Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True

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Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True
So I told you about the fun I had with the taxi driver, on my way home from a night out with friends (it’s called ‘Fun with a Mature Taxi Driver – a True Story’), well, as I said at the end, I wanted more that night, so I went to a local late bar.

The bar is hidden away in the basement. It’s dark and a place where people go, mostly older men, to drink and try and get a hook up. The women there are few but those who go are like me, horny and after some anonymous fun.

I’ve cleaned the taxi driver’s cum from my face and my own cum from my pussy, but I’m wet again as soon as I walk into the bar, and see so many old guys there.

I’ve removed my bra so when I take off my jacket the men get a good look at my big tits underneath my tight low cut top, (check them out on my profile;) and boy do they look. They don’t try and hide it they just ogle my huge jugs as they bounce across the bar, catching my legs in my short skirt and checking out my firm ass underneath.

I can almost see all their cocks getting hard. It makes me so wet just thinking about it now.

I order a drink and start chatting to the dj, well, I say dj, he’s a guy playing a couple of cds behind a table. He’s in his 50s and if you remember from my last story, I’m 22 and I love older men. I have daddy issues 🙂 He’s bald and big built with an aggressive nature, just how I like them.

He comments on my tits almost straight away, nice at first, complimenting my figure, waiting for my reaction. When I respond with a dirty grin, he starts getting more explicit, which I love.

But, he’s trapped behind the table and I’m hungry to play with a cock right now, so when I feel a hand on my ass and turn to see a grey haired guy in his 60s, handsome and definitely still works out, I give him a big smile.

His friend is a little younger and both are staring at my tits, heaving under my top, the first guy’s hand still on my ass, rubbing it, squeezing it.

‘This ok baby?’ he asks.

‘You’d know if it wasn’t’ I respond, which makes them both grin.

We chat for a bit as they move me to a dark corner, the first guy sliding his hand down my ass and between my legs, the other one with his arm around me, rubbing my tit. They don’t waste any time in this bar and that’s why I come here.

I reach for the bulges in their trousers and they’re hard already. I tell them my rules – no kissing, no oral and no intercourse. Basically, hands only and lots of dirty talk, so I don’t feel so guilty cheating on my partner.

I feel my pussy twitch, aching as the first guy slips his hand under my skirt and rubs along my slit over my knickers.

‘She’s fucking wet already’ he says.

The second guy puts his other hand up the front of my skirt and finds my clit through the cotton, I gasp. It’s swollen and throbbing at his touch.

‘We’ve got a little slut here I think’ he says.

‘Mmmm, you have’ I reply, moaning quietly as they both slide their fingers inside my knickers. The first guy pushes his two fat fingers in my cunt hole, whilst the other circles my clit. I can feel the wetness oozing out of my pussy, all over their hands.

Other guys in the bar are watching, including the dj. The barman walks over and smiles.

‘Keep it on the DL in here lads’ he says.

The first guy lifts my top, showing him my tits.

‘That’s gonna be hard mate, look at these fucking things’ he growls.

‘Fuck, they’re ripe’ says the barman, his eyes fixed on my hard nipples. ‘Take her outside and cover them in spunk, then bring her back in for my turn’

I grin, riding the first guy’s fingers, loving all the eyes in the bar on my naked tits.

‘Let’s go for a walk’ the first guy says ‘I want my cock inside that slut hole’.

Fuck I want that too but I have to remember my rules. He doesn’t care so they pull their fingers out of my knickers and we head for the exit.

The dj smiles.

‘I’ll be back’ I tell him, and give him my filthiest grin.

Outside the bar we walk a little and find a dark corner of an alleyway, all the time their hands pawing me, and since I told them I love being called names, they refer to me as their little girl whore, which turns me on so much.

The second guy leans against the wall and pulls me backwards into him, whilst the first guy pushes his body into me, so I’m sandwiched between them. I can feel their hard cocks rubbing against my stomach and ass, and their hands get to work.

The second guy pulls up my top and my big milky tits flop free, bouncing for them, my nipples hard and sensitive. Both men grab them hungrily, squeezing and rubbing them hard. I watch as their big strong hands play with them, knowing that if anyone walks by they’ll see me and what’s going on.

The second guy behind me pulls at my tits with one hand, and with the other he takes out his big hard cock. He twists my hand back and wraps my fingers round his thick shaft, and I start wanking him.

The first guy lifts my skirt and pulls down my knickers, and before I can stop him he’s on his knees, his tongue sliding up my pussy slit and onto my clit.

‘No’ I say breathlessly, ‘you can’t do that, please’

I don’t want to but I try to push his head away, but the second guy takes my hand and holds it with my other one, wanking his cock.

‘Shut the fuck up bitch, you’re our fucking whore, we’ll do what we want with you’ he growls.

My pussy pulsates as he says this, right in the first guy’s mouth.

‘But my rules, please, I can’t do this’ I moan, no longer meaning it but wanting them to force it.

The first guy’s tongue works my cunt hole then back to my clit, I start riding his face, begging him to stop as the second guy holds my hands tight, calling me a dirty slut.

I wank his cock hard as the first guy pushes two fingers in my hole and starts fucking me deep inside, his mouth working my hard clit.

Fuck it feels so good I want to cum all over his face, but before I can he stands up, takes out his cock and pushes me to my knees in front of him.

‘Open your mouth slut’ he orders.

‘I can’t, I really can’t, I’m sorry’ I reply.

He slaps his cock all over my face, as the second guys comes from behind me and does the same. Two big hard cocks slapping my face as I beg them not to, my pussy is throbbing.

And they know I’m loving it, I can’t hide it. I try to remember my rules and my partner at home, waiting for me, but all I want is to open my mouth and let them in.

Eventually I can’t resist anymore and take the first guy’s cock between my lips, letting him push through them and down my throat. Both men hold my head by my hair and take it in turns to fuck my mouth, pushing them deep inside then slapping them across my cheeks.

‘Rub your dripping wet pussy slut’ the first guy orders ‘finger fuck your hole and imagine our cocks are inside, stretching your cunt.’

I do as he says, two fingers in my hole and one on my hard clit. I work them as they fuck my mouth, and I’m about to cum when they pull me up.

The second guy goes back behind me and puts my hand on his cock, the first guy stands in front of me and does the same. I wank their big cocks, feeling them about to explode.

The first guy pushes his finger between my ass cheeks and into my asshole. It takes me by surprise but it feels so good, his fat finger fucking me deep in my ass as the first guy puts two fingers inside my cunt.

They work both holes hard as I wank their cocks.

‘Cum for us bitch’ the first guy says ‘I wanna feel you drip all over my fingers.’

‘Mmmm’ I moan ‘I will, soon…ahhhh…very soon…mmmm.’

I ride their fingers, deep in my ass and pussy hole, wanking their cocks, listening as they call me their slut and whore.

‘Ohhh daddy’ I whisper, a surprise to us all.

‘Mmmm, you dirty fucking bitch’ says the second guy ‘Cum for daddy little girl, cum all over daddy’s fingers’

On hearing that I can’t contain it any longer and my pussy explodes, my whole body jerks and I scream uncontrollably. It’s one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

At the same time both the guys cum, shooting all over my stomach and ass, their fingers still inside me.

‘You’re a good little girl, making daddy cum like that’ the first guy says.

‘You love it don’t you’ the second guy whispers ‘daddy’s little whore.’

‘Oh fuck yeah’ I sigh, breathless and shaking ‘I love pleasing daddy.’

They remove their fingers and offer me a cigarette, then disappear, leaving me covered in cum with a satisfied grin on my face.

I head home, wondering how I’m going to clean myself up before my partner sees, and thinking when I can do this again.

The dj and barman will have to wait til next time, and I want to explore these daddy issues I have.

So, older men who love to be called daddy, I’m coming for you 🙂

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