Mother Daughter Tag Team

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Mother Daughter Tag Team
Most of you would close your eyes and fantasize about this dream team, a mother reliving her youthful past through her daughter s sexual exploits, a mother and father having sex watching their drunken daughter being banged in her bedroom.

Voyeuristic encounters do make for good viewing, but actually tasting her fresh from his cock, adds another dimension to forbidden sex.

But wait, what is forbidden sex?

Good question, isn t it something that bears fruit inside your head, you think dirty and naughty all wrapped up in a pink bow, like I did that night watching my lover flirt with my teen daughter, who really should never have got drunk, but I let her, simply because I was a voyeur, and sparks were flying from them both and I was wet with anticipation.

My name is Mariel, I am a 35 year old divorcee, an ex-model with a mild d**g addiction, and a tiny problem, I am a sex addict, I am hooked on orgasms, and my tastes to achieve them, like my teenie d**g addiction, requires imagination, and as they cavort on the couch opposite me, I cant help but notice my daughters dress riding high on her beautiful thighs, and my lovers hand resting on it, the thought of him having her, started to excite me, and yes I really was turned-on by the prospect, like the proverbial fly on the wall, I wanted to see him fuck her.

Sex had drowned out my natural instinct to guide and protect my beautiful offspring, but wait, before you condemn me, this same beautiful daughter was being naughty herself, she was obviously thinking about sex, she was allowing my boyfriend to touch her so close to her fucking teenage cunt, her open thighs were a well known sign from most women, they were willing to fuck, I should know, as mine had never been crossed since my early teens.

But I felt I had to acknowledge what they were building up to, but not discourage them, as I really was enjoying the massive age difference between them, and seeing my daughter s tentative steps into the world of grown-up sex, real men and big cocks, Major, my ex-husbands friend, had a kinky hankering for girls and bums, domination by anal suppression, was his motto, he said as much the night he entered mine with great pain to me, only the handcuffs securing me to his bedposts, secured and realized his life long ambition, to fuck my model derriere.

The Major had been incensed with this desire, from the night my husband showed him nude photos of me, taken from my personal modelling portfolio, my bum in particular, excited him, it was the topic of conversation all night long, and like that night so long ago, I was willing to bet, my daughters bum was high on his agenda at this moment, noting how surreptitiously his hand had just halved its distance to her crotch, since he had rested it mid-thigh, my daughters eyes had never left his craggy face, her longing look and acceptance to his crossing that imaginary line a woman sets on her legs, surely he could feel her heat from the apex of those teenage long thighs, how I wished at that moment in time she was wearing my diamond nets, nothing sets of a good fuck than seeing a girl in stockings, being fondled by an older man.

I got up and went across to the cabinet and picked up my small camera, Smile , I cried out, and as they looked up I took a photo, it did the trick by making them sit closer, that s all it took, and as the camera flashed they got closer and closer, until they started kissing full on mouth and tongue stuff.

I poured myself a stiff one, taking note my Freudian slip, as Major now really had a stiff one, something my daughter, who was now oblivious to my presence, instead she was now focused and had her leg over his thighs, she could obviously feel his stiff one, as she repeatedly rubbed her inner soft flesh, over it again and again, something she could not resist doing.

Her eyed pleaded with him to fuck her

The Major s hand was firmly planted on her bared bum, her thong entwined between his fingers, a thongy way of expressing his hand was inside her knickers feeling her youthful warmth.

I could see his fingers toying with her wet pussy, two fingers inside, stretching her elasticity, her head now thrown back and her mouth hung open limply, Major licked her face, stuck his tongue at will inside her open mouth, and frigged her youthful hole, it was a weird feeling seeing your daughter finger-fucked, her snail trail marking his pants, I got up to release his monster, it was time for her to feel the true meaning of having a cock inside you, this is what I wanted, as I dropped to my knees and unzippered his cock and pressed it against her yielding lips.

My daughters pussy felt soft and warm, wet and inviting, I opened her up as I pushed his cock into her, saw nature at her best as those young lips welcomed him inside her, his cock disappearing as they engulfed him.

They both groaned as he went deeper into her tight cavern, his hand had disentangled itself from her stringy thong, I held it to the side of her bum as she mounted him fully, the smell of their sex was sweet and sour, the noises coming from their copulating organs, made me wish for a second cock, but as my daughter rose too high he popped out of her, and my mouth wasted no time to provide another moist hole, this time with a flicking tongue to enhance his pleasure, and my daughters displeasure, she reached back and pulled him from my sucking mouth and reinserted him into her cunt, where she now used shortened humps, ensuring her mother sat waiting while she multiple orgasmed before my very eyes.

Strange to say, my daughters all grown up now and is a model in her own right, we love each other and she benefits me for introducing her to sex, but dont tell the Major that, he did not know she was a virgin, nor I for that matter, but her orgasms were sublime, she was broken in with passion, and a little help from mummy, of course.

Guys once again, thanks for reading my dirty minds product, my daughter is currently in the media, working on TV, a real person and yes this is a true account of her loss of her innocence, dont believe me, leave your contact details for her to call, she is like her mummy, a divorcee, in fact we invite you to spend an evening with us, just say high and be surprised.

Mariel and Alyson, mother and daughter tag team.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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