Hellen The New Office Girl

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Hellen The New Office Girl
Hellen had only been working in my office for a few weeks now but I could sense that with our flirting and sexual innuendo’s it would end up going somewhere very soon.
Hellen had join my company after us chatting online and being that she was bored of her job she was more than willing to move to a different part of the country and start a new life.
Our conversions in work would always end up about the things that we like sex wise and I got more and more aroused about the things that Hellen wanted to try but never had. Hellen’s biggest turn one was that she wanted to have a lesbian experience and this just happened to be Wendy’s fantasies as well.

Wendy was my wife and had always joked that she would love to try another women in bed with us and promised me that on my 50th birthday she would arrange it.
Wendy was a little taken aback when I announced that I was taking on a new office girl as she had always helped me out in the office with paper work and other things,but after seeing Hellen thought that it may not be a bad thing as long as I did fuck her first before Wendy having Hellen’s pussy.
I had asked Hellen what she thought of Wendy and said that Wendy is very cute and sexy and would love to have her first lesbian experience with an older stylish women which she was and love Wendy’s large tits which you couldn’t miss when she called into the office wearing tightly fitted blouses undone to the top of her lacy bras and yes Wendy did have a huge pair of tits which she loved to be tit fucked often.
I had told Wendy about Hellen’s and mine chats in work and said that I would love to catch to both of them together in the office while I returning from the factory shop floor.
Hellen love looking at certain sites during her working day and I was fine about it as that is how we had first started to chat and I hoped to walk into the office and catch her playing with her pussy or small firm breasts and I knew for certain that many a time she would be all flushed and hot when I did go to the office .

Wendy knew that Hellen watched porn on her laptop and one day after walking into the office caught sight of Hellen trying to close down a page quickly, but saw that she had been watching two girls getting it on in an office. Wendy quickly restored the page and asked Hellen would she like to act out the scene that she was watching.

Hellen was taken aback that her boss wife was coming on to her with him only next door but as Wendy stood behind Hellen’s chair and started to stroke and play with her hair felt a but more relaxed about it. Wendy move her hands down to Hellen’s blouse and she could feel her pussy getting moist as the video was still running and Wendy was working her hands into her tightly fitted white cotton bra,
Wendy was now pinching and pulling on Hellen’s erect nipples and Hellen slid down the leather chair allowing for her short grey skirt to raise up to expose her golden tanned thighs and small white lacy cotton panties. Wendy could see that Hellen’s crouch of her knickers was very wet and could smell the odour of Hellen’s love juices.
Wendy span around Hellen’s chair to get a better look of her body, by which time now Hellen had her hand deep into her panties and her fingers even deeper into her soaking slippery cunt.
Wendy slowly kissed her lips and Hellen pulled away slightly as it was the first time that another female had kissed her but although it was Wendy’s first time also Wendy took control of the situation and continued to kiss her forcing in her tongue into Hellen’s mouth which soon had her sucking and tonguing Wendy back, Wendy could feel Hellen’s hands rub the inside of her stocking legs and dropped slightly for her to touch the outline of Wendy’s g-string and it was now her turn for her pussy to get wet, as Hellen move her fingers inside Wendy’s crouch and feel her bare shaved pussy for the first time, it was so smooth and allowed Hellen to finger her cunt easily and rub Wendy’s by now enlarged clit which made her drop down further to get more of Hellen’s fingers in her soaking pussy.

Wendy was now nearly on her knees and open up Hellen’s legs to see her knickers pulled to one side and exposing her tight pussy lips which she was still fingering and traces of Hellen’s white creamy love juices dripping down them. Wendy pulled off Hellen’s knickers and with interpretation placed her mouth by Hellen’s glistering cunt and lapped quickly to taste her. Wendy was never one for tasting her own love juices even after I had been down on her she would shy away from kissing me after, but tasting another women’s for the first time tasted so sweet and was soon licking at Hellen’s hole gobbling up all the warm creamy cum that was dripping out of her new young lesbian lover.
Hellen was loving it that a women was licking her for the first time and not like anything that she had had before, yes she had had guy’s lick her pussy before, but Wendy knew where to tongue her and for how long in a certain place before moving to her clit and then even on to her tight anal passage flicking her tongue from spot to spot.

Hellen soon came with her juices freely squirting into Wendy’s mouth and Wendy drank her until she could take no more of her juices, Hellen dropped on to her knees and kiss Wendy tasting her own cream on Wendy’s lips and tonguing Wendy’s mouth to get as much of it as she could.

Hellen pulled up Wendy and sat her on her desk and unbuttoned her tight blouse so that she could see her huge tits and after undoing the clasp of her bra and remove both items of clothing, Wendy pulled Hellen’s head toward her breasts and lifted up her tits for Hellen to lick across from one nipple to the other which made Wendy’s nipples even harder and erect after every lick.

Hellen pulled off Wendy’s skirt and could see that her pussy was soaking as she sucked and nibbled on her nipples and soon had her hand inside her deep red g-string re-entering her cunt for the second time with her fingers. Wendy moved onto Hellen’s fingers taking them deeper than anybody had ever fingered her, Hellen had nearly all her hand up her cunt and Wendy was begging for more and more, Hellen moved over to her desk drawer and pulled out her favourite dildo and before Wendy could notice, her hand was out of her dripping cunt had the dildo fucking her with deep and hard strong movements getting it up her boss wife’s pussy as far as the 10 inches would go.

Wendy pulled Hellen towards her and both women kissed and tongued each other and with that Wendy bucked her head back and came with fountains of her love juice shooting over Hellen’s dildo and hand, Hellen wanted to taste her juices and licked her clit while still working Wendy pussy with the dildo which soon had her cumming again and this time it was Hellen’s turn to lap up the sweet tasting juices.

Wendy want more than just a dildo inside her now and asked Hellen to finger fuck her arse as she still toyed and worked her pussy, Hellen loved having her own arse being played with and often would end up with a cock or dildo in either one of her holes with boy friends, but this was her first time to finger any body’s ass never mind a women’s, with her fingers still wet from Wendy’s juices she slipped in her finger to Wendy’s tight bud and could feel her wince as she entered her but as Hellen pushed more of her middle finger in could feel Wendy relax until she could slip in another one.

Both women were too wrapped up in each other to see that I had now entered the office and I stood by the door way as Hellen had now got Wendy on all four on the desk and slipping in another smaller vibrator into her open ass hole. Hellen froze at the sight of me standing there while working my wife’s holes with her sex toys.
My cock was so hard at the sight of Wendy being fucked in both holes by my office girl and Wendy had a huge smile on her face when she turned her head to me as if to say “ I told you I’d have her pussy first “ . Hellen pulled her skirt down trying to cover her wet soaking pussy , but I walked over to her and lifted it up so that I could see her semi shaved velvet love slit and with that I pulled her towards me and with one movement had my fingers in her very wet cunt.
Wendy was still doggy on the desk and as I fingered Hellen she took control of the dildo in her pussy and worked it as hard as she could as I buried my fingers deep in Hellen’s pussy .Hellen had undone my jeans and was now working my cock harder and harder and I could see that Wendy want cock now and I wasn’t going to let this chance slip and I wasn’t going to be fifty for a few years and with having the woman I loved and my office girl together, I sat on the chair and Wendy straddled me with her legs each side of mine, she slowly worked her cunt down my shaft and began to ride me,Hellen got on all four in between my legs and started to lick my balls and shaft on Wendy’s up strokes and lick her soaking lips and clit when she was down deep on my cock. I could feel that was going to exploded and whispered into Wendy’s ear that I would love for Helen to suck my cock and let her have my first load, Wendy wasn’t too happy about that but as she lifted up again on my cock I let my cock slip out of me and Hellen took my shaft in her mouth and worked me until streams of cum hit the back of her mouth.
Wendy want my cum and was soon tonguing at Hellen’s mouth tasting my spunk and kissing her new found lover.

I moved to both of them kissing and began to work they pussy with my fingers hoping that both women would take over from me and let me have fun with the toys that had now been left on the desk, I knew from out chats that Hellen liked being toyed and I slipped up the smaller toy into her pussy along with Wendy’s fingers, Wendy took hold of the toy and I dropped down to see her work Hellen’s pussy and I started to lick underneath making my way to her ass hole, I slipped my tongue into Hellen’s brown tight ring and opened up the cheeks of her bum to get in deeper she was being tongue fucked and toy fucked at the same time and Wendy knew that I want to take her tight ass,so with that she took hold of Hellen s cheeks ready for me and guided my now erect cock into her,
Hellen was unsure about me taking her there so Wendy bent Hellen over and I entered her pussy from behind, she was very tight and I had to force my cock into her wet hole, Wendy was now opening up her bum cheeks to get a better look at my shaft slipping in and out of her pussy and started to lick around Hellen’s small tight ring I could see Helen’s ass expand and contract with Wendy’s tongue and soon Wendy was fingering her ass as will as licking it, Wendy motioned for me to enter her and I pull out my creamy covered cock and placed it at Hellen’s ass hole, I expected for Hellen to refuse but asked Wendy to open her up for me so that I could fill her with my cum.

I slowly inserted my cock into Hellen and Wendy opened her cheeks as far as they would go I soon had all my cock into her and Hellen was crying out with pains of joy as I fucked her ass.
Wendy sat on the desk and I moved Hellen forward so that she could lick Wendy’s pussy and as I fucked Hellen her head and mouth got closer and deeper into her cunt. I want to fill her ass but just before I came again with my second load I pulled out and shot my load over Hellen’s face and Wendy’s pussy I offered my cock to Wendy and she licked and sucked my hard cock clean of all my cream and with that I pulled up my jeans and left the cum cover lovers together and returned back to the workshop.

Hellen and Wendy didn’t appear for hours after me leaving I just kept on wondering how long it took then to licked each other clean and what else they got up too . I can’t wait until the next time Wendy drops by and entertains our new office girl and who know we may even had an early 50th birthday party very soon just for us ……………………..

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