Kinktober Day 2 – Tranquil

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Kinktober Day 2 – Tranquil

Night was falling and rain drops were knocking against the windows, the slight chill in the air battling with the crackling fire mere feet away from the couch. The faint sound of rain hitting the corrugated roof of the shed outside crept through an open window somewhere, teasing Betty’s senses and overloading her depleted coziness reserves.

It was the first rain storm of the year, the first real one anyway. The slight summer dribbles that failed to soak through clothes or make her shiver, the ones everyone fled from as if they were hellfire raining down, they had been boring and not even frequent. No, the storm raging outside, the one worth its name was the ultimate sign that summer with its immobilizing heat was finally over. The time for beaches, volleyball and cocktails finally stepped aside in favour of books, pullovers, hot chocolate and long evenings on the couch. Friends would come over, stay deep into the night and watch movies, talk and fall asleep on the couch instead of barely making it home after yet another night of drinking and dancing.

Soon, at least, for now everyone lamented the department of summer and the advent of autumn, locked inside grieving while Betty could not have been happier. Sure, she too was locked inside instead of facing the elements outside, but that was okay on the first day of a three week vacation. A night on the couch, falling asleep by the fire and maybe a book in between the two. Maybe she would even get dressed at some point, a comfy pullover and the gray sweatpants that were both waiting for her in her bedroom, a few feet and steps too far away to get them just now. For the time being the fire took care of warming her and the absence of clothes – or rather them aimlessly tossed to the floor – were taking care of easing her mind. She was alone, no one would care or even notice if she was spread over the couch naked, aimless and happy.

The summer had been hard, not just the temperatures but also at work where they all had worked overtime, two people had quit under the pressure making it harder for everyone else and morals had reached the lowest point in years. Now just like the temperatures workload was easing up, the two missing ones scheduled to be replaced by three new colleagues in the following month and things were looking a whole lot less grim in total.

The perfect time to take a break from the rat race, retire to her beautiful home for a full three weeks and do nothing, absolutely nothing Betty did not want to. For now that meant staying right where she was, head pressed into the cushions, her body and mind ever so slowly warming up to the idea of naughty thoughts leading to naughty actions. It was always the same, a long hard day at work and the moment she would calm down her thoughts would take the slippery road, even if she had not planned or wanted to.

It could get annoying how much she needed those orgasms lately, the stress inching her closer to daily masturbation and making days without a fading memory, but tonight Betty felt like she truly deserved some slack. All that hard work with little reward had to be good for something, right?

And so Betty turned around, letting out a long sigh as her fingers found their way across her goosebumps-ridden skin, each touch making it beg for more of that ever so elusive warmth that was moving on before it had really arrived. More of those sticky, slightly swollen lips that were so eager to be touched like they had a thousand times before, still as hungry as they always had been.

It never failed to amaze Betty how something she had done so many times could feel new and exciting every time, but it certainly did. The taboo, the naughtiness of sex would never get boring and quite frankly everything being at her own mercy was even better than having to enlist help from someone else. She had always felt like that, as good as a proper dicking felt and as good as was to have someone do the work for her it would never come close to having full control over when she lost control. That was precisely it, every bit from taking her pants off to sticking her fingers into herself just enough times to make herself squeal was her own choice.

Betty shook her head, blowing a strand of hair out of her face with a smile that widened with every circling motion her fingers did, taking the pain and loneliness away bit by bit. A tear came to her eye, one of those she couldn’t exactly understand or even describe. Just a tear that told her it wasn’t just her mind that was overwhelmed by emotion, just like the erratic shivers that soon turned more frequent in unison with her sighs turning into moans.

She saw images flash by, brief memories of days long gone and loves long lost and somehow she only saw them in a good light. Back when Stu had still been her best friend, when that smile on his face could make her do stupid things with him neither of them regretted much and before they married, grew apart and that muddy, bloody mess of a divorce. Just his smile, the memory of his fingers who could not get enough of her and how she would wake up in the middle of the night with his lips caressing her neck, her tits and how for a few weeks everything between them had been sex, lots of sex. Waking up together, showering together, how the days at work had been twice as hard and long without each other.

Sandra somehow came back to mind, best friends to the point where Betty still had the tattoo on her wrist and all the shenanigans they had been up to. How they had never slept together, but the couple of times they had shared one of those special evenings when they had both been horny enough to at least masturbate together, talking and giggling their way all through until someone lost and came first. Good times, before jobs and lives had split them apart.

And somehow Betty kept thinking of Adam from work, absolutely random thoughts as she forced herself to believe. As far as bad choices went he led the list, a guy who was past hiding his drinking problem and inching closer to getting himself fired but somehow Betty could not deny that he had a certain appeal on her. Whenever his face flashed by her fingers went faster, a little more erratic and with a little more twist as she thrust them into her and the moans she tried to hold broke free, her shoulders sunk down and her body stiffened up. It was clear that her body knew the truth that sober Betty tried to hide from herself, that mistakes were due unless something came in the way and that she could only hope they indeed would before she got dragged down.

Betty could feel the orgasm rise up, slowly enough to think about stopping or prolonging it a little longer, but fast and hard enough to make her want nothing else. Air left her lungs until there was none left, her body tensed up and every muscle hardened before the tension released in one short moment of bliss that lingered long after the actual orgasm had subsided.

And the rain kept falling.

I hope you enjoyed this!

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