Maria s Punishment

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Maria s Punishment
8:20pm… Maria was late… She knew that tonight was the night that she was going to be punished… She also knew that being late was a no-no. She was doing it on purpose: Maria loved me to punish her. That was my job.

She came by about once a week, telling me some bad thing that she did, and asking me to punish her… It was my job to punish her well, and to make sure that such an event, real or imagined (most were imagined), did not occur again.

I was almost out of things to do to punish her. I needed some new ideas. She was not feeling the spankings as much, and was starting to like the anal sex. Then I thought of a new punishment: Enemas. I was not sure if she was going to like them or not, but I wanted to see if I liked giving her one.

I had already bought the bag, tube, and nozzle, and had plans to use them on her tonight. As I was going over the events to come in my mind, I heard a knock on the door of my log cabin. I opened it, to see Maria s face, with her eyes lowered.

Hello, John , she said. I am sorry I am late.. I got tied up in tra…

I cut her off. I don t want to hear it!

Her head lowered.

You know that being late is only going to mean extra punishment for you. You are supposed to be here on time, not 10 minutes late, not 20 minutes late, not late at ALL!

I know. , she said.

Come in!

She came inside, and sat down on the couch. I went to get her a glass of wine. I always gave her a drink before she told me what she did wrong, and got punished.

She drank the glass of wine quickly. After she finished her wine, she began to tell me what she had done wrong.

I ve really done it this time, she said. I got into a fight with my boss at work, and he was going to fire me. I begged him not to, and told him that I would do anything. He told me that he would reconsider if I blew him and his friend. I did. I knew that it was wrong, and I should have gone to the authorities, but I did it anyway. That was not the bad part. The bad part was that I enjoyed doing it. I blew him like I never did before. And I loved every minute of it. I even wanted to start another fight just so I could do it again.

And that is what you need to be punished for?


I loved hearing her ask to be punished by me. She was so submissive to me, and I loved to punish her.

Go get ready. , I told her.

She walked into the guest room where she would get ready for me. She was used to this procedure. All she really had to do was strip down to her panties, and they had to be thin white ones that were worn just for this occasion.

As she was getting ready I went upstairs to the bedroom to get everything that I would need together. Two pillows, a tube of K-Y, condoms, and a silk scarf. I brought the enema bag into the bathroom where I would fill it later. I also brought the tube of K-Y in with me. I filled the sink with hot water, and dropped the tube in it. I then returned to my bedroom and sat on my bed, waiting for her to come in.

I heard her walking up the stairs. Hurry up! , I commanded. I heard her footsteps get faster, and within a few seconds her semi-naked body was standing in the doorway to my bedroom. I looked at her for a few seconds.

She was really beautiful… About 5 4 , shoulder length curly light brown hair, large breasts, and an ass that was narrow, but not too small, either. It was made for spanking.

Turn around! , I said. She nodded, and slowly turned around showing me her beautiful ass.

Come over here!

She slowly walked over to me.

Are you ready? , I asked.


Are you sure?

Yes. I have been a bad girl, and I need to be punished.

Okay, then. Come over here, and get into position.

She placed herself across my lap, and placed her hands on the floor.

I am going to give you 30 spanks, for a start. You must hold still for them, and count them off, or else I will tie your hands, and add another 20 spanks. Do you understand?

Yes. , she replied.

I looked at her beautiful ass, with the panties covering most of it. I rubbed my hand over it for a few seconds. It felt cool. That would soon change.

I then lifted my hand off her ass, then placed it back on her ass and started rubbing it again. I did this a few more times, and then surpised her with the first spank, landing it on her left cheek.


She jumped a little, being caught off guard.

Umm! Uh, one…

I brought down another one to the right cheek.



Back to the left.



I continued alternating smacks until the 10th one, then I started to hit both cheeks at once, moving around her ass. Her ass was starting to develop a overall soft pink color around her panties. It looked nice. I felt that it was time for them to come off, so I brought her panties down to her feet, and then threw them onto the floor. The spanking then continued.


Eleven… Ow! Twelve… Uhh! Thirteen… f******n…

I rained more slaps down on her, and they got harder and harder. I wanted her to try to reach back and stop the spanking, so that I could punish her her more, but her hands stayed on the floor.

**SMACK!** **SMACK!**

Ouch! Fifteen. *SNIFF* Sixteen!

She was starting to sob.. I knew that it would not be long now…


*SOB!* s*******n!


Oww! I won t do it again, John! I promise! *SOB!*

What did you say!? , I asked.

Nothing… *SNIFF!* I mean, eighteen.

I continued the spanking, with the smacks getting harder and harder each time. Around the 23rd smack, one of her hands came off of the floor. I knew that I had her. When I landed the 24th smack, one of her hands went to cover her ass. I expected this, and grabbed it with one hand, and the scarf with the other.

Her other hand came up to free the first one, and I caught it as well. I now had both of her hands, and started to tie them together behind her back.

No! *SOB!* Don t tie me up! I won t try to stop you again! , she screamed.

That s too bad! You should not have tried in the first place! , I replied.

After I finished tying her hands up, I placed her on her feet. I could see that tears had already started to fall, and I could see the stains from them on her face. I then laid her face down on the bed. I put the two pillows under her face, and told her that she could yell into them. I then brought her knees up so that her ass was in the air. I then got ready to continue the spanking.

**SMACK!** **SLAP!** **SMACK!** **SMACK!** **SMACK!** **SLAP!**

Mmmmhh! Mmmhhh! Uhhhh! Mnnnn! Mmmhhh! Mnnnghh!

Her whole ass was a nice pink color, warm to the touch. Each time a spank landed, it left a hand-print for a few moments.

I rained down 5 more hard swats in a matter of two seconds. Maria s cries were muffled by the pillow. I paused. Five more swats. Another pause. Then ten more.

Maria was starting to cry harder and harder, but all that could be heard were muffled sounds.

Again and again my hand landed on her ass. Each time the hand-print seemed to last a bit longer, and her ass got redder and redder.

Maria was crying very hard into the pillow, and her whole body was shaking. I did not know how many smacks I had landed, but I felt that it was more then enough. I untied her hands from her back, and she started to rub her ass with both hands.

I think that will be enough spanking for now. , I said.

Maria continued to sob into the pillow.

I walked into the bathroom, grabbed the tube of K-Y, drained the sink, and started to fill the enema bag with warm water from the tub. This would be the enema bags maiden voyage, and, to my knowledge, Maria s first enema, as well. I also wet a washcloth with cold water and brought all three items back to the bedroom with me.

Maria s sobbing had stopped, but she was still in the same position, with her ass in the air, and her face in the pillow, but both hands were by her face.

I sat on the bed next to her, and placed the washcloth on her ass. She jumped a little when it touched her skin, but then moaned softly into the pillow.

I hope that you have learned your lesson. , I said as I rubbed the cold washcloth over her ass, soothing it.

She moaned an agreement into the pillow.

Good. But your punishment is not over yet. I want you to reach back and hold your cheeks apart… But before I have anal sex with you, I am going to give you an enema.

I could hear a gasp on surpise come from her, but she did not reach back to hold her ass open for me.

I said hold your cheeks apart!

She turned her head and looked at me.



I said NO!!

I grabbed one hand and pinned it to her back. I then landed five more spanks on her already red ass.


I said hold your ass checks apart, bitch… NOW!

She sobbed and reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, showing me all that she had to offer. Her little pink anus almost begged to have things done to it.

I grabbed the tube of K-Y, and put some some of it on my finger. It felt real warm, but not too hot. I then rubbed a little of it on her anus, and then started to slowly push my finger in. Maria moaned as my finger slowly slid into her ass. She loved to have things placed in her ass.

I pushed my finger in just to the first knuckle, and then brought it out slowly, and felt her ass squeeze me out. I then put the tip of the tube of K-Y right to her anus and squeezed some of it right into her anus.

I also put some of the K-Y along the length of the enema nozzle. I then placed the tip of the enema nozzle against her anus, and pushed slightly. I saw her anus squeeze tight, and I waited until she released it. When she did, I pushed the nozzle in about one inch. Maria moaned softly. I brought the nozzle out again, and quickly pushed it in again about two inches. Maria moaned deeper. I pushed the nozzle in a little more and then went to the clip. As I
held the bag up, I snapped the clip open.


I saw Maria s anus squeeze at the nozzle. She started to squirm a bit.

Mmmmmmmm… Uh… Hmmmmm… , she moaned.

The bag started to empty, and Maria squirmed around some more, trying to get away from the water that was flowing into her, moaning the whole time.

Mmmm… Ohhhh… Uhh… Uhhh… Mmmmmmm…

The bag was about half empty when Maria started to complain.

Uhhh… Stop! Please, I can t take any more! I feel too full!

If you stop now, you will have to take another one!

I don t care! I gotta go! Please!

I snapped the clip shut and waited a few seconds before I slowly took the nozzle out of her. I told her to hold still for a minute as I held her cheeks together, so that none would leak out. After about 15 seconds, I helped her up, and she ran into the bathroom.

She did not even bother to close the door, and I heard her release all of it. After she was done, she flushed and came back out to me.

I m sorry… I just felt so full.

That s Okay… But you have to take another one, alright?

But I don t want to…

Don t make me make you! Do you want another spanking?

Maria shook her head.

Wait here. , I said.

I walked back into the bathroom, emptied the enema bag and refilled it. I then came back out and asked her to climb onto my lap. She did, and reached back and held her ass open for me, without my asking her to. She was learning well.

I set the bag down, and picked up the tube of K-Y again, placed it onto her anus and squeezed some into her again. I then put some onto my finger and slowly pushed it into her again. Her ass felt different somehow, and it was warmer. I withdrew my finger, put down the tube, picked up the nozzle, and put it to her ass again. She raised her ass off of my lap, pushing into it.

I let her push herself onto the nozzle and after it got in her a little, I pushed it in another 2 inches. Another moan. I reached up and snapped open the clip. More moans. I felt the bag slowly start to drain into her, and she moaned the whole time, with occasional whispers of words like good , or yes coming out every now again. Her hands held her ass apart the whole time.

In a few minutes, the bag was drained. I slowly pulled the nozzle out of her, and I heard her let out one last moan as it came out of her. She let go of her ass, and I held her cheeks together for a couple of seconds and told her that she could go release it in a few minutes.

I then spread her ass cheeks with the fingers of one hand, and touched her anus with a finger of the other. She moaned some more. I started to play with her ass, pushing a finger against her anus, but not pushing it in, feeling her squeeze her anus every now and then. I then started to push a finger into her, and it went in with no problem. It felt very warn inside her.

I started to move my finger in and out of her, very slowly, and she moaned in time with my movements. After a minute or so of this, I started to move my finger faster, being careful not to let any of the enema get out. Marias moans were getting louder and louder.

I felt a wetness on my leg, and it was because her pussy was dripping down on me. I brought two fingers from my other hand and slowly slipped them into her pussy. I felt her squeeze down on them as they slipped into her.

Mmmmmmm… Yesssss.. That feels good…

I started to move both sets of fingers in and out of her, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. More moans, more yes es. With the finger that was in her ass, I could feel the movement of the fingers in her pussy, and she would continue to squeeze her ass every now and then.

As her moans got louder, my fingers moved faster. I could tell by her moans that she was starting to get close, so I pulled one finger out of her pussy and started to rub her clit with it. She came almost at once, and I felt her squeeze both holes tightly.


Her body went stiff, and started shaking.

Uhh! Ahh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Ahhh!

With every shake of her body, I felt a squeeze.

Her shaking slowed down and eventually stopped. I let her rest a minute, then pulled my fingers out of her. She gasped slightly as I pulled them out.

Go to the bathroom. , I said.


She got up and went to the bathroom. As she got up, I noticed a rather large wet spot on my pants at the tip of where my erection was. This wet spot was from me, and not her. I always get excited playing with Maria s ass, and this time was no exception. Pre-cum can be such a bother sometimes.

I started to take off all my clothes, and just got my briefs off as Maria came out of the bathroom. She smiled when she saw that I had my clothes off.

Are you Ok? , I asked.

Yes. I never had that done before, but it felt great! I never felt so full, and I never came like that before.

I thought that you would like it. Are you ready for the next `punishment ?

Yeah. Do you want me to get back on the bed? , she asked.


Same position? , she smiled.


She knew what was to come next. Anal sex. She also knew that I loved to have anal sex with her, and she knew my favorite position. It was the same position that I gave her the first enema in: Face down with her knees drawn up and her ass in the air.

She got back on the bed, got into position, and reached back and held her ass apart for me.

I got the tube of K-Y, a condom, and crawled up behind her. I looked at her ass, spread for me, and she winked her anus at me by squeezing and releasing it a few times. I put on the condom, and rubbed some K-Y all over it.

I then put some K-Y on my finger and slowly put it into her ass. it went in easily, and I played with it for a while. I then brought a second finger into the action, and eventually a third.

Maria held her ass apart the whole time, and I could see her fingers squeeze her ass each time she moaned.

After playing around, three fingered, with her ass for a while, I felt that it was time. I pulled out my fingers slowly and placed the tip of my dick against her anus. Maria squeezed her anus, and then started to push back against me. She pushed harder and harder. Then she stopped pushing, released her anus, and started pushing again.

I watched as my head slowly started to disapear into her anus, and after it finally popped in, I started to slowly push into her. Maria moaned the whole time. It was very easy to move into her, probably because of the one-and-a-half enemas that she received. I would have to give her enemas more often.

After getting about half of myself into her, I started to pull out. I pulled out to the point where my head was at the ring of her anus. She let out a loud moan as I reached it, and I felt her anus squeeze. Right after I reached it, I started to push in again. I got myself all of the way in her this time, until her ass and mypubic area touched. Pulled out again. Back in again. Faster. Faster.

Maria moaned more and more. I saw the wetness running down her leg. I played with her pussy lips and her clit as I moved faster and faster in her ass. She moaned more. Faster. More. Faster. More.

I slipped a finger into her pussy. She started to shake, and I was getting close myself. I felt the feeling building inside me. I moved faster. I massaged her clit faster. She shook more. I got closer. I massaged her more. I thrusted one last time as she pushed back against me, and we both came at the same time. I felt her pussy shudder around my finger. I felt myself blast what felt like one long shot that lasted for about 10 seconds. It was just one long
feeling that left me exhausted.

I laid myself on top of her as she brought her legs out from under her. My erection slowly went soft, and she squeezed me out of her ass. I rolled off of her and then held her in my arms.

Are you going to behave now? , I asked.

Yes, I will behave.

Good… , I smiled.

Mmmmmmm. That was great. , she whispered in my ear.

Yes… For me too.

Would you make love to me? , she asked.

Sure. Just give me a minute, Okay? , I laughed.


She rolled on top of me and kissed me. She kissed me long, and hard. I felt her hands go all over my back. I kissed her back. I ran my hands all over her body. I rubbed her ass gently. She moaned. Soon, my erection had taken on a new life.

Maria must of felt it too, for she started to kiss down my body closer and closer to it. When she got there, she hovered her mouth above it for a minute, and I could feel her hot, moist breath on it. After breathing on it for a few seconds, she plunged her mouth down on it.

She did wonderful things to me with her mouth and throat. After a few minutes, I asked her to stop. I did not want to come yet, I wanted to make love to her.

I reached over and grabbed another condom, but before I could take it out of the foil, she grabbed it and ask if she could do it. I said yes, and laid on my back. She carefully took it out of the foil, and began to unroll it onto me.

After she had finished putting the condom on me, she carefully placed herself on top of me, and placed my head at her pussy. I could feel the heat from her on me, and she slowly came down, and just placed he head of my dick into her pussy lips so that I could feel them around me.

She then came up, and dropped down on me. I felt myself go all of the way inside her . I could feel the heat of her pussy all around me. She felt so warm. She started to move.

Wait… , I said.

What s wrong?

I want to enjoy feeling you around me.

I moved from side to side, trying to get deeper inside her, enjoying the feeling of her being wrapped around me. I reached under her ass and started to raise her up.

She took over and started to move with a speed and passion that I have never seen or felt before. The moans, the screams, and movement, the faces that she made. The faces that I made. All of it brought me to the best love making experience that I ever had. And when I came, I came like never before. I felt pains in my chest. My eyes felt as if they would pop put of my head. My whole body became a vessel of pleasure, and my orgasm lasted and lasted. She screamed. I screamed. It was truly a bonding experience.

After my orgasm I felt drained, as if all of my energy had been spent into the condom. She gathered my into her arms and held me close. I fell asleep in her arms, but I think I remember one thing before I went under…

So… , she said as she smiled at me. What can I do to get punished again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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