Memories – Chapter 2: Robin

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Memories – Chapter 2: Robin
CHAPTER 2: Robin

This happened quite a few years back. I love women and would never give them up, but I can be fooled. I was trolling some porn sites recently, and saw the person in the pictures above. The site showed videos of all types together, so you would see straight, bi, shemale, etc. all on the same page. One of the video stills showed the person above – a performer called Jacqueline Dark (you can look her up if you wish). I see her and am instantly taken back years to another person I knew named Robin. Robin looks very much like JD, minus the long hair and tits. Robin s lips were a little fuller, but put a bob cut on JD and pucker her lips and you have Robin. Now on with my memory.

I was out at the local Walmart (I feel like I live there…), and, as I was leaving, I overheard a girl standing just outside the exit doors on her phone. She looked to be about 19 or 20, thin and rather lanky, no real tits to make out, dark hair in a bob cut, wearing tight pink nylon shorts (which contained a nice, tight ass), sneakers with teal accents, and a black t-shirt. I couldn t really see her face, but she was acting visibly upset.

She hung up with whoever she was speaking with, and put her flip-phone in a pocket of her shorts. Now I saw her face. Pretty, but almost boyish-looking, if that makes sense. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I walked towards her and asked if everything was ok.

Yeah, fine she said, wiping her cheeks with her hands. It was now that I began to wonder if this really was a girl, or a boy. Did you ever come across that before?

No, really – is there something I can help you with? I asked.

My dad is super-pissed with me, and I just finished work here and he told me to find my own way home!

This was way before Uber and Lyft, so I asked if she had a friend, or could call a cab.

No. They re working, and I don t have any cash on me. she said.

Where do you live I asked.

The place she mentioned was near me, so I offered a ride. She was really apprehensive, but we did a little bqck and forth about me not being a serial killer, or anything, and she agreed. Introductions were made, and her name was Robin.

We chatted during the ride, eventually talking about her dad. He was pissed because Robin told me that she was really a he, and her dad has been hearing rumors about Robin, such as the way she s acting to other boys, etc.

I almost ran off the road as she told me this. How he never suspected anything just by how she/he looks was beyond me.

But Robin was opening up and becoming more relaxed as he spoke about it. He went into some of the behavior her dad was pissed with, and it was more about the girls he hung out with instead of other boys and jocks. Robin was not into sports, but preferred fashion and clothes. Which led to why her dad was pissed that day. He found some panties in her laundry that weren t his wife s and confronted Robin on the phone about them.

I asked Robin if he thought he was gay. He said he was confused, but was attracted to lots of people, male and female. He s never done anything with anyone, but was just confused.

I considered myself strictly heterosexual, but Robin almost made me feel like I was talking to a teenage girl instead of a boy. For some reason, this created a tingle in me, almost like a little excitement. I shut it out – I m straight and love women. That s true, but looking at Robin made you think he was a girl.

I told him my house was coming up. I lived in a rural area with a long driveway. I live alone in the woods.

Robin asked if we could stop, just so he could get ready to face his dad.

I told him we could pull in my place for a while, just to compose himself.

I pulled up to the house, and asked if he wanted me to turn off the car, or keep it running in case he won t take long to gather himself.. He asked me to turn the car off, and if we could lower the windows for some fresh air. It was a beautiful day, warm but not hot.

We just sat there. I looked over at him, and his eyes were closed. I didn t know if he fell asleep. It was then that I noticed that, other than the hair on his head, there wasn t a wisp of hair anywhere else on him. I guess that s why his legs looked like a girl s when I first saw him.

He then leaned over towards my seat, resting his head and torso against my right arm and chest.

Whoa I thought – what s he doing? He seemed to just be resting, so I let it go and just stared out the window, pretending not to feel the rumbling and tingling in my loins. Trying to concentrate on things I needed to get done around the lawn.

He began breathing long and hard. His right arm worked itself onto my right leg. and was pulling up higher, towards my crotch. The light feeling of his slender hand and fingers made my cock twitch and start to grow. His head raised until it rested on my neck, next to my right cheek and ear. I could feel his ragged breathing on them, and this was not making my cock stop growing. I felt little smacking sounds along my neck and up to my ear. He was planting little kisses on them, as his right hand now rested directly on my blood-engorged member. He began rubbing his hand back and forth against it, and it was straining against my jeans to break free.

His tongue found my ear, and I felt and heard the wet slurping motions of it as it worked its way in and out.

Meanwhile, my right hand, which was behind him since he first leaned into my chest, found its way onto his right ass cheek. I caressed it through his tight nylon shorts, then was able to work my way under the fabric, getting bore of his ass flesh into my palm, caressing and kneading the warm, smooth skin.

What the hell was I doing??? I thought – I m like a teenager parked at Makeout Point! But, strangely, I couldn t help myself. all of my instincts made me feel like I was with a female. I even think I smelled the remnants of perfume on Robin, which fueled my pheromones.

Robin s oral actions were now getting louder and harder. She (I didn t care anymore – to me – this was a fucking 19 year old girl in my truck, and it was my lucky day!) planted larger kisses on my neck, scr****g her teeth against my skin while softly biting and sucking. She was beginning to pant wildly as she worked her left hand onto my crotch to help the right one undo my belt and zipper. If she hadn t fooled around before, she sure knew how to drive a man nuts!!

Robin, Robin – are you sure about this? I panted as she worked her mouth down my neck onto my chest, leaving long trails of her saliva and small teeth marks as she still bit and sucked.

Holy shit – I m so fucking horny right now! was all she said as she continued down my chest.

My cock had sprung free and she had her right hand around it as her left ripped at the buttons on my shirt to allow her access to my chest. Down her head went as I put my left hand on it, playing with her dark hair. My right hand had worked her shorts down, and I saw she was wearing lacy pink panties.

I was done, now. No turning back. The rockets had ignited and here comes blast-off!! I was not going to stop until my cum was drained from my balls and deposited inside this girl somewhere.

I felt warm breath, then warm wetness as her tongue and lips found my cock. If I didn t mention it, her lips were full. I was now thinking how they really looked like cock-sucking lips. When I first saw her, that s also why I thought she was a girl. Her lips, perky nose, and large green eyes had girl written all over them.

Her head began bobbing up and down and my dick found its way further and further into her mouth and down her throat. She was incredible. All I could do was grab her hair, and grunt each time she forced my cock past her tonsils! She gagged slightly at first, but was a pro almost instantly. Her hands clawed at my bloated balls and nut sack, and squeezed at my thighs – hard! She was making loud, guttural moaning sounds as my right hand found her puckered nether hole. Maybe it was some of her sweat, but my finger was able to work itself in to the first knuckle. I wanted to ease it in her, and when I did, I heard and felt Robin s mouth soften its hold on my cock as she gasped and breathed in and out. She had my cock out of her mouth and was rubbing it up and down her cheek as she panted to my anal ministrations. My whole finger was now in. I took my left hand off her head, and with Robin s legs helping, got her hot pink panties off. My finger was still jammed in her asshole, as my other hand grabbed her cock. It was probably only 5 or 6 inches, but it was rock hard! I stared at it as my hand roughly worked its way up and down the shaft. I spit onto my hand for lubrication, which helped.

Meanwhile, Robin was shoving my cock back down her throat.

I felt like I may come soon, and told her this. She slowly eased her mouth off the crown of my cock with a loud pop, and lifted her face up to mine. She reached behind my head, grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled my mouth onto hers. We began making out like schoolk**s – tongues exploring everywhere inside our mouths. I guess I was sucking and tasting my cock and sweat in her mouth. I may have even had some pre-cum in there. I really didn t care – I was going to fuck Robin silly!

We got out of the truck and I yanked my jeans and underwear off. I spun Robin s petite feminine body around and she bent forward against the fender, holding onto it with outstretched arms. My cock still dripped with her saliva, as I spit on her asshole for a little more lube. I lined my cock up with that puckered rosebud, and slowly pushed the crown into her hole.

She cried out then moaned loudly.

Ughh, unnhh, ohhh fuuuuuuuucckkkkkk..mmmmmmaaaaahhhh, oahhh….

Her sphincter relaxed, and the head was home. I leaned forward so my chest touched her back as I nuzzled her neck. Now it was my turn to lick and kiss her neck and ears, I playfully bit at her skin as I eased the rest of my cock up her chute. Soon, our loins met with a wet slap of skin, and I began working it in earnest, pulling almost out, then jamming it back in as my loins slapped against her ass cheeks.

Oooohhh myyyy fuuuuuuucccckkk!!! B-B-Ben, unhhhh, it feeeeels liiike youuuur giaaannttt coccckkkk issss pusshhhing innntooo myyyy stomaccchhhhh!!!! she breathlessly said between my pumps in and out.

Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! she began chanting – this bitch was in heat!! And her language pushed me on harder and harder!

Fuck me! Shove it in – DEEPER!!! Cum inside meeee!!! Fill me up with your fuck juices!!! Fucking breed me you fucking stud!!! she growled.

I was loving it! I looked down at her, and someone standing there watching us fuck like a****ls would swear I was fucking a beautiful 19 year old girl! I pounded in and out to the rhythm of her grunts.

My hands wrapped around the front of her chest pinching at her nipples as I panted against the back of her neck. Harder, harder, harder I went.

Then she said I need to look at your – I want to see your face when you fill my ass with your cum!!!

I didn t want to stop, but was more than happy to oblige, as I wanted to see her face as she orgasmed.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, picked her up, and walked her over to the rear door of my crew cab. My dick was still buried in her ass-pussy, and I could feel her sphincter squeezing my cock deep inside her. She was a good fuck for sure!!!

I momentarily pulled out of her as I pulled the rear seat up and she spun around so she could lay on her back on the floor. I looked down at her long hairless legs admiringly, and saw she was still wearing her sneakers. I grabbed an ankle in each hand and split her wide open, her legs straight up and pushed out, almost like the two outside lines of a big W. We were going for the big O here, so I put more spit down there to lube it up well, then sank it home in one thrust.

Her eyeballs rolled back into her head as she moaned and gave a loud guttural groan. Her mouth opened wide as she did this, so I let go of her legs and dropped down to cover her mouth with mine as I shoved my tongue into her, along with my dick. Trying to fill two holes, you know.

I felt the pressure building. I wrapped her in my arms as I felt her long thin legs wrap around my lower back and clamp down. Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me close – pulling so hard it felt like she was holding on for dear life. Her own cock was rock hard and I could feel it sliding between our bellies. She was able to pull her mouth away and pant against my cheek I m going to cum, I mmmm cummmmiiiinngg!!! as I felt something warm ooze between our skin, and her body shook. She literally began to convulse slightly as I was pumping her furiously.

This was all too much for me! I collapsed onto her as my cock exploded with volley after volley of hot cum shooting and coating the walls of her rectum. I kept pumping, even after I felt my cum cannon stop shooting. I listened to the slimy sounds of cum oozing out of her ass as I pumped and pumped.

Finally, I stopped. By now, her body had stopped convulsing, and she was cooing, and kissing anything and everything on my face and head. I pulled out and looked at the creamy mess from her cum on our stomachs, and my own cum dripping out of her gaping hole down her cheeks. She leaned forward and did something that totally blew me away (literally)!!! She reached for my cock and shoved it in her mouth. Cum, ass juices, everything! She greedily pumped it as she sucked deeper and deeper until her cute nose was buried in my pubic hairs. Finally, when she felt she was done, she let it go with a loud pop, and shoved her mouth on mine. Wow – didn t expect that!!!

We caught our breaths, and I told her I should take her home. Maybe I was feeling a little guilty, like I caught her at a down moment.

Robin and I dressed, and she looked at her watch Good! she exclaimed.

What? I asked.

My stepmom should be home now. She was out seeing her mom, but said sh e be back by 4. I can talk to her, I just can t deal with my dad. She s pretty cool, and we ve talked about a few things already.

Is this one of the things you re going to talk to her about? Me and you…just now? I asked her.

No, no. But we don t have the time now. I better get back. She found a pen on my front console and scrawled something on a piece of paper she had in her pocket. She then put her hands on her hips, got a stern look on her face and said You know, you may have messed me up in the head with everything that just went on, and I may need to talk to you about it! she giggled as she pushed the piece of paper into my pocket, letting her hand trail across my crotch as she pulled it back to her. The number to my flip phone. I might feel screwed up tomorrow and need to talk she smiled…

She only lived a couple of miles down the road in a smaller development. I still felt a little guilty about it all, and told her I should drop her off at the end of her street. That way neither her dad or stepmom would see who or how she got home. She said fine, I dropped her off, and away she walked. She did spin around to wave, then continued to her house.

The next day, I was at work. I worked in a sales office, and we had just hired a new temp secretary for me a month ago. Her name was Kristi. Her blonde her was shoulder length and lightly-curled. She had a nice figure, was about 38-40, probably B-cup breasts, but perky. Mainly, she was a damn good secretary (I know, now they re called administrative assistants) and was working out nicely in that role.

That afternoon, I overhead getting into what sounded like a somewhat heated exchange with someone on the phone. Since she was a pro, she kept her cool, and ended the conversation. After she hung up, I could see she was visibly upset. (Boy… 2 days in a row of upset people…)

I stepped out of my office to quietly ask if she was alright. She dabbed her eyes quickly with a tissue and said she thought so. It was about 12:45, and I hadn t eaten, yet. I asked Kris if she had lunch, yet. She said no, so I offered to treat her to some Charlie s Hot Dogs just down the street (a local fave). I told her she was doing a great job, so I owed her lunch every week if she kept it up. The next week would be her choice of restaurant.

She laughed and agreed. We walked and talked, had our lunch, then sat down on a bench in the shade in a corner of a park close by. The bench was in a pretty secluded area, so I knew we could talk if she wanted to. I had her laughing somewhat during our walk and lunch, so I was relieved she was not letting that phone conversation upset her.

After some small talk, she thanked me for getting her mind off things, but I could see she started to get upset, her upper lip ban quivering as she spoke. She asked me if she could leave early today, if needed. Her husband had been on the phone and was fighting with her about all sorts of things. She glossed over some, because it sounded like she had the upper hand and he was throwing petty things at her to see how upset he could get her. Finally – she told me she thinks he s having an affair, and broke down crying in my arms. I rubbed her back and let her sob into my shirt. She explained his new odd hours with work, strange messages on their home answering machine, and on and on.

As I held her, with my face in her hair, smelling her lovely scent, her perfume, the latent scent of her shampoo, caused my cock to stir. I didn t mean for it to grow, but before you know it, it s tenting through my trousers into her flat stomach as she s crying into my chest. I see her pull back, and laugh through sobs that she s sorry she caused that.

I apologized profusely, but she let her hand drop into my lap. She looked deep into my eyes, her tone and demeanor changed suddenly – If that son-of-a-bitch thinks he s going to fuck around on me, he can go fuck himself! she growled in a low voice.

Where this language came from, I don t know. I think the worse thing I ever heard come out of her mouth was Darn when got got a paper cut once.

With that, her hands were a blur, unfastening my belt, then my trouser button and zipper, until my cock was free. It came to attention and was immediately engulfed by Krisit s hot mouth. It s like she changed from Miss Prim and Proper to Ms I m Going to Drain Your Ballls Dry! She was like a dynamo – or a Hoover, I should say.

I thought she was going to rip my dick out of its socket with the vacuum force her mouth was putting on it. Up, down, up, down – her cheeks billowing out and sucking in as her head bobbed up and down. This wasn t slow and sensual – she wanted to drain me quickly. I barely managed to grab her head with both hands as I unleashed a torrent of cum down her throat. At the first shot, her head immediately lowered, taking my entire length into her mouth so I could shoot it directly down her throat. This was incredible!!!

I looked around, and no one could see us. She finished by popping her mouth off my cock, and wiping her lips daintily with a tissue she had been using to dab her eyes. She leaned over and kissed me quickly, thanking me, and saying we should probably head back.

I sat there in a state of shock. I think I was just used, but I liked it!! I couldn t even speak…

Ben, thank you so much – you ve not only been a gentleman as a boss, but I d like to think I could rely on confiding in you as a friend. You are handsome and sexy, so that was just some frustrated pent up energy I needed to get out, so, thanks to my husband, I did. Since my husband s acting like a douche, I will probably need more.

She then leaned closer and whispered in my ear I m wet. I may have to change my panties when we get back because my pussy s dripping so much right now and licked her lips.

She mentioned leaving early, again. She said it because of her stepson, who was also having his own problems with her husband, his biological father. She wanted to get home and talk to him some more before her husband came home. She said her stepson works at Walmart, and they spoke quite a bit yesterday when he got home from work. She said she dotes on him. His name is Robin, and she would love to have me come over some time to meet him.

I sat there speechless…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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