

She looked at him and asked Now what are you hungry for? He picked up a fairly large cucumber that was peeled and shoved it in her cunt and first fucked her with it then pulled it out and licked it then pushed it back in and fucked her more. He did this several times as she begged for more. He grabbed a lollipop and pushed it in her ass to ass fuck her then lick it also. Sometimes he would lick the lollipop and sometimes he would let her lick it. He kept fucking her with the cuke and the lollipop and licking them clean.

He then brought out the anal balls. The string had a dozen very good sized balls and he quickly shoved six in her ass. He looked at her and said You are very nasty tonight. I think you can get two more balls in that naughty ass. Then he staddled her ready to shove his cock in her cunt but first pushed two balls in his ass. He sunk down on her and rammed his cock all the way in her cunt and began to ride her hard and deep letting his cock fill her warm wet cunt. He fucked her for quite a while as she moaned with the balls up their asses really making the sex intense. When they were both ready to cum he reached back and slow but steady pulled the balls out one by one making her scream and go almost insane and making himself fuck her harder. They loved to fuck with something in their ass. It made the sex much better esp when pulled at the time of climaxing. She has put things in his ass and jerked him and pulled the objects and watched his cum spray way up in the air. He has done her to the point of her almost passing out.

He then told her Time for bed baby. I am going to sleep with my cock in you and see how many times I fuck you tonight. First let s shove a cucumber in out asses and every time we cum it will be the best. I love how nasty you are. He then pushed cukes in their asses then twined their legs so his cock was all the way in her cunt. Good night my dirty slut. I love you. Let s sleep amd fuck all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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