Hotel Sex

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Hotel Sex
We d like to share a little story of what we did last weekend in a hotel room. But before we do, we would like to point out that we are both consenting adults, that do like a little rough sex and dirty talking and we know how to turn each other on. We have a password so that if either of us feels uncomfortable with what is going on we can say and everything stops. Read on:

First we got a cracking deal of £10 per person per night at a B&B so the male is well happy already! Then we drank several stella s in the room and went to the restaurant for our tea! 2 meals for £10, now the male has got a siffy with all the cheap deals and we haven t done anything yet! A few more Stellas in the restaurant and then we glance at each other over the table and we both say Let s go back to the room and fuck . (That s the exposition now to the story hurray) For the purpose of this, the male tells the story.

I struggled to turn the key in the door I was so excited. As the key finally slid into the lock my g/f leaned forward and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth, darting her tongue in and out, running her tongue over my teeth searching my mouth for something. I pushed the door with my shoulder and we stumbled into the room, still entwined, crashing against the opposite wall of the bedroom. We carried on kissing as she pushed her boobs into my body and grabbed the buldge in my trousers. I m getting changed she said. Get onto the bed and get naked.

I got undressed as quickly as I could and lay down on the bed. My cock was rock hard with the thought of what was coming. The room was spinning slightly, 5 stellas had seen to that. But what was it going to be this time? Last week she d been in an all-in-one basque, with holes in all the right places. She looked amazing in that, if anything too amazing, I only lasted 5 minutes! Or the corset, that made her massive sexy boobs look even bigger. Or could it be the fishnet stockings, they really turned me on and she was so slutty wearing them. What would it be this time?

She came out of the bathroom smiling. Topless, but with red stockings and suspenders and black high heels. She leaned against the wall, smiled and said Stay still, I want to taste your cock then I want to be fucked like the slut that I am.

She came over, walking like a slut does in heels, swinging her hips and licking her lips. She got down on her knees at the edge of the bed and started sucking my cock. No licking, no slow kissing of the shaft, straight to the sucking. I lay there watching her head bob up and down. She was enjoying herself and so was I. As I looked down at the rest of her body, her lovely big pert breasts, her amazing arse and the fact that she was dressed as a slut for me, I knew I had to give her what she wanted and I had to do it now.

I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on my cock. It caught her by suprise because I could feel her long dark nails dig into my leg. I held her head down and I could hear the muffled yelps. After a few more seconds I pulled her head up. She gasped for air, gagging on the cock that had been all the way down her throat. Do you want more bitch I said. Please She replied.

I shoved her head back down, she tried to pull away but I held it down long enough for her to yelp again. I lifted her head back up. That was ok but your mouth isn t wet enough I said. Open your mouth slut She did as she was told and I spat into it. Now get back to it I said. Once again her head was forced down onto my cock. This time I left it as long as I could. She dug her nails into me and slapped the bed needing to breathe and when I eventually pulled her head up she was choking with spit dribbling from her mouth. I pulled her by the hair up to my eye level. Did you enjoy that? I said. You know I did, because I m your dirty little slut she said.

I turned around so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing her. We looked into each others eyes and started kissing again, her mouth was all wet and slippery from the spit. I reached out between her legs with my foot and stuck my big toe inside her pussy. It was warm and very, very wet! She gasped and moaned whilst we carried on kissing as I played with her clit and rubbed her pussy lips. Now lick my foot clean I said. Straight away she got down on all fours and started licking her own juices from my foot. Clean it all off I said.

I waited a minute whilst she licked my foot. Get on all fours on the bed I said. She did as she was told and I got behind her. Spread you legs I said. She did as she was told and moved her legs apart a little. They were wide enough for me to easily fuck her but I slapped her on the arse hard anyway and said Wider bitch She gasped and opened her legs further. As soon as she d opened them I thrust my cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Pumping her hard and fast. I may have been only doing it for 30 seconds but I could already feel her cunt muscles tighten around my cock. I held onto her suspender belt and thrust deep inside her leaving my cock embedded in her pussy. She started shaking and gasping and moaning. An intense orgasm flowed over her body, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Oh my god she screamed. Lurching forward and letting my cock slip out of her.

Laying on the bed she turned on her side and said That was amazing I said I know, now I plan to make you cum some more. Lie on your back and open your legs She looked amazing with the red stockings on and her hair all over the place. A slut that had just cum and wanted more. I moved around the bed and slowly moved on top of her body. Kissing it all over, paying special attention to her wet clit and her hard nipples. As we started kissing she grabbed my cock and slipped into her pussy. I started thrusting away again, whilst kissing and probing each others mouths with our tongues. I pulled away for a second and she looked into my eyes. Keep fucking me, keep fucking me she gasped. Even though she was soaking wet I could feel the familiar clenching around my cock. She shook again, thrust her head back and came again.

I lay on top of her looking into her eyes again. I want your cum now She said and I want it deep inside me I didn t need telling twice! I rose up above her and started slowly fucking her. Harder she said Harder you bastard So I started to get faster. Is that all you ve got She teased. Shut the fuck up bitch I said and slapped one of her tits. More she cried and I slapped her other tit and pulled a nipple whilst fucking her. Come on more she gasped. She reached down between us and started rubbing her clit whilst I fucked her. After a few seconds she took her fingers off her clit and licked them. I love the taste of pussy she said. I couldn t last anymore. You nasty slut I yelped as I felt the sensation building in my balls. Well cum for your nasty slut then She said. I thrust two or more strokes and came deep inside her. I gasped for air for a few seconds and then we started kissing again. I eventually slipped out of her. She said We ll come here again I loved that At that price I ll cum every week I said.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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