Friend s Adventures

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Friend s Adventures
The stories that I will write about are stories of a friend of mine. She became a friend through another friend and has started confiding in me about her adventures. I have asked if I can write about her adventures in this forum to see the types of reactions I get. All of the adventures are real with the names of the people changed. The more positive feedback I receive the more I will write about her. I was able to convince her to let me write these stories by telling her that she may receive some ideas or maybe some fans that she can have more adventures with. If things go well, she is even willing to let me post some pictures so be kind and have fun reading her adventures.

Kathy is a 41 year old mother of 2 boys. She is married but unhappily to a neglectful husband. She is a teacher in a high school. Before her first sexual adventure, she was very tame and quiet. Since her first sexual experience, things have changed and now she can’t get enough of sex. The more kinky, crazy, taboo, adventures, the more she enjoys it.

Her first adventure began three years ago. Her husband had just accepted a job at a new high school. He was a teachers assistant at this school. Since he had a lot of background in sports and exercise, he often would assist the physical education teacher there. After the first few months of school, the teachers started going out to happy hours after school. Often Kathy would meet her husband out with some of her friends and some of his friends and they would have a good time. Kathy and some of her friends found her husband Ken’s co-workers very attractive, especially the physical education teacher that Ken worked with.

His name was Will. Will was physically very well built. He had big shoulders and a strong chest. It was apparent in the clothes he often wore. He was clean shaven sometimes rocking a beard. His personality was even more attractive then he was physically. He was very confident and cocky but not in a bad way. He was just sure of him self, and was very flirtatious with all the ladies. He just has this easiness about him that made the women feel very comfortable. Kathy would often talk to him and flirt with him while Ken was off playing one of the arcade games or playing pool at the bar. Will made is no secret about his desire and flirtation for Kathy. He often joked around with Ken and Kathy about a threesome or borrowing her for the night, and Will became more aggressive as Ken would get drunk. But nothing ever came of things…until…

It was the last day of school before winter break. Ken and Will had put together a happy hour with a lot of people from work and Ken invited Kathy and some of her close friends. They went to a nice bar which moved the tables after dinner and turned it into a dance floor. That night there was a lot of drinking and flirting with everybody. Will had made up his mind about this night. So all night he was taking shots with Ken and the other guys. He would often go back and forth between the group of ladies and the group of guys. The guys were all getting drunk and buying shots while the girls were on the dance floor having a good time. So will would go and do a few shots, watch sports with the guys and then go out on the dance floor and do some dancing with the girls. He would specifically dance with Kathy. She was a good dancer and would really get into it with Will. He was not shy about his dancing either and his hands would often roam all over her curves.

As the night went on, people started leaving slowly. It was around midnight and Ken and a few fo the guys came out to the dance floor.
“Kathy, I’m really drunk, I think I’m gonna head home, you think one of the girls can bring you home tonight?”
Kathy asked her friend Dawn if she would take her home and Dawn agreed.
“Sure, Dawn said she’d bring me home, so just get home and drink some water and I’ll see you in a little bit.”

So Ken left with a few of his buddies, but Will stayed with a few of the younger guys. They contineud to dance with the girls in the club and Will especially took the time to dance with Kathy. As the night went on, Kathy became more touchy with Will also. As they were dancing, her hands were roaming all over his arms and chest, and a few times she even reached behind her back to feel his cock as she was grinding her ass into his crotch. As soon as she did this, Will knew he needed to find a way to drive her home.
When the night came to an end, Will told Kathy that he had to take John home and he lived on the way to her house and he would take her home so Dawn didn’t have to go out of her way. Everybody thought that was fine and nobody thought diffrently of it. So after leaving the bar, Will dropped John off and they were about 10 minutes from Kathy’s house. On the way to her house, Will pulled into one of the side neighborhoods which was very dark. He pulled over and turned his car off.

“So what was all that on the dance floor tonight, Kathy?”
“What do you mean?”
“When we were dancing, your hands were all over me. You even grabbed my crotch at one time. Do you not remember that?”
Kathy was silent just looking down at her hands.
“I’m sorry if I did something I shouldn’t have. I guess I just got caught up in the moment and couldn’t help myself.”
“No it’s okay Kathy, but I just want to make sure I’m not crossing any line I shouldn’t.”
“What line are you talking about?”
At this point, Will leaned in and kissed Kathy on the lips, slowly and pationately. She hesitated, but then she kissed him back. They continued to kiss for a few seconds. Then will grabbed her hand and pulled it towards him placing it on his hard cock.
“Isn’t this what you wanted to grab earlier?”
Kathy tried to pull her hand away but Will wouldn’t let her. He made her touch his cock and squeeze it. As her hand stayed there, she started feeling it on her own. It was thick and extremely hard.
“I shouldn’t Will, you work with my husband and this isn’t good at all. I had no intention of this. It’s just that Ken hasn’t been giving me any attentino for a long time now and it was nice to get that attention from you.”
As Kathy talked to Will about why she shouldn’t do what they were doing, Will had unzipped his jeans, and pulled his cock out. It was hard and straight. It was very veiny. Kathy’s eyes got wide as she saw him slowly stroking it and teasing her with it. Will grabbed her handa gain and brought it over to his cock. She slowly wrapped her hands around it feeling his thick veins and throbbing cock.
“Well, I liked the attention I got from you, and I’m not really asking, what I’m saying is that I need you to take care of me, because you did this to me and I can’t resist.”
Will leaned in and kissed Kathy. Her head was spinning and her heart was racing. In her hand she had Will’s thick throbbing cock and in her head she couldn’t only think about how nice everything felt right now. Without hesitation, Will grabbed Kathy by the back of her head and pushed it down to his cock. Kathy didn’t even have a chance to resist, before she knew it, Will’s cock was shoved into her mouth. Her lips were tightly pressed against it. She could feel the cock throbbing in her mouth. She was slow to the idea but after a few seconds, she started moving her tongue around it. As she felt Will’s hand pushing her head up and down on it, she started moving it on her own. Her lips started moving up and down his shaft faster and deeper. She started moaning. Will started moaning also. Her mouth felt so good on his cock. Her tongue was massaging his head as her lips were tightly moving up and down his shaft. Within a few minutes Will was ready to cum. Instead of warning her, he just exploded into her mouth. She keps sucking until she had sucked and swallowed every drip that he had in him. She pulled away as Will put his cock back into his pants.

Will turned the car on and drove Kathy to her house a few blocks away. Kathy got out and said bye to Will and entered her house. Will drove off.

Ken had come down to get some water when Kathy walked in.
“Hope you had a good time sweetie. I’m really tired and still drunk so I’m just going to bed”
Ken kissed Kathy passionately on her lips and went to bed.
Kathy went and sat down on the sofa as she took her heels off. She sat there thinking about what had just occurred. She felt fine, she was okay with it. She was happy, smiling. She felt free and wanted for the first time in a long time. She grabbed Ken’s cell phone from the table and looked up Will’s number.

She texted him, “I had fun, I hope its not the only fun I’m gonna have.”

Will didn’t respond.

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