Funny Business Farm

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Funny Business Farm
Funny Business Farm

Shortly after my parents were divorced, one of my fathers clients had passed away leaving everything to his now widowed wife. Dad received a call from the widow, requesting a meeting to discuss the widow s holdings. As their financial advisor for the last 8 years, he was familiar with their assets.

They met in his office; folders spread across the desk, each representing all the real estate and business ventures she now owned exclusively. Dad explained that all of her holdings were lucrative businesses and that together they would keep her financial status without any issues. She stated that she was happy to hear that, until her eyes fell on one particular folder, Prestige Farm. As she saw it, her eyes welled up in tears. Her hands grabbed the folder and she tossed it towards his wastebasket.

I Do Not want that property. It was my husband s little Hobby Farm. I want that property dumped immediately.

That is a seemingly valuable property, even I would be happy to own such a property. Dad explained. While it has not given a revenue return, the property alone is quite ….

She interrupted him, Fine, take that property as part of your annual fee for maintaining my affairs. She bent over and retrieved the folder, opened it, finding the parcel deed inside, she signed the papers, filling it in specifying my father as the new owner. There, it is yours now, do what you will with It. as she rose and left the office.

Dad was dumbfounded and at that moment, he decided it was time for a change in his life. He knew I had spent several summer vacations working at a horse rental place just outside of town, and would feel right at home there. At the end of the school year, we moved from the big city to Prestige Farm. In the middle of nowhere, this 640 acre Hobby Farm became our new home.


It was an immaculate place and completely furnished. A large A-frame main building was beautiful, consisted of three floors. The lower floor measured at least 30-feet wide and 60-feet deep with a huge stone fireplace in the center, capable of holding 4-foot logs with an immense wooden mantle above it. A spacious kitchen nestled behind a shallow dividing wall from the front room.

Above the dividing wall were two balconies overlooking the lower floor and the fireplace. The second floor had two bedrooms, which were to be for my father and my brother, Steve. On the third floor, my sister Ashley and I would share one very large room with two full size beds.

Outside, the driveway, even with several vehicles parked alongside each other, still allowed room to drive past them into the first of the barns. It is wide enough to allow a large truck with a horse trailer to pull into and thru its center. Hanging throughout the barns on the underside of the loft were florescent lights providing visibility day or night.

When we arrived to see the new home for the first time, we were giddy with excitement, eager to see it, even if somewhat sad at having to have left our friends and school for the new adventure. The farm manager, Jackson, greeted us warmly, a balding older man in his late 50 s or early 60 s. He gave Dad the keys to the house and the office inside the barn. He explained that in the office, each building key was marked and hanging. He also had a small bungalow on the property as part of his compensation for the upkeep of the farm.

There were several other vehicles parked as well, people whose horses were boarded that were here for weekend rides. The farm had many well-trodden horse trails, weaving thru the hay fields and woods.

We excitedly explored the beautiful house, pointing at this and that, laughing and rushed up and down the stairs carrying our clothes and things to our respective rooms. Thankfully we had stopped in town and gotten some groceries before arriving, and the evening meal was quickly prepared.

As the darkness settled around us, the barns dusk to dawn lights light the outside and we could see the dim lighting inside the barn glow. The shadows outlined Jackson as he fed and watered the softly neighing horses.

We all fell to asleep to awaken refreshed to the first day of our new life on the farm.

We bounded downstairs smelling Dad s coffee and heard the sizzle of bacon hitting the pan. Dad was quite a wizard in the kitchen, he greeted us and expertly cracked eggs into a pan. We sat hungrily around the table, chattering until the steamy plates of food were set before us.

Well c***dren, this is our new life and new beginning for us all. I hope I ve not made a mistake in taking you from the comforts of the city, but here we are. His eyes were misty as if to cry as he raised his coffee mug in a toast. We clinked our orange juice glasses against his and wolfed down the food eagerly.


The first days, we all explored everywhere on the farm, poking thru the barns, looking at the horses in the stalls and paddocks. There were two dogs, a male Labrador named Magic, and a female Collie named Shortcakes. They excitedly followed us everywhere as we explored, obviously craving attention.

Several farm buildings had tractors and farm equipment in them, tools spread across the workbenches, with some pieces of equipment in various stages of repair by Jackson.
In the back of one of the sheds, we spied some tarp-covered equipment, and to my brother s surprise, he found two four-wheelers. He quickly ran to the office to find Dad and Jackson sitting and talking. He excitedly asked if they were ours, and of course, could we ride them.

Are you sure you remember how? Dad laughed. I don t want you or your sisters hurt in an accident during our first days here. Several years earlier, we had all gone to a ride park and ridden on four-wheelers, knowing full well, we had not forgotten how to ride.
You have my permission, given there are only two of them, you must share.

He excitedly ran and jumped on one, and Ashley jumped on the other, donning helmets, they roared off to explore the trails around the farm.

I wandered back to the main barn and discovered the ladder to the loft above the stalls. I climbed carefully up and discovered that the loft was a large U shape over the area below. The sweet smell of the bales of hay filled my nose. The hay was stacked along both sides of its length, top to bottom and against the outside walls, with small spaces between each row of hay to allow for drying of the fresh hay.

I squeezed between one of the rows of hay and discovered an empty void, with bales of hay arranged as if for seating and towards the open area below, hay was stacked with windows that overlooked the area. I sat and saw it certainly gave you a clear view of the stalls below. Squeezing out from between them, I walked to the other side, and squeezed between the bales, and low and behold, there was another void of hay, just like the other. I laughed to myself, wondering who had constructed these little hidey-holes.

As I was preparing to leave, a girl came into view at the stall below me. From my perspective above in the loft, I could see her long hair, pulled back with her girlish body displaying all her charms in blue jeans and t-shirt. I now understood the little hiding spots.


In the following days, there were several visitors to the barn. My Dad had always come out of the office, greeting each visitor warmly, explaining the change in hands of the farm and welcoming them, telling them he was available to assist them in any way.

I saw a woman got out of her car, followed by her daughter. The flash of the woman s well-shaped legs under a short skirt with stockings and garter visible and 4-inch heels, not appropriate for the gravel driveway, brought Dad immediately out of his office. I smiled thinking at least this might make him be less sad about my mom.

Her low cut blouse left nothing to the imagination. As she climbed out of the car, her bosom was completely exposed. Her daughter, a carbon copy of her mother, stepped out in shorts and a v-neck t-shirt and a pair of custom-made cowboy boots. Both started walking toward him. My father was directly in front of them when the woman s heel caught and she began to tumble down. Quickly reaching out, Dad grabbed and caught the falling woman. One of her breasts toppled out and onto his arm as he held her.

Oh my! These Damn heels, she exclaimed. Thank goodness you were here to catch me. She smiled, her eyes looking at his greedily. Looking down the woman realizing her breast was out, covered it with her hands, pushing it back into the blouse.

I m terribly sorry, she looked down sheepishly as she straightened her clothing. I m Mrs. G. and that is my daughter Becca.

Um, he chagrined, No need to be sorry about a little accidental falling he quietly said, almost as if he had not noticed the fullness of the woman s amble breast. This place is not really meant for high heels.

Very nice to meet you. I m Ben, the new owner of the farm. I am so sorry that you almost took a terrible fall. I will have to have this graded again, I had not realized what a danger it was until this happened.

Dad watched as the young girl ran down into the barn, but he was pleased to see me standing there greeting the girl.

Let me help you. He gently put one arm around the woman s small waist steadying her and guided her into the barn.

Thank you she replied. Wiggling her ass sexily, she started walking on into the barn. We should check on my daughter, she has absolutely no knowledge of horses, nor do I. Perhaps you could guide us on how to handle him. she looked at him coyly smiling.


Hello there! I m Frolic, one of the owner s daughters. You re new here aren t you? I ve haven t seen you before. I greeted her.

Oh, hello Frolic! What a pretty name. I m Becca and this is my new horse Rocket.

He s very pretty, I stammered, and so are you I quietly added taking in her nipples poking out invitingly. You will have to watch out for my brother.

Stop it! Blushing bright red, she smiled, her breasts bouncing enticingly in front of me. She stepped forward and clutched me in a tight embrace, her chest tight against mine causing a tingle in my pussy as she did, and kissed me.

I think it s you that will have to watch out! she quipped releasing me. Her eyes moved up and down my body leaving no doubt in my mind she was stripping me naked. Now I blushed at the thought of this young girl that just kissed me ravaging my body.

You didn t run away, I m glad, she said smiling devilishly. Maybe I ll get to see more of you, winking her eye at me.

With that, she stepped back and turned as my Dad and her mother came towards us. This is my daughter, Frolic. Anytime you or your daughter needs anything, she will be available to answer questions or give you help with your horse and gear. She is a quite capable young woman. he smiled proudly at me.

He continued explaining all the amenities, the indoor riding arena and training area, the fenced paddocks for each stall, and the large common grazing area that each of the paddocks were connected to. Near the back of the barn was a large wash stall. It was fitted with mist sprayers that would gently spray water on the horse in the stall and not spook them.

This is an uncommon feature, our wash stall. Everyone just raves about it. You lead your horse in, turn the sprayers on and wash your horse off. The spray is like rainfall and it does not spook the horses as a hose does. Of course, you might get a bit wet yourself, but there is also a shower area for you as well, with towels and such in that nook alongside it. His eyes wandered admiringly to the woman and her daughters bodies, imagining them wet, with their assets showing in their t-shirts. From above in the loft you would have a complete view of both areas.


It was getting quite warm, mid-summer in full swing, and all stalls rented, clients coming and going at all times of the day, often staying even after the sunset. Mrs. G and her daughter, Becca, were frequent visitors. I noticed that Dad always seemed to be about when they were here. He helped them with all aspects of caring for their horse, grooming and saddling, etc; late afternoon had arrived, and I had sneaked away to the loft and one of the hiding spots, to write in my dairy. Mrs. G. had arrived to fetch Becca after her ride. Becca led rocket into the wash stall and I heard her ask her mother to help.

The spray misted the horse, and both of them with buckets of soapy water, began on the horse. Mrs. G. and Becca wore t-shirts, which clung to their bodies, making their womanly charms completely visible.

Oh! Hey there Ben, Mrs. G. called out to dad. Don t just stand there, come help us out.

Dad laughed, No, I d best not get in there with you two. I probably would not be able to resist your charms. nodding his head towards Mrs. G s chest.

She looked down, realizing the view he was getting, smiled and looked back at him, as she lifted it from the bottom so it would not cling against her skin so tightly. I caught a glimpse of her breasts as she lifted the shirt a bit too high, and I thought my dad was going to fall down. Ha, you are such a tease, she laughed her eyes met his directly.

She stepped out of the stand to my dad and whispered into his ear. While I could not hear it, he grinned like the Cheshire cat, nodded his head and walked towards the shower nook.

Becca, you ll have to finish that horse yourself, I m too tired to help more, and need to get all this mud off me.

With that, she walked around to the shower. Unbelievably, she and dad started kissing very passionately, his hands roving over her ass and breasts. She dropped her shorts, pulled her top over her head, and twisted the shower knobs. Naked, she quickly pulled dad s shorts down exposing his hardened cock. She knelt in front of him, kissing and licking his manhood up and down his length. Dad s hands were in her hair at the touch, coaxing her lips until he disappeared into her mouth.

She gagged slightly, pulling back, gasping for air. He did not release his grip on her, and forced it into the back of her throat repeatedly, pumping and fucking her throat. One of her hands was at her crotch and the other around his ass, holding and pulling him deeper into her mouth. It did not matter how hard or deep he thrust, her fingers pushed deeper into her pussy, thrusting to each of his movements.

Her breasts were flouncing in time to his thrusts as her fingers pulled in and out of her pussy. After what seemed like minutes of furious strokes into her mouth, both of their bodies seemed to stiffen slightly. He delivered his massive load down her throat. The overflow of cum spurted around his cock past her lips and down her chin. Dad pulled his cock from her mouth as she gagged and choked on his load. Even the loft could hear choking sounds that rang out loudly.

Mom, are you OK? Becca called out, puzzled at the sounds. She dropped the sponge into the bucket and started for the other side of the wall.

Oh my god, she gasped swallowing down Dad s cum. Yes, Becca, I m Fine she almost shouted to her daughter. Her mouth began to move up and down on the hard shaft licking at the slickened member.

Her daughter stopped dead in her tracks as she walked around the wall to the shower area. Before her was her mother licking on my Dad s magnificent cock. Frozen, she stepped back and continued to watch her mother. Dad moved behind Mrs. G, pushing her onto all fours, spread her legs wide, and penetrated her pussy from behind, slowly letting his length slip into her. He laid on her back, his hands filled with her full breasts, kissing on the back of her neck and shoulders and gyrated his ass as he poked her pussy with his still hard rod.

Becca was transfixed watching. His backsides moved, balls bouncing, pushing in and pulling out of the hairy pussy. Her hands had stolen to her chest, pinching on her own breasts as she took in the scene before her. She slipped her shorts down a few inches and started working on her own wetness, letting her fingers slip inside herself. The grunting and groaning of our parents copulating in the shower certainly seemed to excite the young girl Becca. I watched as she began twitching at her own touch and moments later the shuddering pleasure of her own orgasmic release.

Dad having satisfied himself with the woman, pulled out of her, and got dressed, leaving Mrs. G. dazed on the floor of the shower. He stepped out of the nook and almost knocked the squatting daughter down. He saw she was fingering herself.

Your mother is a cum whore. It looks as if you might be one as well some day, he whispered into her ear, slapping her buttocks as he strode out to the main barn area.

His comment of cum whore brought a smile to my face as I removed my fingers from my own pussy. I guess that I too was a cum whore.


( Many More to Cum )

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