I was Just A Sex Slave…4

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I was Just A Sex Slave…4
After Bruce uncle had left for work, Bruce allowed me to get an hours rest before he revived me and took up where his uncle had left off. I had pleaded with him to let me rest but Bruce suggested that we engage in sexual activities and he would take his time.

Bruce was true to his word, but I did not expect him to ride me all night. He only let me go into the toilet to freshen up and remove his substance that was on the exterior of my form.

It was almost 7oclock and the sun was beginning to rise on that Saturday morning. Bruce was unquenchable when it came to the act of having sex, his penis was all ways as hard as a rock when he entered mu bung.

I was so exhausted that I surrendered to what ever he wanted me to do. My body was like a limp doll as he twisted me around and turned me to what ever position he wished. All I could do was whimper and cry as he had his way.

As I made my way back to the bedroom, after cleaning from one sex session, I was surprised to see Bruce sitting in the big chair. His knees spread wide and he was stroking his sizable phallus.

Bruce commanded …come over hear and kneel down between my knees, I want you to suck me off and swallow every drop… I was so exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. As if I was hypnotized I staggered over to him and slowly went down to my knees.

Bruce leaned forward and took my head in his hands and guided my face to his erect throbbing penis. I looked up at him pleadingly as he brushed his rigid penile glans across my lips.

Bruce lifted my face by the chin and said …come finish by sucking me off and swallowing my cum and we can go to bed and rest. I barely could open my mouth as Bruce inserted his penis into my oral cavity.

My jaws were stretched to their max as he lifted my head up and down on his throbbing penis. I don t know how long it was before Bruce shot an huge amount of his sperm into my mouth I tried to swallow but could not contain all of his fluids.

When he pulled his flaccid penis from my lips he told me …lick up all you missed and clean my dick and nutz good… I feebly licked and sucked up the goo till he was clean. Bruce lifted me by the arms and guided me to the bed. Both of us climbed in bed and Bruce snuggled up close behind me tenderly nestling me in his arms.

I could feel Bruce penis throb between my aching buttocks as he gently twisted my nipples, soon I drifted off in peaceful slumber.

I was woken by some one twisting my head around and the rank smell of musk waffling up my nostrils. Bruce uncle had returned from work and was sitting at the head of the bed with my head nestled between his out stretched legs.

I heard him as if he was standing some distance away say …come on bitch, I m tired and want to get some rest. Open you fuck hole and suck this dick so I can fuck that ass some more…

He pinched my jaws together with his finger and thumb, my mouth opened and his old penis was pushed into my mouth. Bruce uncle was close to 30years old, nearly twice my age.

His penis sprang to life and filled my mouth completely. I could barely breath as he pulled my head down pushing his penis into my throat. I heard Bruce say to his uncle …that pussy done close up now, let me open it up and get it wet for you unc…

My hands were under his uncles thighs, before I could free them Bruce had climbed on my back and inserted his penis into my bung hole and was sliding it back and forth quickly.

Bruce uncle moaned and groaned as he worked my head up and down, mucus flowed from my lips and nose as Bruce worked his penis in and out of my bung. His uncle said …hurry up and get that pussy wet boy, I want fuck it good so I can get a good rest.

Bruce slammed into me and I felt his penis throb and a stream of fluid strike the inside walls of my rectum. Bruce grind into me for a while before pulling from my savagely wrecked rectum. His uncle pulled his monstrous size penis from my mouth and crawled over me to me back.

I was coughing trying to get my breath when I felt his enormous penile glans poise at my bung hole. I was so tender that the slightest touch caused my body to tremble in pain. With a steady press, his uncle slid his arm size penis deep into my aching bung.

I cried out in pain as he slid in and out till his pubic hair was nestled between my buttocks and he grind into me. His penis was so hard and my anal canal so tender I could feel every twist and turn of his head and shaft as it worked around my bung hole.

I gripped the sheets in my hands to alive the pain as Bruce uncle grind away in my rectum. I was so tired and hurt I couldn t put up any resistance.

For almost an hour Bruce uncle grind and hunched into my rectum till he shot a huge amount of fluid into my butt. He collapsed down on my back breathing as if he had just run a marathon. His penis throbbing just as hard as he was gasping for breath. I could feel every vein of his penis as blood was pushed through his tube and his heart was pounding at my back something fierce.

Bruce came and laid down beside us as his uncles breathing slowed, his uncle turned his head to look at his nephew and said …boy, I don t know where you found this piece of ass but you done found a good fucking toy. I m gonna get some rest wake me up around 2oclock. I m gonna keep my dick in this ass, you should feel this bitch squeezing my dick with his ass muscles…

I was whimpering and crying softly as they talked and could feel my anal muscle rings respond to his penis as it throb. I couldn t help it as his penis was so far in my rectum. With him on my back and me impaled by his penis I drifted off again into exhausted slumber.

I was Just A Sex Slave…4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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