Mom and sis

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Mom and sis
Fun with mom and s*s in Italy
My name is John and I am about to tell you about the most exciting vacation or any two week period I have ever experienced. I am 19 years old and have one sister named Susan one year older than me. Mom and dad; Liz and Bob are 40 and 45 – a normal family so far. Something that will enable the following story and its events to take place is maybe not surprisingly my penis. He is not an ordinary penis, dick or cock or whatever you may call him, he is big enough to raise eyebrows, big enough to cause fascination and most of all, pleasure to me and others. He measures just above 9 inches and is fatter than most competitors. It is quite a sight in full erection placed on my hairless swimmer body. I used to compete somewhat when I was in my early teens and maybe I could have been something with harder training, but never the less I continued swimming as good way of exercise. Swimmers wear speedos and speedos can be revealing. Swimming is a gender mixed sports, so each time I entered the swimming area there where people taking notice. I got very used to it, sometimes a bit awkward but sometimes really cool. We will come back to my dick later on.

Our family had always enjoyed traveling and this year we had booked a trip to Italy where we would rent a big villa on the country side with private pool and a really nice garden, at least if you looked on the images on the site and read the reviews. It sound expensive but in fact we booked the flight far in advance and then rented via a private accommodator off season in May. Susan would bring her boyfriend to so we would be 5 people going for two weeks.

Since neither me or s*s lived at home anymore we would all meet at the airport 1,5 h before departure. I had just started my studies to become an engineer so I had to bring some books, that I probably wouldn t touch during the two weeks away from school. It was a good gesture anyway.

I showed up at the airport 5 minutes late at the meeting point by one of the cafés there where mom and s*s were sitting at a table. Heeey, Italy here we come! I shouted loud with a smile on my face. The reaction from mom and s*s was not expected, they were usually really happy and positive people. What is the matter, what has happened, don t tell me the flight is cancelled . No it is not that my mom replied. Neither Bob or Brad will join us to Italy, so ti will only be the three of us going. She looked down, her face pale as ash. s*s also sat quite looking down to. Hello, can you at least say why they wont join us? Getting rid of Susans boyfriend Brad wasn t a big loss, but it was a shame dad wouldn t join us and I didn t really loved the fact of traveling alone with mom and s*s for two weeks. Well, Brad decided he needed two girlfriends I read a Facebook dialogue between him and some psycho bitch that he had been fucking with s*s responded with a really upset tone. Ssshh! mom said. What, I can t be upset now? Maybe you should tell John about dads adventures with the neighbors Steve and Cathys daughter yesterday? . Mom looked up and said quiet in a sad tone. Dad won t join us, it is quite a crisis since I encountered him together with her yesterday, we decided, or I decided that he is not welcome on our vacation . So you say that both of you got screwed at the same time, that is almost funny I responded, maybe a bit insensitive, but I was used to a really open dialogue with my family. Idiot, this is so far from being funny, just because you only sit at home alone and doesn t understand how sad this is! s*s yelled. She was not entirely true here, but how could she know that I beside loving online gaming also loved waving my cock to the webcam and letting the other swimming girls glance at my stretched speedos. Last year I had have quite a lot of experiences with girls, which was different when I still lived with my parents. Yeah yeah, poor you, they are big idiots both of them, can we check in now? I asked, and we started carrying out our bags to the check in counters.

We talked some more on the plane even though both mom and s*s mood were somewhat affected by this. Italy, two weeks, sun, pool, no school and great Italian food – nothing could damage my good mood today! When we landed later in the evening and got of the airplane the warm breeze welcomed us.

The place we had rented was an old stone building that had been heavily renovated to hold modern standard. The garden, the pool and the view towards the ocean was fantastic. There where no direct neighbors that could see the garden so the place was really private. A small village was located 1 mile down the road which climbed back and forth from the ocean and up to where we would spend a great lot of the following two weeks. Me and s*s immediately switched to our swimming gear and jumped into the pool, the water was a bit cold but if felt awesome to cool down after hours of traveling. Mom took our rental car and drove down to the village to buy some groceries for dinner. Me and s*s talked some while swimming and diving from the trampoline, it took away some of the classic brother sister rivalry, we always used to fight a lot when we where younger, but maybe time apart had good effect on our relation. So two weeks with two weaning girls, how can I survive that? I asked while splashing water with my feet. The true question is how we will survive with a brother with total lack of emotion s*s replied splashing back with her paddling feet. Maybe you can seek luck down town, I mean down village, maybe there are some old Italian Maffia wannabes that you can seek comfort from. I knew that Susan with her long blonde hair and sharp eyes and slender figure would be treated as a piece of meat close to a bunch of pirana s. She looked really good and hot with her wet hair combed back. Both mom and dad had always worked hard for us to be able to workout or sport something. Susan had been quite good at volleyball and it was clear that all the deep squats and jumping had trimmed her legs and butt to perfection.

The day after we all got up one after another and had a really long relaxing breakfast on the terrace. We talked about what to fill the day and the coming two weeks with. We had some pre booked activities such as visiting a wine yard and to look at some old ruins that according to mom would be beautiful. The sun already had started to heat up the air and the pool looked so tempting. It was big enough to get some exercise in and I decided to swim a few lengths. When I was done I heaved myself up the edge of the pools realizing Susan had skipped her top, sunbathing topless lying there with her sunglasses on. I tried not to look to obviously but her young and slim body was like a magnet to my eyes. Mom was lying on her belly besides her with her bikini on, her butt was actually really hot, quite big but really firm buttocks. I had never thought of her in that way. John, stop looking at my tits, get a girlfriend, okay! Susan yelled. You wish I would look at those oranges . Both of you, stop and behave, we are on vacation which is suppose to be nice and relaxing. Mom said still lying on her belly. I walked by them to the outdoor shower where I rinsed of the pool water thinking of Susans body.

We had set up a job rotation meaning one of us would cook each day. That had been a trade of for mom and dad to pay for the entire trip. Today was Susans time to do the lunch preparations. Me and mom sat on one sun chair next to each other, we talked about the place we had rented and how satisfied we where. I asked if she had talked to dad which she hadn t, she just wanted to think of other things now and by the way it hadn t been a good relationship the last years, how could she be surprised. She asked my about my studies and if I felt satisfied with my student room and so. When sitting there I couldn t help looking at her body trough my sunglasses, she was quite something. Was it me getting older and more interested in older woman or was it mom spending more time working out, I didn t know. She asked about the girlfriend status and I said I didn t have one, which was true even though I was very satisfied with a girl that I used to see for pure pleasure. A girl from the swimming team that had gotten acquainted and possessed with my big friend. But have you dated any or been with any girls at least she asked. Mom, is that your businesses ? When dad isn t around I guess someone got to care for you honey . I decided to test how much she could take, it was always funny when parents tried to talk relations not really knowing what to say. Well mom, it is kind of embarrassing and I don t want to talk about it really. Come on , I have been in your age too and went to the same process before I met your dad. I know it can be hard to find someone, but you are smart and good looking with that swimmers body, so you will definitely make it. It is not that, I have met girls but something scares them away when, you know, we are getting more intimate . Are you rushing them? You cant be too persistent, that will scare them away. It is not all about scoring you know. I was a bit taken by her way of talking. Okay, you asked for it mom, but they seem to be scared about, you know, my Johnsson, don t know why. I guess it is a bit large but it got to be something else. I saw mom getting a bit lost in her wording. Ohh, but that shouldn t be negative for most girls, but maybe you should meet older girls or women, they would appreciate that more . That was true I though, some of the older girls I had met had been even more fascinated. You meen MILFs mom? . Jonny boy, come on, that is such a ugly word, I don t mean that old maybe, but at least older than teens . Mom is a true MILF i thought. You are beautiful mom, so I don t see the problem with older women if what you say is true.

Later that day late in the evening a few minutes after I went to bed when I was lying there reading book about things to see in the region we were staying in, I heard a knock in the door which then opened, it was mom entering. She was wearing a night robe made of really thin silk with a waistband knotted over her belly revealing some of her figure.. Hi there sweetie, you are not sleeping yet? . No I am reading about this awesome beach that we should visit some day. Sounds wonderful! Mark that page for our breakfast session. She looked a bit insecure what to say. I was thinking about that problem you told me about earlier today . What do you mean? You know, that girl problem. Oh, my made up girl problem I thought. Yeah what about it mom? Maybe if I had a look at it, your XYZ, I could help you out or see if you should get some help with it . Mom, so you are saying you want to look at my dick, are you a doctor now? . Nooo, but I am your mom and I have some experience. It felt a bit awkward but still a bit exciting so I obeyed and pulled down the sheet revealing my naked body. She scanned my body quickly and looked at it lying there soft to its side. Even in relaxed state it was of course above average in size but noting extreme. It doesn t look that bad, I mean that eh, big. She took it in her hand and flipped it to the side like she was looking after something. It is not like I have an erection now… I said a bit cynical. I can tell the difference you know, but if you can make it hard somehow so I know what those silly girls you are being refused by are facing? . You mean those silly girls that worships it I thought smiling to myself, I really managed her to believe my story earlier today. It was like I could see some fascination or hunger in her eyes. I cant just make that happen like that, something must turn me on first. Imaging some woman you think are sexy. Not your sister, I saw how you looked at her today by the pool. That is not how you look at girls, okay. She is extra fragile after what Brad did to her, so you got to be nice. Maybe I should have said no to the topless swimming thing after all. I think you are beautiful mom, and you said that I should maybe go for older women. I said so, but I didn t mean myself of course, that is inappropriate. I thought about moms tits almost appearing through the thin fabric of her gown which turned me on, her jogging frenzy aiming for NY marathon had really trimmed her. A wonderful bubble butt and a flat stomach and tits that I had not seen but seemed being in good shape, maybe 75C or something like that. Suddenly my dick started to grow which was a quite fast process. Oh, you managed to do it somehow mom said. Wow, it is really big John, so long and thick. Okay, I can believe it scares some girls . I was getting horny by this silly dialogue somehow, so I grabbed my cock that was lying on my stomach and bent it up so it pointed straight up. Here mom, can you feel if there is something wrong. She took it carefully with only three fingers, like she was holding something fragile in her hand. I let goof it myself. It can t believe it can be so hard with all this volume, I am having a hard time keeping it bent in this angle . So it is scary after all I said trying to sound disappointed. No John, you cock, I mean your penis is absolutely normal, it is fantastic I would say. It feels good when you hold it . I hope you gives it regular exercise your self, until you meet some girl willing to do so for you . You mean if I jerk off? Of course I do. In fact I was planning to do so before you came in . You must promise not to tell anyone, but I can help you this time if it is okay for you, maybe you learn something that gives you more confidence after all I didn t respond. She was sitting in the bed to the left of me and she grabbed it in her left hand while stroking it on top and down over the ball sack with her right hand. She dragged her left hand up and down slowly with her thumb massaging just below the top. It feels so good, this is so much better than doing it alone mom I said, really meaning it, she obviously knew what she was doing. I am glad to here it, just be quite now and enjoy this John . I could here her breathing increase, and it was not from doing something physically demanding, she was enjoying this almost as much as I did. Mom, can I feel your breast? Honey, I am already doing more than I should, so that is not okay. Can I at least see them? I responded. Maybe tomorrow I will sunbath topless too, we ll see. She increased the firmness of her grip and the tempo. My cock had definitively reached it full size now. When I finally came mom milked every drop out very effectively, using both her hands squeezing deep down the root while letting it pump big loads over my torso while I panted heavily. Oh honey, that feels so good, doesn t it? You really deserved that after being rejected by those idiots of girls. Thanks mom, it was so good, I love you. She took some paper from the closest bathroom and wiped my torso clean. After that she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left. I couldn t sleep for a long time thinking of what I had experienced. I just wanted more.

The next day we went on a 2 hour drive to the beach I had found out about. Mom was driving and I sat in the front seat. Susan had plugged in her ear plugs listening on something on her iPhone. Mom asked: Did you sleep well? . Yes mom, after your treatment I slept better than ever John! Quite, you can t talk about that, it was not right so forget it, I was just trying to give you a confidence boost which I now understand was wrong. I think you liked it and would like to do it more I asked knowing she didn t dare being loudly upset with Susan so close. This was really funny and exciting. Well on the beach we realized we were completely alone. We knew we had traveled abroad off season and that it would be less crowded, but coming to such a beautiful place alone was so relaxing. We folded out our blankets on the white sand and dressed to swimming gear. Both mom and s*s had their bikinis on so I was a bit disappointed looking somewhat forward to getting turned on, my devil horns seemed to have grown out so fast. I had brought my speedos instead of my regular swimming shorts. You look like a nerd John, is it 1985 or what? Susan said laughing. Stop looking at me you pervert. One, better swimming, two, better tan compared to shorts. I also saw mom casting a glance at my crotch while I was talking. While taking the moment to absorb some of the sun I checked on the sports app in my iPhone to see results from last night, who cares about sports on a day like this I thought. Susan had brought a volleyball so she and I played the ball back and forth a while, she was of course better than me, but not that much since I had a good change in almost all ball sports. She enjoyed being better which I could give her since I had the time looking at her body in motion, damn! After some swimming and snorkeling we came back to mom who was reading a book in the sun. She said she would take a swim to. I looked while she walked towards the water. Suddenly Susan .. what a hell,, why is some Tina calling you horseman that she want to ride again soon? I looked at her realizing she must have checked my phone by mistake reading a SMS from the obsessed girl I had been seeing a while. Stop looking at my phone! I yelled. Stop using the same model as me and tell me about this dirty stuff. Okay, are you borne yesterday, she is not referring to classic horse riding, so forget about it, not your business. I replied a bit confused with my dick becoming a public celebrity. How big is it she asked more straight forward than I could expect. Never mind . Have you been lying to girls about your size, I guess this Tina will be disappointed when she find out about you. It is over 9 inches so it is no fake I replied looking at her . Shit b*o, that is horse stuff . Mom just appeared in front of us after her short swim. iiiih, the water is not that warm, I think I will stay in the sun from now. By the way, what are you yelling about, can t you ever have a decent conversation? John is having girl issues the poor guy, apparently he is a bit freakish Susan added. Mom looked at me a bit intimidated by the topic, had I said anything about last night she seemed to wonder. Be nice, it is not easy to be a boy today . I sat there smiling almost getting a bit turned on by the attention. Susan, you are just jealous after that Brad the wiener screwed you . She turned away muttering something before plugin in her music once again. Mom gave me a stern look. John, will be nice and apply some sun lotion on my back and I will try to forgive you cocky behavior . I took some lotion in my hand and started massaging it onto her neck and back. Her skin was soft and firm as I continued down her lower back. Thanks dear she said and lay down on her belly once again. She unhooked her bikini strap and removed it on the side. It was possible to see some of the shape of her breast, but that was all. I went out to the water to get some swimming done, there were hardly any waves so the conditions were perfect for swimming. When I came back maybe 15 min later only mom was there now resting on her back instead revealing her breast, it shouldn t be a big deal but with everything else that had happened i got really turned on. Her breasts had a natural hang, her nipples average sized pointing forwards. I was very sure not many woman in her age had better body. Susan went away to get us some food, she should be back in 10 minutes or so. okay, nice I am really hungry I said. Well done getting that swimming done she said I really have to get my act together and do some jogging this evening so I won t ruin all hard work at home. You are in great shape mom I said very honestly. Oh thanks dear, being 40 and a woman is a hard battle against gravity I know, girls half your age in my school would envy you I can promise Okay okay, enough with the flattering, what are you trying to achieve John? I am just being honest mom You haven t told anything to your sister yet I sincerely hope, I think you both acted so weird before I can promise I didn t tell her, but I must tell you that I am glad you fulfilled you promise sunbathing topless today, you have really nice breast. I was getting turned on by this conversation, it was like she was to. Like she thought it was wrong but couldn t stop herself. My cock was filling up making my speedos stretch out creating a large bulge. This is crazy, I love hearing that from you, but you got to stop John, and please hide your, thing, before Susan comes back . No panic, we will hear and see the car long before she comes here. Can you at least help me with the sun lotion mom? Okay, sure, lie down I obeyed and felt my strong need for having more flowing in me, it was mom but I couldn t care right now. She started massaging the lotion on my shoulders, going down on my torso and arms. You are also very fine John, all that swimming has been good to you She continued down while I was watching her breasts move as she rubbed my skin. I was still super hard which I know she saw. After putting the lotion on my belly, very close to my crotch where my cock now was lying on my belly to the side which was the only way to fit in my speedos for the moment, she continued with my upper thighs, my legs and then my feet. She was actually massaging longer than needed but I didn t object since it felt so good, kind of reminding me of last night. You have good hands mom, that feels really good, can t you do that thing you know, from yesterday No honey, I can t even though I want to help you, maybe some other time . We got interrupted by the sound of the car coming down the steep road. Mom put on a tank top and I put a towel over my crotch. Time for lunch with hunger for more than food.

Later that evening we made a really nice dinner with fresh groceries from the local market with quite a lot of red wine and chatter, the mood was really good and I actually managed to think of something other than sex. We talked about old trips and other family memories from many years ago. Mom got to bed before me and Susan and I was a little disappointed that my wishes for a copy of yesterday evening wouldn t take place. Me and s*s ended up in the big sofa to watch some crazy semi naked game show in the local language that we had a great laugh about. Topless girls in feathers and old Maffia looking men which was totally confusing. What is this shit? Susan asked. I don t know, but I was thinking you would show up on screen any second now Ha ha, I would outpace those girls easy, I know you agree, and you could come in as the horse boy in the final, we would make quite a team b*o. Admit that you have fantasies about me, your eyes where all over me today Admit you have been thinking about my Johnson today I responded and smiled. The heat was on. Yeah, maybe, big cocks are fun and Brad was as you said not that much to cheer for Do you want to see it, that is only fair since you have been walking around topless half of the time You are grouch, how wrong isn t that I said that you can watch, not touch it. Sure, show me Behold the great Johnson I said and took him out of my shorts. It was half erect meaning it was almost full size but not standing. Fuck me, that is a big one John Poor Tina, she must have pains No she is like a slave to it, can t get enough like most girls I had already gone to far I thought. Time for bed I said and stood up putting my dick back. Susan followed me to the bathroom to brush her teeth to. We brushed without saying anything to each other but looking a lot at each other, there was a sexual tense in the air, like if both of us were thinking what would happen next. It is totally wicked but my own brother have made me horny as hell I got to go relieve myself now. See you tomorrow she said and walked of. I just stared as she walked away. After a while I went to her door and listened, I could her her panting since the sound isolation was so poor. She is actually lying there thinking about me and rubbing her self. I did the same in my bed before I went to sleep. My dreams was erotic and filled with taboo fantasies. Mom and s*s, what am I doing?

On the third day we had plans for going to a bigger city to do some shopping and watching antique buildings and churches so to my frustration I had no time getting more interesting encounters. We didn t come home until late in the evening when it was dark. Sitting in the car a few hours and walking around a sunny town had made us all sweaty so there were of course need for getting freshen up. The house had two showers inside connected to the bathrooms and one outdoor shower by the pool. Susan went for one of the bathrooms that was located in the other end of the house close to her room. Me and moms room was close to each other and near the shower number two. You can go first John mom said and I didn t protest. When I was done I realized I had no towel so I called for mom. Can you get me a towel? I yelled. Footsteps was closing in and mom appeared with one in her hand. I ll put it here she said at the same time as I came out of the shower. Oh sorry she said. It is okay, thank you, the shower is free now I started to dry my self completely naked before her and she stood there wrapped in her towel watching me. John, you are such stretcher of boundaries, I guess this is you way . She removed her towel and walked naked right by me towards the shower. The few second that she appeared naked only strengthened my thoughts about her body. I felt thrilled but also somewhat uneasy, I didn t want to upset mom or make her sad so I didn t know what to expect from now. When I was dry I went back to my room just to hang out, check my email and send some SMS to Tina or maybe some friend at home. The shower sound stopped indicating mom was done and after I while she walked into her room next to mine. It wasn t that late so I decided a evening snack was the thing to stop the murmuring in my stomach. Susan was also in the kitchen just wearing a t-shirt and some kind of underwear that wasn t possible to see. Her hair was wet and her nipples standing out, and I tried as usual not to look to much at her. I was myself only wearing a pair of boxers and socks. That could have been the best shower ever she said. Yeah, I was covered with filth from today Nothing unusual for you though she said smiling. Watch it or you may end up in trouble or in the pool . The fridge was standing on the ground and she bent down to take out some oranges from the bottom of it which gave me a fantastic view off her ass and pussy lips since she only was wearing a string and kept her legs straight as she bent her upper body. Wow, I thought, is she playing with me or was that non intentional? What are you looking at she asked before she stood up again. Eeeh, what, noting special, I am just thinking of what to eat I know what you like to eat you pervert, but at least there are some cheese and ham left for you. Okey, you got me there, I guess you know my taste by now Yes it is pretty obvious . We both ended up in the corner sofa, Susan sat in the corner with her legs towards the tv, she had one leg up revealing all of her leg and almost her string to. I sat in far end having her to my left and tv in front of me. We ate in silence. Mom came in after a while, she looked at Susan and her a bit revealing posture, Shouldn t you have a blanket or so, you must be freezing . No mom, I am so hot that I don t want to cover up . What a way of expressing I thought. Your not a k** anymore so dressing a bit more might be more appropriate What, we have both been running around with our tits hanging out in front of John, and that is okay, but my legs must now be covered . Don t be so rude now, it is different on the beach I just sat and smiled in the sofa enyoing the show, thinking of a move to stir up even more. It is not funny What have I done, I am just sitting here listening to you hens gaggling, I was hoping someone could apply some moisturizer on my back since I feel the sun from yesterday, but that seems out of the question I ll do it Susan said immediately. Mom frowned and sighed before sitting down in the chair next to the sofa. Susan went for the lotion and said that I should sit in front of her which I did. She started on my lower back. Ouch be careful there I cried out. Cry baby, okay I will use my most gentle touch . She rubbed slowly my entire back and also my arms actually giving me a hard on which I don t think she noticed. Oh your body is so nice John, you should cover up or mom will be upset she said cynically while playing on my upper body with her hands and looking at mom. Okay, I am tired of you both, I am going to bed to read something instead, see you tomorrow. Behave now both. We sat quite a while before I said, Okey s*s, I can t take it anymore, what should we do? Sshh She started to caress my stomach with her hands and feel my chest muscles. I meant what I said to mom and I need this now . I placed my hands on her feet which was on each side of my legs and started to caress them slowly, she moved closer so her chest was resting on my back. She slowly moved her hands down over my crotch feeling my hard cock trough my underwear. My good, it not real . I caressed her thighs, they where so tight and smooth. Your are so hot, I have been wanting to touch you all week I know, and please do before I regret it . The minutes that now followed was so electric and sexual that I still can feel some of it if I just think about it. I turned around facing her, the glow in her eyes was unmistakable. My hands felt her legs again and continued on the side of her belly up her back. She dragged her nails over my stomach and felt inside my boxers creating a massive sensation through my whole body. Her breast was smaller than moms but so very firm, Her nipples was hard and I felt them between my fingers, she moaned silently. We both thought about mom reading her book maybe 30 feet away down the corridor. We kissed intensely with our tongues deep down each others throats. She leaned back, Here, feel how wet I am she wispered. First I just groped her pussy over her string which was completely soaked, when I moved it to the side I could feel the perfectly shaped area between her legs. She panted as I rubbed it with my thumb. This woman, my sister Susan, was maybe the most sexy thing I ever laid my hands on. I kissed her belly and lifter her t-shirt up to work my way up on her tits. When I sucked on her nipples she grabbed my cock and started to jerk it hard up and down. She guided it towards her pussy and I carefully pressed on into her. Oh, it is almost to much for me, careful I started pushing and pulling slowly in and out of her. She had a hard time keeping quite. No no no, we cant do this she said suddenly in a sad tone and pushed me away. I ended up on my back and she lunged for me and started sucking my cock right away while she rubbed herself with one hand. I heard a sound and when I looked to the side towards the door it moved inwards, like as if someone just moved it. Shit, had mom seen us? Wait listen . Susan stopped and we listened but couldn t hear anything and she continued, taking a great part of it down her throat. Suddenly she stopped again and sat up and moved over me. I just got to feel it some more when I come She sat down on my cock while she rubbed herself more. It didn t take long, only a few seconds until she came. Her body shivered and she closed her eyes. I just watched the show and tried to make her ride me so I could join her but she once again jumped of me. Your turn she whispered and started sucking it again. After a minute I felt the energy of the orgasm flood in me and I tried to warn her for what was coming. She instead increased the intensity and kept sucking when I came. It was not easy keeping quite but sort of managed to just pant a lot. After a while she looked up, apparently she had swallowed all of it. Sweet dream b*o , lets keep this to ourselves, right? I nodded and went for the bathroom after a while. I could see that mom was still awake since light came out from her room under the door. Damn I thought, hope she didn t her, or see us.

That question was answered the next day at the breakfast table.

End of part one. Is there interest in getting a second part, which probably would be even more hard core. All feedback

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