Husband’s Revenge

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Husband’s Revenge
John had been called out on a service call for a bucket truck, that the bucket was malfunctioning. When he got to the sight at Dover and Jensen St, he discovered they had failed to turn off the override safety. He got in the bucket and took it up to check to make sure it was working properly. He looked down to see his wife Angie pull up at the red light, in her new convertible sports car with the top down. Unfortunately, she was not alone and when they stopped at the light, they leaned into each other kissed as his hand lifted her top and cupped her bare tit, then pushed her skirt up and fingered bare pussy. John recognized the man Dan Stephens her coworker who was married with k**s. When the light turned green, he raised the bucket so he could see where they were going. He sees her car turn half way down the block into a motel.

John lowered the bucket told the construction foreman to make sure they turn off the emergency safety before they try to use the bucket. John jumped in his service truck and drove down the block and turned down the entrance road to the motel. This is a run-down area of town lots of abandoned stores he turns down the road in front of the motel parking lot. He saw them go into room number nine. John didn’t know what to do he was crushed, they had been married eight years. He knew for the past four mounts she had been very distant. She had gone out and bought her sports car without consulting him. She financed it for seven years, and their car insurance more than doubled, her salary just barely covered her car payment, but it put a real strain on their finances. When he confronted her about it she got nasty and told him to deal with it, she deserved the car and then she stopped having sex with him and started going out with her coworkers a lot.

John got out of his truck and walked over to the room looked thru a space in the curtain saw them both nude, she is kneeling on the floor in front of him his sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe it, he had a puny cock, John was easy three times larger then him. John got out his cell phone and started recording the action, then Don grabbed her by her hair bent her over the bed and started fucking her after about five minutes, he pulled his cock out fingered her pussy then pushed his fingers into her ass moved them around stretching her, he then lined up his cock placed it on her little pink star and pushed forward with all his might. I could hear her scream as I am sure they did half way down the block. I’m thinking that bitch, she would never let me near her ass. John was done and walked back to his truck, that he had parked out of sight. They had parked in the back corner of the parking lot. They used his big new SUV to hide her little sports car. Next to their cars was a big dead tree! John went over and looked and tried to figure out why this dead tree is still standing, he relized that one push with his big service crane truck at just at the right spot and that tree is crushing that sports car and SUV. John gets in his truck backs toward the tree adjusts his angle several times and feels a bump he’s against the tree. He pushes against the tree he hears a crack and the resistance on his truck is reduced, he stops puts his truck in drive and pulls away. He looks in the rear view merrow and watches as the tree slowly starts to fall then he hears the crash and feels the vibrations in his truck and thinks that probably bounced their asses right out of bed!

John got another service call then he headed back to the shop, he restocked his truck than got in his pick-up and heads home. When John got home of course Angie is not there, no susprise. Half an hour later she gets dropped off by a girlfriend. When she comes in, he asked her where her car was, she says it’s gone totaled! John rushes over to her pulls her into his arms and says are you ok, did you get hurt, did anybody get hurt? She says no it was parked a tree fell on it. He says wow well at least at work your company will have to replace your car. She says it wasn’t at work. John asks where was it, she says down town, he lets her go and asks down town where what time, what parking lot and why were you down town?

She says it’s not important! John says It’s very important you have only payed three payments, you owe another six- and three-quarts years’ worth of payments on it, insurance will pay most of it but between the deductible and deprecation you still owe another seventy-five hundred dollars and the bank is going to want its money now. Actually, John had added new car replacement to their insurance, but she doesn’t know that. Oh, and now you have no car, you wiped out all our savings when you bought the car so where are you getting the money. She says I’ll get a loan, he says ok lots of luck what are you using for collateral? You could barrow against your 401 K oh wait you taped that out when you went on that fifteen-day cruise two months ago without me. She says what am I going to do John says I don’t know sucks to be you right now!

He walks by her and says looks like you got that sweet ass of your in a real jam this time and pats her ass. She yells OUCH! John says whats wrong with your ass? She says nothing, she gets a text, actually it was from John he had bought a burner phone copied the video from this afternoon and delayed sent it to her and her lover. I see her open the text suck in her breath and say I have to go, I say have a nice walk and she stopped in her tracks, asks can I barrow your truck? John says you have to be k**ding! Just then her phone rings, she answers and says hold on, then she says I need to take this and walks outside.

Outside she says Dan yes I got the same text, I have no idea who sent it, yes I know what would happen if your wife saw it, but you better start worrying what would happen if John sees it, he would beat the shit out of you before he kills
both of us. She says I don’t know what they want. She says ok I’ll see you tomorrow.

She goes back inside, John looks at her like what the fuck. John looks at her and says you do relize you are a married woman, and you better start damn sight acting like one to me unless of course your ready to end things, because I’m tird of being treated like shit and he walks out the door and says I’m going to get something to eat care to join me, she doesn’t speak, he says your silence speaks volumes and walks out.

At his dinner table he sends his wife and her lover a text saying he wants ten k in forty-eight hours from both of them for the video, or he is sending the video to Don’s wife and her husband. When John gets home, he finds his wife sitting on the sofa crying, he figures her lover has dumped her he knew she would not be crying over him. He says to her I’m leaving at six in the morning for work, if you want a ride to work be ready, oh and I’m moving into the spare room, there is really no sence in sleeping together any more it’s just frustrating for me, although it dosen’t appear to be bothering you I wonder why. She says if you feel that way why don’t you devoice me, John says I might just do that, I’m meeting with Pete tomorrow to discuss my options. She says how can you do that he’s my brother, John says, and he is a lawyer and my best friend. We have talked already he says he would have dumped your ass already. I just have to figure how to do that without costing me too much! I mean it’s obvious you don’t love me any more and at this point you are just leaching off me. I have to tell you it hurts, all I have ever done is love and respect you and your treating me like shit and everyone sees that your cockolding me. She says John no it’s not like that why would you think that, I said I nine reasons as of today, think about it, be ready at six if you want a ride, that is if you can stand to be that close to me anymore. She thinks nine why would he say HOLEY SHIT they were in room number nine today in the motel!
The next morning, she was dressed and ready to go at six, the twenty-minute ride was done in silence, when they got to work as she gets out John says have a great day, I love you, her reply was the slamming of his truck door. Once inside she marches stright to Dan’s office goes in and slams the door and says to him what the fuck do you mean were done! You got me drunk at convention and fucked me, I paid for your passage on the cruise. I have sucked your cock, licked your ass. I have let you have fuck every hole I have, I have destroyed my marrage for you! She hears a giggle come from under his desk. She says what the fuck pushes him out of the way there is the new young hire under his desk obviously she had been sucking his cock. She says what the fuck Don. He says shut up slut what the fuck did you expect I’m married, you were a piece of ass. She says you will pay for this your wife and I are going to have a long talk! He grabs her pushes her over his desk rips her pantys off and shoves his cock up her ass and fucks her, when he’s done, she falls on the floor he says get this office cleaned up, you even try to get near my wife, and I’ll kill your ass. You better come up with your ten grand fast we only have till tomorrow.

The next morning Angie gets called into Don’s office he has a box, inside is a pink and blue zipper case, a key and a cell phone. Don says we are to put our money in these cases, then take them to the Hilton at five pm and wait for instructions. Angie had talked her brother into lending her the money as long as it was not to be used to leave John. She had told her brother because she had gotten herself in trouble with gambling debts and she has been afraid to let John find out. At five pm they are at the Hilton the phone rings they are instructed to keep the phone open get in the elevator and go to room 1014 and let him know when they get there. They take the elevator to the tenth floor. When they get to room 1014 Don says we are here, the voice says look across the hall and unlock the door, it’s a janitor’s closet he says drop the zippered cases in the laundry chute and leave. He drops the two cases and the cell phone in the laundry chute three floors below John is waiting with a big fish net and catches the cases and cell phone, he takes the money out of the cases and puts it a led lined briefcase then throws the cases and phone back into the chute. John walks down the hall to a room went in and met with a friend that worked at the hotel. Up stairs Don gets on his cell and says he’s in the laundry room. Angie says who are you talking to, Don says I hired a PI you don’t think I was going to let someone walk away with ten grand of my money do you come on lets see who it is. They go to the laundry room Don’s PI is holding the cases and cell phone and says there was no one here but the cases are empty looks like he got away. Don turns red and tells the PI to get out, he looks at Angie and says you just cost me ten grand you slut. Angie says fuck you and turns to walk away, Don reaches out grabs her by her hair pulls he to the ground and beats the shit out of her, until she is u*********s and walks away, leaving her bleeding and battered.

Three days later Angie wakes up and sees her mothers face and asks where am I, her Mom says your in the hospital someone beat you up in the laundry room of the Hilton. She looks down and says John, her Mom says hush honey he has just fallen asleep he has been here sence they brought you in three days ago.

The next morning, she wakes up her Mom is there again, Angie asks for John, her Mom says he’s gone. Angie asks gone, gone where? Her Mom says you might as well know he got a video yesterday of you with a coworker in a motel room, and a police report about your car being crushed by a dead tree in the motel’s parking lot. That combined with no sex for four months with him he has learned that you took your lover on a cruise, you have wiped him out finically, right now he is meeting with your brother about a devorce. This is a no fought state, so he has had to put everything up for sale including the house all the furniture and his truck. It looks like he will still owe quite a bit of money after everything is sold, from all your irresponsible spending. Angie yells NO I DON’T WANT A DEVORCE I LOVE JOHN, I made a mistake, what can I do, how can I fix this! Her Mom says there is one more thing they discovered here in the hospital your two months pregnet, you have admitted you have not had sex with John for four months, that was the straw that broke the camels back, you crushed one of the kindest most loving man any woman would ever hope to know. You need to know the rest John has gone back in the Service, he leaves tonight for snipper school. She says no he can’t he always said that being a sniper is suicide! Her Mom says looks like he has lost any reason to live!
After John completed filling out his devorce papers with Pete he text Don’s wife a copy of their sex in the motel and the police report about the tree falling on their cars. John arrived down the street from Don’s house just at dusk. He saw his wife loading her SUV with clothes then put their k**s in their c***d seats, Don came out begging her not to leave, she spun around ad kicked him in the balls that left him crumpled up on the ground in pair, who knew she had a black belt in karate! She got in the car and left. Slowly he got up and made his way back into house.

About ten pm Don walks into his kitchen and was met a fist traveling at max speed. The next thing he knows he is nude his hands are tied, and he is hanging by his hands above his head. He is blind folded and is gaged. John has a rag in his mouth to disguise his voice. Don hears a clicking noise and he feels a pain in his groin, John explains to Don that he had zip tie around his cock and balls and that clicking noise he hears is a tool that tightens the zip tie. He says by this time tomorrow his cock and balls will be dead and starting to rot, and he hopes he enjoys his life as a eunuch. John goes to his truck Pete is waiting there for him and drives him to the Marine Base and left him off at his company HQ building, John walked in no one had signed in sence sixteen hundred hours, he signed in as sixteen zero five. He joined the rest of his old buddies in the barracks and started reminiscing.

The next evening the doctors finally let the police in to interview Angie they ask if she knew who had assaulted her she told them she couldn’t remember a day or so before the assault but knew for sure it was Don Stephens that had beat her. It was eight pm the police decide to call it a day, meet at the station in the morning, fill out their interview report, and application for an arrest warrant, go before a judge and get the warrant, then go arrest him. Finally, at 3 pm they get their warrant, they call his office and learn he hasn’t been in for the past few days, they head over to his house, knock on the door no answer, go to the back door locked, then back around front, lifted on the garage door and it’s unlocked, they had the door up just a little bit and they smelled the rotten flesh. When they got the door all the way up they see Don hanging from the rafters, then they see him move, they say shit he’s still alive, but why does he smell so bad then they see his black balls and cock, they call in the paramedics. Don would wind up living, but there was no saving his cock and balls, on top of that because he had beaten Anglia so bad, he was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to twenty-five years. He was an immediate hit in prison, by the end of his first month, he was wearing makeup and dresses. He would wind up dying in prison from aids.

Angie would recover, in six months her devorce would be finalized, she actually came out of the devorce with twenty-five hundred dollars. Pete her brother sewed the motel for the loss of her car and won, because the tree was on their property and they had been warned by the city it was a hazard. She would never see John again. Angie would go on the to remarry, have three k**s, plus her daugther with Don, and after twelve years of marrage her husband would leave her for a younger coworker. She learned first hand the pain of betrayal.

John went thru sniper school was deployed to the middle east, he was sent out on numerous missions, all were successful. He would date many women but seldom more than once, because he did not want to form any long-term commitments haven knows the women he dated wanted much more of him. The only person he stayed in contact with was Pete, then one day he just disappeared. Pete contacted the Marines and at first, they stated they had no records of him, then after several legal wrangling’s by Pete it was reported that he had mustered out of the service while he was in the middle east. Pete contacted a US senator that was his roommate in college and the only thing he could tell Pete was rumors had it that he was working for a three-letter culvert agency and, his existence had been erased.

Angie would swear she would see him from time to time, she would have the k**s at the playground and get a glimpse of a man that was watching her, a person would walk by blocking her view for a second and he would be gone. She would be having lunch in a restaurant window and see him staring at her from across the street than a truck would go by and when the truck had cleared by, he was gone. Was it him who knows, he was there one day than poof he was gone, the last time he spoke to Pete he told him he never stopped loving Angie.

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