In Too Deep.

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In Too Deep.
It didn t feel like adultery. Yes, we both cheated on our spouses. Yes, we hurt not only each other but also put in jeopardy those who loved us and trusted us. It caused us great anguish and torment. It was reckless. And yet I believe we would both do it all over again even knowing the pain that we were going to face.

It all began when I received an invitation to attend my high school reunion. Up until then I thought I was a happily married man with a bright future. I had no idea that this weekend was about to change my life. It was like a trap door was opened below me on the stage and I was falling out of control waiting to be shattered to pieces.

I hadn t thought about Beka since high school. She had been a good friend. We flirted regularly but were both dating other people. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into her at the opening reception. She was still attractive with a nice body that she kept in peak condition by teaching aerobics. Her red hair and sparkling green eyes made it hard not to be attracted to her.

We hit it off like old times and were soon engaged in long conversations about life and time past and lost innocence. She was married with three k**s. I was married with two. Our spouses had stayed home. I was surprised when Beka told me that she had a crush on me in high school and wished all our flirting and teasing had led to something more. We talked until everyone had left. I finally walked her back to her hotel room.

You can come in if you d like, she said in a matter-of fact manner like it was no big deal. There is a bottle of wine in the mini-bar, and I m not tired.

We finished the bottle. A slow song from our high school days came on the oldies station playing in the background. I took her hand and pulled her from the chair. She threw her arms around my neck. Our bodies melded together and swayed to the music. We barely shuffled our feet. She looked up at me. Our lips brushed together and parted. Our tongues mingled. The song ended but we didn t move. Our lower bodies pressed together in a slow grind. She finally pulled away.

Wow. I can t remember the last time I was kissed like that, Beka said finally pulling away. What s happening? Rather than answer I pulled her back into my arms. The kiss resumed, this time with more passion. I slipped my hands down her back and pulled her tighter against me. It was like two teenagers discovering each other for the first time. Our bodies were on fire. She rubbed her pussy against my hard cock. My hand slipped down and squeezed her ass cheek. Beka finally pushed me away.

We d better stop before it gets out of control. We have others to think about. I m sorry but I m just not ready. Okay?

I nodded as though I understood, but my head was spinning with lust. Reluctantly I headed for the door. When I opened it to leave she tilted her head for a goodnight kiss. That was all it took. I backed her against the wall and kissed her hard. We humped like two teenagers, shamelessly grinding our sex organs together. My hand went under her top and inside her bra. I tugged on her hard nipple.

Beka gasped and spun away from me. I pressed behind her sliding my hands around her waist and up under her top. I ground my cock into her ass cheeks and nibbled on her neck. My fingers squeezed the soft flesh of her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

Oh god, what are you doing to me, she gasped. We have to stop.

Beka made no effort to pull away. I slid a hand across her stomach pushing it under the waistband of her white pants and into her panties. My fingers slid through the curly hair covering her mound until they reached the searing folds of her hot pussy. I curled two fingers into her body. She put her hand on my arm but made no effort to pull me away.

My fingers continued to dig inside her steamy passage. I found her clit with my thumb. Her juices were flowing onto my hand. I curled my fingers against her pelvic bone looking for that spot that drives most women crazy. Beka arched her back. Squeals and gasps exploded from her throat. Her body trembled. Juices gushed over my hand. Suddenly she pulled away from me.

You have to go, she ordered practically crying. I m sorry… I… I can t… I went back to my room with a huge case of the blue balls. I should have done something to relieve the pressure but it somehow didn t seem right. I fell asleep thinking about Beka. I was concerned that she might be mad at me for pushing her too far. When I saw her the next morning I went to apologise. She was not at all angry.

You scared me, that s all, she explained apologetically. I hardly ever have orgasms anymore, yet as soon as you touched me down there I exploded. I lost control. I wanted you inside me. I would have let you too. That s why I pushed you away. I can t cheat on my husband. I m sorry.

Don t be. You re a good person. There s nothing to be sorry about.

We spent the day together at the class picnic. It was hard for us to keep our hands off each other but we didn t want to raise any eyebrows. That night was the dinner-dance. Once again we closed the place down. This time I invited her to my room for a nightcap. I had a balcony that looked out over the ocean.

Okay, but you have to be good, she said teasingly.

I promise to be as good as you want me to be.

Why does it always have to be the girl? Beka protested. It s just not fair.

We stood on the balcony. I opened a bottle of wine which we drank while listening to the waves crashing ashore. We talked about our lives. We came to realise that despite being married we were both lonely and desperate to share feelings of intimacy. Beka had never been able to get over the time her husband cheated on her with her best friend. She stayed for the k**s but they had grown apart.

The alcohol gradually did its work and loosened our inhibitions. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She tilted her face towards mine. Our lips met. I pulled her closer and shoved my tongue into her mouth. Our bodies melded together in a shameless rhythm of grinding and humping.

I took Beka s hand and led her inside. We fell onto the bed. The kissing became more intense. I unzipped her dress down the back and loosened her bra. I pulled the straps from her shoulders exposing her naked breasts. My hand squeezed the soft flesh. I lowered my mouth and sucked a swollen nipple between my lips. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned. My hand slipped under her dress. I pressed my fingers against her mound through the silk panties she was wearing. Moisture seeped through the thin material. I found the outline of her clit and rubbed it in circles with my fingertip. She gasped and grabbed my arm. Her body shuddered.

I have to go pee, she declared swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Do you have something more comfortable I can slip into? I don t want to wrinkle my dress.

I handed her an oversized t-shirt. I decided to get more comfortable as well. I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of loose gym shorts. When Beka returned I could see her nipples poking out and knew that she had removed her bra. She climbed onto the bed with her back to me and pulled my arm around her waist.

I snuggled close kissing her on the neck and ear while pressing my cock into her firm ass cheeks. My hand slid under the t-shirt she was wearing. I gently rolled a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I slipped my other hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties. My lips moved from her neck to her ear which I tongued.

Do me with your fingers, she moaned pressing her pussy against me in a fucking motion.

I slipped my hand into her panties and curled two fingers up and into her steamy hole. She spread her thighs and dug her fingernails into my forearm. I fucked her with my fingers and kissed her neck. Her breathing became an erratic mixture of gasps and moans. I pinched down hard on her nipple and dug my fingers against her pelvic bone looking for her sweet spot. I must have hit it.

Oh god… nnnngggghhhhh… gggggggaaaaaaaaa…

A gush of juice oozed from her pussy and coated my fingers and hand. Her body jerked and shuddered. Her fingernails dug deeper into my arm. Squeals and moans were interspersed with gasps. I pulled my dripping fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them across her clit sending her to new heights of pleasure until she finally pulled my hand away to catch her breath.

Oh god… wow. I usually have such a hard time getting one of those, she gasped as she rolled to face me. What are you doing to me?
I think we re doing it to each other, I replied sitting back on the bed with a big lump pushing up from the front of my gym shorts, Except you re the only one getting any relief.

You poor thing, she teased. She snuggled up to me, pushed up my shirt and tweaked my nipples. We ll have to do something about that.

I didn t know what she had in mind, but my cock was about to explode. Beka leaned down and sucked my nipple into her mouth using her teeth and tongue to stimulate me.

Do you like that? She asked.

It s interesting. I don t think they are connected like a woman s, but it feels good.

She moved her mouth to my other nipple. I pulled off my shirt while she was doing this. Her hand slid down my stomach and over the bulge in my shorts. She rubbed her fingers along my length. It was driving me crazy. She reached into my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my hard flesh.

My goodness, she teased and smiled up at me, What do we have here?

Our lips met in another hot kiss. Her hand stroked me firmly and quickly. I pushed my shorts down exposing my cock. Her hand went faster. I could feel my head pounding and knew I was close. She put her head on my chest to watch. I think she was going to take me in her mouth but I didn t give her a chance. My balls boiled over. My cock swelled. I lifted off the bed and grunted.

The force of the explosion surprised both of us. She didn t move quickly enough. Cum sprayed in a steady stream that shot straight up from the tip of my cock. It splashed off her cheek and up her nose landing in her hair. She aimed my cock away from her face and continued to pump. More cum splattered across my chest and stomach. The last few drops oozed over her hand and fingers. I fell back on the bed completely drained.

Wow. That was a lot of stuff. Beka said looking up at me. Her fingers were still wrapped around my wilting cock.

I always try to make a good impression on a first date, I joked. That you did, she replied wiping cum from her cheek. Now I know what a porn star feels like. I just got my first facial.

I aim to please, ma am, I teased. Wait here, I ll be right back. I have to get a load off my chest.

That you do, Beka laughed. Bring me a towel so I can clean as well.

I returned from the bathroom wearing a clean pair of boxers. I sat down on the bed and handed her a wet towel. She wiped cum from her face and fingers. Then she snuggled next to me rubbing her hand across my chest and tweaking my nipples. She seemed to like doing that. I think it turned her on more than it did me.

I better get back to my room, she said with her head resting in the crook of my arm. It s getting late and I don t want to tempt fate more than we already have.

You re probably right. I just don t want to let you go. It s like magic being with you. Can t we stretch it out a little longer?

Beka tilted her head and looked up at me. We kissed. She swung a leg over my thigh. I pulled the t-shirt she was wearing over her head and threw it onto the floor. I could feel her hard nipples press into my naked chest. Our kiss resumed. I slid a hand down her back and slipped it under the waist band of her panties. My fingers kneaded the creamy skin of her cheeks and traced down the cleft between them. She humped my thigh.

Oh god, I want you so badly, she whispered while nibbling on my neck.

She kissed her way down my neck. Her hand slipped into the slit of my boxers and found my swollen meat. She wrapped her fingers around my hard flesh and gently stroked it. She sucked one of my nipples into her mouth and then kissed her way down my stomach. She hesitated with her mouth poised inches from my cock. The next thing I felt was her tongue shoot out and lick the head. She swirled it around my knob bathing it in saliva before sliding it between her lips.

Beka surprised me by her aggressiveness. She sucked my cock like a possessed woman. She teased my knob by raking her teeth across it before plunging her mouth down my length. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft and fucked it into the side of her cheek. Her tongue swirled across my hard flesh exploring every ridge and contour. Loud sucking and slurping sounds came from her mouth.

I grabbed her head pulling it from my cock. She looked at me with wild eyes. Spit was drooling from her lips. I kissed her hard shoving my tongue into her mouth. Her hand continued to stroke me in rapid jerks. She rolled onto her knees and bent over me to suck my cock back into her mouth. I reached between her legs, slipped my fingers under the crotch of her panties and rubbed her clit. Beka attacked my cock with renewed passion. I was trying to match the bobbing movements of her head with my own thrusts. My pubic hair was completely soaked with saliva. She pulled me from her mouth to get some air. She moved forward and rubbed the head across her swollen nipple. Her breathing was erratic. She gasped for air. I jammed my fingers up into her hot pussy.

Oh god… fuck me with your fingers… oh god… oh god…

She slammed her mouth down on my cock and held it against her throat. Her tongue massaged the underside of my shaft. I pushed and felt it go even deeper. She opened her throat to let me inside. She pulled up gasping for air and drooling spit. Then she slammed her mouth down driving it even deeper into her throat until her lips were pressed against my pubes.

Once again I pulled her head up and looked into her lust filled eyes. Her lips were drooling strands of spit. I kissed her hard shoving my tongue deep into her mouth. She swung her leg over me and rubbed her pussy against the knob of my cock through her panties. I could feel them pushing into her opening. It would have been so easy to pull her panties to the side and shove my cock up her cunt, but a voice told me not to do it. She had made it clear she didn t want that.

I broke away and rolled her off me and onto her back. I sucked on her nipples and continued down her body until I was staring at the crotch of her panties. I pulled them to the side and gazed at the dripping folds of her pink pussy. Then I buried my face in her juicy peach. I flicked my tongue along her gash and pushed it into her steamy passage. Beka s hands grabbed my head and pulled it tight against her.

I clamped my lips around her swollen mound and continued to fuck her with my tongue. She bucked up into my face squirming and twisting her body. I kept my mouth clamped tightly around her pussy making loud sucking and slurping sounds as I fucked her with my tongue. She was seeping with desire. Juices dribbled down my chin.

Oh fuck… oh god… yes… yes…. right there… ooohhh…

I shoved two fingers up her cunt and flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit. Beka lifted her ass off the bed and screamed. I clamped my mouth over her pussy and was rewarded with a sweet sticky gush that poured out of her body. Beka twisted and jerked on the bed while I kept my mouth clamped to her pussy. She finally collapsed with exhaustion.

Oh my god, she said breathlessly, No one has ever licked me like that.

Does that mean I m being compared to one guy or a thousand? I ll keep you guessing on that one, she laughed still trying to catch her breath. Let s just say I had some wild college years.

Didn t we all? So tell me, what am I supposed to do with this? I asked kneeling on the bed and showing her my throbbing cock which poked out shamelessly from my boxers.

Take those things off and get up here, she ordered. She sat back against the headboard of the bed.

I pulled off my boxers and walked forward on my knees straddling her legs until my cock was inches from her face. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and took me into her mouth. I grabbed her head and fucked her face like it was a pussy. Her mouth matched my thrusts making loud sucking and slurping sounds. Spit drooled from her lips in strands and fell onto her tits.

I was so close. Cum was churning in my balls and ready to explode at any second. I looked down at the pretty face with red hair and green eyes staring back at me. She slipped a hand into her panties and rubbed her clit as she continued to aggressively suck me. Her lips and tongue were working wonders on my cock.

I m going to cum, I warned.

Beka nodded her head. Her fingers were furiously digging into her pussy and rubbing her clit. Muffled moans escaped from her throat. My balls sent a surge of semen up my shaft. I clenched my teeth and grunted. Hot cum erupted into her mouth flooding it with spurt after spurt of creamy seed. I continued to fuck my cock between her lips until I was spent. Cum drooled from her mouth and dripped from her chin onto her tits.

She kept her lips around me. Her fingers were going faster and faster. Her body stiffened. My cock fell from her mouth. More cum flooded down her lips and chin. She slipped down on the bed and threw her head back. Her body contorted. Squeals reverberated off the walls until at last she collapsed breathing in gasps. I climbed off her and lay next to her on the bed.

Oh my god, she said trying to catch her breath. That s number three in the same night. I think that s a record.

Your fingers get all the credit for that one, I teased.

No. You get an assist, Beka laughed. Feeling you shoot in my mouth pushed me over the top. It felt so dirty and nasty. You are going to turn me into a shameless whore.

It s my pleasure, ma am, I joked.

And mine, she laughed. Oh, and before I forget, thank you.

For the mouthful? I asked. No. Well yes, that too, but for not… for not going inside me when I was on top of you. I would have let you. I was so ready. I wanted you in me. I never would have forgiven myself.

I was having a hard time understanding this woman s principles. Apparently getting finger fucked, getting her pussy eaten and giving me a blowjob did not constitute cheating. Vaginal penetration by the penis seemed to be all that mattered. I briefly wondered where anal sex fell into her hierarchy of cheating but quickly dismissed the thought.

I really do have to go, she said as she cleaned my stuff from her lips, chin and tits. She climbed out of bed and picked up her dress. I ll never forget this weekend. Call me if you ever get out west.

And that was it. I went home feeling guilty. It wasn t so much that I had been physically intimate with another woman, but that I had feelings for her… strong feelings. I couldn t get her out of my mind. She had cast a spell over me. I knew it was crazy. I was married with two k**s. She was married and had three k**s. We lived on opposite coasts. This wasn t going anywhere.

I tried to hide my guilt by having sex with my wife. We fucked like rabbits. Jachi had always been a passionate woman and the sex wasn t only good, it was fantastic. In fact, sex with Jachi was so good that I should have been able to put Beka out of my mind. For some reason I couldn t. I finally found an excuse to make a business trip out west and called Beka. I was nervous when she answered. Her first words were encouraging.
I ve been thinking about you so much, she said enthusiastically into the phone. I was hoping you would call.

I told Beka that I had arranged to spend the weekend if she wanted me to. She did. I had to develop an elaborate lie to Jachi about why I was going to be gone, but she didn t question it. She thought our marriage was getting better because of all the sex. Just to reassure her, right before I left for the airport I bent Jachi over the dresser, lifted her dress and fucked her from behind to a screaming orgasm.

I rented a place on the beach up the coast. Beka told her husband that she was visiting her sister Sopulu who lived nearby. She also made it clear to me that I had to be good and that she was not going to cheat on her husband. I had been hoping she would change her mind after returning home, but her strange morals persisted. It really didn t matter. I just wanted to be with her.

We checked in Saturday evening and sat in a love seat on the balcony listening to the waves and drinking wine to the sunset. We talked and talked until the bottle of wine was gone. I pulled her closer. Our lips met. She opened her mouth. I pushed my tongue inside. I lifted my hand and squeezed her soft breast through the top she was wearing. I lowered my mouth and bit into her neck.

Oh god I ve missed you, she moaned.

I moved my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy through the jeans she was wearing. She pressed against my fingers. Our kiss resumed. She reached down and unsnapped her jeans. She took my hand and slipped it into her panties. My fingers slid across the curly hair covering her mound and parted the moist folds of her pussy. I curled two fingers into her steamy passage.

Oh… oh god… yes…

I dug my fingers inside her pussy. She spread her legs and moved against me. She moaned and squirmed on the seat next to me. I pushed my fingers deeper and curled them up looking for the sweet spot inside her pussy. At the same time my thumb found her clit and brushed against it.

Her moans turned to gasps. She lifted out of the seat and threw her head back. Her body shook. Her fingers dug into my arm. Pussy juice washed across my fingers and hand. Loud moans and squeals reverberated out through the balcony as she bucked and thrashed against my fingers. The orgasm continued to shake her body until it ended in a whimper.

Ohmygod. How do you do that?

Magic fingers, I teased holding up my glistening hand.

It must be, she replied still trying to catch her breath. We should move inside. There s a man watching us two balconies over. He must have heard me. I don t think I was very quiet.

No, you weren t, I agreed.

We went inside, kicked off our shoes and climbed on the bed. Our bodies melded together in a hot and passionate embrace. Kissing led to groping which led to buttons and snaps coming loose. I pulled off her top and bra, and helped her wiggle out of her jeans. Beka was down to a pair of pink cotton panties. I stripped down to my gray briefs. My lips sucked her nipple into my mouth. My hand pushed into her panties. Two fingers pushed into her pussy.

Beka squirmed against me. I moved my mouth to her other nipple. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. My fingertip found her swollen clit and rubbed it in circles. I kissed down her stomach. My mouth moved over the crotch of her panties and sucked on her pussy through the thin material. I pulled the crotch to the side and pushed my tongue into her body. She moaned and squirmed against my face. I continued to suck and slurp on her juicy peach. My tongue flew across her clit. I pushed two fingers up her cunt looking for her button. She stiffened and gasped. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy against my face. I pulled my fingers from her body and clamped my mouth over her gushing cunt until she could no longer stand it. She pulled my head away and rolled onto her stomach still shaking.

What are you doing to me? she asked in a breathless gasp. I usually have such a hard time getting one of those. With you it s automatic. All you have to do is touch me.

I climbed onto her back, pushed my briefs down and wedged my hard shaft between her cheeks. It was in desperate need of relief. I kissed her neck and then her ear fucking my cock up and down her crevice through the panties she was wearing.

My pleasure, ma am, I whispered in her ear.

Mmmmmmmm… she purred rotating her ass against my cock.

I pulled the elastic of her panties to the side and slid my cock underneath. It wedged into the crevice between her naked ass cheeks. I moved it back and forth in a fucking motion. Beka slipped a hand into the front of her panties and rubbed her pussy. I moved my cock faster and faster along her crevice. Her panties held me in place. I sunk my teeth into the skin of her neck. She gasped. Her fingers flew across her clit.

I was so close. I fucked her cheeks like a mad man. Her gasps and moans became louder and more desperate. My cock swelled. I closed my eyes and grunted. I erupted with a river of cum that exploded up her crack and filled her panties with hot white goo. I collapsed onto her back and felt her body stiffen and shake below me. We lay there quietly catching our breaths.

I have to pee, Beka finally moaned and squeezed out from under me. Wine does that to me. And I think I better get out of these panties. Someone made a mess in them. Actually I think we both did.

Beka slipped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The back of her panties was soaked with my semen. I pulled my briefs back in place and waited for her to come out. After a few minutes the door cracked open and she stuck out her head.

I don t have anything to wear, she said stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. Can you toss me my jeans?

Not until you show me what s under the towel, I teased and stood up from the bed.

I don t have much to look at, she replied with a frown. I m skinny and flat-chested. You ll be disappointed.

I don t think so, I said in a soothing voice. Come on. You can trust me. She dropped the towel. I scanned her body with my eyes. Her tits were small but had a nice shape. Her nipples were dark pink and puffed out from her breasts like they were filled with air. She was thin around the waist but had nicely formed hips. Her firm stomach curved down to a vee which tapered between her shapely legs. A strip of red curly hair covered her swollen mound.

I know my breasts aren t very big. Does that bother you? Beka asked nervously. She covered them with her arms. Maybe I should get a boob job.

Big tits are overrated. I moved closer and pulled her arms away. They just get saggy when you get older.

That s kind of you to say, but I know you don t mean it. All guys like big tits.

Not me. I really do like yours. Now turn around, I ordered. I want to see the rest of the goodies.

Beka turned around and wiggled her ass at me. It was definitely her best physical feature. She was an aerobics instructor and it showed. Her shapely legs grew up into a perfectly formed ass that still had its rounded girlish shape. I stepped behind her putting my hands on her shoulders and kissing her ear.

You re beautiful I told her. You may be 38 with three k**s but you have the body of a 21 year old girl.

Thank you, she purred. She turned back until she was facing me. That s the nicest thing anyone has said to me for years. Now it s your turn to show me yours. I want to see the full package.

She stepped back and waited. I made a show of stepping out of my briefs and threw them into the corner like a Chippendale dancer. I stood with my hands on my hips and let her examine me. I had always kept myself in peak physical condition. My muscular chest was lightly covered with brown curly hair. I stood almost six feet and towered over Beka s 5 3.

Very impressive, she said scanning my body and focusing her eyes on the mostly limp cock hanging between my legs. My penis was slightly longer and thicker than average, but in its current state I did not think that there was anything impressive about it at all.

It s a lot more impressive when it grows up and becomes an adult.

I wasn t talking about just that, Beka laughed. She move closer and threw her arms around my neck. You always were a hunk. When I was in high school, I sometimes would masturbate while thinking about your muscular body and what was under those swim trunks.

I thought you had a boyfriend, I said while slipping my hands around her back. Didn t he keep you satisfied? Not really, she confessed. We never did much other than fool around. We weren t like you and Ginika. Everyone knew the two of you were screwing your brains out.

Of course we were, I confirmed. Why else would I have dated such a snob? So you were a virgin in high school?

I was. I was saving myself for Mr. Right like my mother told me to do. Dele was definitely not Mr. Right. That all changed the first time I got drunk in college and let a guy I barely knew take my virginity. After that… well let s just say I made up for lost time.

We kissed and held each other close. I finally pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

And did your mother also tell you never to sleep with a man who was not your husband? I asked.

Absolutely, she said laughing. But she never said I couldn t get naked with one.

Come here, I said reaching out to grab her.

Beka spun around until she was facing away and backed into me. I slid my hands around her body and gently squeezed the soft flesh of her naked breasts. I shoved my tongue into her ear. My cock grew hard. I slipped it between her thighs. I could feel it slide along the gash of her pussy.

Beka reached down and grabbed my cock. She held the head against her clit and moved her pussy back and forth against it. I bit into her neck and tweaked her nipples. She moaned and continued to press her clit against the head of my cock. I fucked it back and forth across her little nub. She shuddered and gasped and then pulled away.

She turned to me and threw her arms around my neck. Our lips met in a desperate kiss. Once again I slid my cock between her thighs rubbing it back and forth across her pussy. My hands slid down her back and cupped her ass cheeks. She moved against me as we continued to kiss. It would have been so easy to shift slightly and thrust up and into her pussy. Instead I pulled away.

I picked her up off the floor cradling her naked body in both arms. She put her hands around my neck. We kissed. I walked her over to the bed and lowered her onto her back. I stood above her and gazed down at the naked goddess below me. Her eyes locked on my hard cock. She rolled onto her stomach and repositioned herself until her lips were inches from my throbbing member. I pushed it into her mouth.

I slowly fucked her face. My eyes feasted on her naked ass cheeks and the crevice separating them. She shoved a hand under her body and moved it between her spread legs. Her lips and tongue massaged my cock as I fucked it in and out of her mouth. I moved faster and faster. Strands of spit drooled from her lips.

I pulled out and climbed onto the bed. I got on my back and pulled her on top of me in a sixty-nine position. She lowered her pussy to my mouth. I pushed my tongue up into her cunt. My nose was buried in her ass. Beka took my cock into her mouth swirling her tongue around my knob. We were in no hurry and took our time savouring the taste of each other. I buried my nose in her cunt and rubbed my forehead across her juicy gash. I sucked and slurped eagerly on her quivering pussy with my lips and tongue. She attacked my cock with renewed vigour. She plunged her mouth down over my swollen member and took me into her throat until her lips were pressed against my pubes.

I was determined to make her cum. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and flicked my tongue rapidly across her clit. She squirmed against me moaning around my swollen cock. My fingers dug into her pussy searching for that sweet spot near her pelvic bone. I raked my teeth across her clit. Beka pulled her mouth off my cock and gasped. Her breathing was erratic. I could feel her body tremble and knew she was close.

Oh god… oh fuck… yes… yes…

My fingers found the spot. She threw her head back and screamed. I clamped my mouth over her pussy and sucked the cream flowing out of her cunt. She jerked and bucked against my face. I rubbed my thumb over her clit. A second wave rocked her body. Cunt juice dribbled down my chin.

Oh my god, I just love the way you eat me, she exclaimed in a breathless voice.

After recovering, she went to work on my cock plunging her lips down my length. She licked and slurped on me like a hungry c***d. Spit drooled from her lips and matted my pubes. Occasionally she would pull her mouth from my cock and pump me rapidly with her hand before plunging her lips back down my length.

My eyes feasted on her hot pussy with its lips folded open and dripping with cum. Her hard clit poked visibly from the top of her slit. She had a tight pink asshole that looked so tender and inviting. I tried to image my cock fucking her pussy and wondered what it would feel like up her ass. I could feel my head pounding and knew I was about to cum. I buried my nose between her cheeks, thrust up into her mouth and grunted.


A blast of hot cum filled her mouth. She kept her lips wrapped around me. Another gush of cum and then another exploded into her mouth. Her fingers pressed against my scrotum forcing out the last few drops. Beka continued to suck and lick my cock until it went limp.

After that we lay together in bed, our naked bodies pressed tightly together as we listened to the waves crashing on the beach below. Occasionally we kissed and fondled each other gently enjoying the afterglow of our mutual orgasms.

I have to go, she told me. She pulled away and swung her legs over the side of the bed. My sister is waiting for me.

What? I couldn t believe she was leaving. I thought you were spending the night. It s safer this way. Beka replied. She pulled up her jeans and slipped on her top. Don t worry. I ll be back tomorrow.

Begging and pleading did not work. Beka left me alone in the room. I tried to imagine what she was going to tell her sister Sopulu with whom, she had told me, she shares everything. I swallowed his cum after he fingered me and ate my pussy but we didn t fuck so I have a clear conscience and will be able to go home to my husband and be the same loving wife I ve always been.

The next day she didn t arrive until mid morning. Checkout time was 1PM. After that we were going to drive back down the coast where she would drop me at the airport. We sat on the balcony talking about how confused our lives had become and wondering where this whole fuckless affair was heading.

We finally moved to the bed for a final kissing and groping session before leaving. I pushed up her top and sucked on her nipples. I slid down her body and unfastened her jeans. She lifted her ass up off the bed so I could pull them down her legs. She kicked them off. I moved my face up between her thighs and buried my nose in the crotch of her panties.

Oh god yes… lick me.

I munched on her pussy through her panties before pulling them to the side and shoving two fingers up her cunt. My tongue flicked over her hard little clit bathing it in saliva. Beka squirmed against my fingers moaning and gasping desperately. I removed my fingers and continued to lick her savouring the taste of her juices. She put her hands on my head and pulled my mouth tighter against her pussy.

Ooohhhh… oh god… nnnnnnnnn…

I swirled my tongue around inside her steamy chambers. I munched and sucked and slurped driving her crazy. I moved to her clit and flicked my tongue across it rapidly. Beka was on the verge of a huge orgasm. I shoved two fingers up her cunt and found her sweet spot. She exploded. My mouth clamped over her pussy and drank her creamy discharge.

While she was catching her breath I pulled off the gym shorts I was wearing and climbed on top of her. We kissed. I rubbed the head of my throbbing cock back and forth across her gash and over her clit through the crotch of her panties. She pushed against me and moaned. She wrapped her arms around me and dug her fingers into my shoulders.
I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and pushed. The thin material of her panties kept me from going inside her, but I could feel my knob pushing her panties into her opening. I continued to press my cock against her pushing her panties deeper. Beka did nothing to stop this. Instead, she ground against me which pushed my cock even further into her opening.

I felt like I was back in high school dry humping a girl in the back seat of a car. She threw her head back and bit her lip. I could feel her body tremble and knew she was close to another orgasm. I dug my cock hard against her pussy through her panties. Her fingers dug desperately into the skin on my back. She dug her heels into my buttocks. The head of my cock was most of the way inside her pussy with only the thin material of her panties keeping me out.

The next few seconds felt like they happened in slow motion. Becky stiffened and shot her legs straight up in the air. I thrust hard. My cock slipped past the crotch of her panties and buried itself deep inside her cunt. She screamed. I slammed my cock into her again and again and again. Another orgasm rocked her body.

I couldn t help what happened next. My head was throbbing. My balls tightened and my cock swelled. I thrust deep into her pussy and grunted. Hot cum exploded into her cunt. I continued to pound into her shooting stream after stream of cum into her body until I could feel it dripping down my balls.

Beka s series of orgasms finally subsided. I could feel her body still trembling below me. She was breathing in fast gasps trying to catch her breath. I pulled out and rolled off her. I knew what I had done was going to upset her. She finally spoke.

We finally did it. I told myself I wasn t going to let it happen. She was crying softly.

I m so sorry, Beka, I said and I meant it. I didn t mean to go inside you, but when it happened I couldn t stop myself.

It s not your fault, she replied. She pulled off her cum drenched panties and rolled over putting her arm around me snuggling close. I never should have let you get so close. It was bound to happen. I just cheated on my husband. How can I ever look him in the eye and not feel guilty?

You re not a bad person, Beka, I said trying to soothe her. You have feelings and needs, and he hasn t been taking care of your needs. You deserve a little pleasure. God, you sound just like Sopulu, Beka said shaking her head. She doesn t understand why I didn t let you fuck my brains out at the reunion. I don t know. I m so confused. Maybe this was inevitable. My feelings for you are so strong. I think I m falling in love with you.

I think I fell in love with you at the reunion, I told her.

We kissed. It was the most passionate kiss I can remember. Our lips and tongues met in an intimate dance. Beka rubbed my chest and tweaked my nipples. I rubbed her back and gently squeezed her ass cheeks. Eventually her hand slid down across my stomach. Her fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

Beka kissed my neck and then down my body taking me into her mouth until I was hard. She kissed her way back up me stopping to suck on my nipples. Our lips met again. Beka swung her leg over me and rubbed her pussy along my hardness. She reached between us grabbing my cock and guiding it to the open folds of her pussy. I want you in me, she whispered. I want you to make love to me.

She sank down on my cock. I could feel it slide deep into her steamy passage. She rocked her hips back and forth on my cock holding it deep in her pussy. She pushed up so she could look down between her legs and watch me slide in and out of her body. She slowly lifted up my length and plunged her pussy down until I was buried deep. She did this several times with her eyes glued between her legs.

It feels so good to have you inside me, she purred. I can t believe I was being so silly earlier.

Up and down, up and down. I lifted my head and watched my cock slowly move in and out of her tight pussy. Beka squeezed a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and closed her eyes. It was like she was on another planet. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. She was moaning slowly, enjoying the pleasure and in no hurry to finish. She finally pulled up from my cock and rolled off me.

I want you on top. She rolled onto her back. I mounted her. She pulled her legs back and guided my throbbing cock to her dripping pussy. I pushed and easily slid deep into her cunt until I bottomed out against her cervix. We fucked and kissed completely letting go of all our inhibitions. She arched her body, threw her head back and screamed. I kept pounding into her sending her into a series of non-stop orgasms. She finally pushed me off her.

Ohmygod… what is it you do to me? I cum so easily with you.

After catching her breath she rolled over onto her stomach. I climbed onto her back and slid my cock between her cheeks. She tilted her ass in the air. My cock sunk deep into her pussy. We fucked in slow steady strokes. She humped her ass against me each time I thrust into her body. I nibbled on the thin skin of her neck and shoved my tongue into her ear. She moved a hand under her body and rubbed her clit.

Beka s second orgasm was just as intense as her first. I could feel her fingers against my cock as they flew across her clit. Her other hand gripped the bedspread like she was holding on for life. I slammed my cock into her hard and fast. Her legs shot out. They were shaking. Her toes curled. She threw her face into the bed, bit down on the bed cover and muffled her scream. When it was finally over I rolled off her and lay on my back.

After catching her breath Beka snuggled up to me. We kissed. Her hand stroked my cock. Her lips trailed down my neck and body until they were wrapped around my hard flesh. She sucked me gently using her tongue to stimulate my sensitive head. Then she climbed on top of me and slipped my cock into her hungry pussy. She slowly rubbed her clit against my pelvic bone while swirling my cock deep inside her cunt.

We kissed and fucked in that position for what seemed an eternity. I pushed her up and clamped my lips around her nipple. She gasped when I gently took it between my teeth. Beka rode me steadily lifting her ass up and slamming down on my length again and again. Her pussy made wet squishing sounds as she fucked me. I was ready to finish. Without pulling out I rolled Beka onto her back. She dug her heels into my buttocks and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. My gaze locked onto her beautiful green eyes. My cock was thrusting steadily into her hot pussy. My balls slapped wetly against her ass.

Cum inside me, Agunna, she begged.

I nodded my head. My cock went faster and faster. Our eyes never left each other. Both of us were breathing harder. We were like two athletes desperate to finish a race. I could feel my cock bottom out inside her pussy each time I pounded it into her. Beka s fingers dug into my back. Her heels pounded into my ass. Her lips trembled. Her eyes were wild. She bit her lower lip. Her face scrunched and she cried out as an orgasm consumed her.

I was so close. I slammed my cock into her again and again. My balls filled with cum. I threw my head back and grunted. Hot cum poured into her pussy. We were both in the throes of orgasm. Our bodies thrashed and jerked against each other until there was nothing left. I collapsed on top of her with my cock still buried deep in her cunt.

We stay like that for several minutes. Her pussy clenched my cock with several post-orgasmic spasms. I could feel our combined juices dripping down my balls and staining the sheets underneath. Beka s arms and legs were still wrapped around me. After catching our breaths we kissed. I moved my semi-hard cock in and out of her gooey cunt. Beka took my head in her hands.

I wish we could stay like this forever, she whispered while looking into my eyes.

Me too, I replied.

Our lips met again. I continued to move my cock inside her and could feel it growing harder. Then the phone rang. It was 1:30. We were past check-out time. I reluctantly pulled out and rolled onto my back. Beka snuggled next to me.

I love you, she whispered while kissing my ear.

Ditto, I replied copying a line from a movie.

Beka went to the bathroom to pee and get dressed. I reluctantly pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt. We drove to the airport talking about what had just happened and what it was going to mean in the future. There were no answers. We agreed that we would see each other again but we didn t know when. We said a tearful goodbye in the car.

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