I m wasn t Gay Until Now Gay

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I m wasn t Gay Until Now Gay
There I was. Face down, prone on the carpet. I had fresh rug burn on my knees and elbows, and fresh cum all over me. Tyrone came on my face, Darren came on my back and my ass, and I came all over the carpet and got it on my chest and stomach. I was covered in sweat, spit, and god knows what else.

My lips were numb. My asshole burned. My leg spasmed and my cock twitched as the last drips of cum leaked out of my flaccid white dick. Darren slapped my ass as he got up. Tyrone swung his huge black dick across my face, sending a small splatter of spit and cum as he did so. I feebly reached out with my tongue and mouth as he whipped it away.

I woke up that morning an average, normal, straight white college student, and at the end of the night I was a submissive slut for big black cock.

You may be wondering how I ended up like that. Well, frankly, I am too. Most of the night was a blur. I went out to a frat party and got really drunk. I ended up staying late and most of my friends left. I don t exactly remember the sequence of events that set up my free fall into black dick domination.

I do remember where it all kind of started. There was some conversation with Tyrone, Darren, two other black guys, and a few white girls. They were talking, and laughing, about the big black dick stereotype, which to me at this point was still just an urban legend. That little conversation stayed with me, and worked its way into my drunken brain throughout the night.

Later that night, I ended up hanging out with Darren and Tyrone again, smoking some weed in Darren s bedroom. There was some other people there, but eventually, the group dwindled down and left the three of us there hanging out, rolling one last blunt.

I didn t really know either of these two guys. I had a few classes with Tyrone over the years, but none with Darren. They were both big, fit black guys, and both played sports. I wasn t much of a social butterfly in the first place, and the combination of the weed, alcohol, and hanging out with these two, frankly, intimidating black men made me feel small and awkward.

But these two were buddies. They bantered back and forth and barely payed me any mind, except to pass the blunt. A few times I tried to get into the conversation, but kind of just got ignored.

When we were done smoking, the three of us all just ended up messing around with our phones. I could hear the two of them getting texts. I just was surfing the internet, getting ready to walk home.

A few minutes of silence, the only sounds in the room bing us on our phones and the two of them receiving and sending texts, and I was about to make my exit. But then it happened.

Out of nowhere, Darren stood up, positioned himself in front of where I was sitting, and unzipped his pants, and whipped out his oversized black dick.

Taken aback, I couldn t help but stare. A million thoughts ran through my head. What just happened? Was this some kind of joke? Holy shit it was big, hanging there outside of his open fly. I wanted to look away, but I found that I couldn t. It looked bigger soft than I got hard. Several silent moments passed as I just stared, before I collected myself and looked away, red-faced.

They laughed for a minute, then Tyrone walked over and locked the door. When I asked what was going on they towered over my and Tyrone put a large black finger to my lips. Then he put his large black hand on my chin and tilted it up, so I was looking them in the eyes.

Listen up, white boy, Tyrone said with a stern voice, You are going to suck Darren s dick tonight. He s thirsty, its been a while, and he decided yo ass is the best he is going to get right now.

I m not gay, I said as I pulled away.

He grabbed me by the throat and squeezed. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he pushed my back onto the couch.

That is not our problem, he said with a booming voice, pushing be back and chocking me. You are going to suck Darren off, and you are going to like it. You are going to do whatever we say, and who knows, by the time we are done with you, you might be gay.

With that Tyrone grabbed me by the hair and pulled my forward. He positioned himself behind the couch and, with his hands in my hair, tiled my head back so I was looking up at the ceiling.

While Tyrone held me here against my will, Darren moved forward, undoing his belt and dropping his pants. He stood there, a few feet from me on the couch, in his t shirt and underwear, big black dick hanging out through the hole in his boxers. Then he dropped his boxers.

While Tyrone held me there, Darren began to rub his balls and flaccid dick on my face and lips. I struggled, but Tyrone only tightened his grip on the fistful of hair he held me in place with. At one point I winced in pain and my mouth opened. Darren took the opportunity to slip a ball between my lips. From there he started whipping his dick back and forth, slapping his fat dark cock against my pale skin. I could feel his dick swelling with blood, getting thicker and firmer as it slapped against my face.

After a minute of this, Tyrone grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me down off the couch on to the floor. I landed on my hands and knees, then sat down.

On your knees, white boy, Darren bellowed. I was beside myself, confused, and very much drunk, so I didn t react right away. At least not in the way that they liked.

Our of no where a hand came down and slapped me across the face. Tyrone s slap sent me down onto my side, onto the floor. I was quickly pulled back up and roughly set on my knees.

The nigga said on your knees, white boy, Tyrone said as he set my in my place, We aint fuckin around, bitch.

His point was taken. I sat there on my knees, looking down on the floor, feeling a combination of fear, shame, and curiosity.

Look up, commanded Tyrone.

I looked up and my gaze got caught on Darren s cock once more. It still hung down, but it had grown in length and girth. It was huge. Way bigger than mine, and it wasn t even hard yet.

What do you think, asked Darren, looking down at me, Tell the truth.

I-I-It s, I stammered, really big.

Is that all you think? he replied.

It s so thick, and long, I conceded, perhaps a little too quickly. It s huge, whispered in a hushed undertone.

Darren took off his shirt and lorded over me. He was ripped, hung, and stood tall in front of where I kneeled. Darren worked his way towards me. At this point, I was too afraid to move.

He took his massive black dick by the base and smacked it against my face, over and over again. I felt him grow hard as his black dick bounced off of my soft white cheeks. This kept on for several minutes, until eventually he stepped back and his dick stood rock hard, about a foot away from his body. It stood only a few inches from my face.

He leaned down and, looking my straight in the eye, whispered Suck my dick.

It was right there, but at the time I couldn t bring myself to do that. I was not gay. I was not even supposed to be in a situation like these two had put me in. So I just sat there, on my knees, big black dick mere inches from my face, and did nothing. It was a mistake.

After a few moments, Tyrone grabbed me, turned me around, and slapped me to the floor again.

Listen white boy, Tyrone said, The man said to suck his dick. In case you did not know, you cant just leave a black dick like that hanging, he gestured at Darren s oversized manhood, You re in college, you can figure out how this works, now go suck Darren off. Put yourself in your place before we have to.

With that, Tyrone pulled me up by the back of my shirt and put me back on my knees, directly in front of Tyrone. Tears dropped down my cheeks. I couldn t believe it. I was about to be forced to suck a dick. A big, black dick, none the less.

Darren moved forward and grabbed his dick by the base. It looked like a weapon. He slid the tip onto my lips. I didn t move. He maneuvered it along my lips momentarily, then began to slip the tip in. I shifted my head back. He grabbed my face under my chin and pinched my cheeks, pursing my lips open. He then slid his dick into my mouth.

I gagged almost immediately. He tasted salty, and I could smell his manhood. But Darren did not care. Spit closed out of my mouth and onto my face and the floor as he pumped his fat dick between my lips. He grabbed my head and pulled my head as far down as it would go. I felt like I was drowning on black dick and my own spit. He pulled it out and I coughed, gagged, and collapsed to the floor.

They laughed. Look at this white bitch, said Tyrone, cant even suck a dick

Oh he gon learn, replied Darren.

I looked up at the two of them through blurred vision with fear in my eyes.

Come here, said Darren. This time I obeyed.

Open up, white boy, he ordered. Once again, I obeyed.

Kneeling there with my mouth open, Darren moved forward and this time put his balls in my mouth.

See that, white boy, he said, That is where you belong, deep under a superior black dick. How do you feel?

I looked up at him but didn t say a word. His dick bisected my vision.

You should feel great, he went on, You finally found your place.

With that he walked over to the couch and sat down.

Come here boy, he said as he spread his legs, come here and suck daddy s dick.

I walked over, kneeled down, and did as I was told.

I could barely fit Darren s cock s head into my mouth, I had never done this before so had no idea how to suck a dick. I did not want to touch it with my hand. All in all, I guess I was not doing a great job, so Darren decided to help me.

He put both big, black hands on the site of my head and started guiding my mouth. I tried to resist at first, but he was too strong and pulled me along by my hair if I fought him.

If I feel your teeth I ll beat your ass, he said under his breath. Don t fuck with us. It s still early and it is gonna be a long ass night. Settle in.

Not that I had much choice in the matter. At that moment I couldn t get the black dick out of my mouth if I wanted too. Darren s big hands led to big arms, then big shoulders, big chest, ass, legs, etc. He was several inches over six feet tall, and probably weighed around 200 pounds. Tyrone was a similar build, but a little taller and a little slimmer. By themselves, either one of them was more than a match for me, physically. And, at least Darren, was more than a match for me in terms of dick size. And, from what I had seen in interracial porn, Tyrone was going to be as well.

Thats it white boy, that is how you please a black dick, Darren said as his guiding of my mouth quickly turned into fucking of my mouth. Suck it like a the bitch you are, little faggot.

Have you started to like it yet, bitch? asked Tyrone. The thought hadn t even occurred to me. I looked over at Tyrone, but didn t say anything. Not that I could if I wanted to with the way Darren was abusing my mouth.

He s starting to.. I can tell, said Darren, guiding my mouth back and forth with a fistful of my hair in his hands.

I was so confused, but he probably wasn t lying. He could tell that I was no longer resisting, and that I was moving my head a little bit on my own, using my tongue, and trying to take in a little more each time. I chalked this up to some sort of survival instinct, to just no longer resist. But the truth was that as his thick, rock hard, black dick filled my mouth, a million unexpected thoughts filled my head.

When I look back to this moment, all I remember thinking was that his dick was just so incredibly big. And thick. And hard. And coated with a layer of my spit as it slipped back and forth through my lips. I very unexpectedly felt my blood start to flow to my dick.

Yeah you like it, don t you boy? asked Darren from above, You can tell us, bro. We know. You like it down there. Its ok. You look good down there.

I was on my knees, letting him bob my head back and forth on his enormous black dick. His hands were in my hair and my own were behind my back, totally submissive. My own little cubby hard started to stiffen up, and I was willingly accepting it all. I was so confused but I couldn t help but wonder if he was on to something.

Nigga, I think you right, said Tyrone, as if on cue, Bet these white boys are like their female counterparts, you know how a white girl is once she gets a little jungle fever in her, he laughed.

True, replied Darren, slowing down his pace. He pulled my head all the way back so that only the tip of his massive, swollen, cock rested between my pursed lips. Kneeling there, clasping my hands behind my back, I let this all happen, and offered no resistance.

My mind was a blur. Before tonight, I had never even had sexual thoughts about another guy, and here I was on my knees with a massive black dick resting in my unresisting mouth, the back of my lips resting on the head of his cock. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about what was going on.

We know its hard for you, he said, looking down at me. I looked up at him, then my eyes traced down his body and on to the shaft of his dick, A lot of thoughts must be going through your head right now.

He swiveled his hips while he talked, rubbing the head of his cock along my lips.

I know you like this big black dick, and I know you don t want anyone to know, he almost whispered, It s ok, we can keep your secret. We can work this out.

He started to pump his hips more and more, inch by slow inch sliding more and more of his throbbing cock back into my mouth. At this point my own dick was really starting to press up against my jeans.

Or you could just sit there and take it, bitch, he started going faster and deeper into my throat, You are where you belong, white boy. On your knees, mouth full of big black cock.

At this point, Darren was fucking my face harder and much more roughly than he was before. It hurt where he had his hand in my hair and my neck was starting to ache. Spit covered my face and tears welled up in the corners of my eyes as he pushed it deep into my throat.

I was making that combination slurp, gag, suck noise you hear in porn sometimes as he abused my mouth. I finally pulled my hands from behind my back and tried to push him away, but to no avail. My pathetic attempt just saw him grab my wrists and place my hands on his manhood. He placed my right hand on his shaft, and I couldn t even fit my fingers around it all the way. My left hand was placed on his balls. which felt enormous in my hands.

Yeah white boy, just like that, he said while guiding the action. Just like that. Suck on daddy s big black dick. Use them hands, don t let us down. I did as I was told.

As I tentatively worked his thick, dark shaft and massive balls I couldn t help but think about just how big it was. I had a full on raging, and confusing, erection at this point, and he just absolutely dwarfed me. It was such a monster. I don t know what it was, but there was just something about this big black dick that kind of turned me on. Like it was just so big and domineering, so alpha, that I couldn t help but find myself almost hypnotized by this whole thing.

He loving that nigga dick, said Tyrone, Don t ya, white boy?

Darren pulled me off. I didn t say anything.

My man asked a question, he said sternly.

I still didn t say anything. What could I say? They wouldn t want me to deny it, and I couldn t tell them yes.

One more time, said Darren, Don t you love this big, black cock? He grabbed the base and gave it a wave. My gaze was fixed on his massive cock, but I didn t say anything.

I just couldn t admit it, at least not out loud. I did not know what was going to happen, but I just couldn t answer their question right then. For all my submission physically to them, I was trying not to think about what was going on, but obviously that was hard, and obviously my dick had other thoughts. Thoughts that I didn t know I had, and that I could not admit out loud.

Darren sighed. Tyrone grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me off of my knees and slammed by back onto the floor, and then sat my down. While I was sitting on my ass with my back on the wall, Darren walked over, long hard dick swinging from side to side, but otherwise looking disappointed.

Listen, you need to understand, he said, his dick hanging inches from my face, Right now, Tyrone and I, we own your little white ass. We are your masters now. What you do, its up to us. You are going to get exactly what you deserve, and you are going to like it. Remember what I said about the teeth.

With that he grabbed my head with one hand and his dick with the other and put his dick in my mouth. He went back to fucking my face, but more furiously this time, and since I was against the wall I had no place to go as he throttled his dick as far intro my mouth and throat, slamming my head against the wall as he did so.

After a few minutes of this I was desperate for air, and weakly trying to push him away. He acquiesced, and I leaned forward gasping for air with split leaking out of my gaping mouth.

Darren roughly pulled my shirt up over my head. A moment later Tyrone pulled my jeans off, leaving there in my boxers. But I might as well have been naked, sitting there against the wall, as my dick stood throbbing pressed against my underwear, and I felt very exposed and self conscious.

Tyrone noticed first. There was a laugh, and he had Darren check it out.

You really should have just told us, white boy, Tyrone said, Now we have to teach you a lesson about the dangers of not being honest.

With that Tyrone grabbed me, hauled me up and bent me over the armrest of the couch. Face down in the cushion and ass up in the air, Tyrone quickly and violently pulled my boxers down my legs and off.

White boy s like half the size of you, remarked Tyrone.

Not surprised, said Darren, as he moved over and sat next to where my face was on the couch. I could look up and see his shaft still standing up in the air as he sat. Rock hard. I closed my eyes.

Listen, said Darren, Daddy wants you to know that we are doing this because you made a mistake, ok? We just want everything to work out, and you brought this upon yourself. Next time, be more respectful of your betters, and do what we say.

With that, Tyrone brought his big, black, hand down and spanked me, hard. I could feel the redness coming up on my left butt cheek, but before I could do anything, he came down just as hard on the right. I grunted in pain as he continued this punishment, Darren stroking his giant dick right in front of me with one hand, and holding the other on my shoulder.

All you white boys deserve this treatment, said Tyrone, laying down a blow right on the center of my ass. His hand lingered and he ran one finger across my asshole on his way off, We been fucking your women, now its time to put you in your place.

Darren ran his hands through my hair. Why don t you just admit it, he said, We know you cant help but submit to such a superior dick. Your own body gave you away already. Just tell us what we need to hear. What you need to say.

I opened my eyes and through tears and blurry vision and Darren s thick black dick was all I could see. It stood there thick, hard, and proud, as he slowly stroked his hand up and down it. Tyrone spanked me again, but I didn t break my gaze. I don t know what happened exactly, but in that moment, something inside me broke, and I just gave in.

You re right, I conceded, still not breaking my stare, I.. I just didn t want to admit it.

Tyrone pushed me to the ground off the couch. I quickly pulled my underwear up from around my ankles. I did not do much to cover up my own raging hard on. I stood there in front of the two of them, still fixated on Darren s oversized cock.

We knew that white boy, said Tyrone, Your own little white prick gave that away. Now get on your knees. That s where your ass belongs now, he commanded.

I listened. I sunk down to my knees. My dick pressed against the front of my boxers. In front of me Darren continued to stroke himself, completely naked. Tyrone leaned against the arm of the chair he just had straddled and abused me on.

Now that you are where we know you want to be, tell daddy what s on your mind, said Darren, giving his dick a little wiggle, what do you think? You been staring for a while.

I paused and I stammered. Then I shifted uncomfortably for a second. Then I just let go.

Its so big, I said, Just, like, fucking huge. I have seen black dicks in porn and all before, but yours is just, so… impressive.

Do go on, Darren laughed.

It is just so big, so long, and thick. I feel like I just… I want it. I didn t even fight you before when you made me suck it. My dick is rock hard.. It s just.. overwhelming, and, I looked away, I am not supposed to feel like this, especially not for a- I lowered my voice, black guy.

Darren stood up and took the two steps towards me. His black dick stood up and out away from his toned dark hips. It bounced heavily with each step. He stopped with his dick about a foot from my face. He cut an impressive figure. I must have looked like I was kneeling at the altar of some African fertility god.

Listen white boy, said Darren, You want this dick because it is black, not in spite of it. A lotta white boys are like you. Women too. Once you get a taste y all get hooked. Once you go black and all that. And we ve only just begun.

I looked up at him, stunned. I couldn t believe what was happening, and the words that were coming out of my mouth, but my body had already betrayed me.

He looked down and quietly whispered suck my dick.

This time I acquiesced. I began to lean forward, closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I felt his hands grab the back of my head.

Starting off slowly, gingerly, I sucked his massive black dick while Tyrone watched from the couch. I couldn t get much in at first, but Darren was more than happy to help and guide me.

My erection raged against my underwear. It was so confusing how horny I felt while blowing him. After a few minutes he guided my hands to his balls and the thick shaft that stuck out between my lips. That was when I lost it.

With my lips around his back black cock, and his manhood in my hands, I felt my own dick start to leak. Then, a few enthusiastic slurps on him later, without touching it or doing anything but pleasuring him, I felt an orgasm rip through my genitals.

I spasmed a bit as hot cum shot from my dick, only to get caught in my underwear and form a sticky load in my boxers. It felt like buckets were coming out. A million thoughts ran through my head, but the one that was the most salient was not to let them know that this happened. I could not let them know, after all of my dissent and getting told my place earlier, that I just came in my pants while sucking him off.

So I doubled down. Ignoring the mess in my pants, I gagged as I tried to take his dick in as deep as I could down my throat. I don t know how, but thought i could just get through it without them noticing and pretend it never happened. But it was not to be.

I saw that, white boy, Tyrone called me out. I see that cum stain on your drawers.

I ignored him, but Darren didn t.

What happened T? asked Darren.

This cracker just nutted in his pants, Tyrone said with a slightly laugh, From sucking on a negro s dick. He laughed.

I just kept sucking, ignoring it.

No shit, said Darren. Well from where i m at, it seems like this white boy is getting to know his place. And enjoying it.

Mmmhmm, Tyrone agreed, We making good progress.

Show daddy what happened, Darren said, pulling gently upwards with his hands in my hair.

Without saying anything, I stood up, resigned. I felt the cum sticking my boxers to my dick, and slowly dripping down my leg. A wet spot was obvious on the fabric.

Take them off, demanded Darren.

I obeyed, avoiding eye contact, red-faced and embarrassed. My now flaccid dick hung down as far as it could, dwarfed by the rock hard monster in front of me. I could see the wet mark on his brown skin showing how deep i had it in my mouth. It was not very far.

That little white dick just couldn t take it, said Tyrone. Not a bad amount for a white boy. I had a feeling this might happen, but I bet this one had no idea.

Darren laughed, Yeah, not until he saw this black dick. He likes being on his knees I think.

With that line, he pushed me back onto the floor and inserted his dick back between my lips.

Think about it, Tyrone said while i began blowing Darren again, You just prematurely ejaculated. While sucking a dick. A black dick. What does that say about you? You like it more than you let on.

I paused for a moment and looked up at Darren, cock head in my mouth. They were right. What does this say about me?

I did not have much time to reflect as Darren quickly returned me to the task at hand.

I was completely naked, on my knees, dick in my mouth. I was doing my best, but he kept forcing it in a little bit more each time. Spit dripped out of my mouth, so i put it on my hand to help service him.

At this point I had completely give in. I don t know what snapped, but all I wanted to do was pleasure him, to make him cum like I just had. It was just what I had to do.

I gagged a few times as he forced it into my throat, but overall, I was being a good little white boy, knowing my place like they told me. I felt myself getting hard once more.

He loves sucking that nigga dick, said Tyrone, You were right, he does look good down there.

Hearing this made me feel a weird sense of pride. I wanted to make them both cum, to suck both of their big black cocks until they couldn t hold it any more and shot their hot loads in my mouth or, even better, my face. It felt like I had already been sucking him for a while, but i didn t care. I doubled up my efforts on Darrens massive shaft, only to have him stop me short.

Look, he really does like it, said Darren, pointing at my once again rock hard dick. Typical white boy. But we got some stuff you gonna like even more.

He backed up a few steps. I felt a rush of fear, excitement, and depravity.

Crawl to me, on you hands and knees, he ordered.

I did as I was told. Ass up in the air, dick sticking straight out.

Now stay like that for a minute. You look good.

Tyrone walked in front of me. My turn, he said, No teeth, ok?

His dick looked even bigger than Darren s. It was definitely thicker. I got nervous I wouldn t be able to open up enough. But the situation quickly changed.

I heard behind me the sound of liquid coming out of a tube, and wet hands rubbing together. Then a oily smack of Darrens large hand came down on my left butt cheek. He was lubing up my asshole, and his own dick. He quickly reached underneath and gave my dick a few quick strokes, noting that since it was so hard I must be enjoying myself.

No, please, I began to panic, I can t do this, you are way too big you will hurt me, I couldn t do this, it was just too much.

Bet you thought you couldn t fit it in your mouth either, Darren said, with my balls in his lubed up hands. Don t worry, I ll go gentle. He slipped a finger into me. Just remember what Tyrone said, no teeth.

With that, Tyrone inserted his dick into my mouth. A few minutes later, the finger in my asshole came out and I felt the head of his steel hard dick pressing up against me.

If you liked blowing me, you re gonna love this, white boy, Darren said, inserting the head of his cock into my lubed up asshole.

It was a weird mix of pain and pleasure. It hurt and burned a bit as he stretched me out, but my dick flexed when he put it in, and i felt the opposite of turned off by the large black dick in my ass.

Darren fucked me hard while I did my best to service Tyrone. The sex itself was a blur, but i remember that Tyrone surprisingly came first, pulling out and covering my face with his massive cumshot. I didn t even think I was doing as good a job on him, since I was focusing on what was going on behind me.

But once he came Darren pushed my cum covered face down onto the carpet and really went to work. He fucked my ass with his long hard dick, ravishing me on the carpet. He started once again talking about how this was my place, pleasing black men. Once again, I just couldn t take it, and with a dick in my ass and my face on the floor, I once again came, blowing a load that hit against my stomach and chest, which then dripped onto the floor as he took me from behind.

When Darren came, it was like a super soaker. His nut hit the back of my head, and left ropes on my back. He rubbed it and smacked it against my ass a few times, leaving warm pools of cum on my back and ass.

That takes us back to the beginning of this story. This was the first time I did something like this, but certainly was not the last. I spent quite a few more nights at that frat house that semester, gladly being put in my place by these two and others.

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