Forbidden Pleasure

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Forbidden Pleasure
It was Saturday 9th October and I had arranged to go away with some of my friends to London it was Cheryl s 25th so we had agreed to go to London, we are all big fans so seemed like the thing to do.

I have been friends with Cheryl since I was 13, she is a gorgeous girl with a sexy little figure and shoulder length brown hair. She has the most amazing hazel eyes, and cheek bones not to mention lips to die for. She is the kind of girl I would love to be, outgoing, strong and very sexy.

As much as I loved Cheryl I had not seen her for about 6-7 months as the last time we saw each other it didn t end well. Let s just say I told her I fancied her, in fact I just kissed her passionately. Although she did not push me away and our tongues caressed each other, after a couple of seconds she did, and looked shocked. She knew I liked girls as well as boys but she never thought I would make a pass at her

We are friends and friends don t do that she said.

From that night to Saturday I had not seen her, and the site of her walking towards me on the platform with Karen and Lucy amazed me, I fell for her again. When she came over she hugged me and kissed my cheek like nothing had happened and we boarded the train.

All the way to London and throughout the day I felt strange, uncomfortable I wondered if the other girls new what had happened? I wondered if Cheryl had forgiven me, and lastly I begged she wanted more.

The trip was over and we booked into our room, like all girls who are a little strapped for cash our budget had gone on wine, and vodka and we all shared the same room. Usual thing 2 checking in and the others turning up and going out half an hour apart, to fool reception.

Anyway there we were four of us in a little room drinking vodka and getting our glad rags on, I was ready first and was sitting on the edge of the bed zipping up my knee high brown suede heel boots. I was wearing a very short purple lycra mini dress that just covered my bum, a nice g string so that there was no VPN. I had opted out of the bra as this dress was so tight it held my breasts up perfectly.

Karen and Lucy where in the bathroom doing there make up as Cheryl came out the room she had red 5inch heels on and the smoothest sexiest legs up to a very short red swirling pleated dress, the front of her dress was hanging down and she was topless, for the first time I saw her amazing breasts, there were perfectly round and hard, with amazing bright red nipples, the kind you want to flick and kiss all night. She looked over her shoulder and said

Give me a hand Kimmy, pass the tape

I handed her the toupee tape and she applied it firmly to the side of each breast before pulling the halter neck up and around her neck, she tied the back of the dress and then pushed her breasts against the material so the dress clung to her perfectly. All this time I could not take my eyes of her, I wanted her.

We arrived at the club and hit the dance floor immediately we were fuelled by the wine and vodka we had been drinking all day. All four of us were dancing around our hand bags and losing ourselves in the tunes.

I was dancing away and closed my eyes, the next thing I knew there were arms d****d around my neck, I thought it was some pillock who had been trying it on with us all night and opened by eyes ready to kick him in the crown jewels.

Alright babe having a good time Cheryl said, her face was inches away from mine and her breasts were brushing up against mine as she wiggled her hips to the music. My arms were flat by my side and I was totally taken back.

Yeah all good I said, and must have looked puzzled.

Your not still worried about what happened are you? she said as her arms dropped down and cupped around my waist.

Ermm yeah I guess, you were not happy I said and I felt stup…

Her finger pressed against my lips,

Kimmy don t worry. I was shocked, that s all shocked, been thinking about it a lot and wish I had let you carry on, I saw you dancing here and I just wanted to touch you and kiss you, I am sorry about before

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the girls back from the loo looking at us both, they did not know I was bisexual, only Cheryl knew and I was not sure how they would react to it. I broke the hold and walked over to them to get rid of any suspicions.

Cheryl ran over behind me grabbed my hand and stood there with me in front of the girls, I was speechless.

Kimmy has come up with a great idea, she suggested we danced together to see how many blokes we get staring at us, see if we can get them all turned on, just for shits and giggles – what do you think?

They just cracked up laughing and before I know it Cheryl had said cool and had dragged me back on the dance floor. I was amazed, impressed and horny all at the same time.

I stood there and Kim put her hands around my neck again, I wrapped mine around her waist and pulled her close. Our bodies touched and I could feel the heat of her chest and her breasts against mine. I looked into her eyes just inches from mine.

Just go for it she said .

I moved my leg forward between hers and moved my hand tight around her waist pulling her closer so her pussy rubbed up against my thigh. My other hand moved up her back over her bare skin and to her neck. Meanwhile she was slowly rubbing against my leg and her arms were tight around my neck, it was amazing. Our faces were inches apart and her shiny red lip gloss was begging me to slip my tongue between her lips and kiss her. I could feel her breathe on me and her wetness on my leg it felt so right but so wrong. Our bodies moved real slowly and we touched each other sensually, my nipples were rock hard as the back of her hand slide over my breasts and onto my arse. We were grinding ourselves against each others thighs and trying our best to keep with the rhythm of the song but i just wanted to drop to all fours and taste her.

We both I got lost in the moment, I remember her stepping back and turning around she then crouched down in front of me. She put her hands on the suede of my boots and started to sway her pert arse from side to side as she started to stand as she did her hands slide off the boots and onto my skin, they felt so soft. She slowly moved up and her hands touched higher and higher she was starting to move my skirt up as well moving her hands inwards over my thighs and to the insides of my legs just inches from my now wet pussy. Her head tilted back and her hair now on my chest and smelling so sweet. I was shaking and I could feel her shaking to. At that point i felt a tap on my shoulder and it was a bouncer

Come on ladies, save that kind of thing for home, this is a club not a sex show I was bright red with embarrassment and Cheryl grabbed my hand again and we ran towards the girls. When we got there they were pissing themselves laughing and called us

a right pair of dirty slags . I managed to shrug this off for a moment but Cheryl was laughing so much I began to wonder if it was all a game to her as well, and she had been teasing me. I made my excuses and disappeared to the ladies.

Once their I hitched up my minidress over my waist and looked down at my panties, there was a clear line of wetness, in fact soaking wet. I gently slid my hand in under the material and touched my tuft of pussy hair, it was so so wet, my eyes closed and I gently slid a warm finger between the lips and it went in so smooth and gentle. As I started to feel myself rubbing backwards and forward I heard the door go to the loos and Cheryl shouting

Kim you in here, come on girl don t mess about

I gasped and my finger slide out immediately I felt so bad and blushed, like a school boy being caught with his cock in his hand and daddies tittie mag. I stepped out my knickers and kicked them behind the urinal, they were so wet they were going to mark the dress and I would have smelt like a whore all night, so ditching them was a good plan. I pulled my dress down over my bum, took a deep breath and opened the door.

Cheryl was right there she grabbed me and pulled her lips straight onto mine, her tongue darted in my mouth and by body went numb. Her left hand run down my back and onto my arse as her other hand held my neck. We kissed so deeply so frantically my left hand grabbed her breast and the other slipped up her inner thigh and across onto her panties. Her tongue leaved my mouth and her hands my body, she stepped back and I was stood there looking lost.

Kimmy I know we can t be together, I know I can t fuck you, but I also know if I never kissed you like that I would always always regret it. Please don t be mad, just understand, we have done this now and we should just let it go

Cheryl don t do this, you have just come in here and kissed me like I have never been kissed, touched me where I wanted…

Kim – no it cant happen, we are friends and we will not be more than that I have a BF, this was drunken fun and that is where it must stop .

At this stage 2 drunken girls fell into the bathroom, and Cheryl used this as her time to go, I was left there standing alone frustrated for the third time that night. I vowed this was not yet over….

Please read part I to enjoy this part at its best. Not long after being kissed in the ladies at the night club, we all decided to call it a night Lucy and Karen had been dancing the night away and Karen had gotten lucky with a talk dark and handsome stranger. Well I say lucky according to her it involved some deep tonguing action and a lot of groping against the wall. But she lost interest when it turned from an amazing snog to the guy trying to dry hump her, not something any of us are partial to.

We clambered into the cab all drunk and dishevelled and I still could not take my eyes of Cheryl, although her mascara had run her eyes looked sexier than ever, like sexy black holes. Not only that but the toupee tape had come of her dress so the material was flapping around her breast and her nipples looked hard and pert. The four of us trying to get in a cab I had to make sure I did not sit next to her as the smell alone would have got me going.

We arrived at the hotel and had the task of figuring out who was going to sleep where 4 girls 1 bed, well Lucy was so drunk and had already been sick nobody wanted her in the bed so she had the fun of hugging the bathroom carpet. I was nervous about sharing the bed with Cheryl, but thought if I got in first and on the end its up to her what she does, she was not my fav person at the moment after teasing my body the way she had done that night, just to reject me.

I unzipped my knee high suede boots and slipped them off my calfs and threw them to the floor. As i did so Cheryl and Karen came into the room after making sure Lucy was al cozy on the bathroom floor. Well Cheryl must have been getting ready for bed whilst she was in there and jumped on the bed. She looked stunning she had a little white crop t shirt and a tiny pair of yellow boyshort panties, she took my breather away. She slung back the duvet and slide her body under.

bloody hell the sheets are cold she said Get your asses in here and warm us up she said giggling away.

It was at this point I decided to reap my revenge, Karen was getting changed and I stood in front of Cheryl, I unzipped the back of my dress and let the material fall forward and held it against my breasts, I looked at Cheryl, deep into her eyes and let the dress drop to the floor revealing my firm breasts and erect nipples, her eyes scanned down my body taking in every inch until her eyes fell onto my tiny little triangle of g-string silk, and my puffy camel toed pussy. I turned around slowly showing her my pert bottom and bent over to pick up a t shirt, as I did so she could see the string slipping deeper into my cheeks and the firmness of my buttocks. I slipped the t shirt on and turned to look at Karen she was ready for bed by now in a cute Mickey Mouse long nightie – not sexy but very cute. I quickly jumped on the bed first as now decided to go through with my plan I needed to be in the middle. I slide under the duvet and as I did my foot glided down the leg of Cheryl I leaned over and whispered.

Did you like show

She said nothing and just looked at me, she looked unsure and nervous. Karen climbed in beside me and we all chatted for a while about the events of that evening, before lights out. I laid there still as one by one they fell asleep. Cheryl had rolled over and was in the perfect position, I turned on my side and edged over to her, I slowly slid in behind her in the spooning position her bum sitting on my lap I then gently slide my hand over her hip, then waste and across her flat tummy, the skin was so soft i sent shivers up my body, I then moved my face closer to her neck and rested my lips with a gentle kiss on the back of her neck. She sighed and pushed herself against me still asleep. This must have been her natural instinct at home, thinking I was her BF, just after a cuddle, my plan was working well.

I bided my time and just laid there gently holding her it felt amazing to be that close, but I knew I had to make my move, I had to be gentle as lying the other side of me was Karen and if I woke her who knows what would happen.

Again I kissed Cheryl s neck gently, once, twice and then the third time i flicked my tongue against her she tasted so sweet. She sighed again. I then moved my hand gently back across her tummy and thigh, slowly up and under her shirt across her ribs and then up over her breasts, i gently squeezed her breast, and as I thought it was firm and kissed her again. She let out a little grown but still half asleep and half drunk probably thought I was her man. There was a small fire starting in my panties as this all felt so good but also so wrong, but she had teased me all day and I wanted her, I needed to do something to her to get her back. Her head pushed back so her neck was against my lips and then she spoke.

Don t stop Kim, i am not asleep and know what your doing, don t you dare stop

I was shocked and whipped my hand from under her t shirt and rolled straight onto my back, glancing at Karen to see if she had woken, then back at Cheryl. Cheryl was now awake and on her side facing me, I rolled onto mine and looked in her eyes. Saying nothing we both leaned in, our tongues slide out from our mouths and touched as our hands started to touch each others bodies. Before I knew it we were kissing passionately, her hands went up my shirt and grabbed my breasts frantically like a fumbling boy, she was grabbing at my nipples, there was no way I was going to give her the chance to bail again so I wasted no time in sliding my hand down the front of her shorts, my god she was warm and so so wet, I slipped my finger between the lip of her pussy and she opened her legs further so I could slide it inside her, our tongues still swirling around.

In exchange her other hand had moved around onto the front of my panties and she was rubbing my pussy through the silk. It all felt so sexy and was all happening in such as sensual way. I was also turned on knowing that Lucy was next to us. Cheryl started to kiss down my neck and was now grinding lightly on my finger which was my queue to slip in another as I did she shivered and gasped loudly, she pulled her face away and looked at me and said

Your a bad bad girl Kim

As she did so she pulled the g string up tight causing the material to slip deep inside my pussy, the feeling was amazing and she started to rub my pussy harder, now her fingers touching my skin. In exchange I moved my thumb around and onto her clit, so I had 2 fingers deep inside her and my thumb working her. This made her roll straight on her back and arch up, her shirt up by her neck and her breasts heaving she was grinding against my hand loving it so much.

This was it this was the point my plan would end this is when I was going to leave her wanting me, the problem is I wanted her, could I do it, could I stop. I could! I pulled my hand away and leaned over her face and said.

Ohh god don t stop she whispered
Its so annoying when people turn you on then turn you down isn t it
She looked back stunned
Don t ever do that to me again, now you know how it feels – no hard feelings

I got up grabbed my pillow and tapped Karen s leg so she would wake up, leaving Cheryl in a position where she could not say anything as Karen would hear.

Revenge was so fucking sweet, needless to say she is not talking to me now, but with teases like that who needs them.

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