Games That Grown-ups Play – Part 1

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Games That Grown-ups Play – Part 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups Play – Part 1

There s plenty, Dawn, so help yourself, Joyce put down the last of the dishes on the table. She wasn t lying – there was more than enough. She still couldn t get the amounts right and work out that she was no longer cooking for Buffy. For the last fortnight her eldest daughter had been at University – it might only be thirty minutes, but it seemed as far as the Moon at times.

Thanks, Mom, Dawn hardly seemed to notice her s*ster was gone, or if she did it was because she didn t have to squabble over the remote and the bathroom was a lot freer. Ironically now that there was no longer a morning battle for the shower Dawn had moved to having one in the evening before dinner instead. She was sitting there now, her long brunette hair was still gleaming wet and her robe was wrapped loosely round her body. Joyce looked at her daughter, the robe hung slightly off her daughter s slender frame and, whilst standing, Joyce could see down in it, catching a sight of Dawn s boobs. Each as gorgeous as the smile on Dawn’s face.

They are growing, nicely thought Joyce and immediately sat down. She shouldn t be looking at Dawn s tits, or at least shouldn t be doing so without a Momsy interest. And the tingle she had felt as she glanced down was not at all Momsy. It couldn t be denied that Dawn was growing now; sixteen a week ago, it seemed no time since a pre-school Buffy had been cradling a baby Dawn in her arms – under strict supervision of course.

What you thinking? asked Dawn suddenly.

Thinking? replied Joyce, hoping she wasn t going red as she tried to push the image of her daughter s growing breasts out of her mind.

Yeah, you just sat down and seemed to drift off, said Dawn.

I was just thinking about how soon you ll be off to college yourself, it was a lie, but at least was near the truth.

Dawn took a bite of salad, chewed it swiftly and swallowed. She started to lower her fork for another bite, but paused and grinned, Are you looking forward to it already? Thinking of all the hunks you can bring back with no questions asked? Dawn popped the tomato half into her mouth.

Not at all. They ll be no hunks brought back here, Joyce smiled at her daughter s gentle ribbing and reached for her own cutlery.

Dawn swallowed quickly, her eyes sparkling, Oooh, is it girls Mom? You want to bring back some sweet young thing?

No, Joyce said more curtly than she had intended. Dawn was only teasing, only being Dawn; she wasn t to know that Joyce was bisexual. At least Joyce hoped Dawn didn t know, it wasn t as if there was much evidence – a few relationships, casual or, at most, semi-casual at college, and a brief one-night stand when she was in New York on business in the dog days of her marriage.

I was only k**ding, said Dawn, then she smiled to show that she, at least, wasn t offended.

It was best not to reply to that direct, thought Joyce, why move into a conversation that risked moving into territory she didn t want to go to. She smiled and adeptly moved the conversation away from any hints of who d she be bringing home, I was actually thinking that I d miss you.

Aaah sweet, said Dawn grinning cheekily. She popped a potato into her mouth.

I spoke too soon, replied Joyce dryly, arching an eyebrow before smiling. She loved both her daughters, but she had always felt she had more a connection with Dawn than Buffy.

She missed Buffy, but she d really miss Dawn when she would leave. She wondered why… possibly the Slayer thing and that even before she had known about Buffy s destiny , she had thought her elder daughter a bit… different. Or perhaps it was that Dawn was just a closer to her Mom; more willing to stay in and eat popcorn, or to tell her Mom what was happening in her life or laugh at a Mom joke. That might be the Slayer thing as well – Dawn didn t have to divide her life in two.

You have almost two years of me yet, make the most of me, said Dawn. She stood up, the robe shifting briefly to flash a boob and cleavage at Joyce, momentarily making the Mom incapable of speech. She found herself quickly going red, but Dawn was occupied with scr****g her scraps in the trash. Joyce quickly composed herself, but not for long as Dawn turned back to her again, Could you brush my hair Mom? It s getting all tangled.

Aren t you a little old for that? asked Joyce. If it had been Buffy she wouldn t have asked, she d have just taken the brush, but then she hadn t been getting flashes of Buffy s boobs.

Dawn shrugged, Think I ll soon be gone, with terribly scraggly hair, and you ll miss me.

There was nothing for it, but to agree. However, Joyce didn t want to be leaning over a semi-naked Dawn that would lead to too many complications; Okay, get dressed and I ll be up in five minutes.

Righty, said Dawn and headed upstairs.

Joyce got up to put away the dishes. It was strange how she had never noticed how much Dawn was growing, probably too involved in Buffy s slaying too notice, but now she had it was a worry how it warm and tingly it made her feel. It was probably nothing to do with Dawn herself, but some primeval physiological reaction to female flesh if you were currently as chaste as a nun. Still, it was worrying and Joyce knew she would have to watch her reactions to make sure this temporary problem didn t become known to Dawn.

And perhaps one night soon, when Dawn was out at Janice s, she take her daughter s advice and bring a hunk home, or a sweet young woman.

She headed upstairs to Dawn s room. Dawn was sitting with her legs beneath her reading a magazine. The teen had changed out of the robe, which was an improvement, but only just. Her skirt was short, but appeared even shorter as her position made it ride up her legs, exposing her thighs and the sweater she was wearing was just a little too tight and without a bra it accented the growing tits and their nipples. Joyce decided to ignore the sight and just concentrate on brushing her daughter s hair.

She picked up the brush and sat on the bed, next to and behind Dawn, Ready? she asked.

Yes, Dawn stopped reading and lifted her head. Joyce moved the brush through her daughter s hair. Dawn was right, it had been beginning to tangle, and it also smelt good. Joyce tried to tell herself the scent was just the shampoo, the same brand she used, but with every movement of the brush its sweet odour wafted up her nose, making the rest of her tingle excitedly. She brushed harder, trying to get it over as quickly as possible.

Ow, that hurt, said Dawn as her Mom ripped through her long locks.

Sorry, I ll be gentler, said Joyce. She was caught in a dilemma, the slower and longer she brushed the longer she d have to smell the delights of her daughter, but fast was turning out to be accidentally brutal and Joyce didn t want to tear hair out by the roots. There was nothing for it but to do it slowly and properly, and try not to let the delicious aroma fill her thoughts.

That s better, said Dawn. She stretched, the muscles on her shoulders and back visible beneath her sweater. Joyce concentrated on the hair, wondering how Dawn had got it so knotty and what she could do to stop her ever having to brush it again. Joyce forced herself to think about the hair – unfortunately her thoughts were of how it smelt, how fine it was and how it framed Dawn s body beautifully. It was lucky she remembered a few stress-control techniques from when the girls were growing or else her breathing would have got too hot and heavy to be able to pretend that Dawn s wasn t causing a reaction within her.

That s it, she untangled the last knot and stood up, so desperate to get away from Dawn that she almost fell from the bed.

As Joyce put the brush back Dawn stood up and moved round the bed, accidentally blocking Joyce s escape route. She smiled at her Mom, What do you think of the skirt? I got it in the Sales today… do you think it suits? I m not sure on the length.

Joyce didn t want to look, she wanted to escape from the overpowering sexuality of her youngest daughter. But the only way she could do that was by physically pushing Dawn out to the way and then her daughter really would know something was up. Instead she looked, drinking in the flawless skin of her daughter s thighs.

The skirt was too short, Joyce felt that perhaps she should mention that, but instead she found herself saying, It s you Dawn. Perhaps a little long?

She had meant short she knew that. It was nerves which had made her say the exact opposite of what she intended. She expected Dawn to pick that up and make a joke of it. Instead Dawn nodded sagely, That s what I was thinking. She pulled the skirt bottom up another inch, moving the garment from the suggestive to the almost indecent, This better?

Yes, Joyce said. It was almost a moan.

It got worse. Dawn let go off the skirt s hem and it dropped back to its original length, but before Joyce could leave the teen was pulling it down and off. She was wearing panties, but they were so tiny she might as well not have bothered – the thin material stuck into her front hole, making a camel-toe. Joyce could see if Dawn wasn t fully shaved, she was close. She forced herself not to look at her daughter s underwear; it wasn t unusual for a Mom to see her daughter like that she reminded herself. Dawn didn t seem to notice the effect she was having on her Mom, instead she held the skirt up just below her face and looked at it, Can I borrow the sewing machine later?

I ll do it, said Joyce. Perhaps she could raise it half-an inch rather than the full, leaving it short of indecent – just.

* * *

It was three in the morning and Joyce couldn t sle*p. She had done Dawn s skirt, moving it three-quarters of an inch as a compromise between what she felt was safe and what she felt was hot and sexy – the compromise had been made more by the safe side than the hot side. And it made Joyce guilty that she had let the hem go higher so that she could get glimpses of Dawn s sexual thighs as the teen wore it.

It wasn t the guilt that was keeping Joyce awake, however much she wished it was. Every time Joyce closed her eyes visions swam into her brain, the thoughts accompanying them as disturbing as the images. In the most tame all Joyce could see was her youngest daughter s smooth, sexy legs, with sometimes a glimpse of cleavage – the boobs more uncovered than they usually were and perhaps bigger in imaginings than a sixteen year old had. If that had been the only imaginings Joyce could have rested, if not easily, at least with only a small warmth between her thighs.

But they were neither the wildest nor the most frequent. More and more of the visions had Dawn naked, her tits bouncing as she moved, her ass jiggling as she twirled, her smooth slit being touched by a finger – sometimes her own, sometimes… sometimes not hers. And it got worse… Joyce gripped her fists tight, willing herself not to touch herself as she imagined Dawn s legs spreading. In her mind the teen was smiling, her lips running over her lips as she leant back invitingly.

Take me, take me Mom, the apparition said; the imaginary Joyce lay down and placed her mouth between her daughter s thighs. It was so real Joyce could almost taste it, she licked at the Dawn in her brain as the figment moaned, Take me, take me…

The real Joyce could no longer resist it, her hand moved down to her pussy and she began to gently stroke the wet slit.

* * *

As she shambled into the kitchen Joyce felt like she had hardly slept. She looked at the small clock ticking on the window ledge – she had hardly slept, she thought. She pulled the gown closer round her; one of the benefits of being self-employed was being able to go in late. Of course it was out-weighed by the con of she was late she d miss sales and, whilst money wasn t tight, it also wasn t so plentiful it was okay to miss a morning by staying in bed.

Especially, as Joyce suspected, sle*p wouldn t come easily and she d spend the time doing something else instead.

Morning Mom, said Dawn with the chirpiness of someone who has had a full night s sle*p, You re looking a bit peaky.

Joyce looked up from the mail at her daughter. The teen was looking as bubbly as she sounded, smiling broadly as she headed for the cereals. Joyce felt a stab of lust as she watched the way her daughter s ass cheeks rubbed against the thin cotton nightshirt she was wearing. The MILF guessed that there were no panties under the short top, but she wasn t sure she wanted to know; or how to find out.

She pushed the mail away, nothing important anyway, I didn t sle*p too well.

Dawn looked sympathetic as she poured her Fruit Loops into a bowl, You seemed a bit off yesterday evening as well. You re not going down with anything?

Before Joyce could reply Dawn placed her palm on her Mom s forehead. Her touch was cool, almost sensual and as she stood next to Joyce the older women could smell her daughter s scent, sexy and delicious. It was only for a few seconds before Dawn took her hand away, You ve not got a temperature.

For a second Joyce had a vision of Dawn in a naughty nurse s uniform bending over with a thermometer. Quickly Joyce shook her head, I m not ill.

You re missing Buffy? the inflection at the end phrased it as a question, the knowing smile suggested it was a statement.

Yes, lied Joyce; she could hardly tell the truth.

There was a sage nod from Dawn, who luckily didn t push it and instead headed for the fridge for milk. Her ass pushed against the nightshirt as she bent over, outlining her perfect buttocks. Joyce gulped and turned quickly back to the mail, in the hope of finding an urgent bill.

I was going to go out tonight, said Dawn as she sat down with her breakfast bowl, but I could stay in if you want? Perhaps get a girlie movie out, I ve borrowed Fools Rush In from Janice; it’s really good, you d like it.

It would have been tempting to snuggle up on the couch with Dawn and watch a slushy romantic comedy – too tempting. Joyce shook her head, No, I ll be fine – though leave it around and I might watch it later tonight.

If you re sure… said Dawn. She sounded doubtful, but dutiful.

Joyce nodded and smiled, I m alright honestly. I ve got to go through the Galleries accounts anyway. You should go out… find yourself a young guy, or girl, to bring home.

It took a moment of uneasy silence before Dawn burst out laughing, Joyce followed suit.

“Yeah,” Dawn said. “Sexy young girls.” She laughed louder at the next thought. “Or some gorgeous MILF.”

Their joke came to a natural end and their laughter stopped.

“I ve got to go the Gallery,” Joyce said to her daughter.

Dawn nodded and finished spooning the last of her breakfast into her mouth. She dropped the bowl in the dishwasher and moved towards the door. Suddenly she changed her mind and turned back to kiss her Mom on the forehead. Her boobs may have been covered by they still wobbled in front of Joyce s face and the touch of the lips was wet; Kay, Kay Mom, but if you change your mind…

It took supreme self-control for Joyce not too. She waited until Dawn had drawn back a few feet before speaking, If you’re ready soon I can drop you at school on my way to work.

* * *

The accounts were done, the film watched and Joyce had even found time to do the laundry. She brought the folded clothes up to Dawn s room. It was half-way between the room of an adolescent and a woman; stuffed toys sat next to lipstick, c***dren s books next to CDs of bands Joyce had never heard off and gradually the posters of prancing ponies were being replaced by scowling looking young men and women leaning meanly on their electric guitars. Joyce smiled as she looked round, another reminder that Dawn was not a c***d.

She opened the drawer and placed the shirts in their place. The drawer was getting crowded, too much inside that Dawn never wore because it was too small; or she had become too big. Joyce picked up a flowery T-shirt and smiled, as she remembered Buffy wearing it before it had been passed to Dawn. She picked up the T-shirt below it and frowned. Hidden underneath the infrequently worn garment was a small plastic bag. Telling herself she shouldn t because Dawn was sixteen and needed her privacy Joyce picked up the bag and poured the contents onto the bed. She wasn t sure which surprised her most, the carton of cigarettes, half used and with a lighter rattling inside, the small plastic dildo, the larger double-ended dildo or the two Hustlers that dropped out.

The one that disappointed her was the cigarettes – but the only way she could mention she d found them would also let her know she d found the toy and magazines, and she guessed Dawn would be mortified if she realised that. Joyce smiled; she would certainly have been mortified if her Mom had mentioned that she had found her secret stash. Joyce had been sixteen herself when she secretly bought her first girlie mag and from that had managed to order her first dildo – mail order. It had cost her almost a month s allowance – but, as she remembered jacking it in her pussy, it had been worth it.

Idly Joyce turned the pages of one of the magazine, looking at the seductive models inside. Did Dawn prefer women’, she wondered, ‘or men?’ Or was she not sure yet? Or did she like both equally? Joyce had never quiet worked out the answer to the question herself. At one stage she had thought she had preferred girls, then she had met Hank and decided it was men who were her top option; now, divorced and sexless, she would have taken either.

There was no conscious decision to take hold off the small dildo and unbutton her slacks; it just happened. She turned over a page to look at another young woman, holding her legs up near her ears so that her shaven slot was displayed. Joyce pulled down her own panties a little, not far, just enough so that she could slide the toy in. She paused before she entered, she had her own dildos in her own room, all just seconds away across the hall. Should she be using Dawn s, she wondered, wasn t that an invasion of the teen s space.

The thought only lasted a moment, before it was replaced by the deliciously naughty thrill of doing it with Dawn s dildo; feeling the rubber that had been inside Dawn in her own cunt. She moved her hand into her panties and onto her slit, opening her hole as with the other hand she moved the toy in. It felt good, much better than the fingers she had used last night. Though the imaginings were the same – Dawn spreading her legs and touching her own wet cunt, as her Mom crawled across the bed. The MILF moved her head down and the imaginary Dawn moaned, Take me, take me, take me.

Joyce closed her eyes, she didn t need visual stimulation, when in her mind she had a much better image. It was wrong, she knew, and she was sure that once she had finished jilling herself she would feel tortures of guilt for her fantasies; but at the moment she didn t care. She just enjoyed the feel of the toy gliding up and down her pussy, rubbing enjoyably over her clit as her mind s eye conjured scenes of her and Dawn coupling wildly, a double dildo threaded into both of their cunts – Dawn crying, Take me, take me, take me.

Joyce pushed at herself, harder and harder she moved the toy into her slick slit, gasping, Dawn… Dawn… Dawn… oh… ooohhhh… oooohhhhhh.

She came. And the guilt hit her. She pulled out the dildo. It was wet with her juice. She picked up one of the freshly laundered pullovers and wiped the toy clean; the sweater would need to be washed and ironed again, but that didn t matter.

Hi Mom, I m back, called Dawn from downstairs.

Swiftly Joyce put the toy, magazines into the bag. Reluctantly she added the cigarettes after and hid them back where she had found them. Straightening the bedding where she d been sitting she called, I m in your room, just putting away some clothes.

Dawn appeared at the door, smiling as her Mom placed away the last of the clothes. She frowned briefly as she noticed the sweater her Mom had just used as a rag lying on the floor, I thought I put that in to be washed.

You did. I just brought it up and saw there was a slight spill on it. I must have dropped a bit of coffee on it as I was ironing. I ll wash it again, Joyce wasn t sure whether the fluency of her lie was something to be proud of or not, though if she was going to masturbate over visions off her daughter she was going to have to be good at untruths.

Dawn nodded and looked a little concerned, You re not getting the shakes are you? What with knocking coffee and the way you looked so off colour this morning…

It s just getting used to the two of us, said Joyce. If she was going to lie, at least it was better if it was based on the truth.

Dawn frowned, but didn t question anymore instead she sat down on the bed, You need to get out, you know… on a date. I was joking about the hunks, but seriously you need to meet some people.

Joyce nodded, her daughter didn t know how important it was that Joyce got someone else on her mind. There was only one problem, It s not like they re lining up to ask me out… I m hardly the rich widow.

Dawn blew out a raspberry of derision, You re not that old, you run your own gallery and it s not like me and Buff are toddlers having to clutch hold off your legs as your trying to slow dance with your beau. Besides, if I was a bit older I d find you really, really sexy and this is moving beyond the bounds of Mom daughter chats if I tell you why.

Laughing to conceal her embarrassment, I think people would talk as well

Probably, but this is Sunnydale, Buffy dated a vamp, Will a werewolf and Xander dated both an undead Mummy and Cordy. Moms and daughters would be pretty normal for that. But I was thinking more Wesley Wyndam-Price, he s still hanging around and I m sure he d say yes if you asked.

You mean he s more desperate than me, don t you, said Joyce and sighed. Wesley was hardly what could be called a catch, at least Giles had been sacked by the Watcher s Council for protecting her daughter, rather than gross incompetence. However, he was around and it might be better to practice with stabilisers again rather than trying to mount a racer for the first time in years. Anyway Joyce suspected that Dawn wouldn t have raised Wesley unless she felt her Mom needed a date with a man; it might be that sub-consciously Joyce was giving vibes that her interest in her youngest daughter was straying from the strictly maternal. She nodded at Dawn, You think he might be interested?

I do, grinned Dawn. She pulled out a piece of paper, And just by coincidence I saw Giles today and got Wesley s number.

Joyce took the note and made to put it in her pocket, but Dawn stopped her with a touch to her arm – the teen s fingers were accidentally sensuous as she wrapped them round her Mom s wrist, No time like the present, Mom. You should give him a call now.

There wasn t much of a way Joyce could say no, especially as Dawn followed like a puppy behind her to make sure she rang. Joyce hoped that Wesley wasn t in, but he was and sounded surprised at anyone calling. He sounded even more surprised when he found out that Joyce was calling him about a hot date. However, after some pretence of looking into his diary to check be was free, he agreed for dinner on the Friday.

Joyce put down the phone and looked at her daughter. Dawn clapped her hands with excitement, You ve got a date, great. Now we just need to make sure you look stunning for it… well, more stunning than normal.

* * *

Wow, Mom, Dawn said with feeling, You look stunning… wow, just wow.

Joyce blushed with pleasure. Even though she was only going out with Wesley under duress she thought she had better make an effort. One of the advantages of being self-employed was that no-one could complain if she took the afternoon off to get an emergency appointment at the salon. The results showed, her blonde hair had an extra bounce and her nails were clipped and painted to perfection, even the lipstick, she had put on herself, was an extra carefully applied sexually appealing bright red. She gave a small twirl, You think?

Put it this way, Mom, if you weren t going out tonight with Wesley I d be asking you on a date, Dawn grinned, before swiftly changing the subject, And a new dress? You re being daring tonight.

Dawn was right on both accounts. Joyce had got the dress today, and it was a much lower cut than she would normally wear, only just being held in place, half-way down her bust, by a pair of small straps. She was aware that if she bent over too far, more was seen than was decent. If Wesley was a good-date Joyce planned to do a lot of bending. She didn t say any of that to Dawn, instead she just nodded, I thought I d treat myself.

And treat Wesley, Dawn gave a smile which was half innocent banter, half naughty nymph.

Joyce ignored the innuendo, I ve left some of yesterday s leftovers in the fridge, which you can heat. If you don t fancy them, there s a Pizza in the freezer, but you ll need to defrost. She picked up her bag, I m not sure what time I ll be back, so if you re in bed by the time I get back I ll see you tomorrow.

And risk missing a hot gossip update? said Dawn, As long as you re coming back here I ll be up. And if you re not back… well that s hot gossip on its own.

I ll see you later then Dawn, said Joyce firmly and headed out. Behind her Dawn smiled and licked her lips.

* * *

As dates go it hadn t been a disaster. No-one had thrown up over the soup, the waiter hadn t set the table cloth afire and no ex-husbands turned up with a new trophy wife to fight with. Which was a shame, because embarrassingly mortifying though each of these would have been, at least they would have provided some excitement or interest. As none of these did happen Joyce had been forced to settle to listening to Wesley s droning, a mixture of gross falsifications of the past and his part in it and whiny self-justifications; all topped in a dull self-satisfied smugness. At least the food was good…

Joyce had excused herself from the coffee by saying that she had acidic stomach and had managed to avoid Wesley s suggestion of some herbal tea at his place. He had then paid half the bill -his half – and left her to pay for what she had eaten. It had been an unenjoyable evening and Joyce hadn t felt the temptation to bend low all evening.

She took her shoes off as she walked up the path to her house, holding them in one hand as she slid the key in the lock with the other. The door swung open at her gentle push and she walked on. Dawn was sitting on the couch, her legs drawn up underneath her, the teensy-tiny shorts she was wearing allowing an ample show of flesh and her loose night-vest failing to cover her cleavage. She looked up from the TV as her Mom entered, a look of concern on her face, No go, Mom?

A no go, Joyce confirmed. She smiled, I think I d rather remain single that have another date as bad as that. The man s a complete… well, it s not a polite term.

Sighing Dawn stood up and walked to stand in front of her Mom. She stopped when she was a few inches away and shook her head, That s a shame Mom. You re so uptight at the mo you could have done with a good fucking.

That was over the line of what you should say to your Mom, thought Joyce, even if it was true. She opened her mouth to remind Dawn where the conversational boundaries were, but Dawn hadn t finished and before Joyce could say anything Dawn was continuing, Of course I could fuck you.

This time Joyce did manage to squeak, Dawn! in shock before Dawn s hands were behind Joyce s neck and skull, gently bringing the MILF s head downwards, whilst moving her own mouth towards it. Joyce s brain was frozen and she didn t resist, not even when Dawn s lips touched her own and the teen opened her mouth, forcing the tongue at Joyce. The MILF wasn t sure whether she opened her mouth on her own, or whether Dawn forced it open with her tongue. She hoped the latter, she thought it might have been the former. The end result was the same – Dawn s tongue moving around her mouth, pushing and probing; swishing left and right and up and down as the teen explored.

It only lasted a few marvellous moments before Joyce s senses kicked in reminding her that the teenager kissing her was her daughter. She pulled her head back, though Dawn s hands remained on the back of her neck, whilst at the same time pushing the teen back at inch or two, Dawn, she said, We can t do this. It s not right.

Dawn smiled, she didn t look either guilty at what she (they?) had done nor abashed at her Mom s reaction. In fact she looked tempting. Her hands remained round the back of Joyce s neck, her thumbs sensually stroking the skin, Why not? I want it, you want it.

I do not, lied Joyce, though it was her brain speaking, not her itching pussy.

You do so, said Dawn. Her thumbs rub lightly at Joyce s skin, making the MILF tremble. The teen smiled at the small reaction, Don t deny it. I ve seen you checking me out over the last few weeks; it s obvious that it s not Buffy you re wanting, but me.

No, no, Joyce shook her head desperately trying to deny the charge, I don t.

You could stop me easily, smiled Dawn she moved her hands from Joyce s neck to her shoulders, each hand resting by a shoulder strap, Just take my wrists and push me away. Tell me to go to bed and we ll talk in the morning. Perhaps call a Social Worker or the Pastor for advice. Or Dad, tell him I m misbehaving and he needs to take me on. Stop me… if you want.

Ooohhhh, Joyce s let out a trembling cry, of lust, of frustration, of fright, of all these and more.

But she didn t stop Dawn as the teen slid the strap down off her shoulders and down the MILF s arms, so they were hanging loose. The dress remained in situ for a few moments, balancing on Joyce s large tits. The MILF breathed heavily, which was all the persuasion the dress needed to slowly slide from her tits and fall to her waist. Joyce was suddenly aware she was standing topless with her sixteen year old daughter just inches away, the teen licking her lips as she looked at the bosom.

Still want to stop me? Dawn s voice was so quiet it was little more than a whisper. Joyce did and she didn t, her mind was cloudy and confused, feelings conflicting as her lust for Dawn fought her role as a Mom. Dawn s hands were under the MILF s breasts, moving her thumbs so they sc****d at the erect nipples. Lust was winning by a country mile. Dawn saw it was and smiled, Stop me if you want.

Oooohhhh, cried Joyce; there was still frustration and fright in there, but they were being drowned by a desperate lust for Dawn. The teen s hands crawled further up onto Joyce s tits and squeezed hard. This time the moan was pure lust.

Dawn smiled as her Mom gave in, though just to rub it in she murmured once more, Stop me then.

No, no, no, moaned Joyce. If the words were ambivalent the way she shook as her daughter squeezed at her tits was not. And any further confusion over what Joyce wanted was dispelled as she moved her face down to meet Dawn s. The teen slid her tongue in again, taking control off Joyce s mouth, forcing the MILF s tongue to battle back for control. They slurped at each other s mouths as Joyce s hands moved up and round her daughter s back to rub at her spine through the vest. Gradually Joyce moved the vest up and her hands down, until there was a gap between the bottom of the vest and the top of the shorts. Keeping one hand holding the dress up, her other moved over the smooth skin. Dawn kissed harder, the excitement obvious in her movements, especially as Joyce continued down and under the shorts to rest her fingers on top of the teen s cute butt.

Suddenly Dawn broke the kiss and removed her hands from her Mom s tits. Joyce looked on concerned, Are you…?

Fine, grinned Dawn. She gripped her vest and as she pulled it off, the first thing Joyce realised that the pause was not due to second thoughts. The second thing she realised was that Dawn s tits were luscious looking. Dawn saw her Mom s expression and correctly guessed what she was admiring. She slid her hands under them and pushed them up, Like them?

Joyce went red, but nodded, Y… Yes, she said, her voice cracked and her throat was drier than a sandbank.

For a moment it looked like Dawn was going to tease her Mom some more, but then she seemed to think better off it and instead said, If I lick yours, will you lick mine?

Yes, Joyce nodded, wondering when she would be able to get out a longer sentence than just a word or two. But her mind was still awhirl, and her clarity of thinking wasn t helped as Dawn s mouth moved onto her nipple and began to suck the teat. Joyce moaned in pleasure and stretched her back as her daughter s mouth moved over the breast, sucking, slurping, and licking at the nipple and the brown areola around it. The teen s teeth dug in lightly, teasing the tender skin and making sure the nipple remained hard. She moaned again, Oh yes…

A warm feeling crept up within her, melting any remaining inhibitions. The MILF moaned, running her hand through her daughter s long dark hair. Dawn pulled her head back, licking away some saliva from her lips as she did so. She gave her Mom a quirky, lopsided grin, Your turn.

The pause was only momentary and was less to do with any sudden concerns than it was for Joyce to glance hungrily at her daughter s teen tits. She crouched down and began to sexually suckle them, slurping the tit into her mouth and placing her teeth on the nipple to gently pull at the erect protrusion. Dawn giggled as her Mom s tongue slid over her teat, touching and teasing the small nub. She began to wiggle and Joyce saw that her daughter was trying to shimmy out of her shorts. Joyce continued to suck at the flesh mound, preventing Dawn from bending down to remove the bottoms properly. They still had slid to her knee and expose her hairless pussy. Joyce gave the tit she was eating another suck and let go, her gaze falling to the slit, a glimmer of girl cum apparent on it, You shave?

Yep, Dawn slid her hands over her pussy and gently spread the lips, exposing the pink hole, Like it?

I do, nodded Joyce.

Good, replied Dawn, smiling. She stepped closer to Joyce and slid a hand under her Mom s dress. Joyce stiffened in excitement as she felt it pulling at the elastic of her panties, before sliding in. The teen looked her Mom in the eye, I m going to finger fuck you now. Want to stop me?

No, breathed Joyce heavily. Her heart rate began to increase as she felt Dawn s middle finger enter her. The digit moved round and round, slowly exploring the older woman s tunnel and at the same time slicking her up. Joyce felt small beads of sweat break out on her body as she felt the excitement mount, the anticipation of the orgasm making her perspire and start to secret juice. Her heart sped and her body warmed more as Dawn s finger moved over her clit. That s it, the MILF moaned.

Dawn withdrew her finger and smiled. Joyce gave a little whinny of frustration, but she needn t have worried. Within seconds Dawn had returned to her pussy, but this time with her middle finger joined by the index. The exploration was briefer this time as Dawn knew where to go and after a brief swirl Joyce felt Dawn s fingers touching her clit. The teen smiled, Cum for me, Mom, she said and began to hammer her digits at the erogenous zone.

The fingers hammered at the hard flesh, pressing it into the warm, wet wall that surrounded it. Each thrust sent a flow of pleasure round Joyce s body and the faster and harder Dawn hammered the longer and more intense the flow became, until it was soon just one wave of delight. Joyce felt herself shaking and shuddering, her hands on Dawn s shoulders to help her remain upright. Her breath started to come in broken sobs as the joy ripped into her, making it difficult to breathe and moan at the same time. Faster and faster Dawn moved, her elbow jacking back and forth like a woodpecker.

Oh, yes, oh yes, moaned Joyce, her head dropped onto Dawn s naked shoulder, her mouth opening to let out another groan. She could feel her large titties bouncing against Dawn s teenage ones as the teen continued to finger her Mom with strength and determination, Oh God, yes, yes.

Enjoying it? Dawn grinned. She didn t wait for an answer before continuing to slam her finger in deep. Joyce gasped as the orgasms merged into one stupendous series of explosion, raging deep within her. She could feel her cunt leaking onto her panties, soaking the thin material. She gave another cry and bit lightly down on Dawn s shoulder to stop herself screaming out in pleasure. Dawn grinned and gave her Mom a few more strokes before pulling out her fingers. They were dripping with juice as Dawn slid them into her mouth and licked them clean; Mmmnn tasty, she smiled.

Yes, thanks, Joyce straightened up, blushing at the thought that her cunt had just been masturbated by her daughter. It was wrong, she knew, but unfortunately it had also felt so good.

I think it s time you tasted me, said Dawn. She walked to the couch and sat down, spreading her legs to reveal her delicious looking cunt. She looked at her Mom, who was still standing where she had been left, and grinned, C mon, Mom, eat me out.

Joyce nodded, and walked over, dropping to her knees in front of Dawn. She still felt dazed with the path events had taken; she was pretty sure she wasn t complaining, but it still felt awful fast. She looked at Dawn wondering to ask her daughter if they could slow down a bit, perhaps dinner and a movie before muff-munching. But from the look of anticipation on Dawn s face the teen wouldn t have been a fan of a more relaxed dating schedule. The teen grinned and stroked her Mom s face, Just to warn you, if I really cum I squirt.

Okay, replied Joyce, unsure if this was a warning to not let her daughter cum to hard or a plea to do so. She decided it was probably the latter.

The MILF slowly moved her face towards Dawn s pussy; it was already moist and became more so as Joyce ran her tongue over the open hole. Dawn quivered and gave a low moan, Oh, that s it, that s it. Lick my cunt.

Joyce licked again, tasting the juices against her tongue and feeling Dawn s tremble as she lapped over her. She licked again, pushing harder against the warm, wet flesh. Dawn s moan was louder and her quivering more pronounce, Eat me, Mom, eat my pussy.

Doing as she was told Joyce moved her tongue back and forth, slowly pushing it deeper into her sixteen-year-old daughter s wet hole. The teen gasped with pleasure, her hands caressing her own titties as she was pleasured. Her slit was getting wetter as Joyce s face lowered and the tongue dug deeper. It had been a long time since Joyce had tasted another, but Dawn s flavour was as lovely as she had ever known. Her tongue pushed deeper, each lick flicking over a cummy wall and stimulating the sweet aroma of fresh pussy juice. The hard flesh of the clit was under Joyce s tongue and Dawn groaned loudly, stretching her body, That s… there… lick me, eat my cunt.

Joyce concentrated her lapping on the clit, driving her tongue at it fast and furiously. Her daughter gasped and shuddered at each slam, moaning and arching as she gripped her own titties hard – squeezing the nipple s erogenous zone as her pussy s was tongued into an orgasmic bliss. Dawn shook, Oh, oh, oh, she squeaked, her cries getting louder and more intense as Joyce hammered her tongue harder, Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh nooooo! OOOOOHHHHH!

The cum gushed out of the teen s pussy, splattering over Joyce s face. The MILF gasped as it hit her and pulled her head back. The liquid dripped from her chin and face, down her tits and onto the rolled up dress. She looked at Dawn and smiled, I guess you came.

Dawn smiled back, I guess I did.

Slowly Joyce stood up, unsure what to do next. She looked at Dawn for guidance, the teen grinned and stretched, her arms wind-milling above her head and her heels pushing along the floor. She relaxed and looked at her Mom, still smiling, I m ready for bed… she paused. My bed or yours?

Either, said Joyce. She noticed she had accepted they would sle*p together without a murmur, another boundary crossed. Dawn held out her hand and Joyce took it, allowing her daughter to lead her upstairs and to Dawn s bedroom. Inside Joyce finished pulling her dress down, placing it neatly over the chair in the corner. Dawn had pulled down the quilt and was bent over one of the drawer rummaging around. Joyce admired her daughter s naked ass for a moment and then climbed into the bed. The teen straightened, the dildo Joyce had masturbated herself with yesterday in her hand. She smiled, probably unaware her Mom had already discovered her secret, my secret toy, she said, adding, I m not ready for sle*p yet.

Neither am I, agreed Joyce. She waited as Dawn got into the bed beside her. The teen s hand moved into the inside of Joyce s thighs, gently prizing the legs apart.

Oh, murmured Joyce as her daughter s hand stole up and brushed her wet slit. She gave another moan as Dawn moved half on top of her, their titties pressing together as Dawn kissed and licked at Joyce s exposed neck. One hand continued to stroke the older blonde s twat, whilst the other, the one still clutching the dildo, touched her Mom s hair. Joyce moaned in pleasure as Dawn s touches relaxed her, but left her damp with anticipation. Oh, she moaned again as Dawn moved more on top of her, kissing the front of her throat and below her chin; This is… oh…. so… good.

It is, agreed Dawn. She moved again, sliding over to the other side of Joyce, but still half covering her, her legs intertwined with the MILF s. The hand holding the dildo slid down Joyce s body, the rubber toy drawing over flesh. She moaned with pleasure as she felt the toy enter into her cunt. The teen looked at her Mom and smiled, Do you want me to stop now?

No, no never, replied Joyce. Dawn slowly began to slide the dildo in and out of Joyce s wet hole. The MILF moaned as the rubber ran over her pussy nerve endings, stimulating them gratifyingly. Dawn continued to look at her, smiling as she watched her Mom s features contorting in joy and excited anticipation. She moved the toy quicker, hitting the clit now and doubling the pleasurable sensations Joyce was feeling. The blonde s body arched and she gasped as the toy hit her pleasure zone, Oh Dawn, that s it, don t stop, don t stop ever, ever, ever.

I won t, said Dawn and drove the toy into her Mom s cunt. Joyce squealed with passion as the pleasure grew into an orgasm, her body trembled and the earth seemed to shift as the orgasms themselves grew and exploded within her. The toy was hammered in again and again, ramming into her clit with ferocious intensity, so that sweat dripped from Dawn onto Joyce. Harder and harder the rubber rammed the bud, the orgasms merging into one glorious whole.

Oooooohhhhh, aaaaaarggghhhh, Joyce bucked, unable to internalise the sexual joy which had welled within her, Aaaarrrrrghhhh, uuuurrrghhh, yessssss! Yessssss! Yesssss!

She had vaguely thought that cumming would mean Dawn would stop fucking her with the toy. It didn t, in fact it seemed to drive Dawn on more. The teen s face was red with exertion as she slammed the toy in and out of her Mom s wet hole, driving the bud back so far it was almost disappearing into the wet pussy walls. Joyce gasped and groaned some more as the excitement began to return to the peak from the valley it had dived into. Her body shook, it would have probably lifted off the bed, if Dawn s sweaty naked form hadn t been half on top of her, pinning her down. The MILF s tits were still wobbling, bouncing as she trembled.

She opened her mouth and moaned again, Oh God, this is so… oh make me cum again.

Dawn seemed intent on doing just that, grunting as she slammed the dildo into her mom. Harder and faster she hit. Each thrust made Joyce gasp and squeal as her juices leaked from cunt. Her cunt warmed, as the electrical impulses heated it like an electric stove. She moaned, her back bending and her tits bouncing as the toy hit her clit again, More… more… more, she moaned.

And then the orgasms became too much too keep inside her. The MILF squealed and gasped, her body jolting like a live wire, Yesssss! Yesssss! Yessssss! Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhh! I…… Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh! Joyce screamed and wept in pleasure as she came.

Dawn pulled out the toy, it was dripping with cum. She ran her tongue over it, before tossing it over the side and onto the floor. Wow… that was fun, she said as she slid off her Mom.

Yes, it was, said Joyce. She turned her back on Dawn and spooned into her.

Where did you learn such tricks? Joyce asked her youngest.

Buffy, Dawn replied, before quickly adding. When I was secretly dating Janice’s mom I asked her to teach me to make love to women. We soon taught each other some new tricks.

Remind me to thank your s*ster, Joyce said with a smile.

Dawn s arms slid round her, drawing her close as she nuzzled into the back of the MILF s neck.

Intertwined they gradually drifted into a sle*p.

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