Husband s Revenge

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Husband s Revenge
Husband s revenge
By: Friskee_cpl ([email protected])

This story is for all those out there that like to see a man get sweet revenge on an unfaithful wife and her accomplices. Not a lot of sex in it but hopefully a good read. Like most of us here I am not a professional writer so please enjoy and send constructive comments. Cheers.


I was sitting at my computer entering in yet another boring goods receivable when Meg pushed her chair up against mine.

Come and check this out, she said, This is bloody amazing.

I pushed over and after she checked over her shoulder to make sure our supervisor wasn t looking she brought up Google earth.

Check this out, you can go down to street level.

I bent over and looked at the image of the outside of the factory where we worked. Some of the guys were having morning tea in the sunshine and others were walking back to the maintenance section. It was pretty amazing.

It certainly wasn t taken recently, I said to her, They are all in short sleeves, there s sunshine and leaves on the trees. It s at least six months ago.

I might have a look at my house, Meg said as she zoomed out. The familiar shape of the town where we lived appeared on the screen and she easily zoomed down to her house.

She laughed as she scrolled down and hit Street View , I ll check to see if my hubby is being a bludger at home.

A photo of her house popped up and she peered closely at the screen.

She pointed at the screen and had a quite giggle, Wow that s amazing, she said again, My brother s car is in the drive and he was only here for three days back in February, so it was around then. Tim s ute is not there so I guess he s at work. It was either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in the first week of Feb.

What does he do again? I asked. She had told me but I couldn t remember.

He s a plumber. Tim Blacklock Plumbing. she looked at me with a kind of pity in her eyes, You met him at the Christmas party remember. He was dressed as Zorro.

I closed my eyes pretending to visualize. I knew exactly who he was. Lucky bastardo is what I had called him. To be married to someone as hot as Meg had to be a lucky bastard. She was a petite brunette with a great character. Not only was she hot but also she was a fantastic person to boot. We got on really well and she was a great support for me after I had walked out on my wife.

I was tempted to type in our old address but decided not to. Eight months ago I was still living there with Zoe. Meg didn t need me cracking up again. I knew that if I looked at it here there would be a chance I d lose it again.

The last thing I want to do is have a look at my old house, I muttered into the screen, I m trying to forget the bitch.

You need to either get some decent counselling, not just your mates down the pub, or take some action and stop letting her run the divorce, she leant forward and looked me in the eyes, You have no k**s, she is living in your house and she treats you like shit. Come on man, take some action. She slapped her hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was the first touch from a woman since I d left my wife.

When the time is right I ll get my revenge, don t you worry about that.

And what do you plan on doing?

I don t know just yet. I went back to my desk, the right moment hasn t arisen yet.

To be honest, I had no plan at all.


My computer blipped to life as I sat down with my takeaway noodles and nudged the mouse. I had been thinking about Street View all day and had decided that tonight I would take a look at the old house. At least if I was by myself and decided to throw something around the house, no one would get hurt, or at the least, sprayed with noodles.

I opened Google Maps and typed in my old address. The globe spun around and zoomed down into our town highlighting the street, which was in a rural subdivision just out of town, with a bright blue edge. My stomach was churning as I lingered with the mouse over the location of the house. I had the same feelings that I d had all those months ago when I had discovered, completely by accident, that my wife of three tears was a total slut.

When we had first married she was actually very much the prude. I had been only her second sexual companion and she wasn t really the adventurous type. In order to spice things up a bit I introduced her to the rich world of pornography. After reluctantly watching one with me she almost immediately became a bit more adventurous, imitating the language and actions of the pornstars became a regular bedtime activity.

Towards the end of our second year of marriage she had started to download and watch all sorts of movies, especially gangbang and group sex movies. She even bought a dildo to use after I had finished and she would go at it for quite a long time before eventually getting me back hard again.

She really did change though when she met Dave and Annie. Dave is my boss at the factory and a total prick. I had applied for the top job against him and he had won. His wife is a nasty, skinny redhead with a tattoo of a rose on her ankle and a nose stud. Both are in their late 30 s. They met at the Christmas party in early December and Zoe became a mate all too quickly. On occasion Zoe would come to work to see me but end up in Dave s office, sometimes for a bit too long. I didn t worry too much because Annie was always with her.

Three weeks after they met, on Christmas Eve, Zoe decided to give me her present. We had just watched another movie when she grabbed my dick and said Do you want to fuck me in the arse?

It was not something that I had even thought about. I never thought that she was even in the slightest interested in a bit of anal play.

That night she had the wildest orgasm she d ever had. I had never seen her as insatiable as she was that night and in retrospect, it was definitely the turning point because over the next two months she became a sexual monster.

She used to kneel on the floor fucking her pussy or arse with a dildo and wanting me to blow in her open mouth, she was a total hornbag and I loved it. For God s sake what man wouldn t. I had the perfect wife. Sexually active, adventurous and extremely good looking. She was 5 8 , long blonde hair and she has a model s physique. Her boobs were only small but that s how I like em.

Towards the beginning of February though her behaviour began to change. She had become distant and aggressive towards me. She was spending a lot of time at home instead of going to work, claiming that she didn t feel well.

One day, completely by chance, I discovered the truth behind all those days off. I had chucked a sickie because I just needed to get away from Dave who was giving me a particularly hard time. I was lying in bed reading a book when I heard the cat miaowing at the door. I opened it only to watch it come in with a mouse in its mouth.

The cat was bringing it in for a play and as soon as it set foot inside he let go of it and it scurried behind the chest of drawers. I quickly jammed a shoe and some clothes down the side of the chest hopefully blocking the exits. I d figured that the mouse would be under the bottom drawer so I slowly pulled it out. What I saw changed my life forever.

Lying on the carpet was a pile of photographs of a woman being fucked by several men. That woman was my wife. I wrenched the draw out and pulled the rest of the items out. My heart and head nearly exploded as I pulled out vibrators, oils, leather underwear, DVD s, and even more images of my wife with cum all over herself. My stomach couldn t handle it and I leapt up, almost as quickly as the mouse leapt back into the cat s claws, and stuck my head out the door and vomited.

I collapsed shaking back onto the floor and once again looked at the images. I was sweating like a bastard as the adrenaline coursed through my veins. There were about 30 different pictures of my wife, dressed in the leather underwear, being pleasured by about five men. All I could see of the men was that one had a tattoo of a chain around his biceps and another had a ying/yang tattoo on his shoulder. All their faces were pixelated, except for my wife s smiling one.

I threw the cat back outside and sat on the corner of the bed looking at the horrid display of my wife s rampant and slutty behaviour. I had the rest of the day to formulate my response to what had happened, and a weird calm came over my body. After months of her unstable behaviour I now had a valid excuse to leave. I gathered up all the photos and tore them into small pieces. I laid them out on the bed like the beginning of a large pornographic jigsaw. The three DVD s cracked easily as I slammed my heel down splintering them into silvery shards. The leather underwear took an extra effort but the scissors in the kitchen made easy work of them. I grabbed the three vibrators and took them into the garage. All my power tools were in the lockup so I got out my drop saw and plugged it in. Within minutes her toys were nothing more than dozens of discs laid out on the bedroom floor.

After destroying her collection, I took to looking after my own possessions. I immediately logged into our Internet banking account and transferred as much as I could into another bank s account that I had opened to save for a motorbike. Thankfully my car was a wagon, so I could lay the seats down and fill the back with all my clothes and other necessities like the TV etc. I knew that I couldn t take all my tools, lawnmower etc so I shoved them all into the steel lockup and clamped the padlock shut.

My only regret was that I had to leave my dog, Fred, behind. I knew that dogs weren t welcome in hotels. At 3pm that day I left my home and began a new life as a single man.

After booking into the pub and unloading some of my gear I called my solicitor and booked an appointment. I turned my mobile phone off and then went down to the bar and got so drunk, I can barely remember going back up again.

The meeting with my solicitor didn t go as well as expected. He told me I should have kept the evidence of her behaviour as proof, and I would have had no problems getting a decent settlement had I taken them with me. He could understand, and commended me for taking such detailed action, but was concerned that without evidence of her infidelity I would have little to use against her. And that is what exactly is happening.

She has made me out to be the ogre, she has been making accusations about how I supposedly abused her and would routinely threaten her if she didn t fulfil certain activities . She had no evidence either, and made no mention of the chopped up photos, the splintered DVD s or the sliced toys. My solicitor is making noises about my ability to pay his bill. That doesn t sound good.

Anyway in three weeks we are booked at the family Law court to try and get a resolution. I need to get some evidence of her fucking other men so that I can get my life back together and she can wander off. It was thinking about this, and the pics of Meg s house on Google Street View that formulated a loose plan in my mind.

So without any hesitation I hit the Street View button and watched a view of my house form. The view was down the driveway, a driveway full of cars. Cars that I had never seen before except one distinctive black Audi. The black Audi that my boss Dave received as part of his promotion. There was a twin cab ute, a blue Subaru Liberty, a red Alfa of some description and a few others I couldn t see properly.

I had long suspected something was going on with Dave and Annie and now my suspicions were confirmed. The other cars, no doubt, belonged to whoever else was fucking her at the time. I had expected to feel angry and upset at seeing something like this but for now I wasn t. I now had a plan.

In order to win against her all I needed was a few photos or video of her going for it. I needed a digital camera that could also do video and an opportunity to get to the house and take some shots. That opportunity came the very next day.


I d noticed how Dave routinely disappeared on a Tuesday afternoon to either a doctor s appointment or a meeting and today was no exception. At about 10.30 he came into our office and declared that at 1.30 he had to go to a meeting with the union at the Labour Council HQ. I knew he was full of shit so I set my plan into motion.

One of the many benefits of being single again was that I could do as I pleased. One of the things I d done was buy myself a nice Triumph Bonneville. I never rode it to work because I was now within walking distance of the factory. Being springtime I also suffered badly from hay fever and I used my blocked and congested status as reason to disappear early.

I headed straight to the local camera shop and bought a Pentax digital and a 2gb card. I received a bit of tuition from the sales assistant who pointed out the video function and the automatic features. I know nothing about cameras so I was thankful for the help. The battery was nearly empty so I shot back home and gave it a quick charge while I shoved a couple of meat pies down my gullet.

At about 1.00pm I shoved the camera into my pocket, threw on the leathers and hopped on the bike. I rode back to work and waited down the street for Dave to leave. I didn t have to wait long. The black Audi cruised past and headed towards Dave and Annie s place rather than my own. I knew the town well enough to take another route so I zipped around a few back streets and met him again as he pulled into his driveway. Annie sauntered out in a long black coat and hopped in.

I did a U-turn and headed towards my old home. Being in front would allay any suspicions about being followed and I was certain they were heading out to my place. On the 10-kilometre drive home I watched the Audi in my rear view before on one long downhill stretch he decided to overtake me.

As the Audi cruised past neither of them looked at me and I slowed down to about 90kmh as they forged ahead. I only had about two k s to go so I was happy to watch what happened. The Audi slowed down and turned left into the driveway.

I wasn t surprised to see a pile of cars in the drive but one vehicle in particular shocked me. A Twin Cab ute with Tim Blacklock Plumbing emblazoned on the side was parked near the back yard. Meg s husband was part of this group and I felt very sorry for her.

I went past the house and turned left up the neighbours drive. Bruce and Amy were a young yuppie couple that worked in the city and only came up on the weekends. I was free to use their property without fear of being caught. Fortunately a large tree reserve separates the two lots and provided me with the cover I needed. I steered the bike to behind a large rocky outcrop at the back of the property. The rocky outcrop was on Crown land and allowed a perfect view of the backyard of my old home.

I parked the bike behind some wattles and removed my helmet and jacket. I couldn t see the driveway from where I was so I climbed over the fence and climbed up the back of the outcrop. Another two cars were pulling into the drive. Out of one car alighted the Mayor. I couldn t believe it. I had politicians, businessmen and fellow workmates all using my ex-wife as a plaything. They all walked in the front door and I waited another 20 minutes before deciding what to do next.

I felt incredibly empowered as a plan formed in my mind. I could easily get into the house through the laundry door and then down the hall to the study and spare rooms. If they were in our bedroom it would be a problem getting a shot of them. If they were in the lounge room, which I expected them to be because I could hear music, it wasn t a problem. The house is designed in a U shape with a central courtyard. I could sit in the study and take a few pics across the courtyard into the room.

The sky to the west was darkening with an oncoming afternoon storm. Ninja like I scurried down the hill and over the stile. Fred, my dog, began barking at me until I got close enough for him to realise who I was. He was tethered to a tap and was within reach of a large metal bowl of water. I gave him a pat before I snuck past the twin cab and into the laundry.

The music became louder as I entered the room but I still slowly closed the door behind me to reduce any noise. The garage was to my right and the light had been left on. I didn t worry about it and snuck down the hall and turned left into the study. I crawled in behind the desk and peeked over.

I expected to see sex but what I saw nearly had me collapsing in shock. Zoe was on the lounge and opposite her was Annie and they were shoving a big thick double-headed dildo into their shaved cunts. Zoe was sucking Dave s cock and the Annie the Mayor s. The other five men were standing around wanking their cocks.

Zoe was dressed in another leather outfit and Annie in lace. I recognised Dave, who also had the telltale ying/yang tattoo on his shoulder, the mayor, Meg s husband and even the owner of one of the bookstores in town. I even now knew who had a tattoo of a chain on his arm; it was Zoe s solicitor. I was in a perfect position to watch the show unfold and if I d been some sort of ‘fucked in the head jilted husband I would have had a wank, but I had a purpose now. I needed to focus and to be honest I was in no mood for sex. Revenge was all that was on my mind.

I had a perfect view of all of them so I pulled the camera out of my pocket and aimed it at the naked circus opposite. I really should have read the instructions because as soon as I pressed the shutter the flash went off alerting them to my presence. I saw two of them breakaway and come running through the kitchen in my direction.

I nearly shit myself before I pocketed the camera and scampered across the floor and sprinted back down the hallway to the garage. With only seconds between me and the two men chasing me I had to think, and act, fast. Thankfully they didn t know the layout of the house as well as me and I could hear them talking as I entered the garage.

It came from in here, I m sure of it, one of them said.

You check those rooms, the other said, I ll check whatever s down here.

I looked into the garage and saw that all my gear was still in the lockup. I flicked the light switch off when an idea struck me. I stumbled into the semi-darkness and reached up and released the hot globe from its batten and juggled it over to the corner of the room near my steel mesh lock up. I threw myself against the wall and carelessly banged the steel mesh with my elbow. To me it sounded like Quasimodo was at his bell ringing best, and I silenced it by holding the vibrating sheet of steel mesh. Holding my breath I peeked through a gap in the boxes and watched the silhouette of a naked man appear in the doorway.

It felt as though my heart had moved into my head. The pounding was deafening.

His hand reached around the corner of the doorway looking for the switch.

Anything down there? The other man said as he walked down the hall.

I heard something but the bloody light doesn t work, he said as he flicked the switch continuously.

What sort of sound?

Sounded like the roller door.

We would have heard it going down if it was that.

Maybe there s someone hiding in here.

Ok mate I m game if you are.

At that moment something wonderful happened. Just as they were about to walk into the room a flash of lightning filled the hall with light and Fred, my loyal canine, dragged his chain past his metal bowl as he panicked from the storm.

Oh for fucks sake it was lightning, one of them laughed. Let s get back, this is ridiculous, I don t pay good money to chase storms and scared fucking dogs.

They turned and went back up to the hallway.

Although I hadn t been holding my breath I leant back into the wall and let out a long slow breath of air of the type that a dog would sense absolute fear in. And what a revelation! Not only was she fucking everyone in sight she was charging them as well

I waited a few minutes before pulling the camera out of my pocket and looking at the image. Unfortunately the flash had bounced back off the window and I could see nothing of what was happening in the lounge room.

With the time to think about what I was doing, and what to do next, my eyes became well adjusted to the dim light in the garage. I looked into my lockup and saw a few items that I would have liked to take with me. One of them was my SilverHawk archery bow. As your mind does when you see something like a bow and arrow, I immediately visualised a cascade of flaming arrows heading towards a wave of sword wielding warriors or shot into a fuel filled channel that explodes into flame……

That was when my idea hit me. It was so bizarre an idea that it would just have to work. But I needed a few more images, and some video, to use against her.

I adjusted the camera until the flash was turned off and practiced with a few shots of the garage door.

I carefully snuck back out to the hall and went back to the study. They had changed positions and Zoe was sitting with the Mayoral cock in her arse and another man s cock was in her pussy. Dave was busy sliding his cock into her mouth. Annie was bent over and being fucked by Meg s husband, Tim. I snapped a few shots and waited. Soon enough Tim pulled out and went over to the other bloke, who moved out of the way, and began fucking Zoe. I took a few more and then turned the video on. I sat the camera up and pressed record. I filmed in short bursts of about 30 seconds.

At one stage the Mayor got up and three of them stood at the back of the room so I took a pic of them. Zoe had got up and was now kneeling on the floor being fucked by her solicitor and sucking Tim who came all over her face as I filmed another 30 second grab. Another bloke moved over and took his place and also sprayed her smiling face with cum.

The smile gave it away. She loved this. I had everyone on both film and video so I crawled back across the floor and into the garage.

I threw my bow kit over my shoulder and grabbed the only three arrows I had. I grabbed a handful of rags off the bench and slowly opened the door that I had come in. I checked to make sure no one was out there before I zigzagged through the cars, bolted up the backyard and almost leapt over the stile before shooting up the hill like a frightened hare. From behind the rocks I had a perfect view of the cars. My only concern was that I was now exposed to the approaching storm. Lightning was increasing and so was the wind.

I felt like a SAS commando as I ran back down to the garage.

I grabbed the, thankfully full, Jerry can out into the driveway. It was not yet raining but the thunder and lightning was getting closer and closer. The driveway has a slight slope, from the backyard to the front, and the six cars were all lined up in a zigzag fashion. The black Audi was in the middle taking up all the shade from the gum tree overhead.

I unscrewed the lid and poured petrol all over each of the cars and into the cab of Tim s ute. As soon as they were well soaked I threw some fuel over the bits of cloth I had salvaged and threw them into a plastic bag. In one of the cars I saw a mobile phone sitting on the seat and, as luck would have it, the door was unlocked. I tucked my hand into my shirtsleeve and opened the door. I quickly grabbed the phone and threw some fuel in before gently closing it again.

From my post on the hill I had a prefect view of the back of Tim s ute so I threw the Jerry can in the back next to some drums, and titled it over so that the fuel dripped slowly out into the tray.

I went back into the shed and grabbed the lighter off the bench before going back outside to check all was good. The yard reeked of petrol and before I went up the hill I took Fred off his leash and moved him around to the other side of the house and tethered him to the clothesline.

The wind was infernally strong now and the smell of rain was on the wind. I ran as fast as my weak legs could take me back up the hill. The sky to the west was getting darker and darker. I grabbed one of the rags and an arrow and began wrapping the cloth around the arrowheads. My hands were shaking like they were making a cocktail. I tied a knot in it before getting it in position. I struggled a bit trying to get the lighter lit before I remember seeing how they used to dip the arrows into a vat of burning oil to ignite them. I gathered up a small pile of leaves and sparked them up with the lighter. It was then easy to dip the arrow into the fire and start firing.

The cloth erupted in flame as it touched the flame and the heat was almost too much to bear. The flame was too high and I couldn t see properly. I pulled the arrow back and stood up and simply aimed in the direction of the cars. I let go and the arrow sped towards the cars at a too high angle and a speed that was much too fast. I watched with bitter disappointment as the arrow lodged flaming, into the gum tree above the black Audi. I grabbed another arrow and repeated the ignition sequence. This time I had squeezed some of the petrol out and the flame was not as large. When I stood again I saw that the tree was now smoking as the arrow still burnt away.

I aimed at the back of the ute and sent the second arrow to its target. My decision to squeeze the fuel out was working against me and the bloody thing went out before it sk**ded along the ground. I had only one arrow left and I was going back to my original fuel – cloth ratio.

The final arrow sparked to life and I, for the last time, stood up to send it down to the petrol soaked cars below. Just at that moment though the wind picked up and blew the heat from the flame back onto my hand. The pain was too much so I had to let go of the arrow that careered off to the right and slid under the house. I watched it go out before I slumped down against the rock, bitterly disappointed that my plan had come to nought.

I closed my eyes and thought about what to do next. The only real option I had was to go down, light the fire, and run for my life. The wind was now blowing strongly towards me and as I geared myself up for a quick sprint I looked over the rock to the gum tree. The gum had a yellow glow on its branches and when I stood I saw why. The first arrow had set the tree on fire and it was spitting and sparking as only a gum tree can. I watched in wonder as the fire easily spread up into the upper canopy.

It was then that the second most fortunate event occurred. A gust of wind shook the tree and a cascade of burning leaves floated downwards like flaming angels. One leaf spun down and lazily arced towards the ute. I didn t actually see it hit the fuel because the explosion almost knocked me of my feet. A massive plume of fire shot into the air and up into the tree. The jerry can splintered into fragments that sparked up all the other lines of fuel. The cars were now all on fire. My mission was complete. I grabbed all my gear and scurried down the hill towards my bike. I could hear people yelling and screaming just before they were drowned out by my helmet and sound of the engine. I swiftly tore down the neighbours drive and out onto the road.

I laughed as I cruised past my house back into town. A group of semi-naked men were running around the yard trying to put out their cars with a pissy little hose. When the fuel tank of one of the other cars erupted they all took off back around the front of the house.

As soon as I was out of view I stopped the bike and took the stolen mobile phone out of my pocket and called emergency. I knew that they can track calls from mobiles so it would appear as though it was one of them that gave the call.

Hi there s a massive fire out on Spencer road, there are all these cars on fire.

I gave some bullshit ID and then hung up and called a second number.

The local TV station has a freecall number if you have some news and I knew it off by heart.

Hi look I m on Spencer Road and there s this big fire with cars and everything on fire.

We just heard about it on the police radio, thanks for that. A voice said.

I smiled, removed the battery and sim card from the phone, and smashed the phone on the ground.

My work was done.



I m standing in the driveway of my home looking up at the scorched remains of a gumtree with an arrowhead sticking slightly out of it. After the inferno a lot has happened around town.

None of the bastards got away with anything, although they tried.

They had concocted some story about how they were all at a meeting about development actions in town and how a lightning strike had hit the tree and started the fire.

That was going all right until someone sent the TV station and the newspaper some very graphic images of an orgy going on in the lounge room.

The mobile phone I used to call 000 also came into importance. It belonged to Pastor Michael Sheahan from one of the local evangelist churches. They all tried to twist it so that he was seen to be some hero who was there to break up the evil goings on. That was until a few images of him standing naked at the back of the room with the mayor and a local bookstore owner appeared in the mail of a few parishioners.

I looked at the side of the house that had a series of burn marks along the brickwork.

Will that come off easily?

I turned to see Meg getting out of my new Mercedes Benz. The Merc I got after Dave was sacked and I was promoted.

Maybe, maybe not, I said.

I looked down the drive and saw the furniture removal van backing up the drive.

I wonder how my furniture will look in this house? Meg said.

You ll just have to keep Fred off it and it should be OK. I said as I patted my loyal companion.

Life was good. Very, very good.

Of course…. this story is fictional.

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