Ice and Fire

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Ice and Fire
You enter our room with a bucket if ice from the machine down the hall and have a half grin on your face and I politely say thank you and as you put the bucket down I hand you a blindfold to put on and tell you to do so and stand in front of the bed facing me. You look over your shoulder at me and just bow your head ever so slightly and say “yes Sir” soft but firmly.

Your standing in front of the bed now, blindfolded, with your sexy see through dress on, still with the cloths pin poking out. I approach you and again grab your breasts and then press my naked body up against you. Grabbing your ass cheeks and spreading firmly apart. You half whimper half gasp, i kiss your neck and lick up to the back of your ear and whisper good girl deeply. I step back and ask you “would you like to get unclothed?” To which you replied “yes sir. I would love to! ( all sexy n like). Can you please help me?”

Your world goes silent, it seems like almost a minute has passed and you haven’t had any touch, you haven’t even heard me breath, the only thing you can hear is the low, sultry electric sexy music on in the back ground. Your ears alert you to the sound of my quietly walking, then a zipper sound, couple more steps, then silence. You feel my soft hand touch your foot and gently lift it off the ground and can feel I slipped something around it but then I set your foot back down, your kind of confused, but then feel the soft touch again on your other foot, the same thing. Wait you think, these feel like my panties.

I behind to hike those cheekies up your legs but get to a point just below your deep inner thighs, I can smell the scent of your moist pussy when I breath deep, or better get closer, breather deeper, ughhh I can’t wait to taste you. Quickly I kiss your clit through that dress and grab those ties in the sides and pull them loose and let it fall to the ground, but as it did the front got caught on the damn cloths pin and boy did you let out a yelp. I gently removed the pin and you spoke up, “thank you sir” you said.

My soft hands again, this time on your legs. I skip the dress off you and throw it to the ottoman, but the. The sound goes dark again, but not for as long bc you now hear a hum, pretty loud, and it moves around you, to the other side of the bed, you hear me get in and now can almost feel me with how close I am. You can hear me breath, you can almost touch me. One of my hands grabs the crotch of your panties and pull up hard, giving you some camel toe, and a little pain, but u smile. Good girl

The hum you, you now can feel is a small vibrating thing and you sense me putting it in the crotch. And I do, and proceed with pulling your panties up all the way and give it a good final check to make sure the vibe is just below your clit, and your starting to moan. Yea hear me get off the bed and disappear into the room again. From behind you, you feel my soft touch again, not my hand, but a single touch, pointed and round, well cut, touch, between your upper ass cheeks. I wrap my arms around you and pull you into me. Chest to back. As I kiss your neck I can hear the sound of your deep expressive breaths. God that turns me on, knowing how turned on your are turns me on even more. I can’t stop kissing, I can’t stop listening. You grinding you ass into my cock and can feel the length of it down your ass crack. I suddenly push u gently on the bed and make you roll your your back and I straddle you, the weight of me on your hips, with that weight pressing that vibrator harder against you clit and deeper in the lips of your pussy. God that vibrating feels god for me, it’s got to feel good for you.

Next I lay down on you, my chest presses against yours, running my fingers into your hair at your temples and ending at the back crossing my fingers and start intimately kissing you. You love it, I love it. Our tongues playing w each other, Just teasing each a little… but i bite your lower lip and pull it down some. I move my way down to your chest and play with both your (still hard) nipples. Ugh. I love them. You love that I love them and your cup your breasts for me squeeze them and sigh and tell me that you want to fuck me. You didn’t say air either. BAD GIRL. I sit up suddenly and you know somethings wrong.

I get off you and now things are silent again and your thinking to yourself about what I’m about to do to you. What you want me to do to you and what you don’t. You feel my hand lead yours into the hat and you know to grab a punishment out and you hand it to me. I tell you, why your getting punished and that’s bc you didn’t say sir again. Silence again but the sound of the ice on the bucket as I shook it near you startled you. The ice!

Suddenly your nipple gets a cold wet drop on it and it hardens even more, then I hold the cube to it and start rubbing it around, now it’s red, swollen and hard, your areola is also starting to turn darker and get puffy. Now the other breasts, both at the same time! Your breathing deep again, that vibrator is still going strong but it sounds like it might be staying to die soon. But then I lean away, i reach for something.

All of a sudden, there’s an intense, almost unbearable pain on your breast, your nipple. It’s hot! And another drop, “ouch” you say but even by then it’s stating to fade, but it’s getting hard. It still feels dull hot and cold. I switch to the other breast, which has had a chance to warm from the ice and drop more wax on the other. Just a few drops. Ok a couple more. You know what it is and despite the pain, smile and groan. I put the candle down and start gently removing the wax from each with my teeth, trying to be gentle but needing to be a little forceful, you again cup your beautiful breasts helping me with the task. Once your cleaned up I start slowly kissing from between your breasts down to your stomach. Swirl my tongue around your naval a little and stop to ask you if your ready, to which I hear in a happy tired voice. “Ohh I’m more then ready, sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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