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(To Julie, the inspiration for this story…)

(Listen to Angel by Massive Attack for an enhanced read!)

She posted another set of pictures, or as he called it, frozen moments from her mysterious life. She was his new found curse, no… sickness… Do you compare someone so divine to such vile acronyms? She had somehow become a slow breath for his life, if you would call being submerged into the abyss of work six days out of the week, and the only one not surrounded by paperwork and misery, left alone away from the non-existent, or rather non-important world.

Last online: 2mins ago.

A small pit of sadness stirred inside him as he clicked on her name in the friends list. She had just been on and fate made it so for him to just miss her. She had spoken to him a couple of times before, mainly because of his diligence with commenting on every post she had made without fail. Others have labeled him as obsessed with a woman he would never meet, but she, silenced the nay-Sayers attacks with one comment,” I look forward to his passionate statements when I do choose to express myself. He is proof that someone you may never know can affect you in such a way on such a higher level.” From that point on he had found another reason to smile.

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His breath quickened as his heart stopped for a moment. His goddess had written to him, not as a reply but rather a simple gesture of open conversation.

“I thought of you for this set I did. Think of it as a thank you, for being you.”

His hands trembled as he selected the link and started to cycle through the pictures, she had created, just for him, for him alone.

Each slide was like a sensual comic strip come to life as he took the time to study the detail of her poses. It started in her living room with her lying on the couch. Her hair covered her face, the only portion of her body he had left to be revealed to him. Her white cotton t-shit halfway up and creased, do to her body’s positioning. He assumed she had moved slowly down the couch to get relaxed better for her shot. Slowly with each passing shot, she grabbed her waist and slid her hands up stopping at her belly button then back down this time removing the oddly patterned pajama pants she wore, revealing thin white panties. The next couple of shots had her on her stomach revealing a message on written on the backside of her shirt and panties. “For you, my 1 true fan.” The shirt and panty read in bold lettering.

Sweat produced on his forehead and in his palms as his body temperature grew. He paused for a moment to remove his jacket realizing he hadn’t even changed out of his work clothes. The thought never crossed his mind because simply there was no time. His tie fought with him to stay on testing his patience but after much force gave in and found its way to the ground.

She move off the couch and made her way to her kitchen refrigerator bending over at the waist, for him to see her once from the side, exposing the perfect arch in her back, then once from behind for him to see her the outline of her lips through the thin layer of cloth that wrapped her lower half. Warmth inside him traveled down and grew without any control as he clicked on to the next slide. She was looking for something as each slide had her going up in the levels of the fridge.

Finally in she was in the upper part of the fridge. He imagined himself sitting behind her as she cooled herself off with the cold air blasting from it. But what did she want from there? She removed an ice try and in the next slide she was making a drink with some liquor foreign to him. He found himself licking his lips more and more as she down the drink. I small drip of it ran down her cheek down, her neck and onto her shirt. His mouth watered as he imagined himself licking it off of her, sucking it out of her shirt and off her neck. He wondered if she would moan out at the feeling of his tongue on her, his lips at her throat.

The next slides fast forwarded a bit to following her into the bed room where she removed her bra but kept her shirt on. Her nipples had stayed hard enough to be seen through the shirt and she took notice to them as she laid on her back in the bed. She toiled with them for a moment tilting her head back to where her face couldn’t be fully seen only her open mouth, eyes and nose covered with hair, jaw locked open as if she was yelling out from the sensations it gave her. Her mouth formed a smile as if she was really in front of him, not this flat screen with her image taunting him.

He stood up for a moment, feeling light-headed from the rush of blood flow changing in him, and headed to his five-steps-away kitchen to grab a cold drink of water. He found it hard to walk as his erection budged for attention and satisfaction from his unnatural cravings. The drink felt good going down as he took a moment to review in his mind what he had seen. He smiled and returned to his computer taking the time to adjust his pants to relive some restraint on himself. He had much respect for her, and never took her beauty for granted. He was honest in his comments on how beautiful she was, but never perverted like all the others that posted. However, this time he could fight his urges no longer, she stole his reason to look forward to the next day long ago and now she was to take the place as the eye of his satisfaction.

She removed the shirt and exposed her breast in the next slide taking time to squeeze them and play with them, then took a piece of ice from her cup and placed it down between her breast. The light captured the trail it made as it fell to her belly button and melted away. He swallowed hard as he took his hand off the mouse and unzipped his pants, exposing his cock to the still air at the underbelly of his computer desk. His hand moisturizing lotion stood out at the desk as he hesitated on the picture of her teasing him.

He let go and returned to clicking slowly between the slides, watching as she sat up and pulled her panties off. Her lips where smooth and freshly shaven for his viewing pleasure, slightly moist from the way they glistened in the light in the close up shots.

Each slide showing then motions of her exciting herself with soft gentle fingers. The results of the effort she captured finally reveled itself as her juices started to bubble and overflow around her fingers and down butt cheek. He had no choice, at this point reached over and pressed down hard twice for the cooling lotion. He switched hands with the mouse as he attempted to multi-task, clicking and stroking at the same time.

Sensations flooded his thought process as his breath changed, his heart raced as he imagined her taking her wet hand and applying the “extra” around his solid cock and gently rubbing his head and shaft. She rolled to her side and continued her pleasure rubbing her clit and fingering herself with her arms between her closed legs. The motion blur effect was captured of her fingers working feverishly as they set out to task at hand. He tried to imagine himself in the room watching as she worked him as well as herself, taking special care not to go to fast right away.

Her next slides caught her rolling around, then on all fours fully exposing herself, then grinding into a pillow, taking careful note of her cheeks as they flexed hard in the picture. She looked like she was getting more aggressive with the pillow grinding as motion blur set in on a couple of shots at random.

The long but not forgotten build up of pent up stress tightened as he stroked harder and faster. He felt his head hard and forced to its limit with every passing stroke. He was at his limit as well and clicked once to a picture of her breathlessly on her back next to her pillow with the words written “ My 1 true Fan” written on it with a darkened stain towards the bottom of it. He leaned back and closed his eyes re-writing the image with him lying next to her as she laid next to him with her breast in his mouth, like in the picture, stroking and begging him to cum as she had. His body tensed as his climax took over, shooting his load in the air onto her hand, the pillow and himself, as she laughed and continued to stroke until he could take it no longer. She kissed him silently and laid next to him, telling him to open his eyes to reality. He slowly opened his eyes as he came off his climatic high, allowing the small screen to remind him who he was and the warm feeling under the desk mock what he would always be.

He sluggishly got up and cleaned up the embarrassing mess he made and treated himself to a shower. The warm water felt good as a not-so-bad state of mind equipped him. After the shower he grabbed his sweats and went for a beer. A small knock wrapped at his door, something so unusual to him he immediately took it as his imagination. Another knock made him turn and head over to the door cautiously. He reached for his bat and got his mind ready for anything that someone like him should expect as he stood next to the door unlocking it.

“Who is it?” He asked firmly. A small pause of silence as he held his breath made him nervous.

“Did you like the pictures I took for you?” A feminine voice said on the other side, making him think hard. His heart raced as he weighed out the possibility of all this being a dream or a joke.

“Who is this I am speaking too?” He asked slightly cracking the door to see for himself.

“Freedom. May I come in please? It’s very cold out here.” The beautiful woman said leaning up against the door. He paused for another moment then opened the door, letting her walk in. when he locked the last lock, his beer found itself empty before he turned around and saw her standing in his living room removing her jacket and holding a camera..

“I was wondering if we could do a mini photo-shoot here with just me and you.” Freedom said adjusting her remaining clothing.

“How did, how is all of this possible?” he asked feeling himself growing again.

“Just come here.” She said motioning him to come over….


Thank you again Julie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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